The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once told me that I had been put on a program for government which is a system of punishing people who do not fully comply with the shadow government, which is an illigitimate criminal organisation which stands behind the scenes of legitimate governments all over the world.

The  technology induced voices coming from inside my head told me that they speak directly into my cranium, through a system of direct voice communication that was developed in the early 1970s.  The  voice communication system is available to a portion of the police, military and  government staff from all government departments, in all EU countries.  It is also available to independent contractors who are the predominant users of this direct voice communication system.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that they are obliged to target docile members of society who will not have the communication skills to reveal their unique experiences of being  targeted by directed energy weapons, to the general public. They are also obliged to select people for targeting who do not have a lot to give back to society, for example people who are mentally ill or who are work shy.  The  voice communication network have given me information in stages, throughout our vocal interactions.  At another incidence of hearing their voices, the direct voice communication further informed me that the program I have been put on is classified as a secret enslavement program, because money has changed hands in order to gain access to secretly experiment on both my brain and body.  This capability of remote experimentation on both humans and animals is currently being enabled by wifi, which is further enabled by brain link capabilities, which are attached to a super computer, which is currently located in Maryland, in the U.S.A.  There are several wifi enabled slaves in Ireland currently.  This enslavement program is currently being carried out by black budget neuro-scientists, who now have a large workforce of assistants, but who plan to use artificial intelligence rather than a human workforce in the future, in order to expand their number of wifi enabled slaves, who are slaves by proxy.

The  technology induced voices coming from inside my head also told me that the type of brain-machine interface which the signals intelligence operatives used to hack into my brain and force their voices into my cranium without my permission is called a quantum loop interface.

The  technology induced  voices coming from inside my head  told me that the pattern recognition aspects of the brain research which they carried out on my brain had shown astonishingly accurate results.

The  technology induced voices coming from inside my head once explained to me how they were able to map the human body from a remote location, with the use of directed energy weapons. They force energy into the body of the targeted individual, and then they record the effects of the sensations the targeted individual feels. In that way, they can then gain a map of all the neurons in the body of the targeted individual. This process takes many years and many aborted attempts, because the targeted individual sometimes moves around in the middle of the operation. This is why the signals intelligence operatives do most of their work while the targeted individual is asleep.    If the targeted individual is feeling too cold or too warm while the neuro scientists are trying to map the human body, the neuro scientists can not successfully carry out their work because the cold or hot signals will override the other bodily sensations they are trying to record. When the brain and body of the targeted individual is finally fully mapped, the remote neural monitoring people can finally see a full profile of the naked body of said targeted individual.  I have been led to believe by direct voice communications that the remote neural monitoring people can also see the insides of the human body and brain of the targeted individual.   This information has not been authenticated.

The  technology induced voices coming from inside my head told me at one time in the distant past that they were told to treat me with an extreme level of distain when ever they spoke to me in order to drive me to a state of deep despair which would further enable them to manipulate me more easily and without much trouble due to my feelings of hopelessness. They also told me that when I am writing about receiving voice transmissions directly into my brain centre, I must always use the phrase “voices downloaded into the hearing centre of my brain” rather than “voices transmitted into the hearing centre of my brain”.


I was informed by the technology induced voices coming from inside my head  that I was rejected by one particular group of neuroscientists for further investigation due to a lack of infrastructure in my home. The direct voice  communications outlined the fact that their experimentators do not have the legal right to install any technology into my home other than that which I have installed there myself. However, the voice to skull direct communications network have claimed that extra unnecessary technology has been installed among the telephone installations on a telephone pole adjacent to my home.  I was also told by direct voice communications that, in some instances, it might be possible for operatives to place open source technology in a vehicle near the home of the targeted individual, in order to transmit energy into the home of a targeted individual who does not have electrical sources near their heads and bodies. They said that this was not possible in my case, as I live in a rural area, and the operatives, conducting the research close to my home could be apprehended by the police. If that solution proves unworkable, a second solution the criminal neuroscientists sometimes employ is to move the targeted individual to a secure location such as a prison or a mental hospital, by falsely accusing the target of committing a crime, or falsely accusing the target of being mentally ill.

The  voices coming from inside my head once told me, in the distant past, that the data analysis procured from the remote weapons testing of human beings and animals is sold on to individuals, who further sell it on to large corporations.  This information is then used to formulate plans with regard to military takeover of humanity at some undetermined time in the not too distant future.  This scenario is repeated all over the world on other weapons test subjects, other than this particular weapons test subject, who is currently writing down this information that I, a weapons testing operative of many years standing, am dictating to her, word for word.

On one occasion I was exercising suitable distain for the  voice communications network.  The direct voices inside my head expressed astonishment that I was not more pliable at that late stage of the non-consensual brain and body experimentation and manipulation. The  direct  voice communication then ordered a colleague to insert a loop in my thinking so that I would be more acquiescent.


When a targeted individual focuses their awareness inwards, inside their bodies, they are aware that there is a foreign energy surging inside their bodies. This energy surges over different organs or muscle structures at different times of the day. Sometimes, when I would focus my awareness internally, I would feel strong surges of foreign energy circulating around and inside my stomach area, with extreme force. I have been informed by the direct voice  communications  that a direct current of electricity (radio waves) is coming out of my body at all times, which would register on a meter reader. However, I have never been able to have this matter checked out.

On one occasion, I went on a distilled water fast, for health reasons. While I was on the fast, the direct voice  communications were heard to say, “The subject is fasting today, on distilled water. We are taking samples of the fluids in her spleen”. I also heard the following “Gastric juices have been subdued due to fasting. We are able to take measurements that we are not normally able to take”.

On another completely separate occasion, after I had just eaten my dinner one day, a direct voice communication said “I could not detect what the subject has just eaten. The food was cooked to such an extreme degree that I failed to analyse its contents with the use of my stomach and bowel contents analysis platform. ” At the same time that I was hearing this being said, I also felt strong swirling energy circulating around the region of my stomach.

The   voice communication once told me that the would-be controllers hope to take down all governments eventually, and that they hoped that everyone would be individually controlled through their unique brain signature, and they hoped there would be one central command which is hidden at the moment.

The  voice  communications once told me the following information, and also told me that it was the most important information I am ever likely to receive and I should publish it. “Targeted individuals are living in a different electro stasis than the electro stasis the rest of humanity lives in. They brought this situation on themselves by refusing to cooperate with the self proclaimed elite. We are obliged to point out that the targeted individuals who continue to refuse to co-operate with the self proclaimed elite will be locked in electro stasis, by a process of coagulating the electricity in the environment of the targeted individual”.

The  voice communication transmitted voices told me that my own energy field will have less particles than a normal energy field if checked under an electron microscope. They claimed that my energy field is easier to manipulate. They claimed it can be pulled hither and thither.

On one occasion in the distant past, a direct voice communication made a light hearted comment to me. Immediately afterward I heard a voice from the same source say in a disapproving way- “Never approach the target on a familiar basis.”

A  voice communications coming from inside my head once told me that there is a branch of science known as military science. It is funded by deep black budgets. It is only available to the top brass of military intelligence.  They also told me that the one and only reason they converse with me at all is merely to entrain my brain so that they can dip sight into the internals of my brain and body in order to continue their scientific work  Some of the subjects they converse with me about are subjects that are randomly generated by a super computer while other subjects are material that was (and presumably still is) secretly obtained by eves dropping on who so ever they wish who happens to have a smart meter or other smart device nearby while they are having a private conversation in the privacy of their workplace or home, or indeed any place they happen to be. That direct voice  communication also said that they sometimes converse with me in order to impart information that is imperative to the future freedom of humanity, and it is imperative that I find a way to transmit this information to humanity any way I see fit.



The  voices inside my head once told me that a certain sub-section of the people who target me, known as the neuro operatives, are slaves by proxy. They are American Government employees, who have taken out extensive student bank loans in order to gain their academic credentials. If they don’t pay these extensive bank loans back within a certain number of years, they would be incarcerated. The would-be control structure have a policy of never allowing anyone to redeem their loans without first giving assistance to the would-be control structure for a number of years after they leave college. That is the methodology they have used to manage to force their student level employees to do this type of unnecessary surveillance on innocent members of the Irish public and the general public of many other European countries.

The   voices inside my head sometimes held conversations among themselves such as “Have we generated any leverage on this woman.   The answer would always be ” No, we have not generated leverage on her, because she was initially very badly profiled. She came to us because of a recommendation which came from somebody very powerful without this woman having broken any law “.

The   voices inside my head once told me that intelligence agents use undocumented technology on unsuspecting people at the top of each government.  They obtain leverage on a substantial number of individuals within each government. When an individual has leverage on them, they are known to be captured.    Ambassadors within each country are the people who are always captured first. By capturing ambassadors first, agents within the intelligence services can get admission into any country of their choosing so they can bring down that country from inside.

A   voices inside my head informed me that every time the Irish government try to do their job of trying to protect the Irish people from directed energy weapons they receive directives from the Luciferian run European Parliament that stop them in their tracks.


A   voice communication once told me to do the decent thing and commit suicide.  On another completely separate occasion a male direct voice communication suggested I commit suicide followed by a female direct voice communication informing me that all of his colleagues agreed with him in that I aught to commit suicide.  This is how some people who work with directed energy weapons spend their days in the twenty first centuary.  Most of the voices I have heard down through the years have been extremely hostile and insulting to me.  The only time a certain few of them  became somewhat civil to me is whenever they wished to impart a message to me that I might publish it at a later date.

A  direct voice communication have told me that NASA is a front for Directed Energy Weapons and that no satellites have ever been launched in the whole history of humanity.

A  direct voice communication once told me “This is not the candidate we had hoped for. We wished for a level of ambiguity when show-casing the finished product, which would be a fully solidified human being. All the other candidates are taken.   The causal factor of a fully solidified human body is by means of excitation of all neurons in the central nervous system by means of a super computer.

On one occasion, a direct voice communication was heard by me to say in the form of a question “Was there any infighting in the premises of this targeted individuals home today or any day”.    A different voice was then heard my me to reply “No infighting observed”.


Among other things I heard the  direct voice communications say is that Rome is the last bastion of freedom in the known world and I also heard them say “Nobody is giving us any funds to investigate this woman. She has raised her profile to such an extent that she is no longer feasible as a test subject”.

Another thing I heard the  direct voice communications coming from inside my head say on several occasions is the following:- “Every electrical appliance in your room is being used against you right now”. However, they went on to say that my storage electrical heater at the far end of the room was too far away to be useful to them and that the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room were not relevant. However, they went on to say that my computer and my bedside lamp which was directly beside my head were both being used against me when I was sleeping, but not so much when I was awake. I was also told that the force field around my head remains very strong, and is detrimental to my wellbeing if I don’t remove my computer from my bedroom, when I am sleeping. I was also told by voice communications that every body in Europe is being targeted with directed energy weapons at this point in time, regardless of what they believe about the matter, and nobody should sleep with electrical appliances within four feet of their heads, especially any type of smart technology for example a smart phone or more especially a smart meter placed on an adjoining wall outside your bedroom.


I was once having a conversation with somebody about how self sufficient we were in rural Ireland back in the nineteen sixties when I was a child and how we were totally free of government interference in our everyday lives. Suddenly, I heard a  voice  communication tell me that they would not allow discussion of past history anywhere in society in the future scenario that they hope to bring about for humanity. Severe reprimands would ensue. If the shadow government wish to build a false reality for the whole of humanity, they can not allow any knowledge of the past to seep through.

A   voice communication coming from inside my head once said the following to me . “A lack of a television in your home is in abeyance with our wishes.  The direct voice communication further informed me that high definition televisions have remote influencing powers and it is being planned that these high definition televisions will have built-in visual monitoring powers in the not too distant future.  Some televisions already have this capability.

On one occasion in the distant past the direct voice communication network more commonly called voices coming from inside my head informed me that the type of people who are normally put under wall to wall surveillance for the remainder of their lives are people who depend to a large extent on their government for their daily needs and their housing.  Therefore it stands to reason that they can not afford to complain too much.

A   voice communication once told me at some time in the distant past that if a person disobeys their government or questions authority abuse within their government, or raises their head above the radar for any reason other than a government approved reason, then that person may be put on a black list and targeted for the rest of their lives.

On one occasion in the past, a   voice communication coming from inside my head told me that I have a security code which is used to access my brain in order to electronically harass me, or in order to conduct brain research on me. That security code is worth an amount of money and access to my brain can be bought and sold by foreign investors.

A   voice communication coming from inside my head  once told me that they tolerate the attempts of targeted individuals to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and  voice communication systems because the Luciferian would-be dictatorship wish to have this new reality of direct access to each human being on the planet melded into the consciousness of humanity.

The   voice communications coming from inside my head  once told me in the distant past that an artificial intelligence guidance system is due to be put in place shortly. This will involve wirelessly attaching miscreants and other undesireables to a super computer by their unique brain signature. These people will be guided as to how best to live their lives on a minute by minute basis through out each day. The system this targeted individual is on is currently being manned by a workforce, but in the future it will be run by an artificial intelligence guidance system. If targeted individuals do not comply with the recommendations of the artificial intelligence guidance system, they will be rendered rigidly immobile. This will be achieved by wireless means, through their brain stem, and from a distance. They will remain immobilized until they die.

I have been informed by   voice communications coming from inside my head  that extra and totally unnecessary technology has been installed on the telephone poles outside the homes of all Republic of Ireland targeted individuals. (This matter should be independently verified by people who are not employs of Eircom.)

The   voice communication coming from inside my head once told me that in order for their staff to conduct surveys on selected targeted individuals, those targeted individuals need to have ingested particulates of certain food additives in the past number of days, so that said particulates would be in their system. A product called biscuit bake is put into all mass produced biscuits at the initial stage of baking. They claimed that this biscuit bake contains the particulates their staff need to conduct their surveys on targeted individuals. The  direct voice communication also told me that crisps, commonly known as potato chips in the United States are a common source of the particulates needed by the signals intelligence staff to carry our their work.


According to the  direct voice communications coming from inside my head personal records are being kept on all of the micro surveilled targeted individuals, and many other high profile people, to a level bordering on the forensic. These records include how many hours each human being sleeps every night, whether their sleep is REM sleep or otherwise, how many times they have had sexual intercourse in their whole lives, and with how many different partners, and how many times each human being visits the toilet every day, among other deeply personal things.

The   voice communications coming from inside my head  once told me that they would have preferred if I was a ward of court, because they would be entitled to decide where I lived and what food I was allowed to eat. Because I was erroneously diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia, they might even have succeeded in illegally making me a ward of court if they used illegal tactics. On another occasion, the voice communication considered if it would be viable to have me confined to a long stay mental hospital, by falsely proclaiming me to be unstable. However, they rejected this idea on the grounds that they themselves would have accessability issues if I was being kept in an enclosed and locked mental health ward. The direct  voice communication informed me that their operatives would need to gain regular access to my living quarters in order to sabotage my possessions or in order to gain direct control of my mind.

The   voice communications coming from inside my head once told me that I would need to ask permission of the voice direct communication supervisor before I would be allowed to visit certain websites, any time I was surfing the internet.

If I did not answer the   voice  communications coming from inside my head respectfully at any time, they accused me of showing hostility to their staff.

The   voices  coming from inside my head sometimes used phrases such as cyber technology, and cyber crime platform analysis and computer data platform analysis or voice analysis platform technology.

The   voices coming from inside my head once told me that the energy field that a personal computer or mobile cell phone gives off is a completely different energy field than the energy field of the human body. However, when a human being is working on their computer or using their mobile phone, the energy field of their body is entrained to harmonise with the device they are using. By this method, signals intelligence operatives can call up information gleaned from the energy field of the human body of the targeted individual. The signals intelligence operatives can then use this information to further develop a control system over that particular targeted individual, and eventually with further development, they could use that same control system to control sections of humanity who appear to have the same personality type as that particular targeted individual who the signals information was gleaned off. The  direct voice communication operatives once told me that they themselves almost never use mobile cell phones or personal computers or any smart technology. It is downright dangerous to do so at this point in time.

The  voices coming from inside my head relayed to me that people throughout the whole known world will be picked off for targeting with directed energy weapons and locked down into electronic enslavement programs, one at a time, in the not too distant future. If these targeted individuals tell anybody about what is happening to them, they will be publicly accused of being mentally ill, and will be incarcerated in mental hospitals, where they will be further debilitated by what is commonly known as antipsychotic medication. Nothing could be further from the truth about this medication. This medication is merely a blend of psychotic inducing concoctions which induce further terror and anxiety.

The   voices  coming from inside my head gave me the following information. The Satanic and Luciferian control system plan to set up a worldwide chain of command so tight that nobody would have freedom to move without permission from the top down. Everybody on the planet would be part of the chain of command except for the Satanic and Luciferian ruling class. This chain of command is not in place yet, and more than likely will never be in place, because good people everywhere are becoming activists to ensure none of these plans will ever materialise.The chain of command would involve all women of marriagable age to be married by the time they leave school. This would be mandatory. Stringent marriage laws would ensure that women would be totally answerable to their husbands. No woman would work outside the home ever. All people would be living in dire poverty.  In this chain of command, all of the men would be answerable to the state through their work. There would be no government. The dark occultusts plan to have one all inclusive worldwide religion. In this future worldwide enslavement scenario, all police would be secret police.


The   voice communications  coming from inside my headgave me the following information in the distant past.  The use of ear phones or a google glass device or any smart device held close to the human brain for long periods of time can be manipulated by remote control to entrain the brain of the unsuspecting user, over time, to a state of euphoria or depression or even extreme violence.

The  voices coming from inside my head told me that all weapons testers are nervous about using all types of modern technology as some of it has been weaponised.  They went on to say that they use closed circuit analogue television screens in the course of their working day.  They don’t use computers or any smart technology ever.

I once heard the voice   communications which were coming from inside my head comment  “(they said what they believe is my name  but I now only use gretta of the family fahey), does not have and has never had in the past what is known as paranoid schizophrenia.   We stuck that label on her in order to shut her up.  Further more, we normally put a label of paranoid schizophrenia on anybody who does not conform to government authority.”

The  voice communication coming from inside my head once asked me “Why aren’t you paying taxes to us?. They then went on to state that they  normally put people who don’t pay taxes to them on trauma based mind control programs such as the one they have put me on”.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head have said, in the distant past, that it is a prerequisite to have normal access to either a high definition television or a digital computer or a smart phone or any smart technology in order to become a targeted individual.  If you don’t have access to at least one of these digital devices on a daily basis, the weapons test subjects have no further use for you.   When an individual who has been targeted for submersion (locked inside their body in a state of ecostasis) stands near a computer or high definition television screen, or uses smart technology or a google glass device, the energy given off by these devices combines with the biofield of the targeted individual, in such a way that signals intelligence operatives can glean information from the human biofield.   That information is fed to the signals intelligence operatives via the smart engineered device, and then the signals intelligence operatives misalign the signals they are receiving in such a way that they can paralyse the targeted individual for submersion at a much later date.  So far, we have gleaned a considerable amount of information from the subject formerly known as Gretta Fahey,( but now known as gretta of the family fahey) due to her inability to stay away from her computer.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head have told me on numerous occasions in the distant past that my face time in front of my computer was too high.  They told me that they plan to deny me access to broadband coverage at certain times of the day, on a weekly basis in the future.  This does not bother me as I don’t plan to use my computer for much longer.


