I and others have been connected to the brain net for many years so that the monitoring staff can iron out any difficulties which arise in this system before it becomes main stream.    This system is being used to connect people by both their brains and central nervous systems without their knowledge or consent to what is an enslavement system.   If you are about to shake hands with a minor celebrity the system can be used to first send a burst of energy to your hands in order to check if they are clean.    This is among the less invasive capabilities of this human control system.   It can also be used to paralyse, torture or murder you by remote means.   We must do all in our power to disassemble the infrastructure which allows this system to continue invading our lives.   We must begin by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and we must do it urgently.   Psychiatrists and the Gardaí are not being allowed to know about this system because they would immediately have it stopped.

I believe but can not prove that the individuals who are promoting this cruel control system are Zionists for the most part.   It is being claimed that many  Zionists who are major shareholders in banks and building societies married into British aristocratic families more than two hundred years ago and they have been unobtrusively ruling both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for the past two hundred years and this is mostly being done through control of the British Privy Council who in turn have a controlling interest in both the British Government and the American Government.   I  believe that they are attempting to gain total control over the United States through their current control of the United States Senior Executive Service.   They also have controlling interests in most countries throughout the world including Israel which appears to be the linchpin which holds their worldwide empire together.   I believe but can not prove that many of said Zionists practice Sabbatean Frankist Satanism as their religion of choice and that said Sabbatean Frankist Satanists are at the centre of a circle of power in Israel while they are surrounded by other Zionists who are themselves surrounded by good living orthodox Jews and because they surround themselves by said good living orthodox Jews who do not know of the evil deeds of their Zionist and Satanic neighbours they can not be criticized without the criticism being mistakenly taken for anti-semetic doctrine.  How do we fight this evil torture system.