One can now use technology to tune in all types of special effects to the human brain provided the human concerned has inhaled and ingested nano technology which eventually comes embedded in that brain as is described in United States scientific patent number US6965816.
I am being subjected to non-consenting brain to brain interfacing with unknown individuals because of embedded technology in my brain. The worst sorts of special effects are tuned into my brains, namely unwanted images of human sexual organs. These unwanted images can now be wirelessly transmitted into the mental imagine centre of the brain of a child. The child would possibly be traumatized by receiving such artificially inserted images. The child would possibly be unaware that such special effects could be artificially inserted into their brains and they would possibly suffer extreme anxiety because of it.
United States scientific patent number US6965816 also describes the capability to control a human being physically by gaining control of their central nervous system and then to wirelessly externally control them like a human robot. Therefore it is now possible that you could be made to act against your own physicality and be forced to commit an act of extreme evil. During a time when you are being forceably wirelessly brain to brain interfaced with unknown criminals who would be working from an unknown remote location you could in essence be forced to drive your vehicle into a crowded scene or you could be forced to pick up a knife and cut off your ear or drive your car over a cliff. Our scientists must urgently develop firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems. We must also disassemble and ban the infrastructure which allows us to be forceably brain to brain interfaced with unknown criminals. What is currently being done to further both of these agendas.
Herein is a link to a video of Professor James Giordiano of Georgetown University Medical Centre speaking about the current capabilities of weaponized brain science. Professor Geordano informs us while speaking on this video that drones and other aerial vehicles can be used to deliver pay loads of neurological viruses, neurological microbes as well as neurological toxins to targeted individuals or targeted groups. He also informs us that nano technology can be used to provide scaffolds that then allow the auto assembly of molecules inside a biological system.
When Professor Giordiano refers to a biological system it is understood that he means a human being or any other sentient being. Assembly of molecules is and has been occurring inside my own brain and body for many years and I now can be partially physically externally controlled by wireless means from a remote unknown location. I know this to be true because a portion of my muscles are being forceably moved against my will on a regular basis. If auto assembly of molecules is occurring inside all of us then it stands to reason that we all can now be externally controlled as Professor Giordano appears to claim. That being the case, would the worlds police have the right to place somebody in police custody just because they have the courage to inform the world that they can and are being partially externally physically remote controlled by wireless means by unknown individuals who carry this out from an unknown remote location?.
Further to the above, I am being regularly gang-stalked by individuals who walk bicycles alone on the Cloongowla Road, outside Ballinrobe, County Mayo, in the Republic of Ireland. All of the men who gang stalk me are large is stature. They have narrow chains hanging from the waist of their pants and they have small padlocks attached to the chains. They hold a bottle of what appears to be water in one of their hands. This gang-stalking has been occurring for approximately two or three years. They work alone. I travel alone by bicycle and I encounter them about once every six weeks to two months. I write about this here now in case something untoward happens to me at any time in the future.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my   permanent address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode   F12 Y560,  , Republic of Ireland. I no longer report my ongoing wireless harassment and psychological torture to the police or to my general practitioner because I have an extreme fear of psychiatry. When in the distant past I was under the care of psychiatry due to the fact that I approached them myself about the voice and other harassment and psychological torture they mandated me to ingest medicines which give me extreme side effects such as tardive akathisia and tardive dysconesia that I was tortured from the inside out by those medicines. Now, I am more frightened of psychiatry than I am of death and I mean that literally. I write about this constantly because it needs to be addressed.
Here is the link to Professor James Giordanos talk on Weaponizing Brain Science.