You aught to act now while you still have the freedom to act because I believe that plans are being made to erect invisible electric fences around your city and all cities throughout the world, which would be so hot that one would not even be able to approach them.   They could easily be erected from poles which send and receive both microwave signals and millimeter wave signals and the microwaves would be able to carry electrical signals and sound signals on them.    You might also be implanted with implants which would be programmed from a distance by unknown programmers  while the implants are  inside you and they would be programmed to disallow you from passing a certain point in your town and city and if you attempt to pass that point your muscles would automatically spasm up and you would fall to the ground.   This type of programming is already in existence and it is already in use.  I have already become a partially controlled wireless slave and I frequently attempt to warn the public about what lies ahead for them but I may be being partially censored.   Please share this post if you agree with it in order to help save most of the men, women and children of the world from enslavement by the new world order cabal who are mostly unknown because they use front men and women to bring about the worldwide enslavement by slow and incremental means.   The militaries of the world are being drugged and mind controlled so do not wait for someone in so called authority to come and save you.   You must find ways to save yourself.   My website which I alone own and control is called targetedindividualsireland,net.   Please read a website called antitinnitusv2k,com for a possible solution to voice commands and other  abuse which is being administered to many from unknown remote locations by means of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons.