All government funded staff and politicians are legally obliged to carry smart phones, which have the built-in capacity to entrain the brain of the user into a state of indifference when they should be enraged. I believe this smart technology is being used by the hidden occulted establishment to entrain the brains of politicians throughout the world,  Smart phone technology also has evesdropping capabilities. Your conversations, conducted in the privacy of your own home may be being relayed to other people, unbeknownst to you.    The voice to skull direct communications once informed me in the past that all human beings who persistently use smart engineered technology such as smart phones close to their ears are locked on to a repeating loop which says that anybody who currently hears voices in their heads is mentally ill and must be sent to a psychiatric hospital.  If you are thinking of abandoning use of your current smart phone please consider purchasing a mobile cell phone without a screen.  These phones can be purchased online.

For further information see https://zoom.us/recording/play/6mb2-sJDiA-xybg7pxpO-LogOI-tPWKhMj6KOIukXW4vu6QJRTJcKRscviItCLuE


I was selected as an unwilling target for in-home micro surveillance and non-consensual experimentation and psychological persecution, and data mining of my brain and body by remote controlled wireless directed energy weapons, back in the spring of 2003.   No consent was given by me for this medical experimentation and human behaviour investigation and micro-surveillance. I was told that a secret surveillance network is currently being set up in my country, Ireland, and also throughout almost every country in the known world.   A self-proclaimed elite group of people have the capability to force a selection of unwilling and non-consensual targeted individuals to listen to the voices of said self-proclaimed elite, as if the voices were coming into the centre of the human cranium.    I was also told that the non-consensual research being carried out on me personally was interdisciplinary research. I believe this means that all aspects of my mind and body and behaviour were being researched by a method of advanced in-home surveillance, where the operatives, over time, were capable of gaining direct access to my brain.

By means of microchips inserted in the ear canal,  or by many other means currently available to a wide variety of people, the subject is wirelessly interrogated in order to see if that subject has any insecurities, so they can be amplified.  I first noticed I was being harassed by people on foot, by people totally unknown to me.  I believe gang-stalkers are paid by the weapons research developers who are sometimes known as the self-proclaimed elite and these paid gang-stalkers normally do not know anything about their quarry at all. Many helicopters were circling my home at chimney level, on a daily basis for the first three weeks of the covert operation. The helicopters and small airplanes were flying so low that I could read the wording on the bottom of some of them. One helicopter had writing on the bottom of it which read “Satellite and Transponder Testing”. One aircraft circled my home at chimney level every week for at least a year, after I began to be targeted. I live in rural area, where helicoptors are not a frequent sight, and most of the other targeted individuals are reporting similar aerial harassment experiences.

All of a sudden, voices began to be transmitted into my head, using digital voice to skull direct communication, which is a two way communication system that  transmits voices from signals intelligence operatives and also from criminal gangs.  For many years I was erroneously led to believe that microchips were unnecessary for the purpose of targeting an individual.  I am no longer of that belief.   I now believe that nobody can become a targeted individual without first having a vast array of microchips injected into their bodies when they are drugged while sleeping.   For further information see www.brainwavescience.com. The voices coming from inside my head all had American accents and used American terminology. I am an Irish woman, and I have never been to the United States in my life. These voice coming from inside my head  were voices of both men and women. All of the voices were extremely aggressive and threatening. They told me that I had been put on a non-consensual experimentation program and I was being monitored and supervised constantly.  I was led to believe I was put on this program because I was not in paid employment and had not been in said paid employment for a number of years previously.

Currently in todays world, a large number of people are led to believe that technology exists which can transmit voices directly into peoples heads without the aid of a telephone.  They believe this because many highly thought of scientists have informed humanity that this is the case and also because  of the  existence of a number of patent numbers which support their claims.

I believe that micro-sized bio-medical sensors and micro transponders have been implanted inside my brain and body, which are able to take measurements of all my bodily functions, wirelessly, and by remote means.  I have strong memories of a night in the distant past when I was drugged in my own home.  I woke up in the middle of the night to experience a set of strange circumstances.  However, I felt so drugged I could not investigate them.  I fell back to sleep, and within days I began to hear voices.   I do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs, so I could not have been imagining the strange occurrences I experienced that night.   I can not prove the existence of these internalised microchips.  It is being claimed that they are covered by a substance that makes them invisible to x-ray machines.

The voice coming from inside my head told me they were planning to paralyze me at some time in the future, but would leave me with the ability to feel pain. They would then torture me endlessly by wireless means but I would be unable to communicate the situation to anybody. These voices coming from inside my head told me they at some time in the future they would cut the synapses in my body with their energy weapons, and I would never, ever be able to move a muscle ever again.      Then then told me  that they would torture me endlessly, but I would not be able to tell anybody about my torture as I would be totally paralysed.    Because of this psychological torture, I have lived for many years in a living hell of terror…



Later on, that same year, the voice system what was being used to communicate with me was changed to a system of synthetic voice communication, which is similar to the original voice  communication system in the sense that voices are still transmitted directly into the centre of my cranium against my wishes.  However, the original voice communication system was loud similar to speaking on a telephone while  the synthetic voice communication is much lower, similar to verbal thoughts but could not possible be mistaken for verbal thoughts.


I was incoherent with fear. I had no idea how to tell my story in a way that sounded reasonable. When I told a psychiatrist of my experiences, I was  given a psychotic inducing formula posing as anti-psychotic medication, and later I was erroneously told I was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. ( We now know that almost all medications being sold as antipsychotic medications are in fact psychotic inducing concoctions.)   Scientists are increasingly doubtful whether schizophrenia exists at all, but rather it is just an umbrella term for a variety of problems, some of which could be caused by a lack of proper nutrition, or minor poisoning. The umbrella term of schizophrenia is so all encompassing that everybody on the planet could legally be labelled as having paranoid schizophrenia. Some reason can easily be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses to label them thus.

The voice to skull direct communications talked to me on and off,  for several years. They told me I had been put on a program, where my whole life would be analysed, and I would be experimented on remotely. During this time, they asked me hundreds of questions. The following are just a small sample of the questions the voice to skull direct communications asked me at the initial stages of the micro surveillance in order to build up a basic profile of me:-

⦁ Have you ever stolen any money, even a small amount?

⦁ Have you ever dated a married man?

⦁ Do you always wear your car seat belt?

⦁ Have you ever had a row with anyone on an internet forum?

⦁ What is the emotional atmosphere of your home like? Is it tense or pleasant?

⦁ What percentage of your income do you contribute to charity?

⦁ Do you do any voluntary work in your community?

⦁ Do you belong to an organised religion?

⦁ How much money do you spend on heating oil, annually?

If I did not answer respectfully, the direct voice communications would accuse me of showing hostility towards their staff.

On one occasion, when the  voice to skull direct communications began making personal remarks about me, I heard one voice saying to some other voices “Stay within the subject matter. The police and military are monitoring this”.

On another occasion I heard a voice to skull direct communication  say “The thread is spoilt because nobody went in and asked her anything”.

These voice to skull direct communications once told me that they had located a man who was willing to accuse me of breaking some law, provided they pay him a large sum of money. I asked what he would accuse me of, as I hadn’t done anything wrong. They replied “He is going to accuse you of anything we ask him to accuse you of”. On a number of occasions, they begged me to commit suicide, because they claimed to feel sorry for me, because of the torture that would be inflicted on me at some future date if I did not commit suicide immediately.

Often times the  voice to skull direct communications  would wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me questions, and to offer suggestions about how I might improve my life. Some of these people made disparaging remarks about me, and threatened me constantly. They described how they might cut my head off, or drown me in the cattle slurry tank in the farm where I live. At other times, they described how they might hang me, or bury me alive. They also claimed they would burn down my home.    Initially, I would become deeply upset. Eventually, I became so used to their threatening tactics, their threats would roll off me like water off a ducks back. These voices once told me exactly what percentage of my time I had spent in bed over a five-year period.

The voice to skull direct communications once told me that they would abduct me from my home, then they would cut off my hands and my heels, so that I could never be able to escape them. These messages can be perceived as extreme psychological torture if they are transmitted to anybody who is totally unaware of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull direct communications.

If a targeted individual ever wishes to pray, they will be answered by the voice to skull direct communications. These self-proclaimed elite criminals wish to totally destroy the inner landscape of the human being, so that we become completely outer directed. The voice to skull direct communications also told me that I had been chosen as the Irish candidate for electrostatic submersion.

I believe that I had been linked to remote neural monitoring technology, which is a method of having my brain linked, to advanced technology, which is controlled by a neuroscientist or other perpetrator. These neuroscientists would frequently communicate messages to me via the voice to skull direct communication system.   What other targeted individuals forget to mention is the fact that this technology doesn’t just communicate messages. It communicates the emotions of the person communicating the messages. Sometimes, messages would be relayed to me in a non-emotional way. Other times, the level of hatred that the perpetrator felt towards me would hit me with full force, leaving me shaking by the intensity of it. A rumour has been put forward online that the voices which are being transmitted to targeted individuals are voices which are being generated by a super computer, and that artificial intelligence has got out of control. I strongly disagree with this. The voice to skull direct communications are generated by real people, because I have felt their strong emotions when they speak to me.

There is every incentive for the direct voice communication personnel to abuse their existing stock of targeted individuals, since targeted individuals are easily replaceable if the target should choose to commit suicide instead of submitting to gross invasion of their mental and bodily integrity.  From the neuro scientists point of view, the corporal response of the targeted individual,  their metabolic processes, their reactions and behaviour, their life and death are all potential phenomena to be studied by a large variety of scientists and university students from all walks of life, who are willing to be extremely incivil to the targeted individual because they believe that their extreme cruelty can never be exposed to anyone but their scientific colleagues.

The criminal cabal are always trying to find ways of redirecting the anger of the public away from themselves, and on to some non-existent, imaginary enemy. First they tried to make us believe we were being invaded by extra-terresterials, and that the extra-terresterials were the ones that we should focus our anger on. When we failed to believe that lie, the criminal cabal are now trying to convince us that our enemy is artificial intelligence that has got out of control. This is also a lie.

The direct voice communications once informed me that there is now  a scientific method of assessing the morality of a human being by reading their energy field.  It is not an instant process and it is not available to the public as yet.

These neuroscientists can image your brain in order to see how your brain responds to certain stimuli, for example they can decipher if you prefer chocolate cake or a glass of beer? They achieve this by monitoring evoked potentials which are brain signals, on a computer screen. I experienced powerful pulsations of energy vibrating through my whole body, and I received electric shocks and burning sensations, infrequently.

