To Whom it Concerns,
I am being subjected to classified mind invasive invisible weapons. United States diplomats have complained of being targeted with invisible weapons while working in China and Cuba. How do you report being targeted by invisible weapons to your community in order to warn them of this ? How do you prove to your community that you are being targeted by invisible weapons? If you know the answer please let me know.

I am non-consensually wirelessly linked from implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way link. This two way link allows the computer and neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and without my permission. I am being forced to listen to them throughout each day as I go about my everyday life. I hear their voices coming from inside my head due implantation with a neuro communication device. I have heard that a neuro communication device known as a brain radio exists and is being used against some targeted individuals. However, I don’t know what type of chip I have been implanted with. I keep a daily blog of where I write what these unknown neuro operatives say to me on an ongoing basis. Here are some of what the neuro operatives have said in the past twenty four hours, all of which I have heard coming from inside my head.
“No one was expecting this level of extreme interference in this woman’s life.” This was followed by “If you quote my name I will be endangered.” (I did not know the name of the speaker.)
“If I had my way I would fuckin shoot her.”
“Langly Air Force Base have almost total involvement with the processing of the data pertaining to Gretta Fahey. Norbrook have almost no involvement. (My name is Gretta Fahey.)
“There is a secondary system in place that has done something extremely evil to the woman, Gretta Fahey. Her whole face is under our control.”
“The program softened her cough for her a bit I suppose.”
“You are doing your own loading and unloading. This is not allowed. We require a trained expert to carry out all processes which have been deemed to be a danger to human health and safety.” (I was using a wheel barrow at the time I heard this verbiage coming from inside my head.)
” We are now aware that the Irish secret police know what has been happening to you over sixteen years and they have done nothing to alleviate your suffering through fear of their lives and that of their families. Leo Varadkar knows nothing of this.”
“Putting a stop to this woman’s harassment is not achievable. She is locked into the system as tightly as anyone could be locked in. “
“We have developed a way of stopping the majority of human beings of thinking for themselves and of manipulating them to only think in prescribed ways.”
“Pull out all the stops. I need to qualify this woman Gretta Fahey as being insane.”
“We wont block the letter. We will suitably delay it. (This was in response to the fact that I posted a letter to friend by ordinary mail, informing her that I have been non-consensually inplanted and I am wirelessly linked to a computer network from the implant. )
“We can and we are monitoring the inner dialogue of Irish senior politicians.”
“I am on board with this system. If this woman Gretta Fahey needs a problem solved we will solve it for her. Nobody else will solve her problems for her from now on.”
“Is Gretta Fahey wearing clothes?” The response was “Yes”. This was further followed on by the following enquiry “How come I can not see her wearing any clothes?” This was further followed on by the following reply “Because we have built up a picture of her based on her internal structure and not her clothes you can not see her wearing clothes. We see all targeted individuals who we have built up an internal picture of as naked. It can’t be helped.”
“What stage are we at with Fahey?” “We could now give her enough pain to force her to commit suicide any time we wish. However, we wont do that right now. She is harmless enough.”
“Will the bodies of the people who have been targeted in Ireland be examined by the state after they die.” “Yes”. “They will find evidence like no other evidence they ever found before to prove these people have been targeted with energy weapons.”
“This woman was woken up in the middle of the night when she was sleeping by the neuro staff on several occasions during the night.” The response that came through was as follows “Nobody here cares.”
“I got a suicide ideation out of that woman, Fahey.” “You seem glad that you got a suicide ideation out of a woman by the comment you made to her.”
“Make a cannibal out of Gretta Fahey. Put human meat in her food.” This was followed on by the following response. “I wont because she is a vegetarian.”
The neuro operatives read my inner dialogue on a constant basis and I sometimes think aloud because the neuro operatives have manipulated my brain to speak my thoughts aloud. I said the following “The people in my village don’t get up early on a Sunday morning because they go out on a Saturday night. ” The response I received from the neuro operatives was as follows “What the people of your village do of a Saturday night is of no interest to me but if they stay in bed of a Sunday morning they will be penalised.”
