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In a million years hence, scientists will ask themselves what happened a million years ago on this planet that caused literally millions of people to kill themselves.   Here below is a public record of why that was allowed to happen and why it is still being allowed to happen to this very day.


I was brain linked to a computer enabled in-home personal monitoring and guidance system in 2003, which is an extreme experience of which I have written about in my website This in-home personal monitoring and guidance system is an invisible control system currently being set up in Ireland and elsewhere, which involves long term secret persecution and scientific experimentation of targeted individuals using brain link technology. An artificial intelligence run personal monitoring and guidance system is being prepared, as we speak, for everyone across the planet except for the self-proclaimed elite, who are preparing for the role of our slave masters.

Humanity is at a pivotil point, unlike anything we have ever experienced before. I am officially requesting all European governments to set about dismantling the European Union now, before we are brain linked to artificial intelligence mass control and before the enslavement structure is solidified. We aught to dismantle the citizen spy networks that have been set up in every country throughout the world, which operate on a similar model to Infragard in the U.S.A. and also similar to the stasi citizen spy network of former East Germany.

The last line of offence linking our brains to the planetary wide super computers are the under sea fiber optic cables, which carry the pain signals and two way communication signals to and from the human race to the super computers that are soon to be run by artificial intelligence. If the armies of the world, knowing what I already know, were to sever the undersea fibre optic cables all over the world, this act alone would serve to disunify the world and humanity. From that day on, the reign of terror of the self-proclaimed elite would be over forever, and humanity would regain its freedom and autonomy.


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