I was informed via the voice to skull military direct communications that I was rejected by one particular group of neuroscientists for further investigation due to a lack of infrastructure in my home.   Any electrical device that gives out an emission such as a television or computer of smart phone can be used as a weapon against us.  I do not have a television set or wireless technology in my home. Most important of all, I sleep in a bedroom with no electric cables near my head or body, that can be used to access me. There are also no electric appliances in my bedroom other than an electric heater at the far end of my bedroom. Any electric appliances in the bedroom can be used against a target of electronic harassment and non-consensual experimentation, even if those appliances are unplugged. It is not effective enough just to switch off the electricity supply to your home at the mains switchboard every night. You must remove all electrical appliances from your bedroom, as far as possible. All electrical appliances can be activated by remote electrical means, and can be used to further the aims of the criminal cabal, against humanity, by way of non-consensual human experimentation and enslavement programs. I received further communication about this matter from voice to skull direct communications, outlining the fact that these investigators and experimentators do not have the legal right to install any technology into my home other than that which I have installed there myself. However, the  voice to skull direct communications  have claimed that extra unnecessary technology has been installed among the telephone installations on a pole adjacent to my home. I have never been able to have this checked out. I was also told by voice to skull military communication transmitted voices that, in some instances, it might be possible for operatives to place open source technology in a vehicle near the home of the targeted individual, in order to transmit energy into the home of a targeted individual who does not have electrical sources near their heads and bodies. They said that this was not possible in my case, as I live in a rural area, and the operatives, conducting the research close to my home could be apprehended by the police. If that solution proves unworkable, a second solution the criminal neuroscientists sometimes employ is to move the targeted individual to a secure location such as a prison or a mental hospital, by falsely accusing the target of committing a crime, or falsely accusing the target of being mentally ill. They have tormented me with these threats on numerous occasions.

For further information in advances in brain microchip technology see http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/ageing/research/areas/biomedicalsensors

On one occasion I was exercising suitable distain for the Voice to Skull military personnel. A wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voice expressed astonishment that I was not more pliable at that late stage of the non-consensual brain and body experimentation and manipulation. The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voice then ordered a colleague to insert a loop in Gretta’s thinking so that she will be more acquiescent.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is similar to using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight. Focused ultrasound uses an acoustic lens to concentrate multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound on a target. Each individual beam passes through tissue with little effect but at the focal point where the beams converge, the energy can have useful thermal or mechanical effects. HIFU is typically performed with real-time imaging via ultrasound or MRI to enable treatment targeting and monitoring (including thermal tracking with MRI). A person can be made to feel pressure on their body, by the use of focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound can also be used to make you feel a slight phantom sensation on your body. By the further application of haptic technology, focused ultrasound can be used to make you feel as if a phantom hand shaped sensation was holding your hand or arm. I know this to be true because I have experienced it, and it took me a long time to research exactly how the perpetrators were doing it to me.

I also endured mock executions by the use of pressure on my throat, which may have been caused by the use of focused ultrasound, while the Voice to Skull operatives were playing the role of murderers. I also endured sleep deprivations. Virtual torture is almost as wide ranging in its abilities as real torture.

I once hung new plastic blackout blinds on my bedroom windows in order to stop any gang-stalkers from looking in. The very next day, there were tiny holes in the black-out blinds, which I cannot explain. Having read shielding tips, for directed energy weapons, on the internet, I went on to hang a variety of different screens on my bedroom windows, on varying occasions. There were also tiny holes in these screens, when I would check them the following day.

During my research I have found that there are many ways to transmit voices into peoples heads by remote control, just by beaming a sound signal in the vicinity of a persons head, provided you are aware of that persons unique brain signature. Another way might be to implant microchips in both ears and forehead of a targeted individual. By sending sound signals to all three microchips and triangulating them, voices could then be heard in the inner ears.

Another nugget of information offered to me by these wireless voice to skull electronic transmissions was that information had been fed into the DNA of my legs to make them surrender their abilities, which could, in the future, render me immobile. They assured me that if a geneticist looked at my DNA through an electron microscope, they would confirm that this is the case. However, I have never had any problem with either of my legs, even though I was first heavily targeted with directed energy weapons as far back as 2003.


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All the psychological torture exercises which have been used against me over the years boil down to two basic themes, one of which is the threat of ” total body paralysis” at some time in the future and the other threat is one where they threaten to robotize the body of the targeted individual at some time in the future. The reason I have highlighted the last sentence is because it is mainly the information within that sentence which caused me to try to kill myself on two occasions in the distant past. Psychological torture is very effective. I am trying to save other targeted individuals from suicide by stressing that this is merely a standard threat that is used on all targeted individuals.

The voice to skull direct communications constantly insist that the electronic harassment and mental torture is under the auspices of the legitimate government.   I personally believe that these directed energy weapons operatives are trying to force their way into democracy by pretending they are already a part of it.   The voice to skull direct communication which I also call voices coming from directly inside my head without the use of a telephone once told me that I had been put on a program for government which is a system of doling out different levels of correctness or even killing people who do not fully comply with the shadow government, which is an illigitimate criminal organisation which stands behind the scenes of legitimate governments all over the world.   The key to truly understanding how these programs are being run is the fact that the organised criminals that run these soft torture programs always try to convince targeted individuals  that their legitimate government is somehow involved in this soft torture, in order to destabilise and eventually collapse the legitimate government, which for the most part is probably not involved.   The organised criminals way of legitimising their behaviour is by referring to themselves as the shadow government,  and inferring that their  plan is to take down legitimate governments if and when  they have everybody microchipped and  secretly enslaved.  They would then secretly rule each individual on the planet by using brain link technology which would interface with the brain of each individual and would brain link them to a super computer and they would be ruled on a second by second basis by artificial intelligence and with an iron fist.  They have made almost no progress in this regard.   They communicate with their staff via voice to skull direct communication.  They eves drop on everything  the legitimate government privately say via the smart phones which the legitimate government funded staff are obliged to wear on their person during the working day, .   All smart phones have eves dropping technology built into them.   Some of the would be enslavers have managed to become elected to legitimate governments and are currently trying to destroy the legitimate governments from within.  The organised criminals who have become elected to legitimate government offer senior posts within all legitimate government departments, including the police and the military to members of the shadow government, who do not respect the agenda of the people they purport to serve.

The electronic terrorists, with the use of their wireless voice to skull transmission technology, once told me that they would put cocaine in my home, while I was out, in order to get me in trouble with the police. I have never taken illegal street drugs in my life. I live in a remote rural area where nobody in my area has ever been accused of taking drugs. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes or take any illegal substances. Because of current very powerful mind influencing technology, when somebody is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their minds can be strongly influenced to take some action which is against their best interests.

The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices sometimes used phrases such as cyber technology, and cyber crime platform analysis and computer data platform analysis or voice analysis platform technology or behaviour analysis platform.

Using a pulse modulated microwave beam, carrying an ELF signal which is identical to the one in the motor neuron centre of the brain, motor neuron preparatory sets for various voluntary movements can be encoded on microwave beams and directed at the targeted individual. In this way, various sets of muscles can be induced to move and jerk against the will of the target. You can achieve this very same effect yourself by holding a “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator” to the motor cortex of your own brain, while getting an assistant to deliver a magnetic pulse to the motor cortex. This will make various muscles in your body move and jump against your will. I had no knowledge of this phenomenon, so when it was done to me, by remote controlled technology, it frightened me into believing that I was slowly being robotized. Firstly, one of my fingers would jerk against my will. Then my wrist began to jerk against my will, followed by my elbow, followed by my feet and legs. Various muscles in the trunk of my body later began to jerk against my will. After several years of this occasional involuntary muscle jerking, both my arms began to jerk in unison with each other. Both my wrists would jerk in unison with each other. Both my knees would jerk in unison with each other. The thumb of my right hand could move slowly of its own accord, an inch at a time. Humanity now has metallic nano-particles throughout their bodies, which we have both inhaled from chemtrail aerosol spraying, and injested through eating processed foods. These nano-particles are being used in conjunction with directed energy weapons to manipulate our bodies in ways that were previously unachievable by scientific means at any time in the past. I felt that these neuroscientist black project perpetrators were making progress throughout my body. I was really really frightened. To make matters infinitely worse, I found information on the internet which seemed to confirm that brain scientists probably had the ability to robotize both animals and people, and possibly had the ability to remote control another human being from a distance.  The minds of people in the media are being remotely manipulated to focus on the area of human robotisation in their art and stories, in order to reinforce this fear among brain weapons test subjects throughout the world.   The voice to skull communicated voices tried to frighten me by telling me that they had worked on the area of my brain that controlled muscle movement to such an extent that now a metaphorical set of dominoes were put in place inside my body, so that if these metaphorical dominoes were suddenly knocked over, I would almost instantly lose the autonomy over the ability to move my own body, and they claimed that I could be then controlled remotely by them.  If this situation should ever occur, they could and would torture me by forcing me to place my hand on top of a hot stove, or stab myself. (I have been assured by the voice to skull voices that this total body robotisation is not possible at this point in time, but the evil forces are doing worldwide research in order to try and make it possible.)

The voice to skull direct communications reinforced my fears about human robotization by telling me, in the distant past that computer programmers throughout the world were unknowingly robotising human beings by remote control, for most of the past twenty years. The human beings who are destined to be robotized are first of all said to ingest micro sensors in their food. There micro sensors travel to their cells, via their blood stream. The micro sensors are further inserted into the brain cells of the human being by forcing them in by a directed energy methodology. When the micro sensors are installed in the cells, the programmers set about programming them to do things that brain cells were never intended to do. The programmers program the micro sensors to move all of the muscles of a human being totally against the will of that human being. The programmers are led to believe they are programming the brain of a real live monkey, even though they might be programming the brain of a real live child. If the neuro scientists had succeeded in fully and successfully robotizing a human being, which they could remote control from a distance, humanity would have no way of finding out the truth. I was unsure whether to post this information as it is very frightening. However, it is a legitimate fear that I have lived with ever since I became a targeted individual and weapons test subject back in 2003. I wish to give general insight into the reasons why so many people are attempting suicide in todays world, and how easily fears can escalate out of control within the minds of targeted individuals.

The ultimate plan of the dark luciferians  and whoever else is involved with the black agenda for the human race have told me via voice to skull direct communications that if they succeed in total robotisation of human beings through brain weapon research, their plan would be to totally robotise the commander in chief of this planet, in a fascist control system.   His every move and thought would be totally controlled by them.    This makes it abundantly clear that top down government is a thing of the past and the only true and humane way to govern ourselves is by a linear based control structure, in a system of Rule by the People.   This is the only way we are allowed to govern ourselves under the principles of Natural Law.  The human race should never have abandoned that total free will system, and  knowingly handed over their free will to other people, in various pyramid based control systems.  Total free will to govern ourselves is the greatest gift we have ever received and we have a moral responsibility to use it, or else we will be caused to lose it.


When I began to believe that I was slowly being robotised, I felt that if this robotisation process continued, I might at some later stage, become a danger to others, by being remotely influenced or controlled to hurt some random person, totally against my will and moral judgement. At that time, I felt that I had a moral obligation to commit suicide rather than allow myself to be used against my will to hurt a random member of the public. I had no idea what this technology was capable of making me do, and out of extreme fear, my imagination had run wild

When a person is full of intense fear they cannot think rationally. I was so horrified and unable to convince anyone of the validity of my experiences that I attempted suicide on two occasions, and was minutes away from death on both occasions. I spent several days in an unconscious condition in Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, after each suicide attempt by taking overdoses of prescription drugs on both occasions. However, now, many years later, I have regained my equilibrium and I am mentally stronger than ever. The perps (the people who use the advanced voice to skull technology to place their voices inside my brain from a distance) told me through the voice to skull direct voice communication technology that they would have been charged with manslaughter if I had died because of the suicide attempts. I heard these voice to skull military communication transmitted voices say that they would have been charged by the European Intelligence Services, of manslaughter. I later heard through the voice transmissions “We can not remote control anyone. The sensations are simulated by electrical sensations inside the body.”