The voice communications coming from inside my head once claimed that they needed both the quantum loop interface which I have previously mentioned in this blog, in conjunction with my computer interface in order to access me fully, in order to carry out their weapons testing successfully.  However, as I gave away my television many years ago,  my computer interface proved wholly inadequate for the required computer brain interfacing that was necessary for a successful weapons testing outcome.

Many years ago, a directive was put in place directing people of the necessity of producing a television licence  whenever a television licence inspector called.  This directive was put in place out of necessity in order to establish what percentage of each population did not own a television.   Governments realise that they can not now enforce a law ordering people to own a television, because it would arise too much suspicion as to one of  the true purposes of smart televisions of the future,  one of which is surveillance of humanity by means of built in reverse cameras, hidden behind the screens.  The other purpose is human enslavement. Over time, any human being can be enslaved by using a monitor.  Targeted individuals can no longer be experimented on effectively if they abandon all use of all computer and television screens and all smart technology enabled devices.    For further information, please see U.S. patent 6506148 – nervous system manipulation of electromagnetic fields from monitors.   I am reporting their messages  primarily so that others may understand the torment that voice hearers endure.

On one occasion in the distant past, I heard the  voice communication personnel discussing me, and my lack of incentive to be obedient to them.  I heard one direct voice communication say “This woman has no incentive to be obedient.”  This was followed by another voice which replied  “Extreme torture without death is needed to get this woman to be obedient.”

The  voices coming from inside my head once informed me, in the distant past, that I had surpassed my usage of electricity on several occasions.  They went on to say that electricity would be rationed in the future.  People would not be allowed to surpass their quote.  However, at a later date the direct voice communications said that this electricity rationing is not now going to happen due to unforeseen circumstances within the would be control structure.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head once told me in the distant past that they were within their rights to take readings of all my bodily functions and also to study my behaviour and utterances because a monetary value has been put on me.  They said that that fact alone indicated to them that I was a slave.


I was occasionally nagged by  voice communication coming from inside my head as to my electricity usage.  I was told by them that my usage was excessive and there was a limit to what I would be allowed to use in the future.  I informed the direct voice communications that I would write about the matter of my electricity usage being limited, on this  blog, which is part of my website,  and which once got an international readership of 45,000 people, owing to the fact that this individual blog was once published, word for word, on an international newsletter, in its entirety.   The direct voice communication then backed down, and told me he had gone beyond the scope of his authority in asking that I cut down on my electricity usage.

The direct voice communication once told me, in the distant past, that a systems analysis system for the whole of humanity may or may not come on stream in the distant future.  In order for this systems analysis system to work for each individual human being separately, that human being would need to be in the vicinity of smart technology on a day to day basis.   The plan that is unfolding right now is to have all electrical domestic appliances fitted with smart engineering.  If the individual does not carry a smart phone, or does not use any smart technology that has a reverse camera built in to it the domestic appliances will send signals to a smart meter attached to the individuals home,  and that follow on information will be put on a data base.    The signals intelligence operatives will then have access to that data base, which will enable the signals intelligence operatives to know what domestic electrical appliances if any were used in that home during the course of the previous day.  For this systems analysis and total surveillance plan to work properly, each individual human being would be required to register with their smart device on a daily basis.    The direct voice communications who gave me this information no longer wish to place each individual human being on the face of the earth on a total and absolute surveillance system.  That is why a select group of signals intelligence operatives are giving information to me, via direct voice communication, directly into my cranium, as to how best to stop this systems analysis and surveillance system before it strangles our freedom.   If this in-home monitoring and psychological torture program continues to spread among humanity, we may have to eventually sever the under-sea fiber optic computer cables in order to disunify humanity.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head  once told me that if the current control system were to collapse, the people behind the direct voice communication network have another control system assembled and ready to take its place.  They went on to say that the new system is not the fairest system in the world, but it is fairer than the old system.  I myself feel humanity should reject all such systems, and rule ourselves by a system of anarchy, which is a system of rule by the people.  Anarchy is a system of rules without rulers, where all of humanity would enjoy total free will, but they would be totally responsible for their own income and health.

The  voices coming from  inside my head sometimes known as direct voice communications once informed me that in spite of what appears to be the case, most if not all of the people behind the voices are not in favour of the current system of control and the control measures that are being used against dissident members of society and general trouble makers.  The direct voice communications further informed me that all of their network would much prefer to have society organised as a linear based control structure in order to expand, increase and further the free will of humanity.

When the weapons test operatives are experimenting on a weapons test subject during the night, the amount of light in the bedroom is highly significant.  The direct voice communications informed me that they do their best work  in darkness.   If the bedroom is well lit, it reduces the amount of time they can work on the human test subject without tiring out their own eyes due to some unknown factor.  However, if the human test subject uses a flash lamp also known as a torch and constantly moves it around the room, the weapons test operatives will be unable to do any work until after the weapons test subject goes to sleep.  If the weapons test subject found a method of moving light around the room all night long while they slept  they would then be totally protected from all harm forever.  Any type of night  light that follows a pattern is of no use.

The  voice communication coming from inside my head  once informed me in the distant past that at some future date in the distant future they would cut off my access to my own brain at a place in the brain stem called the sacral region. From that day forward, I would have no further capability to control my words or actions. They, themselves, would control all of my words and actions from that day forward. They claimed that they have already taken a recording of all aspects of my diction and word power and routine behaviour and have stored this data elsewhere. They claimed that after they would cut off my own access to all of the central processes of my brain, they would then program all of my behaviour until my dying day. However, I would appear to my family and close friends to be fully in control of my own behaviour. They often implied that they would turn me into a prostitute or a politician if that day came. I would prefer to be dead than to have either of these scenarios realised.   I am a fifty seven year old rural woman, who lives a very quite life and who rarely socialises. I have no social interactions with men at all other than with my relatives and close neighbours. I am very happy in my own company. The reason I am outlining the content of my previous conversations with direct voice communication, via both voice to skull communications and much later on  synthetic voice telepathy, is to inform any and all of the general public who might read this as to why so many people who hear voices transmitted directly into the centre of their craniums are currently committing suicide at a rate of seven hundred thousand per year all across the world.

The  voice communication coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that it was in the best interest of humanity to discontinue using all digital media.  I believed them for a while.  I no longer trust them with regard to this issue or indeed any issue whatsoever.  They further informed me that computer use would be discontinued in the future, but cell phone towers would remain in place.  I was horrified to hear this as we would no longer be able to communicate effectively to warn each other of their antics while they would still have the infrastructure in place, namely cell phone towers, which has given them the capability to kill vast quantities of people, all at the same time, overnight.   The direct voice communications informed me that cell phone towers have a built in capability of killing large numbers of people within a radius of two miles of each cell phone tower.   I am not entirely sure whether it is wise or unwise to discontinue digital media, as I am not a scientist, but the direct voice communication once informed me that they need the power of digital converters, which are contained inside digital technology, in our homes, in order to power the technology which is inside every human body.  This internal technology was been inhaled into the human body from chemtrail aerosol spraying of our skies from military and other airplanes.   I personally believe we must take the initiative and dismantle cell phone towers at the earliest possible moment.  If we refuse to act in any area, the self-proclaimed elite take it that we are consenting to any and all actions which they take against us.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that certain processed foods contain contaminants which make the internal areas of the human or animal body more visible to the neuro scientists.  I hope to return to eating only plain one ingredient foods in the future.

The voices which I hear inside my head, which I also call the direct voice communications, once informed me in the distant past that all detectives attached to all police stations throughout the island of Ireland have access to unique digital technology which makes them aware of what all targeted individuals are thinking and doing and saying throughout each day and throughout all of their lives.  The voices in my head went on to say that the detectives also have access to voice to skull direct voice communication technology in which they can interrupt the targeted individual any time during the day or night in order to make the targeted individual aware of the detectives private opinions of said targeted individual.   The voices in my head went on to say that this  situation has been enabled since the spring of 2005, and that a major portion of said detectives have been accessing this facility.

The direct voice communications once told me, in the distant past, that the shadow government set up a virtual torture program for the homeless and helpless in order to impress upon the  people of the world the necessity for total obedience towards the current power structure.  We can easily dismantle same before it becomes too tightly controlled.

The  voice communications suggested I strongly recommend a book called “Earthing” by Clinton Ober, Stephen T Sinatra, and Martin Zucker.

The  voice communications have endeavoured to control my thoughts to an extreme degree.  Many times in the past, whenever I thought about a subject that they disapproved of, for example where and when I might go on a my next cycling trip, they would rebuke me for thinking about that matter.  I once was cycling through a nearby village and I was looking in at the homes of the people in that village and I was thinking about the people who lived in those homes, and what those people might be doing at that moment.  I was informed by the direct voice communications that my thoughts were being broadcast openly, and by the act of thinking about my neighbours, I was invading their privacy, because my thoughts about them were being broadcast openly at a subliminal level, by the aid of voice to skull direct voice communication being transmitted via telephone masts directly into the centre of the craniums of a selection of other people.      I was ordered to keep my eyes only on the road while I was cycling through these quite country roads in my locality.  I felt like crying with frustration and I felt like committing suicide because nobody can live in a state of having their lives micro-managed to such an extreme degree by arrogant voices being transmitted into my brain, from an unknown location.   The  voice communications became very agitated if I ever thought or talked about  senior politicians in a disrespectful manner.  The direct voice communications have often lost their tempers with me and even shouted at me, because I refused to treat them with respect or carry out their wishes.  I could not override the hearing of these direct voices by drowning them out with loud music.  They could still make themselves heard inside my cranium, no matter how loud the music might be.

On one occasion in the distant past, I heard the direct voice transmission say “We now have this subject deployed. We can control her movements in any way we wish now, but only within a certain range. We can disengage the subjects brain and spinal cord now and we can insert our own programming anytime we wish at our convenience. Every single one of her nerve endings are now conjoined to a super computer. Everything we ever hoped to achieve with regards to signals intelligence capability has been done to the brain and body of this woman. Even though this human subject, formerly known as  Gretta Fahey but now only known as gretta of the family fahey  drinks no alcohol it would be possible for us to make her appear drunk at a moments notice. We could over time make her resume cigarette smoking even after more than twenty years of abstinence.  The  voice transmissions coming from inside my head went on to say that the control subject was deployed in this manner because she refused to accept enslavement to the current control system, and furthermore this evil system is meant for many other future would be dissenters.  We must immediately pull out all the stops to take down this wifi enabled, brainlink enslavement system.

The  voice transmissions coming from inside my head once informed me that vast amounts of money can be earned from wireless enabled non-consensual human experimentation among the areas of brain weapons research and voice harassment research and health research. They further added that their own particular group of weapons researchers have largely ruined their earning capabilities because they are seen as having double-crossed the would be establishment by revealing insider secrets to a few weapons test subjects, who have gone on to publish their experiences.

The  voice communications coming from inside my head once informed me that augmented reality was being used to make me believe things were happening which were not happening at all.  This involved forcing me to listen to many and varied false dialogues that were concocted especially to make me believe the unbelievable. However, they did not work on me, not even once.

I was  asked by the voices coming from inside my head  to promote the idea that we are currently all virtual slaves  and that nobody is allowed to do whatever they wish anymore.   The went on to say that one of the main ways of taking back our power is by dismantling all cell phone towers also known as mobile phone masts.  The military are known for keeping a plentiful supply of dynamite.

On one occasion in the past I heard through the  direct voice communication network a mans voice proclaim  “Owing to my heavy investments in the upkeep of this woman I feel I should have a say in her everyday diet.”   Somebody asked him ”      Do you see yourself as a slave owner?”   He replied  “In a sense I do”.     I then asked the voice to skull direct communication network coming from inside my head why it was that this particular man claimed that he helped pay for my upkeep as in reality as far as I know I am in receipt of disability allowance from the European parliament in union with the Irish government.  The voice to skull direct communication network replied that as far as they knew I had been taken off the official disability allowance list but I was still being paid disability allowance by the alternative Irish government owing to a deal being made with the original Irish government in the distant past.  I have no way of having this information verified.  It may be true or false.

The voice to skull direct communication network  more commonly known as voices in my head once informed me in the distant past that they were the Irish secret police.  They informed me that I had been put on an surveillance watch list because I had been complaining about the Irish government.  The voice to skull direct communication network went on to say that the Irish secret police have approximately fourteen hundred staff who comprise of both indoor and outdoor staff, who work in all weathers, day and night.  Their duties include visiting homes of watch list targeted individuals and inflicting extreme bodily harm on anyone who gets in their way.   They went on to say that the Irish secret police were initially informed that listening devices were to be planted inside the homes of all individuals on the watch list, who were about to become targeted individuals.  They were not informed what was in fact criminal activity whereby each targeted indiviual on the watch list had radio implants implanted in both of their eyes, both of their inner ears,  and their throat, while the targeted individual was unknowingly put in a drugged state by the team of implanters.    At a much later date, this situation enabled the Irish secret police to see through the eyes  and hear through the ears of each targeted individual and also to conduct two way communications with the targeted individual both day and night, totally and utterly against the will of the targeted individual.  The Irish secret police wished to inform the Irish government of this criminal activity because they did not wish to take part in it once they found out how deeply each targeted individual was suffering.  Many Irish targeted individuals attempted suicide on a number of occasions.  Some of them succeed in killing themselves because of the profound psychological torture they were forced to endure.   The Irish secret police could not inform the Irish government of this situation due to their security clearance and also because they now believe that at time their brains were being entrained into a state of sublime indifference by the communication technology they were obliged to wear on their person.  They decided instead that they would inform one of the targeted individuals by the name of Gretta Fahey of the whole situation by conducting two way conversations with her via the radio implants in her middle ears.  She  uploaded this information on to her website without knowing if all of it was true or untrue.  This website is called

The voice to skull direct communication network once informed me that approximately fourteen hundred of their staff live and work in Ireland.  The staff do not pay any tax whatsoever.  They are completely under the radar and above the law.  Their wages are paid directly by directed energy weapons manufacturers who they conduct surveys for among the native Irish people including a County Mayo  woman  formerly called Gretta Fahey but now only known as gretta of the family fahey who they surveyed at one time in the distant past.  (They were referring to myself, the writer of this website).

I realise that some of the information which I have obtained from the voice to skull direct communication network clashes with other information which they have given me at other times.  I am only informing the reader of what the voice to skull direct communication network have told me over many years.  I am not trying to establish the truth of it.

One of the names which the internal voices coming from inside my head mentioned in association with their organisation on a few occasions was Eric Blair.  I have not researched this name.

The voice to skull direct communication network once informed me in the past that there is abusive technology all over the world.  It is only a matter of time until the system falls in on itself.   Somebody suggested that we could take down the telephone masts thereby saving humanity from this continually encoaching enslavement by wifi enabled brainlink and artificial intelligence technology.  The voice to skull direct communications network then further said ” The system wont allow for that.  We have been told that we must wait until the system dissolves before we can offer a solution.”   ” That solution would be for each member of the human race that wishes to continue living on this planet to accept microchipping and universal global enslavement. ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I myself believe we aught to seek independent scientific advise about dismantling some of our advanced technological infrastructure in order to stop this gradual wifi brainlink enslavement by artificial intelligence in its tracks.   However, I wish to say that I suspect there is something wrong with the idea of dismantling all  telephone masts.  The voice to skull direct communication network were pushing that idea at me to an almost hysterical level and also they were actively pushing me to put my name to the idea and not to ask for the advice of independent scientists.  Whenever in the distant past the voice to skull direct communication network urged me in an almost hysterical way to do something without the benefit of time to reflect on the advisability or doing it I always suspected them of having an alterior motive and I have always refused to act on it.   In the past other Irish targeted individuals have advised me never to act on anything the voice to skull direct communication network have told me and of course I have taken their advice.   I have published much of what they have told me on this website in order to help other targeted individuals who have begun to hear voices  about what to expect so that they will refrain from committing suicide.  Many fellow voice hearers all over Ireland have contacted me to thank me for publishing this information.

I live in a rural area in the west of Ireland.   Very few cars pass my home.  However, almost every time when I would step outside my front door or outside my back door the voice to skull direct communication people would comment on my appearance in an extremely derogatory manner.  This never happened while I was inside my home. Why is this??  Where is the technology that can only see me when I am outdoors.  I have no answer.

The voice to skull  communication network once commented within my hearing ” I thought we had buried this forbidden control system in stealth weaponry.”

Over many years in the distant past, as time went by, the voice to skull direct communication network content became more obscene when they were speaking to me.  Some of what these unidentified people said to me are as follows  ” Find me a man who is willing to take this bitch out for a drink.  This is a pilot scheme, it has to succeed.”    At my age, which is fifty seven, I have no wish to go out socially with a man as I regard myself as too old for romance or intimacy.    On a similar vein at a different time the voice to skull direct communication network was heard by me to say  “When is the victim undressed?  These programs always end in a rape scene with lots of different types of sperm in the victims vagina.  We like this program to end tidily”.    And yet another time when I was alone in my bedroom in the dark in the middle of the night with the doors of my home locked and bolted I felt strong swirling energy around my nether regions.     Anytime  I complained strongly a voice to skull person would say “We are only doing our job”.   I then replied   ” Why are you doing a job which involves committing acts of extreme evil”.   The reason I suspect that the directed energy weapons operative claimed he could see me in some detail  is because the longer a targeted individual is being brain  mapped  the more of the targeted individuals brain and body can be seen on their computer screens, but only in a sketchy way.   The voice to skull direct communication network people refrained from speaking about me in a sexual way for the first few years of the non-consensual human experimentation  brain mapping program.   However, as soon as they began to have my body partially mapped on their computer screens they began to make more and more sexual comments about me.   Much later on from that time,  the voice to skull direct communication network, also known as voices in my head informed me that by virtual reality access their staff can allow perverted criminal men to have virtual sex with non-consensual women whose brains and bodies have been fully mapped, totally against the will of those women who I call targeted individuals.  This is a wide spread racket throughout the world.  I was puzzled why some of the voice to skull direct communication network constantly urged me to sleep in a large well decorated bedroom in my home rather than a small dark bedroom where I preferred to sleep in order to protect myself from directed energy weapons and voice harassment attacks.  I now believe they were setting the scene to put me on a non-consensual virtual sex database.  I am grateful that this did not yet happen and it never will because I would hurt anybody if they touched me without consent..   However, many targeted individual women all over the internet are claiming they are being virtually raped on a constant basis.   The voice to skull direct communication network once informed me that the police and the military both in Ireland and overseas are aiding and abetting in criminal activity.  The voices in my head did not say why they believed that this was the case.  On one occasion in the distant past the voice to skull direct communication more commonly known as hearing voices directly inside my cranium informed me that they have been known to illegally and non-consensually implant mostly pregnant women with microchips that keep them constantly sexually aroused.  The voices inside my head further informed me that they mostly choose pregnant women because they are easier to implant with this sexual arousal technology without their knowledge and they often use women as sex slaves after they have illegally and immorally implanted them.

