(I reposted this information which I found online, most of which is  by Jan Irvin of  .)


Humanity is soon to be under collective mind control if we continue on our current path of indifference to modern technology. This mind control is being achieved by agents of the deep state who have created many control projects over te past one hundred years or more. These control projects work as a multi facited approach to slowly and incrementally bring in totalitarian and neo-feudalism on a worldwide basis. The following are a list of some if not all of these control projects, most of which I obtained from the following youtube video where Jan Irvin was being interviewed.

The dumbing down of compulsary education.

The psychadelic movement.

The New Age Movement.

The removal of the fallacies from the classical trivium.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of the family.

The destruction of the middle class.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of privately owned farms.

Bogus Science also known as scientism.

The environmental movement.

Neo Feminism

Fluoridated water.

The Gaia Hypothesos.

Geo Engineering

Global Warming

Genetically Modified Foods

Informal fallacies.

Neo Shamanism

The New Age Movement

The Pharmaceutical Industry which is just another way of dumbing down and sickening the population.


Positive Thinking.

Professional Sports. (Brains are being entrained in large stadiums with the aid of screens).


The Sexual Revolution.

U.F.O.s and Extraterresterials. (An easily achieved phenomenon with the use of directed energy weapons.)

Crowd Control (by hidden means)

Early Education which is mostly about indoctrination.


There is a race on to unify consciousness. It is virtually impossible to enslave a free thinking individual. It is easy to enslave a coherent collective. People who are seen to be stand alone individuals are being covertly targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology, also known as voice to skull technology,  by agents of the state, and if they should complain they are being accused of being mentally ill and incarcerated in mental hospitals, supposedly for their own good.