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The military surveillance that is used in electronic warfare is ground based and it is conducted via signals intelligence. The signals intelligence operators log into the postal code of the person they wish to conduct surveillance on.

The signals intelligence operatives use what is known as conductive surveillance, which is radio frequency eminations coming from a telephone pole relatively close to the home of the target for surveillance, which sends signals to the inner ear of the targeted individual. These signals need to be adjusted for each person, in order to conduct conversations in real time with the subject of interrogation. This process facilitates the signals intelligence operatives to conduct conversations at any time of the day or night with the subject of interrogation.

The human brain has never generated voices in the whole history of humanity. All voices that were ever generated inside the human brain were put there by technology. This facility has been available to signals intelligence operatives for over fifty years, but it is only now coming to the forefront of human awareness. Psychiatry was set up to deliberately obfuscate the cause of people hearing voices which are being generated inside their heads. There is a war on main stream medicine and psychiatry, which allows teaching hospitals to misinform medical students concerning all manner of subjects.

The signals intelligence operatives can adjust their signal in order to gain vantage inside the human skull, and in order to dip sight into the internals of the human body.   The signals intelligence operatives can force their voices onto the hearing centre of the human subject, until such a time that subject has a nervous breakdown, after which time the human subject loses all credibility.  Neuroscientists and medical scientists and other high level operatives are granted the capability to dip sight into the internals of the interior of the body of the human test subject, while the human test subject is in the so-called privacy of their own home.

When the subject is sufficiently subdued then they are transferred to a mental asylum where they are prescribed further debilitating and substantially poisonous substances posing as anti-psychotic medication . After teams of scientists work on the human subject for many years, wirelessly and remotely, they eventually hope to achieve their goals of being able to totally remote control the human subject at will. They assure me that this has never happened, and good people within the profoundly evil control system will continue to ensure it will never happen, by constantly making deliberate mistakes.

Signals intelligence operatives need special permission from a judicial authority in order to place signals inside the home of somebody. However, they don’t bother to request this authority. They place signals inside the homes of who so ever they wish. This makes a mockery out of the law. What this means to humanity is that signals intelligence operatives can see and hear inside the homes of anybody in Western society, any time they wish. If you are being intimate with your spouse, you can be watched by signals intelligence at any time. A video recording of your activities can be downloaded to the local Fusion centre in real time, and it can be watched at a later date by a large variety of people. Senior politicians in Ireland and elsewhere are totally unaware of the capabilities of signals intelligence.

Remote influencing capabilities are covertly being used against western society, via television, cinema and both smart and digital technology.. In the near future, people who use these technologies will no longer be capable of independent thought. There is no conscious defence possible against silent sound hypnosis, which was achievable in 1974, other than removing your television, universal remote control, all smart technology and digital media technology from your home, vehicle and person.

Remote Neural Monitoring has been developed by the American Government after about twenty years of neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentations. Remote Neural Monitoring can send encrypted signals to the audio cortex of the brain directly circumventing the ear. It can also perform electrical mapping of the brain, and is being used non-consensually in vital brain research throughout the western world.

The electrical appliances in our homes send and receive signals of energy to and from each other, and to and from all the other electrical appliances in the neighbourhood. These energy signals are creating a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions. These holograms, combined with mind control technology have led many people to mistakenly believe that they are in the presence of extraterresterials or religious figures. The extraterresterial hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the remote viewing hoax, and the religious apparation hoax, the akashic record hoax, the spontaneous combustion hoax, and virtually all other supernatural hoaxes are being used as cover stories to hide the existence and abuse of the electronic surveillance and control grid, and the vast capabilities of electronic harassment weapons.

This horrifying invasion of privacy can easily be stepped down to a local level by dismantling mobile cell phone towers and taking other basic precautions. It is widely believed by credible scientists that the existence of satellites is a fiction, which was created in order to convince people that there was no escape from this electronic prison. If immediate action is taken to dismantle the mobile cell phone towers, we will all be freed from this electronic concentration camp to a large extent.

The contents of this website are largely based on conversations I have had in the past with signals intelligence operatives, who spoke to me through Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, directly into my brain. These signals intelligence operatives who work in the area of surveillance claim to have signed legally binding secrecy clauses, which stop them from telling the public of the extreme danger we are in at the moment, with regards to science and technology. One of the ways signals intelligence operatives can get vital information out to the public, without being incarcerated for breaking their legally binding secrecy clauses is by transmitting their voices by the use of Voice to Skull military communication transmissions directly into the brain stem of targeted individuals who have been selected, through no fault of their own, for micro surveillance, for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation..

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