The favourite word of the wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices who speak to me is the word leverage. Leverage is defined in www.dictionary.com as power or ability to influence people and events.

When I was being targeted in the past, it became apparent to me that a constant stream of personnel within the military intelligence services (or they may have been private contractors)  were monitoring me on a rotational basis. They spoke frequently among themselves, but because they seemed to be wearing communication technology permanently, while they were in their workplace, I could overhear some of their conversations. When new personnel were assigned to monitor me they would constantly ask ” Have we generated any leverage on Gretta Fahey?” (Gretta Fahey is my name.) The answer would always be ” No, we have not generated leverage on Gretta Fahey, because she was initially very badly profiled. She came to us because of a recommendation which came from somebody very powerful without Gretta having broken any law “.

When the military intelligence personnel interrogate the targeted individual via the use of wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices over many years they delve deeply into the background of the targeted individual, since early childhood. They extensively interrogate the targeted individual in order to discover if there are any misdemeanours relating to criminal behaviour or drug addiction or any deviant behaviour of any sort, or if the targeted individual has compromised themselves in any way at all during the course of their entire lives. The military intelligence personnel micro surveill the targeted individual on a minute by minute basis, over many years, in order to establish if the targeted individual is addicted to any illegal substance or has connections with any criminals. Leverage is the name they use to describe any compromising information that they can use to control the targeted individual. If they find any leverage, they then attempt to force the targeted individual to come and work with them, in order to help spread the  luciferian control and electronic enslavement system throughout the whole world. If the targeted individual agreed to their pressure, I assume the targeted individual would then be given access to the secret network headquarters location, and to the surveillance and control technology. If the targeted individual does not agree to their pressure, the perpetrators try to have them put in jail, under the false pretext of having committed a crime. I have been told by the wireless voice to skull military communication transmission technology that the  luciferian secret network headquarters location for the whole island of Ireland is located in Dublin. I can not prove any of the above.

Other types of leverage that can be used to manipulate ordinary people if they dissent against the current luciferian worldwide control system is

( a).    any type of debt.

( b).   any type of addiction.

( c).   if you are in public housing, they may threaten to evict you.

( d).   if you have children, they may suggest you are not a good parent and take your children off you in a secret court

( e).   Any type of minor flaw in your character will be exaggerated and used against you.

( f.)    If you have gained credentials they can threaten to revoke them if you don’t agreed with their policies.

( g).    If you own your own vehicle they can ask  the police to stop you and unnecessarily investigate you.   I am grateful that I only own a bicycle and no longer own a car.  While this war of attrition is ongoing, please don’t sign a marriage licence or a loan agreement or don’t decide to have children. However, this enslavement system has not spread worldwide yet, so we must rally against it now, while there is still time.

The Voice to Skull direct communication transmitted voices once told me that Intelligence agents use undocumented technology on unsuspecting people at the top of each government. They obtain leverage on a substantial number of individuals within each government. When a person has leverage on them, they are known to be captured. Ambassadors within each country are the people who are always captured first. By capturing ambassadors, agents within the intelligence services can get admission into any country of their choosing so they can bring down that country from inside.

A wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voice informed me that every time the Irish government try to do their job of trying to protect the Irish people from directed energy weapons they receive directives from the Luciferian run European Parliament that stop them in their tracks.

The following information was uploaded to my brain by the use of voice to skull military communication technology in the past, and I sincerely hope it is not true. “A hegemony is a leadership or prodominant influence by one nation over another. Britian has an ancient hegemony over both the republic of Ireland and northern ireland. This may never have gone away in spite of what our history books have told us over the past fifty years. The so-called Irish war of independence might have been just a fiction. ”

The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices also told me that the type of brain-machine interface which they used to hack into my brain by wifi enabled brainlink technology is called a quantum loop interface.

The Voice to Skull military communication network told me by the use of wireless Voice to Skull communication technology that they are obliged to target docile members of society who will not have the communication skills to reveal their unique experiences of being wirelessly targeted by directed energy weapons, to the general public. They are also obliged to select people for targeting who do not have a lot to give back to society, for example people who are mentally ill or who are work shy.

An interrogation technique that the military intelligence personnel used on me, with the aid of wireless voice to skull military communication technology is they make a statement such as ” A prison sentence invariably stems from this kind of thing “!!!!!! and then they leave a silence. They then monitor my brain waves on their screens in order to see if my evoked potentials demonstrate any guilty thoughts. In this way they can see clearly that I have a clear conscience.

When a targeted individual focuses their awareness inwards, inside their bodies, they are aware that there is a foreign energy surging inside their bodies. This energy surges over different organs or muscle structures at different times of the day. Sometimes, when I would focus my awareness internally, I would feel strong surges of foreign energy circulating around and inside my stomach area, with extreme force. I have been informed by the voice to skull military communication transmitted voices that a direct current of electricity (radio waves) is coming out of my body at all times, which would register on a meter reader. However, I have never been able to have this matter checked out.

On one occasion, I went on a distilled water fast, for health reasons. While I was on the fast, the wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices were heard to say, “The subject is fasting today, on distilled water. We are taking samples of the fluids in her spleen”. I also heard the following “Gastric juices have been subdued due to fasting. We are able to take measurements that we are not normally able to take”.

On another completely separate occasion, after I had just eaten my dinner one day, a voice , which was generated into the centre of my cranium by the use of voice to skull military communication technology said “I could not detect what the subject has just eaten. The food was cooked to such an extreme degree that I failed to analyse its contents with the use of my stomach and bowel contents analysis technology. ” At the same time that I was hearing this being said, I also felt strong swirling energy circulating around the region of my stomach.

One reason why I was being micro surveilled on a minute by minute basis, is because the people behind the would-be criminal control system are attempting to set up a points system for each member of society, based on your minute by minute behaviour each day. Their future plan would be to attempt to fully automate this points system, and to include every member of the human race in this micro surveillance and analysis system, and to allow this surveillance and control grid to run by itself, by artificial intelligence. WE CAN STEP DOWN THIS SYSTEM TO A LOCAL LEVEL ALMOST INSTANTLY BY THE SIMPLE ACT OF DISMANTLING THE MOBILE CELL PHONE TOWERS. WE CAN ACHIEVE THIS USING DYNAMITE, WHICH IS FREELY AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLINE. HOWEVER, IT IS ILLEGAL TO PURCHASE DYNAMITE ONLINE. WE CAN CANCEL THE ELECTRONIC ENSLAVEMENT PROCESS COMPLETELY BY BRINGING ALL SMART PHONES TO A CENTRAL LOCATION IN EACH TOWN AND BURNING THEM IN A BONEFIRE.  Unbeknownst to people, Smart phones are being used to remotely influence them to an extreme degree, by entraining their brains to feel emotions of apathy, instead of emotions of anger and outrage, which are the true feelings they aught to be feeling at this point in the history of the world.

I bought a large and powerful rare earth neodymium magnet, online, and I placed it on my body to see if it would help to block the Directed Energy Weapons assaults. Could it be possible that neodymium blocks and redirects the electric and magnetic currents going through the human body, thereby making it impossible for the neuro operatives to achieve their goals. Or could it be possible that neodymium enhances the ability of the neuro operatives to reach the inner core of the body, and thereby attacking the neurons more directly. The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices once told me that their job was to tie down all of the neurons in the motor cortex of the human brain, rendering the person immobile. They would then enslave the person, and if that person did not do the bidding of the neuro operatives, they could rigidly immobilise that person at a moments notice, thereby making that person into a totally obedient slave for the rest of their lives. However, the motor cortex contains one hundred billion neurons, so I am of the belief that they were just trying to frighten me. I later came across some proof that the U.S. army had technology that could make a human being lose voluntary control of their body. For further information see – the US army’s NGIC-1147-101-98 Addendum to the Nonlethal Technologies, available to the general public. Can we stop the use of all Directed Energy Weapons, by changing the world wide system of transmitting information electrically, from using digital signals back to the old standard use of using analogue signals?  I am currently of the belief that strong neodymium magnets are helpful because by keeping them on your person, they assist in damaging the nano-biomedical sensors and other nano technology in the human body, making the task of transmitting signals from cell phone towers to that human being virtually impossible.  For further information see the information in green print at the bottom of this blog.

If you wish to know how citizen spy networks and gang-stalking groups are being set up on a worldwide scale, please read a book called “The Hidden Evil” by Mark M. Rich. He has a website called www.newworldwar.org.

The basis on which schizophrenia is diagnosed should be re-evaluated in light of the existence of directed energy weapons. The overwhelming power of ridicule is used at every turn against us, targeted individuals, in order to suppress the existence of these remote neural monitoring, and electronic brain link weapons. The public are programmed, through the main stream media, to be frightened of ,people who hear voices in their heads. The people who hear voices in their heads are good conscientious people, who have dared to challenge the growing totalitarianism, and they have been put on covert electronic harassment and voice to skull direct communication enabled torture programs by the self-proclaimed elite.

In my opinion, people commit suicide from FEAR rather than depression. This is never mentioned in suicide websites. Why is this? I was once in such an intense state of fear that my teeth chattered constantly for a full twenty four hours. On a few occasions, I woke up in the middle of the night and instantly sat bolt upright in bed in a rigid position, in a state of intense fear. This is classified as the behaviour of a human being who has been either physically or psychologically tortured. In my case, I experienced psychological torture.


The wireless Voice to Skull military communication operatives have never told me their names or locations or their reasons for putting me on a weapons testing program. Whenever I accidently overhear a name being used by these operatives, I always keep a record of it. I HEARD THROUGH THE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM SOMEBODY CALLED MIKE DELANEY ASK THE POLICE COMMISSIONER IF HE COULD MOVE ME TO A DIFFERENT CATEGORY, 10.30 PM ONE TUESDAY. Later that same year, I heard through the Voice to Skull military communication transmissions that said Mike Delaney had committed suicide. I have no way of knowing if this is true or merely roll playing.

On a different occasion, a mans voice made lewd suggestions to me via the wireless Voice to Skull military communication system. I repeated his suggestions back to him, which enabled the rest of his colleagues to hear them. I heard many voices being irate and accusing the man of bringing the military surveillance program into disrepute. I then heard security being called. Security were asked to evict a man called Brendan Thompson from the building. On this occasion I strongly believe that the surveillance officers of the law were indulging in elaborate roll playing in order to try to manipulate me to discredit somebody unknown to me by the name of Brendan Thompson.

On one occasion, a voice to skull military communication transmitted voice was heard by me to say in the form of a question “Was there any infighting in the premises of Gretta Fahey’s home today or any day”. A different voice was then heard my me to reply “No infighting observed”.

The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices once told me that the would-be controllers hope to take down all governments eventually, and that they hoped that everyone would be individually controlled through their unique brain signature, and they hoped there would be one central command which is hidden at the moment. People are being subliminally influenced by their smart technology and digital devices into a state of indifference. However, some people are finally waking up now and they have decided to only use corded landline phones, and they have decided to throw out their televisions.

