I have been non-consensually implanted with a microchip. It tracks me. It is being used to send me pain. It is being used to monitor and interfere with some of my bodily functions. It has the capability of instantly killing me. By using a remote monitoring system, computer operators send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to my nervous system which affects my performance and can instantly disable me. This microchip implant has been implanted into a specific area of my nervous system and it is smaller than a grain of rice and it is almost impossible to remove.

This microchip implant has the ability to detect which type of electrical patterns make various muscles in my body move. This data is then recorded, analysed and stored in a central computer. Specific electrical patterns are then transferred back to my nervous system by unknown computer operators in order to make my own muscles move against my will. I have been non-consensually turned into an externally controlled bio-robot.

The capability exists to automatically induce pain in the microchip implanted victim when that implanted victim moves beyond certain pre-set boundaries, thereby containing everybody inside their own town or city boundaries, never to be released ever again. In the past, slaves have always been contained inside small self-contained slave colonies so that if they rebelled against the slave masters their rebellion could be quietly shut down without alerting all other groups of slaves in other slave plantations. We can now easily be contained inside our own towns because roads are being build to bypass each town so that each town could become a self-contained slave colony in the future where all of the residents are implanted with microchips which induce pain if they should attempt to move outside city boundaries. Plans to enslave us by technological means have been underway for more than fifty years and they have become extremely advanced right now. I have been wirelessly linked to a human control and enslavement system for more than sixteen years and I have been disbelieved by heavily mind controlled agents of the Irish government each time I have spoken about this. I know of many other Irish individuals who are similarly wirelessly controlled and they are not being believed either.

Similar microchip implants are meant for everyone other than members of the self-proclaimed elite but most of humanity have had their brains interfered with by mass mind control methods to the extent that they are unable to fully understand the extreme danger they are in of having their own brain and body controlled by wireless external means.

I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.