I have digital computer interface technology implanted in my brain.   I have a reasonable idea how it got there but no proof as yet.  The staff of the United States National Security Agency and many others speak to me directly by using the aforementioned brain to computer interface technology as well as brain to brain interface technology.    Said digital computer interface technology which has become implanted inside my brain and body is open sourced which means that now anyone with a science and technology degree can force their way inside my brain and body and digitally manipulate my vision, hearing, movement and moods.  They can paralyse parts of my body if they should wish to do so.  They can sexually violate me by using haptix technology in combination with other technology if they wish.  Haptix which is sometimes called haptic technology allows those who wirelessly interface with me to stimulate the periphery of my nervous system to make me feel as if someone is touching my skin.   I am being psychologically tortured and physically enslaved by this technology.  The NSA staff or else staff from some other department constantly interface with me wirelessly without my permission and they have asked me if I am on Obama Care which is a medical care system which is used in the United States.   I answer that I am not from the United States and I have never even been there.

For further understanding of how I and millions of other good will and good living men and women throughout the world have been non-consensually forceably and permanently linked to a computerized control and enslavement system I recommend that you read a book called ‘Digital Genesis’ by Christopher Barnatt.  The relevant chapter in this book which explains in detail the type of technology which is possibly being used on us is called Cyborg Fusion.