One of the ways humanity can help themselves is by having safeguards put in place so that targeted individuals of electronic weapons and voice to skull technology can come forward and tell of their experiences without being accused of being mentally ill. In this way, we will find valuable ways of saving ourselves from this attempt at setting up a surveillance and control grid.

The wireless voice to skull military communications once gave me the following information by transmitting voices into my mind. I can not verify it.


Up to twenty thousand young men and women are recruited off the streets of New York city and are brought to Ireland. They are then given three weeks training, which entitles them to call themselves Surveillance Officers of the Law. Groups of these surveillance officers of the law are sent to work in various towns throughout Ireland. They are supervised by members of a crime syndicate who come from all over the world.

The so-called Surveillance Officers of the Law are then given hand held electronic weapons. With these electronic weapons they covertly record the unique brain signatures of potential targeted individuals, who have been selected for psychological harassment programs by agents unknown to us. ,

The Surveillance officers of the law are also employed to gang-stalk these selected targeted individuals. Furthermore, the Surveillance officers of the law are given equipment which facilitates them to force their voices into the minds of targeted individuals, by the use of beams of energy which circulate around the medulla oblongata. . This technology is sometimes known as Voice to Skull military communication technology. Each group of Surveillance Officers of the Law go on to electronically harass and torment one single targeted individual, until that targeted individual is incarcerated in a prison or mental hospital for the rest of their lives. The Surveillance Officers of the Law are told that the targeted individual they are instructed to gang-stalk and harass is a hardened criminal (which is never the case).    The Surveillance Officers of the Law are given training manuals which instruct them to evoke hostility in the targeted individual by constant vicious taunting via voice to skull communication technology and to manually enter the home of the targeted individual and break small items within the home of the targeted individual.

The Surveillance Officers of the Law sign an unbreakable contract to complete the job of utter destruction of the life of the targeted individual, up to but not including death. They are paid on contract by a criminal group, who pose as good living Irish people, when they succeed in defaming the target. They are given operating expenses per day.

The work being done by Surveillance Officers of the Law is being carried out in order to destabilize society so that a working system is being put in place in order that several people who wish to remain anonymous for the moment will have a space on this planet to call their own when the button is pushed. What this means is the members of the crime syndicate hope to kill large numbers of people at a later date by sending powerful beams of electromagnetic radiation throughout Ireland and Europe, which could be emitted from telephone masts, which would instantly annihilate a large random part of the population of Ireland and Europe. The one and only way to save ourselves is by taking down the telephone masts now.

I wish to reiterate that I can not verify this information as I heard it through wireless transmission of remote neural monitoring and voice to skull military communication transmissions, directly into my mind. I also heard the following information by the same means.

All of the electrical circuitry in the human body can be drained of electricity, leaving the human without the ability to move a muscle. This event once happened to me for a split second. I could not feel my body at all. The remote non-consensual medical experimentation personnel who have communicated with me in the past via Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, claimed that they did not deliberately induce this separation of the electrical fields from my body. They claimed that was an accident of their experiments. When it happens to a man or woman, that man or woman ceases to be a human being. They become a point of awareness, nothing else, because they can not feel their physicality at all. Cannibis  can block the effects of electrical manipulation. That is why it is banned in Ireland, and elsewhere.

I am aware that there are hidden meanings in some of the information that was dictated to me by the wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, which is why some of this information appears to make little sense to the untrained eye. The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices are constantly pressurising me to publicise any crime they claim I may have been responsible for in the past, when in fact, I know without a shadow of doubt that I have never knowingly committed a crime in my whole life. The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices have transmitted to me in the distant past that vices and crimes would all be put in the same category in the future. The nature of being human is being imperfect. No human being who has ever lived has attained perfection. I am no exception. My life is an open book. I have nothing to hide. I have a few minor flaws.

I was told via wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmissions that the writing is on the wall for our country if I and others continue to create awareness of the existence and abuse of covert electronic torture weapons and voice to skull military communication technology. I strongly disagree with this statement. Our country, Ireland is not suddenly going to develop a leak and sink beneath the waves of the Atlantic ocean. We had total self-sufficiency and endless freedom before we joined the European Union. All we need to do to take back total individual freedom is to leave the European Union, take down our mobile cell phone towers, burn all existing smart and dumb phones, and ban their use forever, sever the underground fibre optic cables which connect our country to the rest of the world so as to stop the wireless brain link torture of people in their own homes,  dissolve top down government and run our country through self government, also known as Anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.

Below is some other random information that has been given to me by signals intelligence operatives, via wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices, or that I have gleaned myself by my personal experiences of being targeted by electronic surveillance methodologies.

There are microfibers throughout my body that are conductive to electricity. I inhaled them from breathing in chemtrail laden air. They can be seen with the benefit of an electron microscope. Everybody has them in their bodies at this late stage. They are essential for probing the human body with the aid of electromagnetic weapons. We must put a stop to chemtrail spraying of our skies from airplanes which are deliberately laden with toxic material in the fuselage.  Chemtrailing is currently being carried out via military black projects.  We could easily stop out skies being sprayed with chemtrails if we patrol all large airports, and refuse to allow any airplanes containing chemtrail spray in the fuselage from leaving said airport.

Surveillance Officers of the Law are given scripts to read, which they transmit wirelessly to the targeted individual via voice to skull military communication technology at the same time as they are sending sensations to the targeted individual, which can be felt on the surface of the targets body, or deep inside the targets body. These scripts are designed to frighten the targeted individual to an extreme degree. I am publishing the following script in case there is a hidden message in it for the Department of Justice, Ireland. However, I am not inclined to believe much of it, if any, myself.

“Targeted individuals are living in a different electro stasis than the electro stasis the rest of humanity lives in. They brought this situation on themselves by refusing to cooperate with the self proclaimed elite. We are obliged to point out that the targeted individuals who continue to refuse to co-operate with the self proclaimed elite will be locked in electro stasis, by a process of coagulating the electricity in the environment of the targeted individual”.

I woke up one morning in the distant past with the feeling that the energy field of my body was moving all over the place. It was a very very strange sensation. The wireless voice to skull military communication transmissions that had been used to communicate information to me, told me to go and stand outside near the old farm buildings, close to my home. They told me that there was a particle accelerator in the vicinity. At the time, I, being too incredulous, decided not to go. They claimed I made a grave mistake. These people, conducting their experiments then claimed te via wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices that they could take me over whenever they liked, by the use of individual electronic submersion in an electric field of homeostasis electricity, which would enable binding of all muscular structures forever, by a force hitherto unknown to mankind. They claimed that a time will come in the future that all of humanity will need particle accelerators or magnatrons near their homes to keep their own energy fields in check.

The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices told me that my own energy field will have less particles than a normal energy field if checked under an electron microscope. They claimed that my energy field is easier to manipulate. They claimed it can be pulled hither and thither.

These types of electromagnetic weapons testing experiments are being conducted on live human beings right throughout the whole of this country and, at this stage, every other country in the world. We must urgently develop counter-measures which enable homeostasis anti-coagulation capability to counteract human robotization which is the ultimate goal. This process is nowhere near being achieved. Sadly, they are slowly gaining ground

The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices went on to claim that the smoke from carbon based fuels transmutes the information overload databases of the human energy field, which in turn makes it impossible for the signals intelligence operatives to work on the human energy field of that human or animal subject for the next several days.

The wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices went on to say that there is a nugget of true information in this posting, but not all of it is true. They added that one of the reasons they are obliged to give messages to this human test subject is in order to bring her to the attention of the worlds press, so that they might some day evoke hostility towards her on a worldwide scale, thereby partially fulfilling their contract to the person who wishes to have her immobilised forever.

My own opinion is that there is a problem with advances in modern science in the fact that we can be told any untruths at all, and we will have no way of knowing if we are being lied to. All of humanity can be enslaved by our willingness to believe without question everything that significantly controlled Government scientists tell us. These controlled government scientists are controlled through their standing in the community. Anybody who deviates from current thinking has to be willing to take a beating by the media and other means.  We believe in scientists rather than science, and scientists are being controlled by directed energy weapons and programmed by large screens in their surroundings.

The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices may have succeeded in fooling me once or twice, but I believe that most of the information put forward in this website will be helpful in the future, in deciphering the truth.

On one occasion in the distant past, a voice to skull military communication transmitted voice made a light hearted comment to me. Immediately afterward I heard a voice from the same source say in a disapproving way- “Never approach the target on a familiar basis.”

A voice to skull military communication transmitted voice informed me that finance is not the main reason the self proclaimed elite use human beings as weapons testing subjects. The real reason the self proclaimed elite weapons test subjects is because they wish to know everything that can be known about the human body and mind. In so doing, they can control humanity be covert means. What the self proclaimed elite are doing in fact amounts to a hostile takeover of humanity in real time, while you read this.  (The wireless voice to skull transmissions told me that what they really meant to relay was that they are attempting to carry out a hostile takeover of the human brain and mind.) In the mean time, the self proclaimed elite have asked their staff to allow strangers to manipulate the weapons testing technology for a fee, so that these strangers can electronically harass and insult the targeted individual from a remote location, anonymously and with no apparent repercussions. However, this is totally not the case. These criminal strangers are being observed and recorded remotely and will be held accountable some day in a court of law.

I also believe that military intelligence sometimes employ a policy of creating deliberately induced psychosis, by constantly transmitting strange messages directly into the minds of chosen non-consensual experimental subjects, in order to decipher if the health authorities of their area will or will not choose to have them arrested and committed to a high security mental asylum, or if said health authorities will come forward and admit to the public of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull and a variety of other military communication technologies. Governments have been profoundly negligent, by not immediately announcing this information to the public, when they first found out about this electronic warfare technology, back in the mists of time. Secrecy is synonymous with evil. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. The intelligence services transmitted a message to me which was delivered to me wirelessly by voice to skull military communication technology, stating that they received no explanation as to why they were to put me under a program of micro surveillance for a number of years.

The direct voice communications once told me in the distant past that the wifi enabled control system is to be enabled to send pain signals to whatever human subject they are weapons testing, when required.   They went on to say that if the human subject should decide to commit suicide, the Irish shadow government would then not be required to pay the weapons testing fee for that particular free will human being.


The direct voice communications once told me, in the distant past, that the field of study needed to solve the problem of directed energy weapons targeting is primarily in the area of the human energy field, and secondary in the area of electronic medicine.