Further to this, at a much later time, I heard the voices coming from inside my head discussing among themselves the following ” You all are not allowed to speak in a sexually provocative manner to this woman (meaning me) because she has no truck with men and she sleeps alone.  You have been berated.”


I have been informed by the voice to skull  communication network that I have heard coming from inside my head  that if a targeted individual remains on this trauma based non-consensual experimentation program long term, what would happen is that the directed energy weapons operatives would gradually and incrementally command more and more power to inflict  stronger and stronger sensations and pain over the body of the targeted individual.  However, that is not the case with the mind of the targeted individual.  The mind of the targeted individual can only be accessed by signals coming out of a screen.  Every time the targeted individual spends face time in front of a screen, signals coming from that screen allow the directed energy weapons operatives to access the mind of the targeted individual, thereby programming that persons mind more and more on a daily basis until suddenly the targeted individual can no longer think their own thoughts.  They only appear to be able to think the programmed thoughts given to them by the signals operatives via the screen.  The voice to skull direct communication network claimed that this process appears to have happened to senior politicians throughout the world already.   Whatever technologies are in the bedrooms of targeted individuals are being used against them while they are sleeping.  I believed this to be the case after fourteen years of studying electronic harassment.  I also got confirmation of this fact from a targeted individual and electrician on facebook called Remegio Balane.

” if you are in your bedroom without any appliances specialy computer and its monitor and tv and cell phone, the operation of the directed energy weapons operatives is not likely to  be  successful, since this psychotronic machine thrives or works with magnetism through the magnetic flux. ”     Remegio Balane

The voice to skull direct communication coming from inside my head once informed me that deregulation is in reality an attempt to take away legitimate control from government so that the shadow government can control these deregulated issue themselves from behind the scenes.

On one occasion in the past the voice to skull direct communication network questioned me as to whether I ever shop in one of their American stores called Bloomingdales.  I replied that I am not an American citizen and that I am a free will human being from Ireland, Europe.    I then heard the voice to skull direct communication speak to each other in a panic.  They were heard to say by me “Delete the woman formerly known as Gretta Fahey and from now on only known as gretta of the family fahey  from our database quickly before we are found out.

On one occasion in the distant past the voice to skull direct communication network also known as voices in my head  informed me that a unique installation had been installed on a telephone pole adjacent to my home.  They further informed me that this unique installation is not available as yet for installation outside the homes of anybody in Ireland other than the homes of as yet to be targeted individuals and current targeted individuals.     They further informed me that the staff of the national telephone company called Eir know exactly what they are doing when they knowingly and willingly install these installations.  The voice to skull direct communications network went on to inform me that these particular Eir staff are fully aware that these unique telephone installations will in the future be used to instill voices into the heads of private individuals and instill sensations and visions into the bodies and brains of these private individuals, which results in years and years of extreme psychological and sometimes physical torture, more often than not ending in the suicide of the targeted individual many years later.  I personally do not know whether there is any truth to this information or not.  I am merely publishing it so that any interested parties will know and understand what voice hearers actually hear.

On some occasions in the past, the voice to skull direct communication network would say random words or phrases within my hearing.  They would then wait a few seconds after which they would then say ”  I can not get a guilty signature. ”   I don’t know what is happening but I am informing the reader in case they can make sense out of what I have heard in the past.

I normally eat a raw fruit and vegetable smoothie most days.  I began to add wild plants to my smoothie.  I would add nettles or dandelions for their health benefits.  I heard the voice to skull direct communication network say ” We don’t know how to deal with these foods in relation to gretta’s constitution because these foods were never studied in relation to our protocol.  These foods are sabotaging our program.”

I have mentioned in a different blog that the voice to skull direct communication network uses the word “leverage” often in their conversations with each other within my hearing.  If the targeted individual belongs to an organised religion the voice to skull direct communication network used that information as a reason to further harass the targeted individual.  Initially when I was a Christian when my targeting first began the voice to skull direct communication network would hound me by constantly asking me if I had paid my dues to the church or if I had said my prayers.   Many years later,  I abdicated from the catholic church and I became an agnostic which effectively means that these operatives had a problem finding reasons to hound me.  I am not in debt or I don’t have any addictions.  I lead a very quiet life and I don’t have a guilty conscience.  The voice to skull direct communications network are paid a salary to harass good people constantly.   They could not find any legitimate reason to harass me which appeared to annoy them.

On one occasion in the distant past a voice to skull direct communication personnel member was having a conversation with me  when suddenly the connection broke down and some unknown individual broke through in mid sentence and continued on the same conversation on a completely different vein.   Some time later I asked  a voice to skull direct communication personnel member what caused that incident to occur.  The reply to the centre of my cranium was that a selection of direct communication staff who have direct access to my brain are given something called an interference number each time they sign in for a days work.  They are given a different interference number on a daily basis.  This interference number is akin to a password to the human brain and each targeted individual has their own unique brain password.  The plan of an as yet unidentified cabal for the future of humanity is that each human being on the planet would eventually have their own unique brain password and they would be forced to listen to artificial intelligence voices giving them instructions as to how to live their lives on a second by second basis for the entirety of their lives if this nightmare wireless human enslavement system via brain link technology ever comes to pass.  The system is well underway but government scientists are totally controlled by hive mind technology via their smart engineered phones and computer screens and have been removed from the real world to a large extent.  If they should read this they would be advised to return to the use of landline with the use of an old fashioned phone.

On one occasion in the distant past one of the voice to skull direct communication personnel asked me if I had given written permission for the  medical experimentation  and data analysis which was done to me over many years.  There was no mention by that same member of personnel about the brain weapons testing or the psychological torture I also endured for many years.  I replied that I had not given written permission or indeed oral permission.  Immediately afterwards I heard another direct communication personnel member state “I thought I saw written permission somewhere around here “, followed shortly after by “These people are not the full shilling.”  I asked what she meant by “These people”.   She replied ” You are a sub-species.”

On one occasion in the distant past the direct voice communication network informed me that this protocol of wireless enabled brain-link surveillance on a person to person basis is here to stay for almost everybody on a worldwide basis.  She further added that this will be enabled by artificial intelligence eventually.   She further informed me that professional people are not allowed to speak about certain subjects,   owing to subjects within their employment contracts and that is why they rely on uncredentialled  people to speak for them under the current regieme which is about to change shortly throughout the entire known world.

On one occasion in the distant past the voices coming from inside my head told me that I was a live investment in the stock market under a code number.  The only people who are given the opportunity to translate the code number are the merchants themselves.

On one occasion in the distant past I heard  one voice coming from inside my head tell another voice inside my head that I was not an electronic convict.  The voice said I was an electronic business commodity and I was being monitored to develop business commodities.

On one occasion in the distant past the voices I had previously been hearintg inside my head informed me that a targeted individual who has been prepared for programming over many years can then be programmed to do and say anything the behind the scenes intelligence services wish the targeted individual to do and say totally against the will of the targeted individual as if the targeted individual was a remote controlled slave.  However, in order for the targeted individual to be programmed, they must watch main-stream television occasionally.  The voices coming from the centre of my cranium claimed to have successfully programmed hundreds of people already to act completely against their wills and moral judgement.

On one occasion in the distant past the voices  inside my head were heard to say by me  ”  We should install a CCTV camera in Newbrook in view of the fact that there is none there already.”  I then heard another voice reply  ” It would not go down well at all with the local people.”   What appeared to be the first voice then was heard by me to reply ” We should break in somewhere and steal something.  The people of Newbrook might appreciate a CCTV camera more if we did that.”  (Newbrook is the name of the village where I live.”)

On one occasion in the distant past the voices inside my head informed me that they had lost considerable ground with their peers because of me.   The voices inside my head appear to be able to gauge my emotions when I am listening to them.  They were once informing me of something and they broke off in mid sentence because their emotion gauging technology showed that I was feeling extreme hostility towards them.

On one occasion in the distant past the voices coming from inside my head dictated the following information to me which they claimed they found on a document online.    “Emergency measures are in place in Ireland to deal with misdemeanours very harshly.  We don’t know if the woman formerly known as  Gretta Fahey and from now on known only as gretta of the family fahey committed a misdemeanour, but she was put on a watch list which involved implanting her brain with micro technology enabling my staff to interview her over the course of many years.  I have no control over what they said to her.”   Signed   Mrs Shiela Anderson, Technical Expert, US Government.        I am posting this information online so that voice hearers will fully understand what type of information other people who have once heard voices were told by those voices.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed that because I have no television in my home, the voice personnel were unable to program me to carry out their wishes.  They further informed me that my computer being old is not interfaced properly and a hand held smart phone is unable to process the volume of information necessary to carry out the programming deemed necessary.  I also heard these same voices say at another time the following “We are looking down the barrel of a gun if we don’t get her programmed as per out contract.  If we cant program her in her own home we will have to forcefully remove her from her home and bring her to an unknown location to complete the process of programming.”

The  voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that they pulse high intensity cameras into homes in order to get a look at the general layout of the home and the positioning of furniture etc.

The  voices coming from inside my head once informed me that the remote signal coming from my body is normally very weak because I do not spend any time whatsoever using a smart phone or any type of smart engineered technology.  However, if I spend a long time in front of my computer a very strong signal begins to come through to them.  If I then go outside and earth myself in the back garden by walking around the garden in my bare feet this act serves to weaken the signal again.  They also informed me that if I place mylar sheeting on my window facing outwards no signal comes through from me at all.  They further said that in such a situation they can not continue with their work.  However in such a scenario they could still hold a conversation with me using voice to skull communication directly inside my head.

The voices coming from inside my head informed me at some time in the past that they had been poached (hijacked) by an alternative group of remote operated neuroscientists, followed by “there are things occurring in the brain of the woman formerly known as Gretta Fahey but known from now on only as gretta of the family fahey  that are not our doing.  We hope she will be ok. “.

The  voices coming from inside my head claimed to know where I lived based on the fact that I quoted my home telephone number within their hearing.  I am publishing my home telephone number here so that the reader will know I am a real human being who has really experienced hearing voices in the past as told in this website.  My landline phone number is Ireland 0949360901.  We the general public aught to explore the phenomenon of voice hearing in a public way in order to solve it.

The  voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that a very high frequency range will render them unable to use any of their analysis platform technology.

The voices  coming from inside my head once informed me that there are constituents in most hair shampoos that make it easier for neuroscientists to see deep inside the human cranium with the aid of their technology.   I began to wash my hair with hand soap and subsequently I heard many of them complain that there was no residue of this examining constituent in my hair.  These neuroscientists further claimed that fluoride in the human body is a necessary constituent to aid in their brain and body examinations.  If it is not in the human body at the time of examination the neuroscientists are powerless to continue with their experimentation.   I once distilled all tap water before I drank it but the thyroid medication I must take contains fluoride.  I was later advised by the voices inside my head that I must distill  water from a local well rather than tap water because of heavy contamination of tap water with chemicals.

On one occasion in the distant past the  voices inside my head informed me that anybody who owns a business which is not deeply in debt to the world control system is being weakened slowly by mind control manipulation in total secret via remote influencing technology and other advanced mind influencing technology.  Later on that evening a visual image was downloaded into my brain of two private business people from my local town who were falsely portrayed to be in a sexually  compromising situation.  We have been informed by the people from Davos World Economic Forum that we will all eventually be permanently tethered online twenty four hours per day for the rest of our lives if we fail to dismantle the surveillance infrastructure at this point in time.  What most of the public fail to realise is that this permanent wireless online tethering is already a reality for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and because of this, these wirelessly tethered people are virtual slaves and are committing suicide in droves.  American servicemen and women are committing suicide at the rate of twenty people per day every day since 1979, possibly because of being wirelessly tethered.  No amount of poisonous neuroleptics will free anybody from this hell on earth.  Please dismantle the worldwide surveillance system urgently.

“For the electronic, physical, (implants), neodymium (rare earth mineral) magnets of anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch in diameter work very well to completely disable them. Some people wear them in the headband of a baseball cap, preferably for at least 24 hours, but you can also tape them to the back of your ear and hide them under your hair! After implants are disabled, you won’t have so much fatigue, and the pitch or frequency in your ear stops happening. Use caution with these powerful magnets, though, as they can wipe out disks and computers. It’s best not to wear them while sitting at the computer, at least, not while wearing more than one or two of the little ones. ”  This is an extract from  Pulses of magnetic energy may be better at disabling unwanted biomedical implants and microchips.

“Sometimes when I would speak the words that came through my mouth did not originate in my own thoughts.”   Brain scientists now have the ability to control what some people say, by remote means.  Thousands of targeted individuals throughout both my country and the wider world will verify that this is the case.   I have written about the phenomenon of forced speech in other areas of this website.   Accusing people who hear voices coming from inside their heads is about to come to an end.  People who have been harassed by hearing voices coming from inside their heads are now able to create their own technology to generate voices inside the heads of other people, and they are planning to demonstrate this technology to a court of law.  From that day forward nobody will be able to accuse people who hear voices from inside their heads as being mentally ill.  For further information please see  Click on targeted individual info and then click on V2K.  This website is not fully operational yet, but that document offers a full scientific explanation of the voice to skull phenomenon.

I was informed by voice which I heard coming from inside my head that when a person is made to hear voices via voice to skull  communication directly  inside their head, a criss cross system is being used whereby my voice may be inserted into the head of a person who tries to activate the system without permission.

On one occasion in the past the voices which I heard coming from inside my head, mostly coming from behind my throat, informed me that even though I had sent out hundreds of emails throughout the years in order to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of brain weapons and directed energy weapons, they had heavily suppressed my emails.  They suppressed my emails by guiding me to send the emails to people they know and can control for the most part.

On another occasion in the past the voices which I heard coming from inside my head informed me that it is the policy of the self-proclaimed illuminati to cull the weakest members of the human herd and I may have been selected.   On one occasion I felt a sensation in my hands and arms and I was informed by the voices inside my head that totally pure information was coming through to their technology from both my hands and my arms up to my elbows and they further informed me that they could effectively take control of both my hands and my arms at any time they wished at any time in the future.  (I choose not to believe this.)

A well known targeted individual from London called Keiron Lee Perrin claims that T27 biomedical implants are openly for sale on the internet for the purpose of wirelessly tethering non-human free roaming primates to neural encoders which would then be monitored by a network of surveillance biomedical scientists.  I have been assured by my internal voices that T27 biomedical implants are not the implants that have been used to wirelessly tether me.  My implants are far more advanced.

On most occasions in the distant past, the military  intelligence generated voices inside my head coming from an implantable radio communication system would insult me to an extreme degree.  I would immediately insult them back with the very worst insults I could possibly think up.   I was hearing the voices  of these intelligence personnel coming from the back of my throat.  They had no right to force their voices on me day and night every waking moment.  Eventually the voice of a woman who claimed to be a moderator was employed by these criminal intelligence services to come between the voice to skull military intelligence generated voices and my own replies.  An internal voice to skull military generated voice would make a comment to me.  When I replied a completely different sounding voice would answer and I was informed that she was a moderator and that I was no longer allowed to speak directly to the commenters.  I stopped talking to the voices almost entirely at that point.

Every year I would drive to a small costal town of Belmullet for  an overnight stay to visit my sister and brother-in-law who live there.  As I would approach Belmullet town, I would hear the voices coming from inside my head say to each other  “Tell Ted Ginty that the woman formerly known as Gretta Fahey is going to Belmullet for the weekend to visit her sister and brother-in-law.  I asked my brother-in-law if he knew of a man called Ted Ginty as the voices inside my head had mentioned his name on a number of occasions.  My brother-in-law replied that he knew two men of that name from the local area.

On one occasion in the past I was alone in my home while being targeted by directed energy weapons and I had heard some names of the people who I believe were targeting me being mentioned by the voices coming from inside my head.  I repeated these names in a loud voice several times so that anybody who might be eves dropping on the program would be made aware of these names.  I then heard an internal voice to skull voice  complain to the security police that I had been naming names.  All connections to me were broken momentarily.

One of the voices coming from inside my head advised me to quit complaining about long term voice harassment via wifi which is coming from cell phone towers also known as mobile phone masts via the poles outside your home and hand yourself over to the local police if you have committed a crime, because that is the real reason why you are being subjected to this voice harassment and psychological abuse for a long number of years.   I replied that I have not committed any crime.  If I had committed a crime there is a system in place throughout Ireland which deals with such things.    The voices coming from directly inside my head also informed me that they had checked the utility poles directly outside my home and they can confirm that these utility poles had long range wifi products attached to them which is a unique situation as they are not as yet to be found outside any other homes in Ireland at this time.

The  voices coming from directly inside my head once informed me that they were compelled to give me deeply injurious insults because the computer program that was provided for them by the shadow world government recognises insults and will only allow the staff to continue speaking to me if they continue in an extremely insulting vein.  If the staff treat me in a civil manner they are shut out of the two way communication system and they can not then draw a salary.   The voices coming from inside my head continued by saying that this information is verifiable through the Department of Health by way of the freedom of information act.

A  windowless room situated at the centre of a home with a steel  carbon or steel door, while surrounded on all sides by outer rooms would offer no protection from electronic weapons in spite of what I originally thought, according to the voice to skull communication voices which I hear coming from directly inside my head.  The only way we can shield from all electronic weapons but not scalar weapons is by either living or sleeping inside a hollow dome filled with electrified water.  Non-electrified water is better than none at all.

On an online youtube video called lookoutfacharlie, excellect information is given as to how chemtrail spraying is being used against us and how to combat it. This youtube video claims that mold and fungus among many other things are being sprayed on us from the sky. It goes on to say that acronium fungus produces manganise oxide in the bodies of humans and animals. Manganise oxide is an electrosensitive chemical. Manganise oxide can be used as a makeshift electrode. Manganise oxide in combination with heavy metals which are found in some processed foods turns our minds into antennas.  In combination with this process, our unique EEG readout also known as our unique brain signature is being captured by criminals who hold EEG readers close to our heads for a period of about five minutes. Once these criminals have aquired this information they can then communicate with us against our will whenever they wish.

We can get rid of the heavy metals and the fungal biomass which produces the manganise oxide from our bodies by ingesting one or two of several substances on a daily basis. These substances are epsom salts, borax and potassium iodide. If we ingest these substances for a period of time the voices and visions and bodily sensations will eventually stop.

