Unknown criminal operatives are performing very cruel experiments on me and they are also performing similar experiments on many and varied other human beings throughout most parts of the world. My brain and body have become permeated with nano technology possibly through inhalation and ingestion. That nano technology has now formed permanent connections to parts of my brain and body. An external electric current is applied to the nano technology inside my brain and body which forces my muscles to contract. The unknown criminal operatives can now take over some if not all of my motor functions and force me under partial external physical control. They can over ride my own ability to control my motor functions thereby suppressing my free will. They can force my facial muscles to move in all directions which force my face into unusual expressions. They have forced my neck to nod and shake vigorously against my will. They have forced my right leg to move against my will. They have forced the trunk of my body to contort against my will.
I am very frightened by this. When I attempted to report the matter to many and various authority figures they failed to take me seriously. What can I do to make others believe that I am telling the whole truth? I would like to make an official complaint about this to the police without having to attend for psychiatric evaluation because psychiatrists failed to believe me and others when they were informed that our muscles were being externally controlled. I and others now believe that psychiatrists are under bio-digital programming which comes from their smart devices and they are unable to think independently.
Well known neuro scientist and author Dr Robert Duncan states in his book which is called ‘Project Soul Catcher’ that technology can amplify certain thought processes to obsessive-compulsive levels. He also states that technology can be used to suppress and filter certain thoughts and that this process can be carried out on whole populations. This is known as though stream filtering and I believe that thought stream filtering is being used on psychiatrists, the Gardai, senior politicians and main stream medical practitioners because I and many other individuals throughout the Republic of ireland where I live are being disbelieved whenever we relate our stories of physical and emotional abuse which is being carried out on us by unknown operatives who use wireless weapons and who work from unknown remote locations. If this situation is not dealt with urgently most of the men, women and children throughout the Republic of ireland will find themselves wirelessly physically enslaved by this method and by then it would be controlled by pre-programmed algorithms which come call artificial intelligence. It is only a matter of time before this will occur if we dont act to disassemble and ban the infrastructure which allows wireless remote controlled assault to continue. I have been physically damaged by this ongoing process. I will never attend for psychiatric evaluation even if I am mandated to do so because I have no confidence whatsoever in psychiatry or in poisonous anti-psychotic substances.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.