I often felt strong sensations of energy throughout the surface of my body, and also swirling around and pulsating, internally. Directed energy weapons can just as easily gain vantage of the inner workings of a human body as they can gain vantage of the surface area of the body. On one occasion I asked the voice to skull military communications operative what he was doing to me, as I could feel strong sensations in the area of my jaws, lips and tongue. He told me that I had ingested programmable micro-sensors in my food. These programmable micro-sensors were now in my bloodstream. The operative said that he was embedding the micro-sensors in my jaws, lips and tongue. He said that one of his colleagues would program the self-same micro-sensors at a later date. When enough micro-sensors were in situ and fully programmable, other neuro-weapons scientists would then have the ability to move my jaws, tongue, lips and cheeks in unison with whatever the neuro-weapons scientists wished me to say in a court of law. In the distant past, when I experienced interactions and conversations with signals intelligence operatives, these operatives tried to manipulate me to say certain words and whole sentences, so that they could program me to repeat these words and sentences at a much later date, in order to compromise me in some way.   Forced speech is a very real and dangerous phenomenon, and it is discussed at length by the ever growing community of targeted individuals of electromagnetic brain weapons, which have extreme capabilities.  Even though this next phenomenon might be very difficult for the uninitiated to believe,  on occasions in the distant past, when the voice to skull communicated voices sometimes spoke to me , my whole face including my lips, jaws, chin, and tongue would move exactly in unison with their voice.     This phenomenon has frightened me beyond belief.  Many other targeted individuals have reported experiencing the same phenomenon.  However,  with the benefit of hinesight, I now believe that that operative was lying to me.  At times in the distant past, when my whole face would move in unison with the direct voice communication I now believe that this phenomenon was achieved by brain meld rather than micro sensors being programmed inside the cells of my face, which is what I originally believed.  Either way, it is extremely frightening.


I also received the advice through wireless Voice to Skull transmissions to spread the word about the ill advisability of allowing children to watch a television transmission called Sonic The Hedgehog. This transmission has built in methodology to induce children into a trance like situation, where they can no longer comprehend right from wrong, and are liable to turn on their parents, using dangerous tactics.

The CIA torture report reveals information about modern methods of psychological torture.

The signals intelligence operatives once told me via wireless voice to skull military transmissions that there is a branch of science known as military science. It is funded by deep black budgets. It is only available to the top brass of military intelligence, while they also told me that the one and only reason they converse with me at all is merely to entrain my brain so that they can dip sight into the internals of my brain and body in order to continue their scientific work and some of the subjects they converse with me about are subjects that are randomly generated by a super computer while other subjects are material that was (and presumably still is) secretly obtained by eves dropping on who so ever they wish who happens to have a smart meter or other smart device nearby while they are having a private conversation in the privacy of their workplace or home, or indeed any place they happen to be. The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices also said that they sometimes converse with me in order to impart information that is imperative to the future freedom of humanity, and it is imperative that I find a way to transmit this information to humanity any way I see fit. ( Please help me to do this. )

When the central control structure are caught out doing something immoral, they fight back by critically analysing the messenger rather than the message.

Another nugget of information I received from the signals intelligence operatives, via the wireless voice to skull military communication system, is that a certain sub-section of the people who target me, known as the neuro operatives, are slaves by proxy. They are American Government employees, who have taken out extensive student bank loans in order to gain their academic credentials. If they don’t pay these extensive bank loans back within a certain number of years, they would be incarcerated. The would-be control structure have a policy of never allowing anyone to redeem their loans without first giving assistance to the would-be control structure for a number of years after they leave college. That is the methodology they have used to manage to force their student level employees to do this type of unnecessary surveillance on innocent members of the Irish public and the general public of many other European countries.

On one occasion in the distant past, I heard a wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voice which said “The bitch screamed into my earpiece”. I assumed he was talking about me as I happened to be screaming at the time. From then on, I kept a whistle beside me which I blew into, loudly, at random times of the day, when I was being bothered by the voices of these self-proclaimed signals intelligence operatives. These military communication transmitted voices asked me to stop swearing at them, as they needed me to be on my best behaviour so they could show-case me as a completed project, some time in the future. Very occasionally, in the distant past, I have heard voice to skull military communicated voices having minor disputes in the background, while speaking to me. One conversation I overheard was ” I am not dealing with this woman anymore. She is your assignment, you deal with her “. On another occasion I heard three people having a row. Firstly, one person said to another person “I will cut off your limbs if you don’t watch out.” Another person then intervened by saying “I have zero confidence in you both. You better sort yourselves out before I come back tomorrow”.

The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices once told me that as part of the in-home surveillance program which I was put under, my home was invaded fifty four times by a network of organised criminals, working under the jurisdiction of the main-stream luciferian establishment. No warranty was obtained to carry out these in-home invasions. During these invasions, small acts of sabotage were carried out each and every time.

I have dead bolts on my outer doors, and I lock my doors with these dead bolts every night,  but these criminals obviously came in at times when I was away from my home.

Certain vibrational frequencies around the head of the human subject allows neuroscientists to observe what goes on inside the head of the subject. The most effective vibrational frequencies that assist the neuroscientist in this observational capacity are created when the subject is very relaxed or when the subject is engrossed by their computer or smart phone.    On one occasion in the distant past, at a time when I was very relaxed and the correct vibrational frequencies were being generated by my relaxed state, a neuroscientist claimed via voice to skull communications, to have been observing the activities inside my brain with the help of those frequencies. All of a sudden, I picked up a nearby analogue radio and I switched the station to medium wave, and I placed the analogue radio near the base of my brain. This act completely changed the vibrational frequency near my brain stem. The neuroscientist then claimed that he could no longer conduct any more observational research on my brain stem at that optimum moment because the vibrational frequency was no longer the correct one that would enable observation of the brain stem.


In the distant past, because I was hearing Voice to Skull wirelessly transmitted voices constantly throughout each waking moment, almost without a break, I was not having any quiet time to myself to enable my body and mind to recover. I became so stressed and anxious for a while that I began to swear at the people who were wirelessly forcing their voices into my head without my permission.  Swearing is something I don’t normally do in my everyday life, but it helps to relieve stress.

On some occasions the Voice to Skull operatives were more aggressive and hostile than at other times. A Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voice once told me to do the decent thing and commit suicide.

Please believe that the general public have not been kept up to date with regard to the vast capabilities of modern technology, and how it is being systematically abused to the extent that targeted people can be left with no choice than to commit suicide, if it suits the would-be dictatorship. As I have reiterated many times, we can easily dismantle the whole electronic enslavement system simply by taking down the cell phone masts and destroying all mobile phones and severing all under sea fibre optic cables, and ceasing all chemtrail spraying of our skies. The existence of satellites is an easily provable hoax. Perhaps we should organise a bonefire in each town to burn all mobile cell phones.

I was told the following information by wireless Voice to Skull military communication transmissions from military intelligence personnel. The advanced technology that was used on me over a period of many years by military intelligence personnel was supplied to the military directly by the Irish Government. The Irish governments policy is to purchase any new advanced military surveillance technology that comes on the European market, in order to be able to surveill Irish society to a forensic level, if deemed necessary. The technology is meant to be used on all members of Irish society if they should fall out of line with government thinking. Personnel within the European Union make the decision with regard to what type of and how much technology they wish to have purchased.  The technology is then purchased, and from that day forward it is used to surveill and harass anybody within Irish society who can see the big picture of what is actually happening on a worldwide scale, which is the slow and gradual enslavement of humanity by technological means.


I have sometimes been referred to by the wireless voice to skull military communicated transmissions as a commodity.  They have referred to me as human livestock.

The wireless voice to skull military communication transmitted voices have told me that NASA is a front for Directed Energy Weapons and that no satellites have ever been launched in the whole history of humanity. What we see as the international space station might be a drone.

The most alarming transmission that ever came through from the Voice to Skull military communication transmissions was the following transmission which came through late one Tuesday night, which said “This is not the candidate we had hoped for. We wished for a level of ambiguity when show-casing the finished product, which would be a fully solidified human being. All the other candidates are taken.”

I once heard the wireless voice to skull military communicated voices saying among themselves that they could not access me fully, as my computer, being old, is not interfaced fully, and I have no access to a television. (I gave away my television a long time ago.)

Among other things I heard the wirelessly transmitted voice to skull military communications say is that Rome is the last bastion of freedom in the known world and I also heard them say “Nobody is giving us any funds to investigate this woman. She has raised her profile to such an extent that she is no longer feasible as a test subject”.

Another thing I heard the wirelessly transmitted voice to skull military communicated voices say on several occasions is the following:- “Every electrical appliance in your room is being used against you right now”. However, they went on to say that my storage electrical heater at the far end of the room was too far away to be useful to them and that the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room were not relevant. However, my computer and my bedside lamp which was directly beside my head were both being used against me when I was sleeping, but not so much when I was awake.   I was also told that the force field around my head remains very strong, and is detrimental to my wellbeing if I don’t remove my computer from my bedroom, when I am sleeping.    I was also told by wirelessly transmitted voice to skull military communicated voices that every body in Europe is being targeted with directed energy weapons at this point in time, regardless of what they believe about the matter, and nobody should sleep with electrical appliances within four feet of their heads, especially any type of smart technology for example a smart phone or more especially a smart meter placed on an adjoining wall outside your bedroom.

The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices once told me that multiple personality disorder and demonic possession are phenomena that are created in a laboratory setting by the use of advanced technology which has been used for multi generations by the Luciferian and Satanic organisations against humanity. Many so-called mental illnesses are deliberately generated in people by the use of electromagnetic weapons. However, these same voices assured me that epilepsy is a genuine brain disorder.

The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices told me in the distant past that the neuro scientists stimulate the verbal centres in the brain of nearly all targeted individuals, thereby insuring that targeted individuals will repeat their thoughts out loud rather than thinking their thoughts privately inside their heads as people normally do..  They claim to carry out this practice so that neuro scientists can analyse voice modulation for future reference.   The neuro scientists also stimulate the motor cortex of the brain of the targeted individual in order to make the targeted individual fall over at inappropriate times.  If you hear somebody seemingly  talking out loud to themselves, please don’t automatically judge them to be mentally ill.  Most targeted individuals wear mobile  phone attachments called headsets in order to disguise the fact that they are de facto talking to themselves.

The voice to skull communication told me that the pattern recognition aspects of the brain research which they carried out on my brain had shown astonishingly accurate results.  However, they claimed that they could not access other aspects of my brain because I have no television and  I had no computer terminal which could be controlled and operated by them from a remote location unbeknownst to the user.  When I asked them how it could be the case that a targeted individual could use a computer terminal without knowing it was a computer terminal and not a stand alone computer which is usually the case for home computers, they replied that they sometimes found a way to give a free computer terminal to some targeted individuals who have no way of knowing that it is only a terminal and not a personal computer, due to the targeted individual being fairly computer illiterate.  By carrying out this trickery, the brain researchers can carry out many extra experiments in more unexplored areas of the brain.


The voice to skull military communication generated voices once told me that as soon as a targeted individual has their brain and body fully mapped by the neuro operatives then they begin to program the targeted individual for various jobs throughout the world.  In order to program a targeted individual successfully the targeted individual must have access to their own high definition television and digital clock in order to successfully facilitate brain compartmentalisation.    As soon as a targeted individual is fully brain and body mapped and brain compartmentalised,  they will be sent to a remote location where they will meet a handler and he will award them a new name.  They will be programmed to love their servitude.  They will not wish to return home.   The only known way to override this unique set of circumstances is by refusing to own a passport and refusing to ever travel over seas.   Targeted individuals must remove televisions and digital clocks from their lives.

