It is an acknowledged worldwide truth that secrecy allows evil to flourish and full disclosure allows good to flourish.   Whenever targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation and other types of electronic harassment speak to psychiatrists or general practitioners or the police about their extreme experiences of wirelessly enabled electronic harassment as well as in some instances both psychological torture and perhaps even wirelessly enabled physical torture,  they are generally obliged to do so in private.  Privacy amounts to secrecy and secrecy allows evil to flourish.   Because these government officials exercise what we now know to be  false authority they either knowingly or unknowingly cover up the extreme crimes that are continually being perpetrated on targeted individuals worldwide.    Individuals who are being targeted by energy weapons are now avoiding all contact with said government officials because they have lost trust in all government officials.

However, we targeted individuals throughout the world are good will, good living individuals who love our fellow human beings.  We wish to expose the extreme crimes which are being perpetrated against the human race by criminals who wield energy weapons.   We are willing to meet any and all government officials and any member of the general public in a pre-arranged outdoor meeting place, not near any telephone mast or other remote influencing installation.  We invite random members of the general public to help us expose energy weapon crime by video recording said meeting and immediately uploading the video footage to the internet and world wide web.

Extreme worldwide crimes of torture and harassment are being committed on good will, good living human beings while these human beings are both in the privacy of their own homes and attempting to peacefully go about their lives.   The capability exists to carry out the same torture protocol on you and your children if these criminals so wish.