Natural Laws are laws that man did not create, which govern the manifestations that occur as the direct result of the behaviour of a human being. Natural Law is also called the Law of Cause and Effect. Natural Law is the most hidden knowledge in the world. It is being kept hidden from us by the Dark Occultists. Natural Law is a knowable, testable and proveable science.

A deep understanding and integration of the Natural Law principles by humanity is what the Dark Occultists fear the most. They fear this more than they fear any war. The Dark Occultists wish us to adopt a poisoned world view mindset based on Satanic principles, so that they can control us more easily. They push this poisoned world view mindset on us through main-stream media and the public school system, which they control behind the scenes.

Natural Law states that morals are not relative. Natural Law states that morals are absolute. Moral Relativeism is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism. We must not conduct our lives on opinions and perceptions of right and wrong. We must conduct our lives on objective right and wrong.

We are usurping each others natural law rights.  Our rights are inherent.  They are granted by creation itself.   They are a birth right that we have that can never be separated from us.  They are inalienable.  They can not be made foreign to us.  Our rights can not be taken from us regardless of what anything scribbled down in a law book may happen to say, or regardless of any claims which might be made by people who think that they are God in this world, and can take whatever power that their ability to wage violence affords them.

Law makers can not make something moral or immoral simply by decreeing it so.  If man made laws are in harmony with Natural law, said man made laws  are redundant.  It would be like enacting into law the fact that two plus two is equal to four.  If a law maker enacted a law stating two plus two equals three it would never make it true.                                    Mark Passio

When you are out of harmony with Natural Law there is usually a short time delay before you feel any pain.  If you break the Law of Gravity by jumping off a hundred story building there is a short time delay before you feel any pain.  You might say to yourself, I have broken the law of Gravity, and yet I feel no pain.  A few seconds later, you hit the pavement at a hundred miles an hour.  When you break Natural Law by using directed energy weapons against another human being, there will be a time delay before you feel any pain.  You might say to yourself, I have broken Natural Law and yet I feel no pain.  A short time later, you will hit the pavement at a hundred miles an hour, metaphorically speaking.  Natural Law is immutable.   Nobody is exempt from Natural Law.                          Mark Passio

Many man made laws often contradict Natural Law. If a law is contrary to Natural Law, it is not even a genuine law, and therefore should not be called a law.  Governments who enact these man made laws derive their power from the consent of the governed and only from the consent of the governed and their only duty is to uphold and guard the rights of the individuals within their governship.  Human rights can neither be bought nor sold. They can’t be used as bargaining chips. Any system which would allow the “selling” of human rights would inevitably lend itself to plutocracy or rule by the rich, because they would buy up everyone else’s rights and thus ultimately enslave them.

The Rockefellers donated the land upon which the UN buildings were constructed. The UN is an entirely collectivist organization, based on the principle that the group takes supremacy over the individual, and that individual rights must be sacrificed for the greater good. The human rights of the UN are no inherent rights, but rather are issued with conditions attached by a governing body, which could at a later date modify them. Look at these clauses from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” – Article 29

The purpose and principle of the UN is a centralized One World Government (under the control of the elite). So if we don’t accept this purpose, are we not allowed to exercise our rights and freedoms?

“Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.” – Article 28

Whatever frequency of vibration you give out is the only frequency of vibration you can possibly get back.   If you constantly give out low frequencies of coldness and hostility, in the future this is the way you will be treated yourself.


For further information on Natural Law, please see  the work of Mark Passio of .   Please see his podcasts number 73 to 81 if you wish to know more about the subject of Natural Law.

Because all legal contracts and debts are based on fictional characters/artificial persons/legal fictions, they have no lawful standing. However, they do have legal standing due to the fact that the legal system deals with fictional characters/artificial persons/legal fictions. In other words, it deals with fictitious entities but likes to trick you (the living man or woman) to agree to be an artificial person/legal fiction, so it can do business with you. The purpose of this is to drain your life force energy, so the legal system can stay “alive”. Without the support of people’s life force energy, the legal system can not exist because it is an artificial system with no life force energy of its own.  I obtained the information in that paragraph from

The establishment lawmakers  have altered law and  they have designed a complex legal system which they put in place to serve anf protect themselves and their own interests.  However, there are many and varied ways of usurping man made law.  These methodologies are widely available to read all over the internet.  Never give the legal name fraud name which is on the birth certificate.  That name is owned and controlled by the crown corporation and you are handing over all your power when you give it.  Place the words “of the family” between your first name and your surname.  You are legally entitled to do this.  From that point on nobody has any legal jurisdiction over you.   Another methodology one could use to protect oneself from man made law some of which I consider unjust is when asked by a lawyer if you understand what has just transpired in the law courts, you must always answer no, because if you answer yes you are agreeing to stand under the jurisdiction of the courts.  A third way of completely protecting yourself from unjust man made laws is to refuse to voluntary pass through the opening in the balustrade which is located in the centre of all court rooms because by doing so you are agreeing to board the vessel of state and from then on you fall under their jurisdiction.  They can never force you to pass through the opening in the balustrade.  You can only do so of your own free will.  I personally would never voluntary put myself under the jurisdiction  of state law as I believe some of it is immoral.  However, I live by a strong moral code based on Natural Law and I always have done and I plan to do so until the day I die.

I declare that I will never knowingly resort to the assistance of maritime admiralty law of my own free will and that I will never knowingly board the ship of state of my own free will.      Autographed by      gretta of the family fahey formerly known as gretta fahey residing at Newbrook,  Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.


Natural Law states that a definition of a human right is any action which you do which does not harm another sentient being or does not hinder the free will of another sentient being.

There are a lot of movements, currently being waged in the world, against many of the problems that we face which have been deliberately created by the self-proclaimed elite with a view to total subjugication of humanity..

“But all too often  organizations are still attempting to use the legal system to find a way of making a stand against the actions of our corrupt governments. By doing this what they are failing to see is that the modern legal system was not constructed to afford people remedy, but rather to tie people up in red tape and to protect the system. The legal system was designed by the system in order to protect itself. So we are never going to find a remedy for our current situation by using the parameters that are given to us by the system. What we need to do is remember our place in the social hierarchy, step above it, and hold our public trustees in breach of trust. This could be done through something like a People’s Mandate. If you could get enough people together in your country to mandate your will to the government and instruct them to carry out that will, then if they wish to maintain the facade of being a democratic and fair system they will have no choice but to comply with the will of the people. Failure to abide by a People’s Mandate, properly delivered to our elected trustees, would mean that the government has abdicated its right to govern – and would be required to step down. Again, this could only happen if people choose to respect each other.”