I have been subjected to a classified wirelessly enabled process known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation since 2003. I believe this process has been enabled because of microscopic sized implants which are attached to my body and brain. All of the electrical activity which my brain and body generates on a continual basis is being wirelessly sent on a two way stream of electromagnetic energy to neuro scientists who analyse it and who also translate it into what I have been saying and doing while I go about my life. These neuro scientists and their staff also use these wireless two way links to speak to me throughout each day.

These neuro scientists who reproduce their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission have informed me recently that they are not on board with any remote neural monitoring program. They have compromised themselves in some way during the course of their lives and now they must pay a price. They must monitor and control a selection of their fellow human beings via remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation to the point where they could eventually enslave whoever they are currently remote neural manipulating. They claim that they can achieve this by tying each neuron of the human body of the targeted individual wirelessly to their computer network and then bio-robotize or even paralyze the targeted individual if the targeted individual refused to obey them. I know they are telling me the truth because they have vigorously and repeatedly moved a selection of my facial and neck muscles on many occasions against my will.

These neuro staff who speak to me on a continual basis throughout each day via brain to brain link have informed me that they would prefer to face jail than continue on with this remote neural manipulation process because they now realize that this remote neural manipulation process is a process of virtually enslaving the whole human race one at a time. Whoever, becomes enslaved would then be obliged to work for them or else commit suicide. By this manner, the whole human race could eventually become exponentially enslaved by virtual reality. Each country throughout the world is being secretly invaded using stealth weaponry and this is one of the means that they are being taken over. Targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have no recourse to the law. They are being disbelieved each and every time that they approach the police. The judiciary can also be targeted by virtual means, therefore we no longer can place our trust in the courts. Our only option at this moment is to tear down the telephone towers and all other towers that enable this attempt at virtually enslaving the whole human race. We are being informed that the telephone towers are in private hands but whoever is attempting to enslave us is at war with us and we must do all in our power to protect the future freedom of ourselves and our children. The existence of satellites is now largely believed to be an outright hoax which has been promoted by NASA staff who I believe are either all high level freemasons or who have become compromised themselves by wireless means. If you do nothing you may be next for wireless brain and body hacking.

Positive thinking has been deliberately pushed by the dark new world order criminal cabal in order to persuade us to ignore our problems so that they can slowly and incrementally enslave the whole human race.