We are all an integral part of a living system of nature and we are all governed by natural laws which are fixed and immutable, unlike man-made laws which differ from year to year as well as differing in every country throughout the world.    According to Mark Passio of, who I am paraphrasing as follows  – we, the whole human race are now living in a paradigm of scarcity, dishonesty, hoarding, cruelty and with very few human rights.   He says that we have brought it on ourselves because of living lives which are out of alignment with the natural laws.   He went on to say that we can easily bring in a paradigm of abundance, truth, free energy, harmony and true freedom by making a few small changes in how we live our lives as a whole human race.  We all have to make changes.  We can not leave it to others.   We must do the following-   We must speak and write the truth no matter who we offend.  We must never attempt to control another human being.  We are only allowed to control ourselves under natural law.  We must dissolve all hierarchies because we are only allowed to live our lives in a linear based self-regulating system, a system of rules without rulers.  When we live inside hierarchies we do not operate using our own conscience and instead we become unquestioningly obedient to others who are further up the hierarchy of power than we are while those at the top of the hierarchy could be controlled by others without our knowledge.   We must operate under our own conscience.  We must become mentally free of all religions because there are at least twenty thousand different religions in use in the world today and they are all hierarchical in structure and they all operate under different belief systems, none of which are based on logical thinking.  We can love and respect the human race more easily without faith based thinking which is the polar opposite to logical based thinking.   We must abandon use of all other societal institutions as well such as banking, main-stream medicine, man-made law, military, law enforcement as they all have been infiltrated to cause problems in society.     Problems are being deliberately made to happen in order to introduce more laws and thereby limit human freedom so that the Sabbatean Frankist Satanists who are believed to be at the top of a false worldwide hierarchy of power can thereby broaden their power structure.

We must all play our part to bring in the new paradigm of abundance, truth, free energy, harmony and true freedom.  We must begin by always speaking honestly and writing honestly.   For further information on natural law, Mark Passio’s website is called