I have become wirelessly fused to a computerized system from implantable material which is inside my brain and body.

This situation has enabled unknown brain scientists and others to interfere with the normal functioning of my brain and body to an extreme degree.   They have now gained the ability to externally control some of my muscles by wireless means at random times throughout each day.   They can wirelessly access my vocal cords either via taking temporary control of the speech centres of my brain or by some other means which I don’t understand yet.   Even though I am a female with normal female speaking voice,  these unknown brain scientists can force me to speak against my will which they often do.   I hear myself saying “Fuck You” in a mans voice quite a lot when I am alone in my home.  That phrase does not come from my brain and when it comes out of my mouth it happens so suddenly and so quickly that I have no time to stop it happening even if I wished to by perhaps attempting to keep my mouth closed if I knew in advance when it was about to occur.   This symptom of being forced to speak against my will is just one of many symptoms which I experience because of being wirelessly fused to said computer system.

I also am forced to hear the voices of the unknown brain scientists and other brain operatives who experiment on my wirelessly on a continual basis.   I sometimes post some of what they say to me and to each other about me on my daily blog.   Here are some of what they have said to me and about me  recently.

“We will demote her to a place of sanctuary inside her own body and we will use the body then.”

“Is it bio-robotization or auto-robotization?”

“We are attributing some things to Gretta that she didn’t say at all.”

“How dare you suspend my work without providing me with a reason.  If you do that again I will inflict extreme pain on you”.   (That was said because of  the fact that I had just switched off my computer suddenly)

“There is an ongoing investigation into IBS policies.  It is unoperational owing to the volume of information Gretta has put out about the procedure which is extremely cruel and which amounts to sixteen years of psychological torture.”

“A destruction mechanism is what we have in mind.  We don’t want this woman Gretta to be in the world.”

“I am miterforming and it is not going well.”

“We haven’t been able to establish a platform in order to program Gretta into our way of thinking.”

“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”

“You will not get this out because I will block it.”

“It is not in our interest to leave her asleep because we lose money.”