For the last year or two of my targeting I repeatedly heard variations of the following conversation on an almost daily basis.  The conversation would be held between two or more unknown voices coming directly from inside my head.   One voice would be heard to say by me ”   We can not deal with regard to this woman.  You have misaligned her to her profile.  Why have you misaligned her in this way”?    Another voice would be heard by me to reply as follows   “We just wish to obtain some money for the sale of this woman.”   The first voice coming from directly inside my head would then be heard to reply as follows  “You are wasting the time of the international dealers by misaligning the woman formerly known as Gretta Fahey to her profile.   I asked the voices coming from directly inside my head why this conversation was constantly being repeated nearly every night and what it meant.  They replied that they wished to sell me off to foreign investors so I would be of some service to them, and the type of service was yet to be decided.   They followed on by saying that they would try to program me to comply with this virtual enslavement and if they could not make me comply they would then kill me and nobody would care because I had tried to take my own life in the past.  This information frightened me a great deal.

I really don’t know if the following information which I heard from the internal voices coming from directly inside my head is true or not.  I am relaying it as a point of interest.  I came across information on the internet which stated that all digital media screens can be used against anybody who has them in their environment in order to cause them great harm.  I avoided use of all digital media screens for a set period of more than two weeks on one occasion.  I have a land line telephone which is a very old model so I did not need to use a mobile phone during that time.  During that time when I was avoiding all digital media screens the internal voices coming from directly inside my head informed me that they could not take any data analysis reports from my brain and body because there was no digital media screens in my environment which would enable them to upload these vital reports to their own computers.  The voices continued by claiming that they could not keep track of vital initiatives happening within my brain and body in order to make constant adjustments in order to  maintain these initiatives in a state of equilibrium at that time.  When I eventually resumed using my computer these vital initiatives inside my brain and body concerning brain and body research had fallen into disarray.  Because of this situation they then stated that they could now never lock down my body in a state of electrostasis from here on in.   (I am deeply suspicious of some if not all of the information transmitted to me by this voice to skull technology.  If we stopped using our computers on a permanent basis we would disempower ourselves from a vital source of knowledge which would work to the advantage of the enemy in this war of attrition.)

People who have never been put on a long term brain weapons research program of an extremely advanced nature may have a difficult time coming to terms with some of the experiences which I have experienced in the distant past over the course of many years.  I wish to tell of one such experience.  On one occasion I threw  something  using both my hands and arms.   A few weeks later I was made to move both my hands and arms in an upward direction as if I was completing the same action of throwing something.  (It all happened instantly in a jerk movement, it wasn’t a normal movement)   While I was doing this my mind was co-ordinated to synchronise with this act.  I asked the voices inside my head if they had programmed my limbs to complete that movement in the intervening weeks and if so how  had they done so.  They agreed that they had indeed programmed me but an answer to how they had done so was not forthcoming at that time.  Not all of the people behind the voices coming from inside my head were being informed as to the true extent of what was being achieved and how it was being achieved against humanity by the use of brain weapons technology.  Ultimately an attempt is being made to enslave us through in-home surveillance and in-body surveillance in combination with thought surveillance by the use of neural decoders while internal voices are replying to those thoughts in real time on a day to day basis.  I feel it would be very easy to stop this would-be technological enslavement in its tracks if people first accepted it was happening and then made a few small changes to the world around us.

I have recently heard that in the past few months millions and millions of Americans have purchased guns, more so than usual.  This is excellent news in my opinion.  The would-be central control and enslavement system will no doubt be totally and completely dismantled soon, and we will go back to governing ourselves without any outside interference from anybody.

A TENS machine is a device people use for pain relief.  It delivers electrical impulses to the nerves.  Pain relief occurs because pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain while using the TENS machine.  TENS machines are moderately priced and are available online.  When a targeted individual uses a tens machine the electrical signals being delivered to the nerve endings of the targeted individual will interfere with the remote non-consensual neuro operations being conducted by a criminal element  currently operating within each NATO country and further afield. A targeted individual can use a TENS machine twenty four hours per day in order to obtain optimum protection from these remote neuro operations.  TENS machines are small devices which can be concealed inside a pocket while being attached to electrodes placed on the skin of almost any part of the human body.

On more than one occasion in the past the voices coming from inside my head referred to me as it rather than her,  as if I was non-human.  They informed me that they wished to call me it in order to create a difference between them and me.   During the second world war the NAZIs began to refer to the Jews as it instead of them in order to de-humanise them so that it would be easier to incite other people to hate them as a first step to torture them if those other people saw the Jews as non-human.  Dehumanising targeted individuals by calling them it rather than him or her is the first step in inciting hate in order to torture  targeted individuals even more than they are being tortured at the moment.  We are living through a technological holocaust which could easily be stopped if our politicians instructed the police and military to dismantle the necessary technology being used for technological enslavement in our country in order to disable the control system, until we as an entire population study the matter in debth and in a public manner and learn how to protect ourselves in every way from the would-be enslavers  in our midst .   I have been informed by the voices coming from inside my head that the would-be enslavers are not hidden in our midst but that they are upfront in our midst.   When I asked who are they upfront with they replied that they are upfront with both the Irish government and the European parliament.  They further informed me that the reason the Irish government have not acted to stop all Irish in-home surveillance and in-human body surveillance combined with thought reading and forcing voices inside the heads of targeted individuals combined with  psychological torture of the target  is in order to maintain the people of Ireland in a sure financial footing combined with fear for themselves and their loved ones if they refuse to go alone with the system.     I have reason to believe that some of the most senior politicians may be targeted individuals and I also have reason to believe that people heavily associated with my targeting are bound by the law of the land because they compromised themselves in some way and are now being blackmailed into targeting me or they would be held to ransom in a place other than Ireland.            We can no longer place money as our guiding principal due to the fact that our technological jailers plan to install a cashless society in the near future, where by there would no longer be any stores for us to purchase any goods in.  All our most basic needs would then be met by the self proclaimed elite provided we were prepared to work as  slaves.  We must act now to take back our freedom immediately.

The voices coming from inside my head sometimes combine negative words with positive traits in order to confuse the sub-conscious mind of the listener.  Some of the expressions they use are brutally honest, criminally intelligent, generous to a fault, etc.  They also form some of their sentences in the negative for example instead of saying “you are good” they instead say “you are not bad”.   This way of speaking has a very negative effect on the sub-conscious mind of the listener and was deliberately introduced into the English language for that reason.

On one occasion in the past a voice coming from directly inside my head informed me that sometime after I die he would urinate on my carcase.  I hope that occasion never arrives.

The voices coming from inside my head informed me, whether true or not, that some governments  knowingly invested money in equipment that would allow them to monitor members of the  public with the use of directed energy weapons  while said members of the public were residing in the privacy of their own homes.   This technology also allows the user to track the public while also allowing the user to force sensations, images, odors, voices, beliefs and random sounds inside the head of the member of the public who is being monitored.  This technology also allows the user to monitor the insides of the body of the human who is being monitored.  One of the voices of a neuroscientist coming from inside my head informed me that he personally had invested money in this personal surveillance system.  He further informed me that it was presented to him as a system of allowing him to know if his treatment protocols were working within the bodies of the people who he was experimenting on.

All cities throughout Europe and the United States are run by a hierarchical system of control.  If somebody is able to heavily influence by the use of directed energy weapons five of the people at the top of the hierarchy in any European city then they effectively control the whole city.   This is one of the numerous reasons why we can no longer use hierarchical based systems to run our world.   We must return to using a linear based self-regulating system of organising ourselves whereby everybody has one hundred percent free will but also one hundred percent self responsibility.  Under moral law we are obliged to use one hundred percent free will to decide whether some act or word is right or wrong before carrying it out.  Obedience to so-called authority has no place in the life of a moral human being.  Moral Relativism was created by Satanists and Luciferians in order to lead us astray and to convince  us to do their bidding.  We must use objective right and wrong as our guiding principal.  Objective right and wrong exists and is understood by the study of Natural Law which is a proven science.   For further information on Natural Law, please see

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me that whenever I eat something their staff take an energy signature of whatever food is in my gut.  They further said that by the use of this energy signature  they can tell if the food I have eaten is fresh or rancid and also if the food just eaten by me contained sugar or salt in combination with much more information as yet to be explained.  Sometimes in the past when I was lying on my bed and  when the directed energy weapons operatives were in the process of taking the energy signature of the food I had eaten earlier they would project such strong energy signals into the internals of my body that my body would rock to and fro in my bed.  This is most certainly not my imagination as I would see it rocking while I was feeling the pulses of energy inside my stomach area and while I was hearing the operatives discussing their findings concerning what I had eaten.

On several occasions over many years when I would ask the directed energy weapons operatives where they were located many of them informed me that they were locked inside a highly fenced compound somewhere in the United States and that is where they lived and worked all of the time.  They also informed me that they did not know the exact location of where they lived except that it was somewhere in the United States.   Other times they would claim to be the secret police of Ireland or the intelligence services among many others.  When a person is extremely stressed as I have been continually for many years in the past, a person may not be able to exercise discernment as to what to believe as well as they normally would.  To this day I have no idea who these directed energy weapons operatives who traumatised me over many years are as I have no way of finding out.

I have discovered that taking an eye dropper droplet of food grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water on a daily basis will destroy the ability of scientists to conduct any non-consensual medical experimentation which was being done to me by wireless means using directed energy weapons.  I purchased the food grade hydrogen peroxide in order to cure my irritable bowel syndrome.  I also purchased an ozonator in order to drink ozonated water for the same reason.  However, the voices coming from inside my head  informed me that drinking ozonated water would amplify their ability to experiment on me because it would empower their weapon technology.  That information succeeded in persuading me from drinking ozonated water.

On one occasion in the past the voice coming from inside my head informed me that the Office of Public Works in Ireland would soon be taken out of the complete control of the Irish people and all further decisions concerning the activities of the Office of Public Works inside of Ireland would be made by people outside of Ireland at a central location within the European Union.  We would then be obliged to place an order with people within the European parliament if we wished to have something done within the island of Ireland.  We must officially decide to abdicate from both the European Union and European parliament forthwith.  However, the Irish government appear to be unwilling to investigate the issue.  The Irish government must have been lead to believe something that the rest of the population are as yet largely unaware of.



Air and space can not co-exist side by side. The whole concept of space based weapons and space travel are fictions which were fabricated to manipulate humanity into believing the cabal of would-be future enslavers have more power and capabilities than they actually have.

This multi-generational cabal have been lying to us because :-

A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power.

Misinformed people are less suspicious and easier to manipulate.

The classifying of intelligence (information) by one group of people under the official secrecy acts gives that group of people an unfair advantage over the general public, because knowledge is power. A secret cabal are using this occulted knowledge power to slowly enslave us by proxy. We should cancel all government legislation allowing some untrustworthy people to have an unfair knowledge power advantage over the general public.

Work is not a virtue in itself. However, the unelected cabal wish to convince us that some types of work, even if utterly useless and harmful to humanity, is of a moral value in itself. It is in the best interest of this evil cabal to make sure the ordinary masses work endlessly, with very little financial reward. Much of the work we currently do on this planet is either pointless or downright harmful to us. This situation of having some people being forced to perform largely futule work has been deliberately created because free time is power. Free time gives us time to ourselves to think and reason for ourselves and to educate ourselves, and the self-proclaimed elite wish to disempower us in every possible way. We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative which makes human beings work billions of unnecessary hours all because this evil cabal wish to keep us occupied so that we will not question their nefarious activities which are only and ever in their own interests.

Currently gun control is a major issue among the American people. The self same cabal wish to disarm the American people. However, more American people than ever before are now re-arming themselves. Guns and Ammunition are power.

Archaeologist Michael Cremo informs us that there is substantial proof that humans have lived on our planet for 500 million years, but if we were allowed to believed that fact it would cast doubt on the validity of all organised religions which are control mechanisms. No current organised religion would stand up to scrutiny when viewed from a time scale of humans living on this planet for the past 500 million years. Lying to us about the existence of ” a saviour” or “the end times” renders us passive Organised religions hinder our ability to think and reason freely. Freedom to think freely is power.

Please don’t subscribe to any other false belief systems such as new age spirituality, a belief in the existence of extra-terresterials or a false belief in constant positive thinking which are all erroneous belief systems which were deliberately created by the powers that be in order to confuse, destabilize and distract humanity for the purposes of planetary wide takeover and long term enslavement.

The cabal have been lying to us in order to impoverish us . They have been given half a billion dollars to launch each satellite. They have never launched a satellite ever. The existence of satellites is a scam. Money is power. The secret cabal are inserting unnecessary financial charges into our lives at every possible opportunity in order to part us from our money. When hundreds of thousands, even millions of people throughout the entire world officially claim they are being targeted inside their own homes with electronic weapons and voice harassment technology, the main-stream media are being told their claims are not entirely evidence based and in so doing the media personnel are being denied permission to publish the complaints of these targeted individuals . However, many of the claims being made to us by that self same cabal including the existence of satellites among many others are certainly not evidence based either. Why were we asked to bale out privately owned banks??

The cabal of would-be enslavers have paid the CIA to flood the towns and cities of the western world with drugs so that our young people would become drug addicts. An Ability to Think Clearly is Power.

People are being encouraged to live in public housing and the cost of private houses has been falsely amplified so as to become unaffordable to the average person.. When people live in public housing they must give way to the whims of the would-be enslavers lest they be evicted for no good reason. A Privately owned home is power.

The idea of being legally tied to a spouse is a man made concept and can legally compromise two people. There is absolutely no need for legal marriage because a young couple can make a public declaration of their love, loyalty and fidelity before they set up home together. Man made laws are detrimental to our freedom. Natural Law is power. All man made laws are just a series of multi-level deceptions, designed to be deliverately confusing so that we can be slowly and incrementally enslaved. Initially a papal bull was issued by the Vatican which declared ownership of all of the human race. In order to further cement their ownership of human beings, powers behind the Vatican set the city of London on fire in 1666 as a false flag in order to rush in a law called The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. Further to this, we are now obliged to register our children at birth which declares that under the law, the baby is dead and does not have any rights. We must cease using all man made laws are return to natural law which is a proven science.

The cabal of would-be enslavers lie to us about everything because they believe that if they ever succeed in locking us down in a rigid financial and technological control system, we would never be able to work our way out of it if we were ill informed and confused. The general public are being kept in the dark with regard to the true impediments to our free will at this point in time which is mind control via all main-stream media but most especially our television sets.

The cabal of would-be enslavers are also called by many other names. Some people call them the self-proclaimed elite, the establishment, the oligarchy, the deep state, among many other names but more than any other name they are known as the dark luciferians.  The only people who call them the elite are newsreaders who are paid to call them that, and in so doing the newsreaders are demeaning themselves and us by implication. The self-proclaimed elite have the exact same DNA as the rest of us. We are all equals on this planet of equals where human beings have lived for up to 500 million years according to both historians and archaeologists. The reason the self-proclaimed elite have created this false reality construct which has been condensed down into a small and manageable time frame is because human enslavement has always been entirely about mind control rather than body control. In an effort to create this condensed time frame the self-proclaimed elite have falsified history, archaeology, anthropology, science and many other subjects. They have hidden major advancements in technology from the public eye under pseudonames and under military black budgets. All organised religions down through the ages have been created for reasons of mind control and for reasons of separating us from our ability to think rationally and logically and they have no basis in reality. Human beings tend to maintain the status quo if they believe there is a religious basis for their lives of almost constant work.




On one occasion in the past the internal voices inside my head threatened to insert a loop in my ability to think so that I would no longer be able to think my own thoughts and I would only be able to respond to requests from other people.   Is this a difficult thing to achieve and has it been done to anybody ever.?

When the last census was taken within Ireland we were legally obliged to tick a box stating which religion or otherwise we belonged to.  We were only given choices between a belief in an afterlife and a non-belief in an afterlife.  I feel very strongly that nobody can know if their is an afterlife or not as nobody has ever died and come back from the dead later on.  Therefore I am in the “ don’t know ”  category, which is sometimes known as Agnosticism.  I believe Agnosticism it is the only rational category one can select if one is a free thinker and is  not inculcated.  Nobody is allowed to tick the “ don’t know “ category as their is no such category as Agnosticism in the current census.  We are legally obliged to tick a category which states we believe in an afterlife or we don’t believe in one.  We are not allowed to claim that we don’t know if there is an afterlife or not.    Therefore the current census is inaccurate.

I am returning to the subject of the dangers of using digital media screens.  The internal voices have informed me that they could detect my electromagnetic field every time I used any digital media screen.  They have asked me on numerous times in the past to sit in front of my computer screen momentarily for no apparent reason.  At a later date they informed me that they requested me to do that in order to study my electromagnetic field readout.    They further said that they could detect a multitude of factors about me every time they took a reading of my electromagnetic field.  They further said that this capability is not included in any known science currently available to the general public.   I now have lessened my computer use.    If you wish to continue using  a computer you aught to purchase an electromagnetic shield to place over the screen as a matter of urgency.   I have a landline phone and an analogue radio which I use instead of digital media devices.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me that it is a very simple matter to find the location of the users of directed energy weapons on any map by the simple use of radar.  They further informed me that the people who are targeting me (meaning they themselves)  can easily be located by anybody with a basic knowledge of the use of radar technology.  Any university educated radar technologist could achieve this in a matter of days.  It is my own opinion that the vast majority of human beings on this planet do not wish to live under this mass control system.  We must dismantle it immediately.

On one occasion in the distant past one of the voices coming from inside my head was heard to say by me  “Scientists from different divisions of the scientific community are raping all of the systems of knowledge within the body and mind of this woman formerly known as  Gretta Fahey but from now she is only known as gretta of the family fahey which protects her from all man made laws which are for the most part out of harmony with moral law.  She no longer has any worthwhile quality of life because of constant questioning of her with voice transmitting technology both day and night at every waking moment and by many other means.”

The voices which I heard inside my head once informed me that many thousands of people throughout the European Union belong to the club which is frequently known as  the self proclaimed elite.  They further informed me that many of these self-proclaimed elite who are knowledgeable in the area of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other areas of main-stream medicine and psychiatry received all available information which was gleaned from the non-consensual long term research which was carried out on my mind and body over many years, and they were also informed that a scientific enquiry had taken place on my mind and body over a number of years but they were not informed that the scientific enquiry was non-consensual and that it involved reading all my thoughts in real time and forcing their replies inside my head constantly, both day and night every waking moment among other doings.

From doing my own research over many years I now believe that the people behind the voices are doing their utmost to collapse the capitalist system so that they can bring in a socialist system throughout the world.  To that end there is a socialist theme to all levels of education in all school systems throughout the world.   The  goal of the self-proclaimed elite is to submerge the individual into group think.  Loan individuals acting alone are always portrayed as suspect.  It is far easy to enslave a collective of like minded people that unique free thinking individuals.

