I constantly hear electronically generated voices coming from deep inside my head. I also feel surges of electricity surging inside various parts of my body. Combined with all of this I feel random muscles of my body beginning to take on a life of their own. On occasions various muscles within my body are being made to move vigorously of their own accord by means of wireless neuro weapons which are being operated by unknown criminals who work on my body and brain on a constant basis, from an unknown location. These experiences have been occurring on a constant basis for nearly fifteen years.

I have been led to understand from these electronically generated internal voices that a small number of individuals work on my body and brain on a full time basis. Their main job is to provide access to hundreds of outside contractors who wish to study my thought processes combined with both my body and brain structures . The main team themselves did not select me for this process. That job of selecting the individual who is to be targeted is done by members of the self-proclaimed elite who have their own private agenda towards me. These members of the self-proclaimed elite are unknown to the main-team of private contractors. The self-proclaimed elite communicate with the main team of private contractors by means of remote access inside the brains of the main team. One member of the main team informed me that they were once investigated for criminal activity and they agreed to carry out this targeting work on me in lieu of a jail sentence. They now regret that decision.

After I had inhaled a sufficient amount of nano technology inside both my body and brain from illegal chemtrail spraying of the air which is being carried out throughout the whole world largely unnoticed by our elected representatives, the main team of private contractors proceeded to set up communication with said nano technology by installing extra installations on to a telephone pole adjacent to my home and garden. When said communication was eventually set up these individuals proceeded to collect data from my brain and body. They also began to transmit voices and visual images combined with both external and internal sensations to me.

Over many years they began to map my brain. In order to gain accurate data to facilitate the brain mapping process extra staff are employed by the main team in order to verbally insult and humiliate the targeted individual in order to gain more accurate feed back for the brain mapping process. I have written about this in more detail in my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. When my brain is partially mapped it is then an easy step to bio-robotize me or to paralyse me from head to toe. I am at that stage now after fifteen years of continual surveillance and harassment.