The voice to skull military communication generated voices told me at one time in the distant past that they were told to treat me with an extreme level of distain when ever they spoke to me in order to drive me to a state of deep despair which would further enable them to manipulate me more easily and without much trouble due to my feelings of hopelessness.  They also told me that when I am writing about receiving voice transmissions directly into my brain centre, I must always use the phrase “voices downloaded into the hearing centre of my brain” rather than “voices transmitted into the hearing centre of my brain”.

A further voice to skull communication who claimed to be a psychiatrist located in Dublin, Ireland, once told me that it was his opinion that forcing clients to give interviews to psychiatrists through the medium of voice to skull communications is a tedious process, and one which he would not recommend in the future.    The client, also known as the targeted individual will invariably refuse to cooperate with an unknown person claiming to be a psychiatrist, asking deeply personal questions while forcing his voice into the targeted individuals head without permission, while the targeted individual is in the privacy of their own home.

The voice to skull direct communication personnel once told me that I must excuse myself to the voice to skull direct communication supervisors whenever I wish to visit the bathroom in my own home, even though I live alone and I have lived alone for a period of more than five years.  This is what I consider unreasonable behaviour of the  signals intelligence in-home surveillance and guidance system personnel.  They do and say whatever they like.  They don’t even have a moderator.  Millions of people are committing suicide worldwide because of the unreasonable and cruel behaviour of the in-home surveillance and guidance system personnel.

The voice to skull military communicated voices once told me how they were able to map the human body from a remote location, with the use of directed energy weapons.  They force energy into the body of the targeted individual,  and then they record the effects of the sensations the targeted individual feels.  In that way, they can then gain a map of all the neurons in the body of the targeted individual.  This process takes many years and many aborted attempts, because the targeted individual sometimes moves around in the middle of the operation.  This is why the signals intelligence operatives do most of their work while the targeted individual is asleep.

I was once having a conversation with somebody outside my usual circle of friends about how self sufficient we were in rural Ireland back in the nineteen sixties when I was a child and how we were totally free of government interference in our everyday lives.  Suddenly, I heard a voice to skull communication tell me that they would not allow discussion of past history anywhere in society in the future scenario that they hope to bring about for humanity.   Severe reprimands would ensue.  If the self-proclaimed elite wish to build a false reality for the whole of humanity, they can not allow any knowledge of the past to seep through.

The voice to skull communicated voices once told me that after the brain of a targeted individual is fully mapped by the use of neuro scientific technology, the targeted individuals brain is them remotely linked to a super computer.  Then  the brain of the targeted individual will by microscopically analysed by the super computer and reports are sent out to interested parties, where the targeted individual will be discussed to an extensive degree in the board rooms of the super rich, who believe we are laboratory experiments for their entertainment.

A voice to skull communicated voice once downloaded the following information to my brainstem.  “A lack of a television in your home is in abeyance with our wishes.   We need you to have a television in your residence so we can randomly look in on you when we wish to do so, via the built in camera which is behind the television screen in all televisions especially smart televisions.  The camera which is situated over the television screen on all smart televisions is just a decoy, even though it can be used as a reverse camera.  The real camera which can be amplified by more than the power of one thousand is the one which is hidden inside the television and behind the screen.   I can not prove any of this, but it can easily be proved or disproved.  The only reason I published a lot of what the voice to skull voices imparted to me in the past is so that the public can get a flavour of what it is like to be targeted with voice to skull communication technology, and how difficult it can be for the victim to discern which of the information if any to believe or disbelieve.

A voice to skull communicated voice once told me at some time in the distant past that if when a person disobeys their government or questions authority abuse within their government,  or raises their head above the radar for any reason other than a government approved reason, then that person may be put on a black list and targeted for the rest of their lives.  If a targeted individual wishes to deal with a new company where the people who work in that company have no working knowledge of the targeted individual, those people will always be given hate messages about the targeted individual by the targeted individuals handler.  This handler is a person who is normally unknown to the targeted individual.  These handlers are paid a salary, over and above their own salary, by the people who manufacture directed energy weapons.  The reason the manufacturers of directed energy weapons pay handlers all over the world to intimidate main stream people from questioning authority abuse is because the Directed Energy Weapons manufacturers and their allies wish to create a planetary wide dictatorship, and do not want anybody to stand in their way.   I have been informed by the voice to skull communication system that I do not and never had and never will have a handler.  Everybody in my local towns and in my village are always very friendly to me.

On one occasion in the past, a voice to skull communicated voice told me that I have a security code which is used to access my brain in order to electronically harass me, or in order to conduct brain research on me. That security code is worth an amount of money and access to my brain can be bought and sold by foreign investors. This same voice to skull communicated voice told me that if anybody wishes to access my brain or body for scientific research they must go through him and only him in order to gain access. He said that if he could not sell me off to some foreign investor he would by obliged to cover himself for insurance reasons by piggy-backing on a new system of government control which may be coming onstream in the future, in order to pawn me off on them. He also mentioned that he worked with a private agency in the past, but now wished to pull out of my upkeep, and wished to unload me on to some up and coming government electronic support system, which may be started up in the future, which will be similar to this privately owned and controlled electronic support system. The voice to skull communicated voice also claimed that he could not get anyone to take my off his hands, because they see me as trouble, because I have raised my online profile to some extent.

On one occasion some time ago, I overheard an animated conversation which was being transmitted to me via voice to skull communications directly into the centre of my brain.  A male voice was heard to say “If I put this woman in prison, no more information would come out from this source.  I heard a second male voice replying “If Gretta was put in prison she would be dead within ten days.    I heard the first voice replying “I would not allow her ever to die of natural causes.  I would stage a situation where the other prisoners would beat her to death.”

The self proclaimed elite wish to set up an obedience system for society, where two thirds of each population would be monitored by the other one third. via signals intelligence by the use of directed energy  and with the help of artificial intelligence.  If a subject who is being illegally monitored has been deemed to eat too much at any meal, it will be documented as a feeding frenzy rather than a meal.  This has happened to me.  The signals intelligence operatives wish to dehumanise people, and liken them to animals.   The level of monitoring being carried out by signals intelligence operatives on the average targeted individual is very very high, to the point that the subject does not even have any privacy in their bathroom.   The subject is made to feel strong beams of swirling energy directed at them when they are in what is rightfully the privacy of their bathrooms.  Other targeted individuals are keen to verify this experience.  I asked the neuro scientists via the voice to skull communication system why they were monitoring me while I was in the privacy of my own bathroom. They replied that individual members of the micro surveillance team monitor me while I am in the bathroom.   I am prepared to undergo a lie detection test in order to establish that I am writing the whole truth about everything I have experienced and heard and seen.

On one occasion I insulted one of the voice to skull communicated voices because she nagged me about some household chore.   She replied   ” You must never speak to your supervisor like that again.”  The voice to skull voices began to insist that I call themselves my supervisors, but I never complied with this demand.

I could fill a book with the amount of insults I have thrown at the voice to skull communicated voices over the years, in order to demoralise them.  The fact that they have been manipulated to believe that they are superior to the rest of humanity, just because they have been trained to use electromagnetic weapons, does not give them any authority, over anyone.   I have tried to convince them that we are all equal in this planet of equals. There can be no such thing as insubordination, because no human being can be subordinate to another human being.  The only place that a human hierarchy exists is within the false matrix reality that the Satanists and Luciferians are trying to create.  I would encourage all targeted individuals everywhere never to bow down and surrender to these perps.   If you submit to their nagging  and agree to be obedient to them, they will expand their program of harassment and intimidation to include everyone of the planet.

It is not advisable to shelter children from information concerning the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmission technology. Some targeted individuals in the United States have declared that their children are also being targeted by directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmission technology. Some parents who are unaware of the existence of the technology assign their child’s insistence of hearing voices to the child having an imaginary friend. If the child is sent to see a psychiatrist they will instantly be stigmatised as having childhood paranoid schizophrenia, which has recently been introduced into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses as a childhood mental illness. Some parents are killing their own children before they commit suicide. They have no way of protecting their children from being tortured by remote control..  I read online that Wireless Baby monitors have been hacked into and hate messages were being repeatedly transmitted to infants.    Dismantling telephone towers would immediately step down targeting with electronic weapons to a local basis. If each household had their own independent electricity supply, (perhaps by the use of small wind turbines or solar panels ) which would be totally separate from the national grid, then we would also be able to dismantle electricity poles and much more importantly telephone poles . Then there would be no telephone grid to  enslave us with. There is no time to lose.

Communicating directly to the human brain by the use of wireless Voice to Skull military communication technology emboldens rudeness to an extreme degree. The signals intelligence operatives are aware that the targeted individual can not know their identity or location. The signals intelligence operatives take full advantage of their anonymity by abusing the targeted individual to an extreme degree. The targeted individual responds in a similar manner. I only began to swear when I began to be targeted with Voice to Skull military communication technology. Over many years of being targeted with Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, the operatives of this anonymous voice two-way communication system have for the most part shown extreme hostility and contempt for me and I in return have responded in a similar fashion. Some of the operatives have spoken about me among themselves as if I was a lower animal. As I have stated in another blog on this website, the signals intelligence operatives have claimed that they have the capacity to gain vantage into my home by triangulating energy transmissions from three nearby cell phone towers.  I no longer believe this.  I am now certain this is totally untrue.  The only way the could possibly see me in my own home would be if there were reverse  cameras on my computer or on my phone.  However, I have put bandages over the built in camera in my computer and in my phone. They have stated that they have the capacity to dip sight into the internals of my body.   I am very wary of overstating the power of these criminals, because if I did so I would be actually empowering them by creating unnecessary fear among society.  However, I know what I have heard, seen and felt by the use of these weapons interacting with my body and brain over many years, and I feel that I am not overstating their powers.     They have discussed my body in a disrespectful intimate way among themselves, as they claim to see me by means of a closed circuit television system. They have even discussed the internal structure of my body within my hearing, as if they were human livestock farmers and I was one of their livestock.  I have no respect for people who force their voices by wireless means into other peoples heads via voice to skull military communications, and who are too cowardly to reveal their names and location. I believe that some of these operatives are good people who, through debt slavery or some other type of deal, have disempowered themselves, and are locked into working for the Satanic and Luciferian enslavement and control system.


I have been told by downloads of voices directly to my mind, by the use of wireless voice to skull military communication transmissions, via signals intelligence operatives,that there are thousands of slaves in Ireland. These Irish people have been targeted with directed energy weapons at some period throughout their lives. These directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmissions have been frightening Irish people for a full fifty years, without anyone being able to get the word out to the public. Targeted Individuals have been consistently disbelieved by police and psychiatrists throughout the world. Many targeted individuals have lived in  intense fear of the energy weapons capabilities and they have subliminally been programmed to work as unpaid slaves for an unknown criminal syndicate while under the guise of living normal lives. Their own families don’t know they are slaves.

On many occasions many years ago, I have heard private conversations which were relayed to me, sometimes from top level events and sometimes just ordinary conversation.  When people carry smart phones on their person, even if that smart phone is switched off and unplugged, that smart phone can be easily hacked into by agents of the self-proclaimed elite and used to evesdrop on any conversations in the area.  These conversations are then uploaded manually to a storage device and they can be replayed at a later date to any interested party, even if there is a gap of several years between the initial conversation and the playback date.  This practice of evesdropping on private conversations with the aid of smart technology and storing these conversations for use in blackmail at a later date can only be done manually for now.  Dumb phones do not have the capability of evesdropping on private conversations.   It is my opinion that we aught to destroy all smart technology for the sake of future freedom for humanity.