The self-proclaimed elite are also called by many other names.  Some people call them the establishment, the oligarchy, the deep state, among many other names.  The only people who call them the elite are newsreaders who are paid to call them that, and in so doing the newsreaders are demeaning themselves and us by implication.  The self-proclaimed elite have the  same genetic material as the rest of us.  We are all equals on this planet of equals where human beings have lived for up to 500 million years according to both historians and archaeologists.   The reason the self-proclaimed elite have created this false reality construct which has been condensed down into a small and manageable time frame is because human enslavement has always been entirely about mind control rather than body control.  In an effort to create this condensed time frame the self-proclaimed elite have falsified history, archaeology, anthropology and science and many other subjects. They have hidden major advancements in technology from the public eye.    All organised religions down through the ages have been created for reasons of mind control and for reasons of separating us from our ability to think rationally and logically, and they have no basis in reality.  Human beings tend to maintain the status quo if they believe there is a religious basis for their servitude.

I was once on a vegetarian diet for a long time and I suddenly decided to eat some non-vegetarian food because I was reading contradictory information regarding vegetarianism at that exact time.   I immediately heard a female voice coming from directly inside my head repeat the following sentence a few times.  “Why is this woman allowed to eat unprescribed foods?.  I have lost a ton of research.”   I then heard another female voice coming directly from inside my head reply ” We must keep the subjects in the dark as to what is happening.  You may not be vocal in front of them.”  I further heard this reply “I will say what I like in this workplace.”

On one occasion in the distant past I heard the following conversation coming directly from inside my head.   “Why are we monitoring this womans health when it is not part of our normal agenda?”   The reply was as follows “We have no respect for this woman.  She should be in the workplace like every body else in her age bracket.  We are dealing with a European woman on this one occasion because we were asked to do so by the European parliament.  The Europeans did not have the technical capability of dealing with people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome so we are taking the matter on board for experimental purposes.”

Any ordinary good living people can become targeted individuals. After becoming a targeted individual, during the course of many years, their personality would be profiled to the point of extreme detail. When this has been achieved it is an easy matter to program them via any type of smart screen to commit acts of extreme evil. The targeted individual to be programmed would have to have unique access to their own smart screen. The programming would not work if a variety of people were sharing the smart screen, for instance the rest of their family.

Whenever a human being becomes a targeted individual their personal digital media screens are tailored to resonate with the infrastructure inside their bodies also known as smart dust which is put there by the food they eat. (This smart dust coagulates over time inside the human body to form stronger units. ) The personal digital media, eg television, personal computer, both smart and dumb phones as long as they contain a screen can be used to take readings from this internal infrastructure provided the human subject is in the environment of their personal digital media for a period of at least five minutes. The longer you use any of your personal digital media devices the more information the unknown operatives can obtain about your body and brain and thinking patterns.

Over many months, the unknown operatives build of an extremely detailed personality profile of the unwitting human subject, which is intrinsic to the whole programming of the individual.

There are different components within a television than within a computer. Smart television components are more advanced than any other digital media device and therefore more dangerous in the area of mind programming. Programming could be achieved through a computer but only if the subject watched netflix. Programming can only be achieved on a digital media device of any kind if the subject watches a large amount of modern movies which contain flashing images designed to moderate the brain waves of the human subject in such a way as to prepare them for programming. Then messages hidden within the subject matter of the movie can do the rest. This has never been made clear to the public before now. It is a matter of great importance and has been used against several people of late without anybody being any the wiser. Please spread this information widely.

The  voices coming from inside my head did not explain to me why the targeted individual who has been personality profiled to an extreme degree might be the only one subjected to the programming inlaid into all modern movies.  Perhaps many of the viewers are similarly programmed but the targeted individual may be further guided by direct voices coming from inside his or her head at a later date.  Needless to explain, I don’t own a television set and I don’t watch movies and I have not done so in the past twenty years.  The direct voices coming from inside my head have repeatedly said that they have no way of ever programming me to act against my will despite having obtained a detailed personality profile of me because of me being targeted by them over many years in the past.

On one occasion in the distant past the direct voices which I sometimes call the voices coming from inside my head informed me that football stadiums and large gathering centres have the built in capability to rewire the human brain.  A large amount of football stadiums have got all kinds of technology built in that the human brain can not withstand.  The direct voices further said that his technology is only switched on when people are actually present in the stadium and that  wireless telepathy is also being transmitted to human beings while they are present in these stadiums.   I myself have never visited a football stadium or any other large gathering as I dislike crowded places.

I once told one of the voices coming from inside my head that she was torturing me by speaking to me against my will.  She replied that she was just having a conversation with me.  I then replied that when people endure Chinese water torture any one droplet of water falling on the head of the victim does not account for any torture, but when the droplets keep falling constantly and incessantly they each combined become a source of extreme torture.  The voices that came from inside my head were constant and incessant day and night every waking moment for many years and so they became a source of extreme torture.  I began to feel like a worm wriggling under a microscope, and I believed that the human beings who were analysing me thought no more of my wellbeing than they would of such a worm.  I am explaining what it feels like to be on an in-home surveillance and non-consensual human experimentation and brain weapons testing program in order that you might realise that widespread in-home psychological torture is being conducted throughout the world and it must be stopped now.  We can easily achieve this for the most part by the simple act of dismantling all telephone masts and returning to the use of landline telephones..

One of the individuals who forced his voice into my head was heard to say by me on one occasion “This woman has debased herself in my presence by touching herself.”   All I did was scratch my leg  in my own home while I was alone.  This the extreme level of intrusion I have had to endure.  I wish to stress that these voices are not generated by A.I. technology.  These voices are the voices of real people and all responsibility for their evil activities is denied by their fellow  scientists who claim online that the voices are generated by A.I. technology.  I have had arguments over many years with these voices coming from inside my head and in my opinion they are definitely real people who speak to me by triangulating  a signal coming from three implants and directing it into the centre of my cranium.     If the long awaited 5G (Fifth Generation Wireless Technology)   is rolled out in the next few years anybody and everybody may be receiving voices coming directly from inside their heads which may be accompanied by visions and pain signals. This directed energy weapons technology combined with 5G wireless technology is primarily about human enslavement.   We can easily protect our freedom and the freedom of our children by dismantling all telephone masts forthwith and returning to the use of landlines for our communication. That act alone will stop 5G being rolled out and it will ensure our long term freedom and the freedom of our children.  It is generally well known by now that satellites are a hoax and space based weapons are a hoax.  Air and space can not co-exist side by side.

I personally wonder if 5G frequencies were transmitted into my home from nearby  electricity poles in order to enable the targeting of me in the distant past.  The voices coming from inside my head once informed me that if I went back to the end of the farm where I live and stayed there all night for just one night in a place far from electricity poles and various electromagnetic frequencies the neuro scientists would be unable to experiment on me for that night only  and would be obliged to take a night off from their work.  I wish I lived in a home in a place of isolation far away from an electricity supply and telephone masts.     If 5G is introduced throughout Ireland there will then be no place for anybody to hide.  5G can carry signals which enable pain signals to be sent from drones to target anybody while they sleep in their beds at night.  5G is an rigid control and enslavement protocol.  Please warn everybody about the eminent dangers of introducing 5G wireless technology into any country.

On one occasion in the past the voices coming from inside my head which were put their by the aid of advanced technology informed me that each time I switch off my whole house electricity supply at the switch board in the hall of my family home for a few minutes each day that this act alone sets the neuroscientists, who were conducting the illegal non-consensual experimentation on me, back a considerable degree to the extent that their computer programs are sent into disarray.   They implied that a constant uninterrupted supply of electricity is needed in order to enable them to conduct their experiments on targeted individuals throughout the wider world.

The voices coming from directly inside my head once informed me in the distant past that google has legal jurisdiction over what we say and do on a google account or any other account associated with google such as youtube or facebook or twitter.  They currently have not begun to enforce their legal jurisdiction over these matters yet but work has begun to set up such a legal jurisdiction system.    The voices further said that if individuals put the phrase “ of the family “ between their first name and surname on all of these online accounts then google will have no further jurisdiction over what they say and do online.  I have changed my own name to gretta of the family fahey.

I have been promoting the idea of dismantling all cell phone towers in the hope that such an action might protect us from on-going in-home surveillance and technological wireless enslavement. What if the antennas on cell phone towers have already been minaturised and inlaid into all domestic appliances at this point?. What if there is no further need for cell phone towers.?

At this point in time, we would wish for independent scientists to inform us of the current situation with relation to how directed energy weapons operatives direct their energy to our bodies and brains. Where are the antennas situated and would it help if we were to ask our politicians to have cell phone towers dismantled.

However, it is my belief that there are currently very few  scientists or technologists who can speak independently.   Most research scientists and technologists are currently either employed by the military, or by government owned and run scientific and technological research laboratories. More still are employed by members of the super-rich self proclaimed elite. All of the above would be obliged to sign secrecy clauses.

The only category of independent scientist or technologist who currently has a public voice is a someone who is employed by government owned and run universities such as Eton and Cambridge, Massachusetts. These universities have been black listed by the self-proclaimed elite because their staff refused to sign secrecy clauses leading to an outbreak of hostility in the media towards both of these universities.

If we wish to know what is happening behind the scenes in the world today, our best bet would be to request permission of these universities to enlighten us on the current situation with regard to dangers to human freedoms from scientific and technological advancements in the world today.

The people of all NATO countries are required to pay taxes on the understanding that we will all be protected by whatever state or country we live in.  However, large groups of people are not being offered any protection by the state or country they live in for many and varied reasons.  It is my understanding that many states and countries have now broken this unwritten contract with the people so this would imply that the people have no further need to pay taxes and we no longer need a government.  We are now in a situation of deregulation.  Therefore we aught not to pay any further taxes.


The internal voices which I hear coming directly from inside my head once informed me that tracers are being put into certain products that we internalise within our bodies and brains.  They further informed me that tracers are regularly added to  some brands of coffee and tea and similar products so that neuro scientists working from a distance with the aid of directed energy weapons can easily inspect the insides of our bodies.   They further informed me that tracers are also being put into aerosol deodorant so that these neuroscientists can easily inspect our air passages.  Other products that contain tracers are crisps and some ice creams especially cones.  Chemtrail aerosol spray contains a special type of tracer that allows neuro scientists and others to manipulate our brains in various ways.  The internal voices emphasised that chemtrail spraying is intrinsic to the creation of voice to skull voices inside the heads of targeted individuals.  I only drink cocoa which I am assured do not contain tracers.  I have removed all tea and coffee from my life.  The internal voices further informed me at that time that they can conduct urine assessments by remote control if there are tracers in the urine of the targeted individual.   The internal voices which come from inside my head further informed me that a brand of coffee called Nescafe contains vast amounts of tracers whereas another brand called Maxwell House contains almost no tracers whatsoever.   The situation of surveillance over the internal human body could arise if the so-called authorities suspected somebody  was obtaining disability allowance for a reason that could not be proven any other way than gross invasion of the privacy of that disability allowance recepient.  If a targeted individual is being psychologically tortured or physically tortured (for example being burned) in their own home to a degree that is unbearable then a viable alternative for that targeted individual might be to abdicate from the state by turning in their driving licence and birth certificate and closing their bank account.  When returning these licences and certificates one needs to use specific wording in the covering letter that goes along with the birth certificate.  The wording with each document returned, all in separate envelopes  is as follows:-    “I have no further use for this.”    Most targeted individuals are dependent on the state in many ways.  I am assured by the voice to skull attackers that our legitimate government in Ireland has no responsibility for me having been targeted by directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology.  However the individuals who are attacking me work behind the scenes in all governments.  They are not elected by the people.  The reason the attackers  have given themselves permission to  attack me is because they believe they have the right to do so based on the fact that they thought I was a citizen of Ireland which is legalese for slave and they are the super-rich people farmers who I often call the self proclaimed elite.  They feel that they obtained  the legal right to experiment on anybody who has a birth certificate.

On one occasion in the distant past the internal voices coming from inside my head informed me that I had been using too much electricity and they would limit my supply of electricity in the future.  Shortly afterwards my night time electricity supply stopped working.  I then waited a month before I asked the electricity authorities to repair the  situation which they immediately did.  ( I was not sure if I was entitled to get my night time electricity back at that time so I did not request it straight away.)

It has now been proven that the brains of human beings are being entrained by electronic devices to feel a variety of different emotions including incredulity.   It has also been proven that smart televisions can be used to program individuals into behaving in ways that are not in their best interest and into believing what individuals who control technology wish them to believe.  Therefore there is no further point in having elections or having politicians vote in parliament.  It is merely a side show.  The time has come to introduce a linear based self regulating system commonly known as Anarchy.  Anarchy is the only human regulating system that works in harmony with moral law.  All other political systems are hierarchical based and require us to refuse to use our free will and instead to hand over our free will to another agent whose true agenda we can not know.  This is contrary to moral law.

Real Estate law is now so extreme that nobody who is not one of the self-proclaimed elite will soon be able to purchase anything without written permission of somebody who works directly for agents of the self-proclaimed elite.

I have been informed in the distant past  by the internal voices coming from inside my head that most if not all of the internal messages I receive from these voices are being transmitted to me from Irish government insiders who have signed such severe secrecy clauses that they may not inform the general public of what is really happening behind the scenes throughout Ireland and the wider world without getting into serious trouble.  Of course I have no way of knowing if this is true.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me that it is a very easy matter to use directed energy weapons to entrain the brains of the masses of individuals into a state of religious fervour when they are inside a building such as a large religious centre.  They further said that this has been carried out on mostly unaware individuals on numerous occasions throughout the U.S.A.  No special technology needs to be installed in said building, however there must be brain entrainment technology installed in  telephone installations in the larger area which would be augmented by the use of smart phones by the unknowing congregation.

If a targeted individual succeeds in arousing suspicion among the general public that they are really being targeted with invisible directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology then the procedure that would be carried out by members of the self proclaimed elite and their agents is as follows :-    If we have nothing on the targeted individual we say  “This information is patently ridiculous nonsense.”   If we can find some crime or vice to accuse the targeted individual of we say  “This individual was under investigation all along.”

Mrs Lorraine Madison who is a resident of Dublin, Ireland had a part to play in my electronic harassment.  I don’t know who she is.  She and her staff have targeted up to and including twenty people or more in the West of Ireland with directed energy weapons over the last number of years.  She will be wanted by the police when they discover what she has been doing behind the scenes of everybody’s lives bar none.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that management are obliged to portray the targeted individual as an individual of ill repute in order to persuade the junior staff to conduct their in-home surveillance and electronic harassment  and what in some cases borders on electronic torture.

The self-proclaimed elite refer to the rest of humanity other than themselves as sheep and dogs.  Their dogs are the police and military who they use to round up any sheep that get out of line.  On one occasion in the distant past when the voices coming from inside my head were discussing their around the clock electronic harassment of me I heard them say to each other “We must not involve the sheep in this story at this time.”

On many occasions in the distant past the voices coming from inside my head have spoken amongst themselves about a time in the future where they imagined they would have heavy control over me.  They have spoken about a time in the future where they believe I would be willing to do their bidding.   They have said really frightening things such as ” Her single bed will have to go in the future.  We didn’t invest money not to have a go at this woman ourselves. ”   This really frightened me because I am a single middle aged woman and I sleep alone and I am not looking for sexual intimacy  and I would consider it rape if it ever happened.

The voices which I used to hear coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that if I ever published my story of being electronically harassed and tortured by both voice harassment technology and other electronic harassment technology they would then take steps to ensure that nobody would ever believe me by both incarcerating me in a mental hospital immediately and flooding the market with  stories  of a similar type but these new stories  would all be deliberately cast in a way to render them  easily disprovable, thereby casting my story into a cloud of incredulity.

The voices which I used to hear coming from inside my head once informed me that they would hope to announce the existence and abuse of mind invasive technology and directed energy weapons to the general public if a time ever arrived when all of the avenues of escape for humanity were ever tied down.

If you are ever being analysed by remote control by a team of neuro scientists and other scientists using mind invasive technology and other advanced technology, please place copper around your vital organs at all times to guard against this type of unwarranted and criminal invasion of your privacy.  Copper and lead are  the best shielding materials   that I know of.    On one occasion in the distant past I happened to be shielding myself with a piece of metal when a voice coming from inside my head was heard to say by me  ” You are pumping excessive power into a certain area of her body and you are thereby damaging the tissues of that area of her body”.   Another completely different voice was then heard to say by me ” She was shielding herself with a large piece of metal and I needed to pump extra power into her body in order to get my energy enabled visual aid  technology to penetrate  through the metal shielding.”

On one occasion in the distant past a voice coming from inside my head informed me that when a new staff member signs a contract in order to conduct uber- surveillance work and body analysis work on both human beings and animals they are not informed as to whether they will be uber-surveilling a human being or a remote animal in a distant land.  This level of ambiguity is sufficient inducement to allow many prospective staff members to throw caution to the wind and sign up for the short term because the financial incentives for doing so are enormous.  This form of manipulation of the staff ensures that there is always sufficient uptake of staff to run these highly unethical and extremely cruel programs.  Later if a staff member should try to leave they will be informed that they have signed a long term contract which they can not ever get out of until the death of the uber-surveillance subject.  This same methodology is being carried out on uber-surveillance staff members throughout the known world.

The uber-surveillance staff members only work on one subject at a time.  This may involve the staff member travelling and living overseas in order to complete their mission of total ruin or even death through suicide of the targeted individual.  The uber-surveillance staff are promised a large largesse when that mission is completed.  They are instructed to continue in their mission to deplete the targeted individual of their resources, financial and otherwise.  They are instructed to demonise the targeted individual at every possible opportunity, especially to their neighbours.  They are allowed to approach the targeted individual but they are never allowed to touch them.  They will have completed their mission if or when the targeted individual is either homeless or in prison or has committed suicide.  They will then receive their largesse.  It is my own opinion that these uber-surveillance programs have been introduced to all NATO and many other countries in order to destabilise society and to engender fear and mistrust in societies so that people become more and more unquestioning and obedient to laws and less likely to raise their heads above the radar and to question false authority.   However, it is easy matter to stop the progress of criminals wielding mind invasive technologies and voice harassment technologies in their tracks.  We must ask our political representative to have cell phone masts and other illegal technological paraphernalia dismantled from throughout our countries and to have the use of all smart engineered technologies banned from both public and private areas throughout the land.  We must have all public street lighting re-engineered because smart street lighting is being used to entrain the brains of humanity into states of happy apathy and inertia among many other moods.

If some individuals continue in their use of smart engineered technology their moods can be entrained any which way.  When our politicians dismantle all mobile phone masts also known as cell phone towers  then we will be able to decipher which areas are safest to live in based on whether mobile phones are still capable of receiving a signal to that particular area.  If they are still capable of receiving a signal then there may be hidden or camouflaged technology nearby on top of a tall tree or on a church steeple as is sometime the case in the U.S.A.  In my humble opinion this is the best way to win this war of attrition.  We can no longer use money as our guiding principal.  Our  only guiding principals must be human freedom and autonomy forever under a system of anarchy which is a system of self regulation, a system of rules without rulers.  It is the only system of running our affairs that is in harmony with moral law also known as natural law.   In all hierarchical based ruling systems we are  obliged to hand our free will over to individuals whose real agenda we can never truly know.  Handing over of our free will  and refusing to decide if something is objectively right or wrong before acting on it is against all known moral codes.

