I am a targeted individual of non-consensual human experimentation and human bio-robotization.   I am being non-consensually communicated with by criminals who use electromagnetic frequencies to do so.    When I write about this method of non-consensual direct communication I sometimes call it voice to skull or brain to brain communication or a variety of other names such as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy or neural transmissions or a number of other descriptive names.   I enclose a small sample of what these criminals were heard by me to say recently by this direct communication method as follows:-

“We the gang stalkers and electronic operatives who have been non-consensually experimenting on you over many years succumb to disablement and immobilization if we fail to push the interests of the would-be enslavers, and the only way the world can help us now is by taking down the telephone masts.  Further to that we would be far happier to be locked inside a prison cell that to continue on with our current predicament.”

I also heard  some  of the criminals say the following:-

“If you ever cross my path I will kick you. ”

“They are giving me a package deal here.   I don’t have to reveal my identity.”

“If we are not making arrangements for Gretta Fahey to see a psychiatrist we have to control her by some other means.  We have to activate. ”

“All of the bio-robotization team are on time clocks.  They get hurt if they don’t complete their actions.”

The voices which I hear coming from inside my head by technological means have informed me that the microwave transmitters which are currently attached to telephone towers can be trained horizontally rather than pointing out as they are at the moment and that this can be achieved by wireless remote means and that they are a danger to the individuals who live under them.

I heard the voices mention the name Eamon Clohessey on many occasions as pertaining to the island of Ireland.   I don’t know him or anything about him other than that and I don’t wish to get him into trouble if he is innocent of all crimes.