“She keeps inside her budget. She purchased two food choppers and a radio.” This was followed on by another voice which was heard by me to say the following “Don’t tell me what she is entitled to purchase. I decide that.”

“Undesirable information is coming through about our activities on to the social media blog on a daily basis. I need to put information online that makes her look bad.”
“We don’t want this information going through at all. It is far too incendiary.”
“Church and state propaganda are essential to govern citizens. This woman Gretta Fahey has essentially eliminated all state propaganda from her life due to the fact that she has no television and she no longer reads newspapers and she refuses to attend church. She is a curious case.”
“You have been warned. If you allow this woman to post any more incendiary information online you will be court marshalled.”
“She has a whole house to herself. That will not be tolerated in the future.”
“She isn’t going to get away with random intake of food.”
“She is non compliant because she dared to speak to me in an uncivil manner.” (I refused to pronounce a word the way it is pronounce in the United States. I am Irish.)
“If the public find out about this system before it is rendered viable they will block it.”
“A lady of no fixed abode would be easier to terrorise than Gretta.”
“For God’s sake Gretta, I am not a sadist. I am simply experimenting on you.”
Today I attempted to book the purchase of an internet radio online so that I could collected it at a local store tomorrow. I was unable to place my order for reasons which were unknown to me at the time. I then heard the voice of one of the neuro operatives coming from inside my head informing me of a new policy within Ireland pertaining to targeted individuals of neuro weapon research. Here is what the unknown inner voice was heard by me to say “If the potential customer is deemed not worthy of the goods the staff of all corporate owned stores are not allowed to give it to them. This instruction is given across the board in all corporate merchandisers. All privately owned stores will cease to exist within ten years. This might be our new credit score system in operation in Ireland now.”
A few minutes after I heard this message coming from inside my head I then received another similar message which said. “You are jumping the gun a bit. You may be given an internet radio if you ask for one. We are not sure if this system is up and running in Ireland yet.”
I myself strongly believe that by simply disassembling and banning all transmitters which enable frequency weapons and which enable wireless tethering of human beings from implants to supercomputers and which also enable wireless murder and wireless burning down of homes and wireless electronic mind control we can regain our freedom in short order. Many people are not yet aware that some of their fellow country men and women are being psychologically and physically harassed and even tortured inside their own homes throughout most of the world. The unaware section of society may be being subjected to wirelessly delivered brain frequencies which lull them into a false since of security and apathy.
“Produce a recipe for simpering ass Fahey to see us in court.”
“Do yourself a favour and stop writing this.”
“Any photo shame.” Response “No. nothing.”
“Power outages do not benefit us. Is there any way we can force her to leave the electricity on in her house each night.”
“What the heck are you lying down for, Gretta.”
“Remote Neural Monitoring is not only a system of analysis. It is also a system of correspondence with the client. Our correspondence is coming back to us.”
“We have to deal with this ongoing system of control. It is encroaching on all of us.”
“You think you are the only one writing our comments online. We hobbled those people straight away just as we are hobbling you.”
“I will burn your house by wireless means.”
“I don’t really like her writing style. She mentions too much of what we say, on her online social media posts.”
“Has she washed yet today.”
“Get out to work like the rest of us.”
“Put a hole in her shit box so we can get access to her.”
“I am taking a reading of the area outside of your anal canal to see if I could detect any leakages.”
“This information is going to be posted online tomorrow by Gretta herself. We will have to contain the information. We can not allow it to get out.”
“A dog wouldn’t be treated with this level of disrespect.”
“She is lifting the lid on everything. I didn’t see this coming.”
“She has no respect for herself if she is going to write this.”
“You have nothing on her. Have you?”
“She watches her Ps and Qs to an extreme degree. There is no way that we could persuade her to do anything unforeseen.”
“Twelve pounds of shit in the colon right now.”
“Be careful with this system. You are being far too incautious.”
“You are being incautious with our words.”
“You will be punished suitably.”
“We are going to cut back on your income.”