On one occasion in the past I was informed by the voices coming from inside my head that the shadow Irish government was running interference on 832 individuals within the whole island of Ireland.   Over one hundred of these targeted individuals were made aware of their continued targeting mostly through the means of voices being projected inside their heads via microwave radiation or a number of other means, and by being made to feel sensations both on the surface of their body and inside their body.   The remaining approximately seven hundred targeted individuals are being interfered with by covert means.  They are aware that they are having a run of bad luck.  They are aware that their electrical appliances keep breaking down and some of their minor possessions keep disappearing at an alarming rate.  However, they do not know why this is happening.   I personally am in contact with a number of targeted individuals throughout Ireland who are having similar experiences to the experiences I had myself in the distant past.    If any of these targeted individuals should contact the police or psychiatry they are constantly disbelieved.  All government agents such as police or military psychiatrists are obliged to carry smart engineered technology close to their person on a daily basis.  Therefore their ability to think clearly is under question.

I have mentioned previously in this website that it is inadvisable for targeted individuals to ever watch television because by doing so their brains can be entrained to a very relaxed state where they are leaving themselves open to  being programmed via programming which has previously been built in to the television transmission, being that the brains of said targeted individual have previously been evaluated in various ways for the most optimum ways such a personality type might possible be easily programmed.  I wish to add that the same brain entrainment can be achieved if a targeted individual plays computer games on their computer.   When a targeted individual is using their computer their handlers are also using the self same computer but from behind the screen.  The handler can read much about the targeted individual via the coagulation of the energy field of the body of the targeted individual with the energy coming off the computer.  This situation leaves the targeted individual open to allowing a vast amount of information about them to be read by their handlers sometimes known neuro operatives or perps or organised criminals.  When the organised criminals realise that the targeted individual is very relaxed while playing a computer game they may then input subliminal messages into the mind of the targeted individual by remote means via directed energy weapons but not via the computer screen.  Targeted individuals should really never use a computer or any technology containing a computer screen for example a smart phone at present.  I obtained vast amounts of information via my computer.  This type of information was previously denied to me and to most of the human race as a certain subset of humans with to dumb us down in order to manipulate us and control us.  I value my computer enormously.  Perhaps we could continue using our computers safely by using some type of shielding divice over our computer screens which would stop the coagulation of the human energy field with the energy which is given off by our computers.   I personally believe I may have found a viable solution to stop the perpetrators also known as handlers from interfering with my energy field whenever I use my computer.  I place two small radios on my stomach while I am surfing the internet.  I switch one of the radios to medium wave and the other radio to a completely different wave length.  I believe these radios cause such interference to the directed energy weapons of the weapons testers also known as organised criminals that they can no longer interfere with me in a myriad of ways while I am using my computer.  The radio dials can be fitted with a certain fitting so that they can never move from that particular setting which is the optimum setting to cause interference to the directed energy weapons.  I don’t know what the optimum radio settings are to cause maximum interference to the weapons test equipment but all radio settings cause some interference.

It is my belief that some of the members of the main stream media are being made to believe that their own mode of thinking and awareness is the only correct mode of thinking and awareness.  However, some of them appear totally unaware that they are living and operating inside a false reality construct that has been being built around them for hundreds of years.  The main methodologies being used to build this false reality construct are the school system,  all organised religions and new age religions, scientism, and the main stream media themselves among many other methodologies.   In order to see the real world they must unschool themselves and deprogram themselves from whatever belief system that they currently adhere to.  This false reality construct has been built on a fabrication of lies which they have no interest in deconstructing.  If they choose to continue on their current path they will wake up some day and realise they are slaves with so many laws built up around them that they will have a difficult time deconstruction said laws and taking back their freedom.  There has been a technological holocaust occurring under the radar of their lives for many decades without them showing any interest in it whatsoever and if they refuse to look into this situation their own children will be the next victims.  Many victims of in-home surveillance and voice harassment technology have committed suicide throughout Ireland and the wider world over the last number of years.  Many groups throughout Ireland appear to know nothing about technologically enabled in-home surveillance because they appear to be sheltered from  knowledge of the existence and abuse of  remote controlled voice harassment technology and other home invasive and body invasive technologies.  Civil servants and nursing staff and retail staff throughout Ireland are currently not being made aware of such matters.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me that they had been instructed to observe me to a level bordering on the forensic on a non-stop basis for the rest of my life.  They had connected me to a super computer that had been programmed to analyse me from every conceivable angle.  I am telling the whole truth.  I believe this is cruel and unjust and it may be what is in store for each and every one of you except for the would be enslavers because it is being set up worldwide as we speak.  This extremely evil enslavement system can be stopped on its tracks using a few very simple measures.  Never give samples of your own DNA or your childrens DNA to any member of the government.  Insist that all DNA data bases are deleted forthwith. Dismantle cell phone masts and other towers that may be emitting microwave radiation.

The voices coming from inside my head were once heard to say by me   “Has this woman Gretta Fahey been underwritten.? ”    Another voice coming from inside my head was heard to say by me  ”  No she can never be underwritten because she is a free will human being and nobody can ever own her.  She is entitled to autograph  rather than sign her name.  She effectively never needs to sign her name again and this is the law as it stands. ”

On one occasion in the past I pointed out to a voice coming from inside my head that she was committing acts of extreme evil by forcing her voice inside the head of another unwilling human being with the aid of voice harassment technology.   I immediately heard the voice coming from inside my head begin to cry.  Another completely different voice coming from inside my head was then heard to say by me  “Do I see a tear Marlena”.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me in certain terms that it is a simple matter to  to stop voice harassment and all other mind and body invasive technologies in their tracks.  We must rescind the Schengen treaty that we signed with the European Union sometime in the past few decades.  The neuro scientists and other specialists will not bother us ever again if we rescind the Schengen treaty immediately.


We must refuse to purchase shoes made of plastic and rubber that insulate us from the safety of the earth.  We must only wear leather soled shoes that allow us to remain in contact with the safety of the earth at all times in order to rid our bodies of electric charges and in order that our bodies might absorb  negative ions..   Our ancestors remained in constant contact with the earth for the whole of their lives even when they were sleeping because they slept on conductive material which was health giving.  You are better off sleeping in a basement that on the second floor if you have no earthing mats or earthing sheets or other earthing technologies.  The body voltage is lower the closer you sleep to the earth.

I once requested the voices coming from inside my head to disclose to the whole human race immediately the existence and abuse of all directed energy weapons and their entire capabilities.  They replied they would do so but only after they had reduced the entire human race except themselves to penury and enslavement.

If there were a fleet of war ships fast approaching our shores and I was at the look-out post, if I then informed the rest of my country of the fast approaching war ships and they decided that they did not believe me and they put me in a psychiatric hospital the war ships would still arrive.  A sane and balanced nation would  check to see if their were war ships fast approaching which would be a simple matter.   There are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of individuals throughout the known world informing the human race that they are being targeted with all manner of directed energy weapons and mind invasive technology, if you decide to incarcerate all of us in psychiatric hospitals thereby shutting us up the voice harassment technology and all the other neuro weapons would still exist and would still be used against you in the future.  At this stage it is an easy matter to have our claims investigated and to immediately dismantle the infrastructure which is all ground based and also rescind the Schengen treaty and every other treaty that we ever had the misfortune to sign with the European Union.  If any authority figure advises against a public investigation of the existence and abuse of neuro weapons  they are more than likely the enemy who have infiltrated our nation.  It is a simple matter to provide the evidence which we base our claims on.  You can yourself purchase voice harassment technology online at  Do not use the excuse of ” these claims are not evidence based ” ever again.

If a targeted individual of directed energy weapons is found to be no longer viable a killing will always happen on the seventh day of the week which is a Saturday.  The killing will be carried out by a combination of directed energy and asphyxiation.   Targeted individuals themselves are indifferent to death threats.   In many cases their suffering is as extreme as that experienced by concentration camp inmates of past centuries.  Therefore death holds no fear.


The following scenario is what you may expect to experience in your future if you do not dismantle all cell phone towers.   A small sample of your DNA will be taken at the time of your birth or any time you donate blood  or if ever you have a DNA test.  Then at some time in the future your unique brain signature will be taken by a small brain signature reader held near the back of your head for a period of approximately five minutes, unbeknownst to you.  You will be made to inhale nano-technology entwined with a fungus type material via chemtrail aerosol spraying.  This nano-technology entwined with a fungus type material which is commonly known as nano-fibres has also been known to be found in a wide variety of food stuffs and is also to be found deliberately enmeshed in the fibres of our clothing.   This nano-technology  will pass through the blood brain barrier and go into your brain.   When it is inside your brain the fungus type material will grow and entwine with your brain cells.   You are then locked on permanently to a super-computer via a brain computer interface using a stream of microwave energy  which currently eminates from cell phone towers, but later may be made to come from other sources.  Your brain then develops the capability to become a digital receiver and transmitter.   These nano-fibres are currently imbedded in the brains of forty two percent of the human race, each of who could be turned into a two way radio at the flick of a switch, many of who already are.  The technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that that is the case.   Governments could  stop all of this cruelty by banning chemtrail aerosol spraying of nano-fibres which  I assumed is achievable by inspecting  the cargo and fuselage of all large airplanes when they are stationed at airports.  We must return to processing our own food within our own countries and we must return to generating our own cloth and making our own clothes.  We must become autonomous within each country and within each region.  We have no other choice.  If we refuse to act immediately we will become virtually enslaved.  We are well under way to that situation  according to the internal voices which came from inside my head.    The heads of technology in every country in the world have become totally enslaved.  So will the writer of this article in the not too distant future if she does not cease all computer use shortly.

Over the next number of years your brain is mapped by a team of technologists who operate mostly above the law but with the tacit approval of the law in all cases.  From that point on said super-computer can be made to carry out a situational analysis of any and all aspects of your life at any time by any or all brain entrainment  technologists who work under the cover of anonymity.   You are then known to be captured.

Said super-computer then collects all of your thoughts in real time as you think them.  It also collects data on all of your verbal output and every stream of incoming data including everything you hear and everything you smell and everything you taste and everything you see.   It also collects data on how often you sit down or stand up or lay in bed.  It collects data on how often you laugh.  Because of this capability test subjects are often provoked to laugh artificially many times throughout each day in order to give the illusion that this human data analysis control system is easier than it is.

This super computer enabled human data analysis control system also has the capability to analyse all of your moods and  will highlight each and every time you feel a sense of suicide ideation.  If you are speaking to somebody who controls this super computer enabled data analysis  control system they can tell if you have hostile feelings towards them and they will discontinue the conversation immediately.  This has happened to me via a thought control analysis platform.   You can also be sent a stream of video images directly inside your skull  which will invariably be accompanied by voices and sensations.  The capability to send pain signals to you can be incorporated into this technology if you refuse to obey said voices.

All of this super computer enabled human data analysis control system can also be locked onto small children for experimental reasons.  Their parents would  later  be informed that they are suffering from a mental illness in order to cover up the true facts.   It is commonly believed by those in the know that many individuals throughout Ireland and the wider world have committed suicide because of being harassed by this body and mind invasive technology which is believed to be widespread at this current time.    However, the whole situation is being covered by erroneous mental health diagnoses and also a false belief in demonic possession,  extraterresterials, religious apparations, near death experiences, and a host of other cover stories.

Because I have been locked on to a data analysis human enslavement system via a super-computer in the past I was available for data analysis and invasion of my privacy at all times regardless of whether I was inside my home or in a public area or indeed anywhere.  Because I have bladder and bowel issues and I am in receipt of disability allowance I was analysed by remote control by wifi means continually each day.  When I was in the s0-called privacy of my own bathroom I would feel swirling energy placed around my nether regions for the purposes of data analysis  which would be accompanied by technology induced voices which were coming from inside my head discussing among themselves what they were doing to me and how they were going about it.   When I say nether regions I mean in essence crotch and bottom area of the body.   Sometimes when I was walking along a public road I would feel the self same swirling energy which would be circulating around various parts of my anatomy.   This wifi enabled system of remote control wireless human enslavement is meant for everyone except the would-be enslavers unless we dismantle all mobile phone masts in the near future.

Since directed energy weapons have come on stream the human race has lost all joy from their lives . They now can no longer enjoy privacy inside their own homes or even in their own beds. Any good living human being can be lying alone in their bed in the dark in the middle of the night and they suddenly might feel a strong surge of energy being pushed against any part of their body in a rough manner accompanied by a nasty and insulting comment coming from an anonymous coward who works for some private security company in some distant land.

All we need to do to stop this cruel mind and body invasion is to dismantle all cell phone towers. I have already written, and it bears repeating, that there are no space based weapons. Air and space can not co-exist side by side.   This feat has never been achieved in any laboratory setting ever.  There can be no space other than air. Therefore there can be no satellites or any other type of space based weapon.  Lies are being manufactured to fit whatever purpose is necessary by the Dark Luciferians who pull the strings behind the scenes of our lives.

The hoax of the existence of satellites was created to make the unelected cabal of would-be dictators seem invincible and to make the rest of humanity feel disempowered.

The unelected cabal who have a controlling influence on the affairs of NASA gain financially from the satellite hoax. NASA charges the unelected cabal up to one billion dollars per fake satellite.

There is no need for satellites. We could not improve on the system we had in place before satellites were first invented. The technology to support the internet, and so called satellite television was available for free since before 1943, as developed by Nichola Tesla. The would-be controllers wish us to pay exorbitant fees for technologies which are cheap and simple. The would-be controllers monotized free technology because of the satellite lie.

NASA claim there are satellites, twenty two thousand miles high, in geo-stationary velocities. All materials known to man would melt and evaporate if exposed to temperatures and radio active conditions in the thermosphere.

You can watch the International Space Station live forever, and you will never see one single lightening bolt. Special effects are inserted at a much later date.

While people believe in the satellite lie, they can be enslaved inside an electronic surveillance and control grid, because they will fail to realize that to escape this electronic prison is only a matter of dismantling all cell phone towers, and stopping all chemtrail spraying.

When targeted individuals are travelling by airplane they still hear voice to skull direct communications because chemtrails turn the sky into horizontal drift plasma antennas, which can direct and redirect all sorts of signals.  Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get  direct access to the brain and  nervous system in humans.   I obtained the information about the horizontal drift plasma antennas from a youtube video by Harald Kautz Vella called Bases at Woodborough.

If we stop all chemtrail spraying, we can disempower the self-proclaimed elite and get back our normal lives.  These opinions are just my personal opinions.

Smart engineered technology catches the user in a feedback  loop.  Reduce the usage of smart engineered technology.

Neuro weapons technicians have the capability  to induce unwanted and false mental images into the brain of the targeted individual at will.  I have had unwanted mental images of myself covered in grime forced into my mind against my will on many occasions.  They also induce you to imagine a large variety of unlikely images involving individuals you know and even involving religious idols in highly unlikely scenarios.

As is currently the case, microwave radiation largely is emitted from cell phone towers.  However, if we demolish cell phone towers the self proclaimed elite may be able to quantify the ability of smart land line phones to emit microwave radiation in the next number of years.  In such a scenario they would likely make it an illegal act to hold any technology that has the capability of detecting microwave radiation signals such has current smart phones have the capability to perform.  When we dismantle all cell phone towers as is more than likely the case we must remain vigilant of all technology in our environment from that time forward.

In all cases  the wearing of uniforms and the use of titles gives legitimacy to many criminal activities. The wearing of uniforms sometimes gives the illusion of amplified power to the wearer.   We must demand that all wearing of uniforms including school uniforms are decommissioned.  School uniforms may induce a herd mentality.  They may help to emphasise collectivism rather than the enormous innovative potential  of unique individual power.  Herd mentality  is not in the long term interest of humanity.

On one occasion in the distant past a voice coming from inside my head was heard to say by me “What will I now tell my clients  now that revelations are coming from many targeted individuals pertaining to how harshly they are being treated by us. ”  (Their clients are individuals who pay the electronic harassment criminals vast amounts of money for the right to conduct medical and other experiments on  targeted individuals.   Said targeted individuals are for the most part sequestered in mental hospitals and prisons and  are denied any and all rights to protect themselves from directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology.)  The voice coming from inside my head continued by saying the following ” In the past I always informed my clients that targeted individuals of non-consensual medical and brain weapons experimentation get treated very well and are happy.  This is all lies but it keeps the clients  free from doubt concerning the legitimacy or illegitimacy of their so-called work.

On one occasion in the distant past I was speaking to a voice coming from the centre of my cranium which I was led to believe was an Irish government spokesperson.  He claimed that he would send me a registered letter in the next post which would deny psychiatry any access to me for the rest of my entire life because the government had reached an understanding that targeted individuals were not and never had been mentally ill.  The government was now wholly of the opinion that all targeted individuals are and were being targeted with neuro weapons and were entirely sane and well balanced individuals otherwise.   I was about to reply to say that I and all of the other targeted individuals from the Republic of Ireland would welcome such a letter because it would enable us to speak openly about our targeting experiences without forced psychiatric intervention.  Just then a severely disturbing mental image was deliberately placed inside my mind by the surveillance team, an act which totally threw me off balance.   I am now of the opinion that the surveillance team wish to destroy all communication between governments and targeted individuals and perhaps even deliberately miscommunicate the government perspective to the targeted individuals and also communicate misinformation about the individual to be targeted to the government.  The surveillance team  have confessed to me via internal voices that they have done this on many occasions.   The surveillance team wish to hold the position of middle men , a position which holds all of the power to divide and conquer or deliberately miscommunicate or whatever else they wish to do.   The surveillance team informed me via internal voices that the Irish government are all good-will individuals.    However, their thinking is caught in a feedback loop because they may have been interfered with by nano-technology and other exotic technologies.  We must accept that this is not beyond the bounds of possibility.   Because of being a weapons test subject on and off for more than fourteen years I have developed occasional head tremors whenever I hear a loud noise.  Hilary Clinton has also developed head tremors whenever there is loud applause for her.  We must be forever vigilant.

Targeted individuals throughout Ireland and the wider world are currently in a limbo situation.   They are not allowed to visit their senior politician and inform him or her that they are being targeted with directed energy weapons and mind invasive technology.  If they did so the senior politician would have the legal prerogative to inform the local police who in turn would have the legal prerogative to inform a psychiatrist who in turn would have the legal prerogative to incarcerate said targeted individual inside an enclosed mental hospital where they could abandon all hope of ever escaping until such a time as they agreed to deny that they were ever targeted by energy weapons and until such a time as they falsely agreed that they were in fact mentally insane.  This situation is currently being played out thousands if not millions of times in insane asylums across the world.    This  system  of forced psychiatric intervention and forced medicating with highly toxic substances was deliberately set up many years in advance in order to cover up the existence and  abuse of said directed energy weapons and mind invasive technology.  It is one of the main arms of the  would-be slow enslavement protocol.  It must be dismantled immediately.

