NN87PT9T is the serial number of this notebook computer which I am using to write this note. It is not my computer because my computer had a completely different serial number. Somebody took my own computer and left this one in its place at a time when I was not here unbeknownst to me. I have the serial number of my original computer in my files and I can look it up later.
I have been informed via voice to skull direct communication that integrated software is already installed in this unknown computer which allows it to be controlled externally, much like my own brain and central nervous system due to the fact that I have been non-consensually wirelessly fused with a network of computerized and unknown neuro research scientists are reading and writing codes into my brain in order to allow unknown individuals to control my body by external means. These unknown individuals regularly move some of the muscles of my face against my will. They also move my eyeballs from side to side against my will. They move my right thumb against my will. Neuro science and neuro technology have gone to far. We are heading for worldwide enslavement if we dont tear down all wireless enabling capability now.