This cruel control system is being expanded around the world by agents of the dark new world order evil cabal. Unlimited money is being spent on this system in order for it to be used to eventually enslave most of the human race by wireless and other means. The system of paralysing a human being by wireless means could possibly be fully automated in the future for the purposes of human enslavement. We aught to urgently disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and other transmitters throughout the world as I believe that they are the linchpin that holds this human enslavement system together. The existence of satellites are now believed to be an elaborate hoax. NASA are the one and only source of satellite information in the world and they may all be wirelessly controlled or compromised in some other way.
“Digging the dirt on this system is now the way forward. We need to present this system in a positive light.”
“I will bludgeon you to death some day.”
“Unveilling a system this extreme is not in our favour. We will send the troops around to Gretta Fahey’s house if she doesn’t shut up. “
I send an email to my aunt who lives in the United States and I mentioned Directed Energy Weapons in the email. I then heard a voice coming from inside my head which was heard by me to say the following ” This information will not be allowed to go to her aunt in the United States of America. This information will be confiscated. Does she understand that.”
“That is not good enough. You will have to try harder to exasperate her.”
“She is nothing but an old fool.”
“She has an excellent train of thought.”
“Increase the suffering”.
“Did she poop yet.”
“There is no television in her home which would allow us to spy on her through the digital media screen. I don’t know how I am going to explain my information.”
I was planning to go to my local town and I was thinking about it when I heard an inner voice say the following “Where is Fahey planning to go. ” “Nowhere” This was followed by the following response “Well, why is this stream of consciousness here.”
“We would have to make Gretta be a paragon of perfection in order to justify our activities, in view of the fact that the public know so much of what we have been doing to her because of her daily writing.” A second voice was heard by me to respond as follows “We would have to bio-robotize her for that to happen.”
“It is while she is in her bathroom that we obtain most of the information which is most pertinent to our research. We analyse the contents of her bowel and bladder while she is in there.”
“She will not be in her own home for much longer.”
“She can get out of bed the same as everybody else.”
“Why have you allowed this woman to languish for so long.”
“You don’t understand the aim of the game. The aim of the game is to terrify them.”
“I will quell her some day.
“We can take Gretta Fahey out of the country. There is not one single person in this country who cares whether we take her or not. Who would know? She lives alone.”
“Bring her to justice please. This can not continue.” ( I don’t know what that means as I have never broken a law in my life.)
I complained to the inner voices about the fact that they were continually waking me up to ask me questions during some nights and here is the conversation we had as follows:-
I said as follows “If you wake me up too early or if you persistently wake me up during the night it is counter productive because I then need to go back to bed to rest later on during the day.” I heard the voice of one of the unknown neuro operatives coming from inside my head as follows – “We have had this conversation before and it doesn’t work for us to leave you asleep.”

“Watch this space. We will tie her up in knots so that she wont be able to move a muscle.”
“There is somebody here who writes what we say.” The response of a different operative was as follows “We have had those people before. We just kill them off.”
“This is directly affecting the whole system because now we all know what happens when we speak to her.”
“You will wind up as meat on my table. My people will kill this woman and clean her out and prepare her as a dish to be served in front of me.”

I myself said to the neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head the following “Why are you hurting both my knees?” The response I heard back was as follows “I am conducting experiments on you”. I then asked the following question “Are you conducting experiments on me for money? The response I heard back was as follows “Yes”.
“It is not a nice thing to do to her but we are getting the system into focus in the world”.
“Too many people in the know. We can’t go ahead.”
“Puffed up information coming through again.”
“Which do you use with Gretta Fahey, the carrot or the stick?”
“Put manners on that woman. She has destabilized the process.”
“Try and destroy the system and see who will win.” My response to that statement was as follows “We will easily win. There are seven billion of us. There are only a small number of you. The phone towers are the linchpin of your wireless weapons. We will disassemble and ban all phone towers and your weapons will then be powerless.”
Here above is just a small sample of what the voices which I hear coming from inside my head each and every day have said to me.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Landline Home Phone No 0949360901,