We aught to dismantle the forced schooling system for many reasons, the main one being that children and young adults are being programmed on a daily basis to love enslavement and to hate freedom.  Public Education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principle of collectivism, which means central control of humanity. Students are stripped of the ability to think for themselves, as they are always expected to ask an “authority figure” at the top of the room what they should think, and do at all times, while at school. This is a method of engendering “learned helplessness”. Students are taught to stand up and sit down when a bell rings, which is a method used to train animals. School makes everybody think alike, like a school of fish. Individuality and originality are squeezed out. Citizens are standardized and dissidents are put down. Public education aims at destroying free will, and it imprints children with fear. Forced schooling does not educate us. We just memories and regurgitate information, which we are not allowed to question, no matter how ridiculous that information is. There are thousands of topics which are possible to study. However, students are all obliged to select from the same segment of subjects to study. By this method, the criminal oligarchy can keep certain subjects off the study agenda completely. • It takes fifty hours to teach a child to read. After that, the child could educate themselves at home, on their own, without the need to be imprisoned on a part time basis, for the whole of their childhood. In todays modern world, interactive educational software should eliminate the need for all public education.

On one occasion in the very distant past I heard voices coming from inside my head say  ” Our surveillance staff have been feeding this woman information via the voice to skull military communication network for many years.  There is outright disobedience within the ranks of the staff who work in the human control system .  Our whole surveillance network will shortly collapse in disarray throughout the U.S.A. and Britian and elsewhere before long.”

Before anybody becomes a targeted individual of directed energy weapons operatives behind the scenes in our lives secretly build a profile of us with a view to getting us accepted on this profoundly evil weapons testing program.  In my case I have been informed via the voices coming from inside my cranium who tell me they are managers of the security network staff that the profile that they claimed was created about me  back in the nineties was falsified in most areas.   One of the false profile attributes that was attributed to me at the time was that I had no fixed abode. According to them having no fixed abode is deemed to be an attribute which is considered to be a misdeed.    No fixed abode is an intrinsic human right.  It should never be a reason to punish somebody.  Human beings have a moral and intrinsic right to move around constantly and to live in a motor home or in hostels or out of hotels or in homeless shelters.   Our ancestors  were nomads for a period of at least twenty million years. We are approximately seven billion human beings.  Who has put themselves on such a high pedestal of delusion that they falsely assume they have the duty and right to tell approximately seven  billion human beings that they can no longer behave in a way that they have behaved in for at least twenty million years.??????????   I am strongly interested in an answer to that question.  Who are you.??????????    It is not in the interests of the self-proclaimed elite that we have no fixed abode because they wish to quantify us at one location as an aid to enslaving us.   However it strongly in the interests of the human race that we must never be quantified.  We aught to  live in motor homes and move around constantly on an almost daily basis if we wish in order to avoid being quantified as an aid to being enslaved by this cabal of the super-rich.  Registering our children at birth is also strongly not in our interests or the interests of the children as it is the main means that they would be enslaved at a later date if this enslavement system is allowed to continue.   The self-proclaimed elite do not and never have registered their children in the whole history of registration of children on this planet, which intrinsicly means that the rest of humanity  are  not legally obliged and never have been legally obliged at any time in the past or indeed at any time in the future to register their children either. We aught to deregister our children in the neck of time before they become enslaved within months.  I have been warned that this may be the case. 

On one occasion in the distant past I was listening to the voices coming from inside my head talking among themselves.  I heard them say “Our broad based income has been reduced by as much as fifty percent because of constant questions being posed to us by this woman  (They were speaking about me.)  The voices coming from inside my head informed me that they were legally obliged under the terms of their contract to investigate each and every query I posed to them over a number of years which cost them an enormous amount of money due to legal fees.  I have not been able to find out who the individuals behind these voices coming from the centre of my cranium really are or indeed who they signed the supposed contract with.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that whenever we register something or somebody for example when we register our children this means that from then on the government has a controlling force in their lives.  The government can confiscate anything and everything that you register including said children.  If you register your vehicle  which currently is mandatory the government can confiscate it at any time after a fixed period of  the first six months of your ownership of said vehicle.  In Ireland the individuals themselves owned and controlled the credit unions in the past.  Then the government imposed a law making it mandatory that we register said credit unions with the governor general.  From that time forward the governor general of Ireland owned all Irish credit unions and all of the money therein.  Said governor general can legally now lock the doors of all credit unions throughout the Republic of Ireland save none and confiscate all of the money therein.  No law has ever been enacted to stop this state of affairs happening.

The voices coming from inside my cranium once informed me in the distant past that they are composed of security analysts and a Neuro Weapons Research team.

  • On one occasion in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that I was tarnishing the reputation of my country Ireland by transmitting stories of the abuse of directed energy weapons inside Ireland out to the wider world via my online activism.   I replied to them that Ireland is just a piece of land and it does not have an ego.   Some of the only individuals who were feeling distressed by my online activism and revealing of the truth of directed energy weapons abuse within the shores of Ireland were a select number of criminals who were harassing and torturing their country men and women with said weapons.   These said criminals wish to blend all of  the separate reputations of each of the human beings who live in Ireland into one standardized  or homogenized reputation.  However, the rest of us do not wish to associate with the inferior reputations of the self-proclaimed elite so we will not allow our reputations to be homogenized as one reputation under the name of Ireland.  These criminals who use directed energy weapons against their own fellow country men and women wish us to become a collective because a group can only be enslaved as a collective and they will always be free while they remain unique and powerful individuals.  It is deeply regrettable that collectivism is being strongly encouraged inside the  forced public school system and also through the mainly privately owned main stream media and also throughout many other facets of this false reality construct that the media and others are constructing around us on a constant basis of late.
  • False Patriotism is comparable to blind, unquestioning obedience to an organized religion. Under false patriotism, a country can do enormous wrong, and yet, the citizenry is not allowed to question that wrong. If they challenge government criminality, they are then accused of disloyalty to their country, and also of being unpatriotic. In some countries, the population are asked to support the troops, even if those troops go to a foreign country and kill innocent men, women and children, for reasons of stealing the resources of that country. There are two types of patriotism, False Patriotism is when you are inculcated to love your country despite its wrongdoings. False Patriotism is heavily endorsed and even directly mandated by the Satanic and Luciferian run establishment that currently pull the strings of the worldwide control system, in order to hide a multitude of abuses within governments and militaries throughout the world. True Patriotism is when you openly call attention to authority abuse or other wrong doings within your country, for the sake of love and respect and future freedoms of your fellow country people. True Patriotism can sometimes engender extreme hatred against you. For more information on patriotism please see the work of Mark Passio at
  • Bank Baleouts help to enrich self-proclaimed elite bankers, in the long term, and help to impoverish the country that has been baled out.
  • The self proclaimed   elite bankers  have accumulated untold wealth through borrowing and investing.  This is the biggest on going scam perpetrated on humanity. The other is their  wars that soldiers have fought and died for, believing that they were fighting for liberty and freedom, when it was only for more power and more wealth for the same self proclaimed elite bankers. These self-proclaimed elite bankers have fed on us and ruled over us for generations…
  • If the self-proclaimed elite and private bankers ever succeeded in locking us down in total enslavement, they would deny us the right to save money. We would then only be allowed pocket money. Humanity will never allow this situation to arise.

The technology induced voices once informed me in the past that I am no longer allowed to switch on my winter storage heaters until November, even though I always switched them on in mid September in the past.  Many individuals throughout the world have the capabilities of creating endless free energy by the use of perpetual motion machines and also by a number of other methods too numerous to mention so there was no apparent need to curtail my electricity usage other than for reasons of psychological manipulation of my mind.


The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that there is currently more than one fusion centre in Ireland.  However the main fusion centre is located in the midlands.   The technology induced voices coming from inside my head further informed me that I was not yet a commercial package.  They further added that in most countries including Ireland security analysts who manage Fusion Centres manage to make money off the use of targeted individuals by  selling time in front of special monitors located at said Fusion Centres.  . The technologically induced voices further informed me that the  fusion centre which is located in the midlands of Ireland is regularly made available to foreign students of unknown origin in order to allow them to study the human anatomy of said targeted individuals including the anatomy of this targeted individual Gretta Fahey.

Neuro Weapons are now being used in economic warfare by the use of placing undignified  and disturbing images  of business competitors or other competitors inside the minds of targeted individuals.     These disturbing images can be placed in both video and photograph type image form inside the mind of the targeted individual, and they can also be placed out in the room where the targeted individual is situated.   A targeted individual can be made to see floating heads of demons or indeed any possible video footage in front of them in their room.   The technologically induced voices informed me that technology currently exists that can place holograms across the sky.  On one occasion in the distant past a disturbing video was deliberately placed inside my mind.  This occurrence involved me being enabled to see a video which was projected inside my head of two individuals from one of my nearby towns having sexual relations.  These individuals are good living business people who happen to be in business competition with the self-proclaimed elite who surreptitiously own many of the businesses throughout Ireland and the wider world.  This fact mostly goes under the radar because said businesses are mostly owned by junior members of the self-proclaimed elite who hold no stocks in any other area.  Therefore their vast assets can be disguised.  This brain weapon capability of ruining the reputation of your business competitors via brain weapons technology was previously unknown to all but a few.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair.  When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults.  She further informed me that she gets paid under the table so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary.  Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be   a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head.  He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to  accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician.  He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be.  In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future.  If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives.  In my case they were having no success whatsoever.  We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.  My strong emotions guide me through my life.  If our emotions were ever dampened down and our ability to feel empathy was ever erased we would become unable to function effectively and we would lose our essence of goodness.  We must guard against directed energy weapons by dismantling all cell phone towers immediately because they are the super-structure that hold this evil would-be enslavement system in place.  An absence of cell phone towers equates to total freedom for humanity.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a man was heard to say by me “Is there infrastructure in place to take this woman Gretta Fahey down.  I then heard another internal voice reply “There is no infrastructure in place yet, but we are working on something. ”    I personally don’t know what they are working on and I don’t know what they mean by infrastructure but I am writing about all aspects of my experiences in order to inform the whole of humanity about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons.  Everything I have heard will be written about if I believe it will help anybody  and everybody to understand how these individuals work behind the scenes of all of our lives.

I personally believe that most of the military and police and intelligence services have been misinformed and disinformed concerning the capabilities of directed energy weapons and mind and body invasive technology and that is why it took them so long  to discover the horrifying truth that these weapons were designed to facilitate the enslavement of the whole human race until we foiled them.   However, I don’t always trust the information I receive from the technology induced voices coming from inside my head.  I personally have concerns about what happens when ever the government deregulates something we control.   Are the self-proclaimed elite purchasing everything that is becoming deregulated and owning and controlling it themselves?????????    We must be forever vigilant.

I once heard a technology induced voice coming from inside my head which I also call an internal voice and which I also sometimes call a voice coming from the centre of my cranium once inform another internal voice the following   This woman Gretta Fahey has a level eight radiation program on her website.

I once heard that a left wing political party and a right wing political party are two arms of the same head.  Left wing and right wing politicians argue with each other in government over many issues of no long term real importance.  They argue in such a eloquent way that most the people are swept along in the emotions that are drummed up by each issue.  However, any issue involving long term power is never ever allowed to be brought up for discussion ever.  The individuals who pull the strings behind the scenes of politics demand that this be the case.  Therefore both right wing and left wing politics are largely for show so that the human race will continue paying their taxes and working endlessly without complaint.   Many of the elected politicians themselves are kept in the dark about this dishonesty and never even realise that there are subjects that are strictly avoided.  We aught to refuse to vote in future.  We aught to regulate ourselves by a system of anarchy, which is a system of rules without rulers.  Anarchy is a self-regulating system and it is the only system of human self-regulation that operates in harmony with moral law also known as natural law.

The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head have such a wonderful command of language to the extent that I sometimes draw from their word power when I am writing.  I wondered if they were the self-proclaimed elite who have decided to dismantle the control system from the inside and are using some of the targeted individuals to communicate information to the rest of humanity.

If a human being has no privacy inside their own mind because of their thoughts being read and broadcast to a group of criminals in real time then said human being has nothing to lose.  If one loses the privacy of their own mind they have nothing left to hold on to and they have no joy left in their lives.  When an individual has nothing to lose that individual can not be controlled ever.   Taking away the privacy of our own minds through forcing us to unknowing ingest and inhale nanotechnology entwined with a fungus type material is counter productive to the aims of the criminal self-proclaimed elite.  They now  have a body of individuals to contend  with whose free will they can not ever control.  They now have a body of individuals to contend with who will forever refuse to co-operative with the highly immoral and at times illegal control system in any way because they don’t mind if the controllers kill them or not.   This new control system is pathological.

My own personal recommendation is that the whole human race must periodically fast for forty days every year in order to purify themselves, or other wise they are shortly going to turn savage.  Our ancestors from every single part of the whole world always fasted for long periods every year in order to keep their lineage pure and in order to keep their minds sharp and their bodies healthy.  Fasting also improves spiritual health in the sense that it  strongly increases our ability to empathise with all sentient beings on this planet.  We must return to fasting as a way to make this world  a happy place to live in.  There are many good books on the benefits of fasting.  I am recommending “The Miracle of Fasting” by Paul and Patricia Bragg and also “Fasting for Renewal of Life” by Herbert M Shelton.

We can easily know who the self-proclaimed elite are because they are practically the only group in the western world who do not have their children registered at birth.

On many occasions in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that if I ever succeed in totally convincing any of my family members for instance my sister or any of my brothers that what has happened to me is real and is an enslavement protocol for all of humanity except for the would-be enslavers they would then extend this enslavement program to one of my family members as a punishment.    This is standard bullying behaviour.   You must not tell anyone you are being psychologically tortured or we will torture them too.     In spite of these threats  I informed all of my extended family members and my neighbours of my extreme psychological torture experiences and they are all extremely supportive of me.

The technology enabled voices which I have heard coming from inside my head once informed me in the past as to how this program for government now being run by the shadow government of Ireland was first introduced into Ireland.   The self-proclaimed elite  some of who may be within the ranks of the intelligence services  first created a vastly detailed personality profile of each senior politician in Ireland.  They then broke the politicians down into a group who would co-operate with them in many ways and a group who would not co-operate with them.  They then approached the latter group who flat out rejected the idea of the introduction of directed energy weapons into Ireland.  The self-proclaimed elite then disseminated information about members of that latter group which was not in the favour of said latter group members.  The self-proclaimed elite then approached the former group who readily acquiesced to their suggestions as their thoughts had been muddied through deliberately applied misinformation and disinformation.  At this late stage the latter group of senior politicians had left the ranks of politics.  This is how things are currently being done throughout the world.

The technology enabled voices which I have once heard coming from inside my head once informed me that there was a community of lawyers working with the neuroscientists and the security research team, and that said community of lawyers were willing to answer my queries which I placed with them inside my head in the form of a question as long as these questions had an intelligent basis.   As you may know from reading this website, and from reading one of my other blogs called Radional Evaluation of Organised Religions I have trust issues and extreme anger issues with the Vatican.  As an experiment I placed the following question with the community of lawyers via the technology enabled internal voice network.  Am I within my rights to spray slurry on the Pope if he was walking on my farm while I was spraying it with slurry???  They replied that I had a legal right to spray slurry on the Pope under certain circumstances.   I then quickly following on with the question  Have I the legal right to imagine myself spraying slurry on the Pope inside my mind while my mind is being envaded by neuro weapons specialists  who may be agents of the Vatican, who have the known  capability to broadcast my imagined video images to other neuro scientists and organised criminals  and the wider world?  They then replied that I had the legal right to do so.  This means that I and all other targeted individuals have the capability to imagine scenarios that are unwelcome to the would be enslavers to the extent that we can upset them to a large extent.  In times of war (using neuro weapons) we must use every capability we have to usurp the enemy.  I am of the belief that the Vatican and the Dark Luciferians may be two arms of the same head, and the head being that of the would be enslavers.  We are morally wrong to hand over our free will to any organised belief system because we can never truly know what their real agenda is.  We have a moral obligation to remain agnostic until the day we die while adopting a strong code of ethics based on our intrinsic empathy combined with moral philosophy combined with Natural Law.   In the next one hundred years,  approximately seven billion children will be born on to this planet.  I care deeply that they will be born into freedom rather than the technological enslavement many individuals now live under.  I am prepared to endure any amount of hate in order to help achieve the aim of total freedom and autonomy for the children of humanity.  The ordination of the pope was simply an act of mesmerism of humanity.  Nothing of a supernatural nature took place at that time or any other time during similar acts of mesmerism.     We are all equals.  We are all made from the same genetic material.  We are all of infinite value.  Nobody should ever be put on a pedestal.  Nobody should ever be looked down upon and have their mind invaded by neuroweapons as if they have no ability to feel the pain and humiliation that such a situation brings with it.   Anybody stupid enough to look up to somebody will be also willing to look down on somebody else. Don’t ever trust such people.  They have lost their way.

The real reason I asked the community of lawyers a pertinent question concerning the Pope standing  in a field of slurry as per the previous paragraph is because I did not wish to physically injure the Pope.  I merely wished to wake him up to his responsibilities towards humanity.  Currently hundreds of thousands of individuals through out the whole human race are being in-home surveilled and both physically and psychologically tortured by extremely advanced mind invasive and body invasive neuro weapons.  The Pope attends all of the World Economic Forum think tanks being held  throughout the world and he is no doubt aware of the existence and abuse of said neuro weapons.  Secrecy allows evil to flourish.  The abuse of said neuro weapons can only happen if they are kept secret.  The Pope has agents throughout the known world known as priests.  If said Pope had a will to do so he could expose the existence and abuse of said neuro weapons in a matter of one day thereby freeing hundreds of thousands of individuals from their lives of covert  in-home surveillance and torture.   This current situation of in-home surveillance and torture could possibly lead to the enslavement of all of human kind except the self-proclaimed elite if it is  not stopped.   The Pope has not said a word to anyone.  All heads of churches throughout the world who are in alignment with the Vatican should consider breaking all ties with the Vatican.  This would cut off the financial support to the Vatican.  It would also disable the Vatican,s ability to maintain humanity in a state of passivity which is lulling them into a false sense of security which is currently the case. Even though I am no longer in alignment with the church everything that happens on this planet affects me just as much as it effects everyone else.    All human beings who live on this planet have enjoyed freedom of speech for five hundred million years or as far back as historians of ancient history have gone.   I enjoy freedom of speech just the same as all of the other seven billion human beings on this planet.  We all must have the courage to discuss unpopular issues.

The technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that their password which allows them to use the neuro weapons technology is their unique energy signature also known as their unique brain signature.  Because of this situation they can never hope to escape from what they have carried out.  If ever they walk past a store or any public building containing a digital media screen their unique brain signature can automatically be read to the extent that they can never hide their past of being brain weapons researchers.