I believe all government funded staff and politicians are legally obliged to carry smart phones, which have the built-in capacity to remotely influence the user.  When the user of any smart technology including a smart phone or smart watch or smart television or any other smart device is subliminally influencable to a large degree, their minds are known to be captured, and the self proclaimed elite cease to concern themselves about the captured people from that day forward.  However, if a person stops using all smart technology and removes all smart technology from their home, workplace and vehicle, that person will be again able to perceive reality from an individual point of view after a period of one month.  When a month of absolutely no use whatsoever of smart technology has passed that person will no longer be considered as captured.     I believe that at this point smart technology is being used by the hidden establishment to subliminally influence governments and politicians throughout the world. These politicians are now all operating in a hive mind.  We must all return to the use of land line phones.

It is widely believed by credible scientists that the existence of satellites and nuclear warheads are elaborate hoaxes, perpetuated by the criminal cabal for reasons of planetary wide takeover. No harm can come to us if our Government publishes information regarding the dangers we are in now because there is no infrastructure in place to harm us except for mobile cell phone towers, which we must dismantle immediately.  It is being widely claimed online by credibly scientists that the second law of thermodynamics proves conclusively that there can not and never has been any space based weapons simply because there can not be a phenomenon known as space.  If space existed it would suck all of the air from our air space and we would be unable to breathe.

In any pyramid based control structure, if the five or six most powerful people in any state or country or organised religion are being secretly controlled, then the whole control structure, be it state or country or organised religion is being secretly controlled by outside forces, unknown to the people.  This is the reason why we must organise ourselves through a system of Anarchy, which is a linear based control structure, and a system of Rules without Rulers, from here on in.


It is being claimed that microwave radiation from mobile cell phone towers is an essential carrier to transmit voices and other signals to human brains. If that is not the case, and if some type of scalar waves are being used to transmit signals to human brains, mobile phone towers also known as cell phone towers are still needed by the criminal cabal for use for their directional capabilities. This means that dismantling of mobile phone towers is the way forward in order to put an end to in-home electronic harassment and torture.


“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston? By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation… Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain.” — George Orwell


In this war of attrition that we are currently living through, when we speak the truth, the testable, provable science called Natural Law lines up on our side. The self-proclaimed elite may have directed energy weapons and may have fooled sincere but naive members of governments into taking their side. We, the people who speak the truth, have the intelligent energy that surrounds us all, and permeates the galaxy, on our side. The self-proclaimed elite have already lost the war.

The wireless voice to skull voices once told me that they tolerate the attempts of targeted individuals to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and wireless voice to skull  direct voice communication systems because the Satanic and Luciferian would-be dictatorship wish to have this new reality of direct access to each human being on the planet melded into the consciousness of humanity.  Should I believe that the would-be dictatorship are really supporting the efforts of each targeted individual to get the word out to the wider humanity of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons??   Or should I believe that they are actively entraining the brains of the rest of the population, via their smart technology,  into a state of extreme doubt and incredulity, when these people first hear of the existence and widespread abuse of wireless voice to skull direct voice communication systems and a vast array of other directed energy weapons.




I sent the following letter to the media.   If you wish to use this prototype to send to your own political representative or media, you are welcome to do so.



Eircode F12 Y560


To Whom it Concerns,

The Brain research initiative is being presented as a way of helping the disabled and the mentally handicapped to enjoy a normal standard of abilities. However, there are areas of concern which are not being considered by the masses of humanity before humanity donates any more money or energy into the area of brain weapons research.

I am personally concerned that this type of unique neuroscientific research into various ways in which the brain and body can be manipulated could at a much later date be used for acts of supreme evil. We must consider the possibility that the knowledge gleaned by the neuro scientists working in the field of neuro research might be used to rigidly paralyse a human being by wireless means and from a distance if that human being questioned the activities of a would-be dictatorship. The research needed to achieve this aim is well under way.

The current planetary wide establishment appear to be trying to achieve one hundred percent control over both the bodies and minds of all of humanity, by the use of brain weapon research. They wish to achieve the ability to in-home surveill everybody on this planet, on a minute by minute basis, through artificial intelligence. They have already achieved the ability to covertly in-home surveill and electronically harass, and wirelessly interrogate hundreds of thousands of individual people in their own homes, both throughout Ireland and the world. They wish to expand this capability to include total bodily control over everybody. They wish to totally lock down every neuron in the human body, and paralyse any individual who does not obey them. They are currently researching ways to achieve this total body paralysis wirelessly, by remote control over vast distances.

“The existence of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body makes possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it is possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the human test subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour. Throughout  the world, these sensors and other micro paraphernalia are being implanted into the bodies and brains of selected individuals without their knowledge and consent. Signals intelligence agents gain illegal entry into the homes of these targeted individuals, and with the use of hand held devices, which render the targeted individual and the whole family unconscious, the signals intelligence agents then illegally and immorally implant the selected future weapons test subject with a variety of sensors. The weapons test subject is then brain linked to a super computer, where they will be made available for in-home surveillance and voice to skull interrogation, for many years. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions

I am concerned about the dangers of implanting bio-medical sensors into the bodies and brains of senior citizens so that their health and well-being can be monitored by remote control. These bio-medical sensors have a two way communication capability built in to them, which can be abused, by wirelessly sending medical signals and many other types of signals to one patient, when these signals were meant for a completely different patient. These bio-medical sensors could covertly be implanted in senior police officers without their knowledge or concent, thereby capturing the whole police force in one nation.


If the leader of any pyramid based control structure, such as an organised religion or a government is secretly controlled by bio-medical sensor implantation, which has the capability of being controlled from a distance by an organised crime syndicate, then the whole pyramid based control structure is secretly under occupation, which, I am told, is currently the case with the governments of most NATO countries at this point in time.

Non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs, involving millions of targeted individuals, throughout all NATO countries were created and are being funded by Directed Energy Weapons manufacturers, in order to set up a rigid control and enslavement structure for humanity. Animals are also used in these experimentation programs. The Directed Energy Weapons manufacturers endeavour to give the impression of legitimacy of these soft torture programs to both the targeted individuals and to signals intelligence operatives by obtaining some of the funding for this from governments.

The cover stories which have been used to cover the existence of these non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs over the past few decades are, among others, the extra terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the near-death experience haox, the rapture hoax,  and a wide variety of other hoaxes.

People were unwilling to believe electromagnetic brain weapons test subjects over many years, because, psychiatrists were given a false premise, when carrying out their everyday work. Psychiatrists were instructed to presume mental illness when ever brain and body weapons test subjects told them their stories of being electronically harassed by the use of wireless voice to skull communication technology and by a wide variety of other electromagnetic weapons, which are operated by remote control and through vast distances. It is my belief that none of these weapons are space based. Space based capability is war propaganda. All of these weapons transmit their signals from ground based infrastructure, which can easily be dismantled. We must urgently dismantle all mobile phone towers if we wish to save ourselves from enslavement.

Satellites are an invention of the planetary wide, take down propaganda machine. Satellites are purported to be stationary in the thermosphere, which is purported to have a temperature of approximately two thousand degrees centegrade. If this were the case, the satellites would burn up on impact.  Satellites are fictional.

It is my understanding that smart phones and other smart technology have built-in brain entrainment capabilities, which can make the user react inappropriately, for example, the user may be lulled into a state of happy apathy when they should feel outraged or into a state of doubt when they should be believing. Smart phones were forced on all government funded staff by legal means, by powerful people within the European Union. If a human being uses a smart phone or any smart technology on a regular basis, their brain is considered to have been captured. Government funded staff would need to be a distance of at least five feet away from all smart technology for a period of approximately one month in order to gain back their original ability to think clearly, without hindrance from subliminal influence.

An extremely detailed personality profile of all Irish citizens, both at home and abroad is now archived in every police station throughout Ireland.  (I no longer believe this fact due to denial by Voice to Skull direct communication in the past)   Personality profiles of Irish people, both at home and abroad are regularly sent overseas, whenever requested by members of organised criminals, who now reside in positions of power throughout the whole world.

. Targeted individuals have never been able to have these matters checked out. Please ask your political representative to have this matter dealt with urgently.

Please ask your political representative to enact laws to have all brain weapons testing stopped immediately, and also to have the use and abuse of biomedical sensors banned from human use.

Some possible solutions may be to dismantle some of our electrical infrastructure, take no further orders from the European Union, and organised ourselves by a linear based control structure, rather than a pyramid based one. We must also return to the use of analogue signals if we wish to continue using televisions. Mobile phone towers may be being used to carry signals on microwave radiation, to and from the human test subject. Mobile phone towers and other towers might also be used for signal directional purposes. We should consider dismantling them.  Former British Physicist, Dr Barry Trower claims that it is a simple matter to jam digital signals coming in to the home, but it is illegal.   If the current evil establishment is allowed to continue with brain weapons testing, it could be used for the enslavement of all of humanity, forever. We must act now and we must act urgently to stop brain weapons research.   

When targeted individuals are travelling by airplane they still hear voice to skull direct communications because chemtrails turn the sky into horizontal drift plasma antennas, which can direct and redirect all sorts of signals.  Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get  direct access to the brain and  nervous system in humans.   I obtained the information about the horizontal drift plasma antennas from a youtube video by Harald Kautz Vella called Bases at Woodborough.

If we stop all chemtrail spraying, we can disempower the self-proclaimed elite and get back our normal lives.

For further information regarding my own personal experience of being a brain and body weapons test subject in the distant past, please see my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

Yours Sincerely,


gretta of the family fahey.


If any scientist or technologist wishes to test me or indeed any targeted individuals with industrial strength microwave radiation meters, or conduct other scientific tests on my body or my home, or any area around my home, in order to prove that weapons test subjects are telling the truth about their ordeals, I am willing to make myself and my home available for scientific testing. I am also willing to be tested in a laboratory setting, provided it is near my home, as I do not wish to travel very far. However, I am not willing to answer any questions, other than questions about what I experienced in the distant past, in order to protect myself from the laws of psychiatry.   We must gather evidence to see if we are being told about the true extent of brain weapons research, and we must bring this brain research to a swift conclusion. Targeted individuals can easily be identified by the use of an industrial strenght microwave radiation meter which would tell if there is any microwave radiation coming out of their bodies, because of the signals being sent to a remote location from the biomedical sensors located inside their bodies. This situation has never been analysed on a scientific basis. It may also be possible that a biofield camera can identify unique patterns in the biofields of targeted individuals.   The commodity number which corresponds to the number on the original birth certificate of each targeted individual should be checked for any anomalies relating to the stock exchange activities of that commodity number.  The wireless voice to skull direct communications have informed me that a birth certificate which was associated with my birth has serious anomalies.    I have been informed that extra and totally unnecessary technology has been installed on the telephone poles outside the homes of all Republic of Ireland targeted individuals.  We have not been able to verify this.   I am not willing to apportion blame for my experiences of being a weapons test subject and I am also not looking for monetary recompense. I am merely trying to find a way of solving the problem of how to deal with the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons. I have the contact details of twelve Irish targeted individuals who may also wish to be tested for any anomalies, but I would only give their contact details to scientists with their written permission.





