I have been wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet-of-things where unknown neuro operatives have gained direct wireless contact with my brain and central nervous system.   The neuro operatives can force me to listen, speak, see visions,  force unwanted images into my minds eye, move my facial muscles, as well as forcing me to experience a wide variety of other unwanted experiences.   The neuro operatives force me to listen to their voices whenever they wish to communicate with me at any hour of the day or night and they often wake me when I am sleeping in order to force me to listen to them.   This morning I heard one of the unknown neuro operatives saying the following to some of his colleagues about me the following    “This woman remains unclean.”    I replied as follows ” I take a daily shower at least ninety nine days out of one hundred and I wash all of my clothes on a daily basis so why do you inform your colleagues that I remain unclean when you should have no reason to say that whatsoever.   The neuro operative was then heard by me to say the following “You have a bowel and bladder problem that sometimes leaks.”   Much later,  another inner voice was heard by me to say the following about the same subject as follows ” There is no medical model for this.” I have been washing my hair with a liquid hand wash which does not contain the particulates which are needed by the research scientists and other operatives in order to test my hair by wireless means and from a remote location in order to see if it is clean. When they found no such particulates in my hair they wrongly assumed that I was not washing my hair regularly.

The reason that I a posting this  information on my own and other public online forums is because I believe that the fact that I was and still am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome without significant legislation being made available to regulate claims for disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome is the one and only reason that I have been wirelessly connected to the cerebral internet-of-things sixteen years before everyone else is due to be connected to it.     I sincerely hate being connected to it.   It is hell on earth and I feel as if I am on a continuous virtual torture program.  Take me off it now.