In the next one thousand years,   seventy billion helpless and vulnerable babies will be born onto this planet.   It is each of our duties to make sure that they arrive into a planet free of technological enslavement, so that they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.     Please play your part in organising to have mobile phone masts dismantled today.    If you play your part in aiding and abetting in helping towards future human freedom on this planet, you will be secure in the knowledge that you will leave a happy human race long after you are no more.

I wish to return to the subject of putting radios on and keeping them close to your body as a form of protection from having private information about  the workings of your internal organs read by neuro weapons experts and then sold on to outside interests for enormous amounts of money.  I used to place two analogue radios close to me one set at FM and the other one set at medium wave.  I would then hear technologically induced voices coming from inside my head complaining that they could not obtain information from my bodily functions because of signal interference.  I decided to purchase another small radio in order to keep in my bed while I was sleeping so that these organised criminals could not obtain information from my body while I was sleeping.  I mistakingly purchase  a world band radio instead of a  normal one.    When I placed it against my body I then heard a voice coming from inside my head say   ” Analogue radios used to block our information signals but this new world band radio not only blocks information signals coming from the subjects body, it also inserts new signals inside the subjects body which hinders our ability to gain information even further.

When I was a child living on a farm in Ireland in the nineteen sixties my parents practiced mixed farming in the sense that they grew most of our food and most of the food for the farm animals.  We also harvested our own fuel called turf.  We were nearly self sufficient.  Then we joined the European Economic Community.  My parents were then advised to stream line their farm practices.  They were strongly advised by government employed agriculture instructors to stop growing our own food and likewise the food for the farm animals and to produce one product on our farm only but on a much larger scale .  They were advised by the agricultural instructors to purchase all of our other groceries in the nearby town.  Eventually my parents began to focus on producing only one product which was supplying milk to a nearby creamery.  They purchased most of the rest of their groceries from the nearby towns.      In the  past,   whenever I  myself self purchased groceries  I got taunted by the technology enabled voices coming from inside my head about purchasing shop bought products and implying I should be growing my own groceries.  The European parliament are the very individuals who dissuaded us from growing our own groceries in the distant past.  Now they and their agents taunt us for not growing our own groceries.

I was informed by the technology enabled voices which were coming from inside my head that if I  did not maintain a constant presence in the workplace I would be murdered and good riddance.  The dark luciferian would-be enslavers are attempting to use immoral principles to set up a template to enslave the human race via an interface from a super-computer to  human brains.  We can stop this process immediately by dismantling the mobile phone masts because the whole technological enslavement super structure depends primarily on the mobile phone masts.  Many regions throughout the world have recently dismantled their mobile phone masts also known as cell phone towers. This fact is not being reported by the main stream media because the main stream media is owned and controlled by the dark luciferian would-be enslavers and their agents.

Whenever I was hearing technology enabled voices coming from inside my head in the distant past I constantly heard conflicting messages.  Some of the technology enabled voices gave me extremely frightening messages while some other voices were helpful and they gave me information that would help humanity to understand that this mind invasive and body invasive technology was extremely dangerous and information on how to put things right by dismantling all telephone masts immediately.

Because I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which I wrote about in another blog on this website, the neuro weapons operatives constantly conducted tests on me using their mind invasive and body invasive energy weapons. Because of the fact that I was locked on permanently to a super-computer via a brain computer interface using a stream of microwave energy which eminates from cell phone towers, and because my brain was mapped by a team of technologists the neuroweapons team were able to see my naked body clearly on their screens at all times. They have done a whole body analysis of me so that they have exact details of the shape of my body. Whenever I was in the privacy of my own home in my own bathroom on the toilet the neuro weapons operatives would send streams of swirling energy to the anal aperture in order to conduct tests on me.    They would make comments while conducting these toilet tests such as “The contours of her body are blocking the toilet seat. ”  among other pertanent comments.  They would also make insulting comments about me while doing this to me. There was no where I could go in order to escape them. I was trapped and humiliated to the point of not having any dignity whatsoever. They left me with nothing to lose. They gained virtual  knowledge of my body against my will.   They then claimed that they were going to place a false story about me online and elsewhere and they were going to claim that I wrote it myself. They also informed me that if I refused to co-operate with the system they would kill me. I replied     “Hurry on and kill me quickly, I long for death”.   When I complained to the technology induced voices coming from inside my head that we all have the intrinsic right to be treated with dignity he replied that if I had attended my doctor as required there would be no financial outlay necessary.  ??????

The whole European Union is based upon satanic and luciferian principles in that any individual who is not in paid employment is now considered a disposable slave by all member states of the European Union and further afield.  Likewise the European Security Council is wholey based on satanic and luciferian principles.  That is why I am being treated in such a disrespectful way even though I and all human beings are of infinite value.  We initially set up our governments to administer our affairs.  These same governments now have turned on us and are psychologically and sometimes physically torturing a small but growing minority of us while we are in the supposed privacy and safety of our own homes.

I wish to state categorically that I have total intellectual property rights over any and all data that has been gained  from my mind and body over the last number of years due to being a targeted individual of mind and body invasive technology.     I own my own thoughts and memories along with all data concerning my body and mind processes and this data was stolen from me along with my dignity and privacy.

Currently, more and more university students and senior graduates are being asked to live-in while studying and while on the job training.   The technology enabled voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the past have informed me that this practice of keeping university students and senior graduates in housed accommodation is being set up  in order to create an opportunity where unknown agents of the self-proclaimed elite can conduct whole brain analysis of these students while they sleep.  The thinking capacity of said student can be injured over time by means of electromagnetic radiation while the student is sleeping at night so that said student would be unable to think rationally on the long term by disabling a certain subset of their thinking apparatus so that they could never question corrupt practices in their future workplaces.  This is necessary because currently more and more work is based on corrupt work practices because of the remote influencing capability of the self-proclaimed elite.   This practice of conducting neuro weapons research on university students has been happening on and off for many years.  The reason that the neuro weapons programmers  wished to have the students and senior graduates housed in convenient locations is in order to make the work more convenient to the neuro weapons programmers who are obliged to work while the students sleep.  The employers are sometimes well aware of the neuro weapons programming that is being carried out on their senior graduates.  However said employers have themselves been programmed by these neuro weapons are they are no longer capable of making value judgements on that or indeed any matter of any relevance to the human race.  All levels of university students and some levels of university lecturers have had their brains interfered with by neuro weapons so that they are incapable of feeling empathy towards their fellow human being.   They are no longer capable of understanding that all human beings are equal to each other and that all human beings are of infinite value and that all human beings are infinitely precious.  Instead they  are being influenced to falsely believe that each human being is merely a commodity who contributes to both  the agenda and the purse of the self-proclaimed elite.  Please see one of my other blogs called “The World of Work”  on this website which itself is called

The technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that government employees are being programmed to keep their smart phones with them at all times.

I have no financial expectations from writing these blogs on this my own website.  I am merely fulfilling a request which I received from the technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the past to publish material  which was given to me by said internal voices.  I live entirely off the disability allowance which I enjoy which is donated to me by both Irish and European tax-payers and said disability allowance is currently being administered by the Irish government.   If we fail to dismantled the cell phone towers which are the super-structure for the technology enabled would-be enslavement system we may soon reach a point where there is no longer any Irish government to administer said disability allowance.  I am cognisant of this fact as I write this blog.  Money can no longer be our guiding principal.  Personal freedom and autonomy for the whole human race ourselves included is now our guiding principal.  We aught to dismantle said cell phone towers right now in order to ensure that this personal freedom is guaranteed forever.

A certain few of the technology induced voices who I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past informed me that they were unaware that they were forcing their voices inside my head against my will.  They claimed that they were of the understanding that they were having conversations with me inside the perimeters of my own home by means of a loudspeaker so that I was enabled to speak to them no matter what room of my home I happened to me in at the time.  However, other technology induced voices contradict this assumption and claim that everybody who works along side them knows exactly what cruel act  they are carrying out on  their fellow human beings.  Nobody is allowed to work with this advanced voice to skull technology without knowing exactly what they are being enabled to do and that is they are enabled to speak directly inside the human skull  unhindered by the will of said human.  Many of these human beings commit suicide because they can not sustain the level of contempt that is shown to them by the people who are forcing their voices inside the skull of the targeted individual almost every waking moment of the targeted individuals life.  It is my personal assessment of the situation that fourteen million individuals committed suicide throughout the world over the past twenty years largely because of neuro weapons testing programs.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once gave me information in the distant past about the long term plans of the self-proclaimed elite also known as the would-be enslavers concerning the subject of vegetarianism.  The fact that I myself am a vegetarian has no baring on this story.  The self-proclaimed elite plan to make vegetarianism mandatory to all be a few northern dwellers.  By doing this they would then be able to lock down and totally control the worlds food supply.  They would make pre-cooked food widely available in the workplace.  It would be the only place where people would be allowed to eat food.  The pre-cooked food would be blended with dumbing down drugs such as fluoride.  No other food would be available for purchase anywhere and all private land would be bought up and locked away at that stage and nobody would be allowed to access it without permission even if they were paid to farm it  The purchase of all private land by the self-proclaimed elite is easily achievable at this stage because the self-proclaimed elite own and control the whole financial district known as the city of London which is a tiny country within another country.  Therefore it can not be accessed by anyone other than the self same self-proclaimed elite.  We must act fast to put a stop to this cruel enslavement system that has already penetrated this country in a myriad of ways.

On one occasion in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that because I have been locked onto a super-computer via a stream of energy the neuro weapons technologists were able to see my energy imprint at all times on a map in an area that had been co-ordinated by the neuro-weapons experts to match the areas that I was most likely to travel on.    The neuro weapons experts had also co-ordinated the inside of my home and also the outer perimeter around my home in such a way as they could see my energy imprint when ever I was on location in any of these areas.  Whenever I left these co-ordinated areas and unexpectedly went off track the neuro weapons team would no longer be able to see my energy imprint and therefore they would no longer be able to gather information from my mind and body.  If I ever went into a field they would have no way of gathering information from my mind and body or of manipulating my mind or body in any way whatsoever.  This situation of wandering off track was made to happen by me on a regular basis.   Many other targeted individuals move constantly in an effort to evade their neuro weapons team.  However, these targeted individuals move either from city to city or within a city which is not effective in evading the neuro weapons teams because all parts of some cities have already been co-ordinated.  The co-ordinating of areas are done by special teams of neuro weapons technicians  who plant lasers in the ground in order to measure the distance from place to place in order to collect accurate data of each and every individual on the planet at some time in the not too distant future if the cell phone towers are not dismantled as advised.  The co-ordinations are merely lasers on a map which are supported by a network of conduits  so they are of no importance in the grand scheme of things other than to tie up all loose ends for any investigators who may wish to know this information.

I myself and the majority of the human race were of the belief that God guaranteed us privacy inside our own minds for all of our entire lives regardless of whatever else happened to us.  I was of the belief that my mind was forever free from invasion and trespass.  I was of the belief that my thoughts,  feelings and memories were forever private.  When I discovered that is not at all the case I was angry with my creator.    That is one of the main reasons why I decided to rationally evaluate organised religions and I found them sadly wanting.  That is one of the main reasons why I became and I still am an agnostic.  When I once in the past discussed my feelings about this topic with the technology induced voices coming from inside my head these technology induced voices accused me of being obscene and they confessed that such a topic would not be allowed to ever be discussed in their country of origin.   (they did not name their country of origin).    I then replied that if they are not allowed to publicly discuss all of life’ issues freely in  their country the people of their country could never be truly intelligent, just heavily mind controlled to never question the vested interests of organised religions of which there are approximately ten thousand throughout the world.     For further information please see my blog called “Rational Evaluation of Organised Religions” as well as many other blogs on this website which itself is called

When a targeted individual is having  all their thoughts, feelings and memories read in real time totally against their will by neuro weapons technicians   using brain weapons technology that targeted individual feels a great deal of stress.    However, when the same targeted individual is also forced to listen to the   intelligent seeming voices of what would appear to be  one hundred or more neuro weapons technicians per day  who are almost constantly asking the targeted individual questions and  provoking the targeted individual,  then the targeted individual becomes  mentally over stimulated to an extreme degree.  The targeted individual has no escape from these  technology enabled almost constant insults and questions.  The targeted individual seeks to find ways to reduce the constant mental stimulation.  The targeted individual often will lie down in a silent and dark bedroom in order to reduce the level of  mental stimulation.  They will not wish to speak to anybody because that act would raise the level of over stimulation instead of reducing it.   If you know of somebody who constantly hears technology induced voices coming from inside their heads and if said voice hearer wishes to be alone in a dark and silent bedroom for long periods of time please understand that said voice hearer is in no way mentally ill.  They are just behaving in a rational way in order to reduce the level of mental stimulation that they are being exposed to.  If you attempt to persuade said voice hearer to go out and mix socially you are being misguided.  (Human memories  can be extracted by neuro  scientific researchers.  ).

On one occasion in the distant past the technology generated voices of neuroscientists coming from inside my head informed me that at that stage of their work seventeen percent of my body was under external control.  This capability may be explained scientifically by the fact that humans have been inhaling and ingesting nano fibres in combination with a multitude of other particulates which are being sprayed on us from airplanes.  This is called chemtrail aerosol spraying.   The nano fibres then attach themselves on to the cells of our bodies because they are embedded in a fungus type material when we first inhale them.   The nano fibres can send and receive messages to and from a super computer which the targeted individual has been attached onto via their unique brain signature combined with their DNA signature.   The super-computer co-ordinates the position of each nano-fibre in relation to the position of all the other nano fibres throughout the human body.   With the help of neuro technicians working around the clock over many years certain parts of the body of the targeted individual could conceiveably be controlled externally.    I believe this to be true because on  one occasion the muscles of a part of my face  suddenly moved against my will and my expression  changed momentarily.   Whenever the technologically induced voices coming from inside my head spoke to me in the distant past my own mouth, lips and jaw would always move in harmony with their words.   I initially thought this phenomenon was also caused by the embedded nano fibres but the voices disagreed and instead claimed that the real cause of my lips, jaw and mouth moving when they spoke to me in the distant past is because of mind meld only.  However they agreed that when somebodys eyes suddenly change shape that may be because of nano fibre external manipulation.      Many other targeted individuals have complained of the exact same set of phenomena.  This phenomenon would explain away the  recent false explanation of demonic possession.   I had been locked on to an artificial intelligence complex via a computer brain link interface which was enabled by a stream of microwave energy coming from cell phone towers in my local area.  Previous to that,  neuroscientists had fully mapped my brain,  a job which took them many years to finalise.  The neuro scientists assured me that all of this was true and it was also happening to many other targeted individuals throughout the known world.  They advised me that my computer was being used against me and that I should never ever use it again for the rest of my life.  They repeated that my computer was lethal to my well being.  Mobile phone masts also known as cell phone towers are shortly being dismantled throughout the whole world.  From that day on I will have no further concerns about the work that was done on my brain and body via computer brain link interface in the distant past.

When research scientists were working on my brain and body in the past they would always receive an information overload notification from their computer under certain circumstances whenever confusing signals were coming in to my brain and body.    In such situations the signals would  overload and begin to short circuit.  This situation occurred whenever I listened to a youtube video on my computer which was narrated by voice synthesis which means that the speaking voice has been modulated with electricity.  Other situations which caused information overload were by leaving a radio set to medium wave switched on beside me whenever I worked on my computer so that my energy imprint could not be read  successfully via my computer monitor.   Still another situation that caused information overload was if I suddenly woke up unexpectedly in the middle of the night and then switched on a very bright bedside light.  In such a situation  the voices coming from inside my head would complain of information overload and they would then complain that I had destroyed their nights work.   (I realise that in the past I wrote that bedside lights can be used against us and that information may also have a small element of truth in it. )   If a government ever wished to send a message to their constituents through the medium of television news they could easily do so by having said message read by a voice synthesis mechanism thereby confusing any artificial intelligence system that may be monitoring television news content.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that at this point in time all banks have top of the range security features installed on their premises including smart engineered technology.   The smart screens that are in banks can take an energy imprint of each customer and staff member.  The  human energy imprint gives a wide variety of information to the intelligence services who monitor the information gleaned from all smart screens throughout whatever country they happen to be in.  The human energy imprint can tell the current mood of the customer and what type of food they have last eaten and their heart rate and pulse rate among other data.  Similar smart screen security technology is soon due to be installed in some supermarkets.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that they would mount a counter intelligence campaign against myself and others who were proclaiming  the truth that they had heard technology induced voices coming from inside their heads in the past.  The technology induced voices continued that it is normal practice in such instances to open a debate on the matter where lies would be disseminated which would counter the claims of the targeted individuals.  The voices continued by saying that said  counter intelligence campaign would also be used to spread lies about me and about my sources.   My other  sources have informed me that this campaign of false propaganda is about to take place within the next few days.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that they believe that it is possible for a targeted individual to keep down a job while constantly hearing technology induced voices.  I personally don’t believe it is possible to do so.  Hearing technologically induced voices coming from inside your head on a constant basis is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to focus on anything else but the voice content.  However, the self-proclaimed elite wish to normalise technologically induced voice hearing and they also wish us to attend work while hearing their voices  combined with computer generated voices issuing instructions to us on an almost constant basis while we work and while we relax through out the course of each  and every day for the rest of our lives.

The neuro technologists and all other staff members who generate the voices which I hear inside my head can never ever approach me in real life in order to beat me up or even deliver a message to me because their energy imprint would be immediately picked up by the stream of energy that has been locked on to me via long range wifi.  Therefore they rely entirely on me to get the word out about the extremely perilous  predicament the human race is currently in.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me  that legitimate Irish tax-payers money is being used to pursue an agenda against me personally by none other than the  minister for finance.

Targeted individuals are under constant virtual surveillance every moment of their life.   The surveillance network staff who monitor the targeted individuals are obliged to make negative comments on all aspects of the targeted individuals life.  The surveillance network make comments such as    “Have you washed your dishes yet”   “Don’t spend so much money”   “Your conversations are boring.”   “Don’t over eat”.   “Don’t waste water.”     These negative comments are constant throughout each day and also every waking moment of each night.    Eventually the targeted individual stops going out socially because if they do go out negative comments will be made by the surveillance network concerning each conversation the targeted individual has had while they were out.   The targeted individual will also be criticised for their phone conversation style.  Eventually the targeted individual realises there is no point in doing anything because whatever they do or say will be met with disapproval by the surveillance network who monitor them twenty four hours per day for many years.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they do everything in their power via the main-stream media to change the thinking of humanity such that humanity is strongly prejudiced against anybody who claims that they hear voices coming from inside their heads.  Humanity is manipulated to be fearful and threatened by anybody who claims to hear voices when in fact all voice hearers hear only technologically induced voices similar to having a telephone conversation.   Said voice hearers are no different  whatsoever to the rest of humanity.