Directed Energy Weapons have been in use and abuse for at least fifty years. Many American scientists and other good living people have tried to warn humanity via voice to skull military communication technology of the extreme danger we are in. They may have succeed in raising awareness this time.

In the past two decades, deliberate acts of sabotage of this planet have occurred. The gulf of mexico oil spill and the Fukishima disaster appeared from my perspective to be deliberate acts of sabotage.  After the oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, millions of gallons of Corexit was thrown in on top of the oil, under the guise of cleaning up the oil spill.  However, we are reliably told that Corexit is ten times more toxic than the oil itself.   Back when these disasters occurred, people were baffled as to why human beings would deliberately try to destroy their own planet.

Now, because I know of the future plans for the total lock-down totalitarian enslavement for humanity, I can see why that good living people deliberately tried to destroy us all and the planet we live on. These scientists and other good living people could see clearly that the Luciferians and Satanists planned to link us all to a super computer called the Beast. We would be linked to that computer by remote neural monitoring attached to our own unique brain signature. This can be all done invisibly, and anybody who would complain would be wrongly accused of being mentally ill, and incarcerated in a mental hospital. The complainers would then be given substances posing as anti-psychotic medications which would soft torture them from the inside out, leaving the unaware psychiatric staff with plausable deniability.

The scientists and other good living people could see a future where we would all have to grovel to the self-proclaimed elite in order to be allowed to live on the planet. They could also see a future where pain signals could be delivered to us if we did not immediately do the bidding of these psychopathic Luciferians and Satanists.  Obviously, they would have preferred for us to die in a disaster than to see all future generations of humanity tortured at the will of the Satanists and Luciferians for the rest of our lives.

There is no need to sabotage the planet. There is an easy solution. There are no satellites. They were invented as part of the take down propaganda. To a large extent, we can not be targeted by directed energy weapons if cell phone towers cease to exist. We could then only be targeted on a local level, which the police could easily stop.  Cell phone towers are used for two reasons.  They carry all types of signals on microwave radiation to the home of the targeted individual.  They also have directional properties.    Problem solved. We will dismantle the cell phone towers and go back to normal living.

The wireless voice to skull communicated voices once told me that there were two domains in every European country, an open domain and a closed domain. The open domain consists of all public government funded staff. The closed domain consists of a private group of usurpers, who have set up a private would-be control system, behind the scenes of our lives.

Every day the closed domain sets about usurping the open domain, by sabotage and intimidation and mind control. They also usurp the open domain by the use of directed energy weapons to create havoc in all possible ways, including inducing illnesses and even death among the open domain staff.

Targeting of individuals is never taken out into the open domain. It is strictly controlled by the closed domain. The wireless voice to skull voices once told me that they know of no Irish politician who has their feet in both domains. The closed domain staff wish to lay the blame on the open domain staff for micro surveillance and targeting of good living individuals with directed energy weapons and voice to skull voices. The targeted individuals sometimes wrongly blame the open domain staff for their targeting because they are being heavily manipulated to do so, via wireless voice to skull voices.


The voice to skull direct communication once told me that programmers are paid to program micro sensors into subsections of what these programmers are told are fabricated people, also called weapons research dummies, when, in fact, these programmers are unknowingly programming sensors in the cells of real human beings, via directed energy weapons technology.  I don’t know if this is true.  It may have been told to me in order to spread fear.  However, I have felt very strange sensations deep inside my muscles along with involuntary muscle movement.

One voice to skull direct communication remarked that he usually conducts his research on people who are bed ridden, as they are subdued and easier to conduct research on that this woman.   I assumed he was talking about me.

Another piece of information I gleaned from a signals intelligence operative, via voice to skull direct communication in the distant past, was that the neuro scientists conducting this illegal remote controlled research are planning to create a so-called new mental illness, which they plan to call “scientific imagination”, and they plan to list it in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses, commonly known as the DSM, in order to cover their crimes of in-home surveillance and electronic torture, and putting many people throughout the world on computer enhanced human guidance systems, where these victims are monitored and heavily controlled throughout the day and night, for the foreseeable future.

The voice to skull direct communications once told me that the control structure they are currently attempting to create is over and above the legalities of the current control structure.   They also told me that they are currently trying to destroy the current control structure, in order to bring their control structure into full prominence.  The voice to skull direct communications also told me that they are creating and training their own armies inside all European countries, by bringing in people from foreign countries, under the guise that these immigrants are destitute and also under the guise that they have no axe to grind with Europe.  I personally believe all people are equal in this planet of equals, and that borders only exist in our imaginations, and I would always welcome foreigners to our shores.  However, our own people should closely monitor what these immigrants spend their time at when they come to our country.  Are they being trained to be obedient foot soldiers of  the self-proclaimed elite whose only long term  aim is to wirelessly enslave each and every one of us.

I have been told via voice to skull direct communication that plenty of time remains in order to stop all of this happening.  All we need to do is dismantle the cell phone towers and all other towers such as GWEN towers, and stop all chemtrail aerosol spraying of our skies now.


I was once told via the wireless voice to skull direct communication technology, that if I did not cut down on my excessive eating habit, which, by the way, was brought on by extreme stress, my body would be slowly solidified over time by directed energy weapons. I would be encased inside my solidified body, while I was still alive, and they would not be able to undo the solidification. I would then be show cased to humanity, as an example of what would happen if people disobeyed the self-proclaimed elite. I told them that I was mentally prepared for the slow encasement, and I was never going to obey organised criminals with advanced technology. They then replied that they did not care what my country people thought of this situation. The self-proclaimed elite now feel they are so powerful that they no longer need to concern themselves with public opinion.  At that time, in the  past, I was being nagged constantly, all my waking hours, by these wireless voices to skull direct communications, who sometimes called themselves my supervisor.  They nagged me about what time I washed the dishes.  They nagged me over what time I took my daily shower.  They nagged me over how I spent my money.  They even nagged me about what I thought about.  I sometimes think out loud, because a certain part of my brain has been artificially stimulated to do so.   (Brain science can also tell what selected people are thinking silently to themselves, perhaps by the use of micro sensors which may have been inhaled into the brain, via chemtrail aerosol spraying.)  If I didn’t think the way they wished me to think, they nagged me until I thought about something else. Thought control became so extreme that on one occasion I was not allowed to think about a cycling trip I was planning.  I was expected to think about what the voice to skull direct communication operative wished me to think about, on the grounds that his time is money, and I was not entitled to any rights whatsoever.    This type of  nagging by voice to skull direct communication occurred day and night, all my waking hours.    However, I do not believe they are currently near capable of human body  or animal body slow solidification at this stage.  The enemy always over exaggerates their capabilities in times of war, and we truly are living through a war of attrition, even though some people haven’t woken up to this truth yet.

Later that same evening the wireless voice to skull direct communications gave me further information, which I now have decided I don’t fully believe, because they don’t have the capability as yet.  The only reason I am including it here is in case the reader is a targeted individual who is also getting voice to skull direct communications, and they will know what to expect.  The wireless voice to skull direct communications told me that an artificial intelligence guidance system is due to be put in place within four years.  This will involve wirelessly attaching miscreants to a super computer by their unique brain signature.  These people will be guided as to how best to live their lives on a minute by minute basis through out each day by an artificial intelligence guidance system.  If they do not comply with the recommendations of the artificial intelligence guidance system, they will be rendered rigidly immobile.  This will be achieved by wireless means,  through their brain stem, and from a distance.  They will remain immobilized until they die.   I personally believe everybody on the planet will actively desire death rather than choosing to live under such a harsh regeime.   They also communicated that the only way that we could save ourselves at this stage is to disband our current control structure. They keep stressing this point.    It is my own opinion that these psychopaths who wield these directed energy weapons are only in the very initial stages of worldwide takeover.  If we act now we can take back our power.  Everybody must do their best to raise awareness of the extremely dangerous threat to our freedom, because there are four simple solutions to taking back our power, which I have outlined at the bottom of this chapter.

When I first heard wireless voice to skull direct communications, they were quite loud and as clear as having a conversation over a telephone.  I could clearly discern the accents of the people I was communicating with.  I believe this type of communication was called microwave hearing.  After many years of this, the wireless voice to skull direct communications were transmitted to me in a way that slowly and gradually became quiter and quiter.   It is being claimed that eventually the neuro-scientists hope to create a situation where a person would not be able to tell the difference between the wireless voice to skull direct communications and their own internal voice.    This is not achieveable, in my opinion.   This is not the case with me, and I believe that it could never be the case with me, because I very rarely agreed with anything the wireless voice to skull direct communications  ever told me.    However, if a very young child began to hear wireless voice to skull direct communications before they reached the ability to speak,  it is conceiveable that they could be programmed to believe that the wireless voice to skull direct communications were their own conscience.  I wonder if this has been achieved already.  I have been told that it has not.

The voice to skull direct communication once told me, in the distant past that they decided that I had something called “crucifiction syndrome”.   This is a state of mind where by somebody might be willing to suffer any type of torture and even death in order to make humanity  wake up to the very real threat of total loss of their free will, if deep black covert weapons research programs are not rooted out and stopped immediately.

The direct voice communications once told me that a methodology which could possibly be used to engender feelings of suicide in a targeted individual would be to direct two pathways of voices directly into the head of that targeted individual, both at the same time.   Both pathways of voices could be left on indefinitely, which would be torturous to the targeted individual and it would render the targeted individual unable to function in society.   The direct voice communications told me that they have yet to try this method of forced suicide.  However, they went on to claim that they have tried many other more effective methods of forced suicide, including sending pain signals to the targeted individual, if and when it is necessary.


f the existence of satellites was created as part of worldwide takeover war propaganda.

People hear voices and feel electronic harassment while on airplanes not because of non-existent satellites but because of horizontal drift plasma antennas which is a phenomenon created by chemtrail aerosol spraying, and these antennas are used to direct and redirect signals.   Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in humans.

In order to escape this electronic prison, it may be only a matter of making the following changes:-

We must dismantling all cell phone towers because they generate microwave radiation which is necessary to carry signals to and from the human brains.  (They may also affect human brain waves.)

We must also stop chemtrail aerosol spraying which creates horizontal drift plasma antennas which are used to direct and redirect signals.

All of the infrastructure that is being used for electronic warfare is on the ground, where we can access it and dismantle it. It is clear to a minority of people that there are no space based weapons.

We must stop using smart technology, because smart technology is being used to entrain the brains of humanity into a state of happy apathy.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities, and we must return to the use of analogue televisions.

We must ban all vaccination programs, because they may be being secretly used to implant people with a network of body sensors, which are two way communication systems, which can be used to send audio, video, and pain signals to selected targeted individuals, and can also be used to receive information from their bodies.

We must allow all suspected targeted individuals to be interviewed, in a situation where they are safe guarded from claims of presumed mental illness.

We must sever all under sea fibre optic cables which are being used to conduct unnecessary mind invasive and body invasive surveillance on random people throughout