Most of the engineers and other senior staff at NASA and other military installations throughout the United States have been placed on remote neural monitoring to the extent that they can not speak freely about a number of matters such as the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is most definitely a hoax.  Viruses can not pass from one person to another.  They are not contagious.

Artificial intelligence is simply basic computer algorithms and it is definitely not capable of monitoring everything that those who have been already wirelessly connected to the worldwide central computerized enslavement system is saying and doing.   Those who are in paid employment in the twin fields of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation are fully aware that they themselves are the individuals who are tasked with monitoring the words and actions of senior politicians to a point bordering on the forensic and they carry out this task simply by monitoring each and every word being recorded by whatever individual smart phone is being carried on the person of that senior politician.  This is allowed to occur because those same senior politicians have been bio-digitally programmed to trust the process of world government to an extremely dangerous degree.  Those behind the scenes of world government certainly do not have the best interests of those aforementioned senior politicians or their countries at the forefront of their concerns.   Please order the abandonment of all smart phone usage today.  Time is of the essence.  Many sincere individuals are being wirelessly tortured and slowly wirelessly enslaved inside their own homes and the police of each country are being bio-digitally programmed to wrongly believe that they are simply mentally ill.