Gretta Fahey
Sun 02/08/2020 07:14

  •  info@defence.ie
Date 2nd August, 2020.
Dear Minister Coveney,
We all have neural dust inside our brains and bodies and it got there mostly through inhalation and ingestion.  Each neural dust mote contains a piezoelectric crystal.   The neural dust motes inside our brains and bodies are being used to read our brain signals and the data gathered from our brains and bodies is collected by whatever smart phone is registered to the name of each  individual.    The smart phones  automatically  transmit the data to a central control system.  This has all been achieved without the permission of the majority of the human race by individuals who wish to wirelessly enslave or else torture or genocide us.
 When our neurons fire and pass signals to each other they reach what is known as an action potential when generates and electrical pulse.   These  electrical pulses are  measured  using EEGs and are automatically translated into what you see, hear, feel,  smell, touch, taste and they are also translated into all of  your muscle movement including the smooth muscle movements of your intestines.   This information is extracted from your brain and is transmitted wirelessly to a central storage system.     This process  is called A BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE.
A COMPUTER  BRAIN INTERFACE writes information into your brain using transcranial magnetic stimulation or by a number of other means.  Phosphene induction is used to write information into the brain.    The process of writing information into your brain is used to stimulate your action potentials which generates  electrical pulses.   The process is called SSVEP.  The electrical pulses which are generated by this process cause you to see, hear, feel,  smell, touch and taste what is not actually real.   It is simply an illusion but yet  you can be made to feel as if you are inside a virtual reality setting which can be used to either torture you or to allow you to experience a state of bliss.   Some of the  electrical pulses which are generated when information is written into your brain can be used to cause the muscles of your face and body to be remotely controlled  against your will, which can be used to turn you into a bio-robot.  This process is currently  being used throughout the world as a form of wireless remote controlled secret   torture.   I am one of the victims of this type of secret  torture.
A BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE is created by attaching a BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE TO A COMPUTER BRAIN INTERFACE.   By means of brain computer interface the brainwaves are extracted from one human being and they are stored inside a computer.  They can then be sent thousands of miles across the world to another computer which can be owned and controlled by criminal neuro operatives.  The criminal neuro operatives write this information into the brain of a second human being, often against the will and without the consent of that second  human being.
The industrialist Elon Musk has stated that he plans to inject a neural lace into the brains of members of  the public in such a way that the neural lace would form a brain computer interface which would in turn enable him and and his colleagues to connect the brains of members of the public to the internet.        Targeted individuals whose brains are already permeated with neural dust  can now be accessed by thousands of criminals with knowledge of neuro science  who the victims  do not know and who work at remote locations which are unknown to the victims.   The victims can be remotely harassed, tortured, enslaved, bio-robotized  and even genocided by any number of unknown brain and body hackers.   Targeted individuals of remote wireless torture can have their bodies externally controlled to such a level that a hoax of demonic possession was created as one of many cover stories in order to cover up the extremely advanced current capabilities of science and technology.   Targeted individuals can now have their facial muscles and their speech controlled to such an extent that criminal neuro scientists and neuro operatives can actually speak through the targeted individual and by this means force the targeted individual to confess to a crime that they did not commit and even to unwillingly sign a statement to that effect.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Ireland and I am a long term victim of neural control.   I was disbelieved by all government officials who I have informed about this situation.   Through lack of knowledge and through remote subliminal influencing they misdirected me towards  mandatory psychiatric evaluation to the extent that the problem was not solved and it is still ongoing.  Many  Irish  people are  now revealing publicly that  they are being attacked by wireless weapons from unknown remote locations.    They are being  remotely  assaulted  using largely  invisible  frequency or directed energy weapons and other mind control and body control  technology.  Falsely labelling such people as being mentally ill and  forcing them to do a psychiatric evaluation or having them locked up in psychiatric hospitals  are  all old tricks that have been used worldwide to silence those who attempt to expose corruption in society.
Please make a public announcement to the people of Ireland that this technology exists and is in widespread use throughout Ireland.  Please have all infrastructure which enables this technology to be used against us disassembled and banned as soon as possible.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,

My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.