When the individuals that are paid to insult me manage to evoke a state of extreme distress in me that is when the neuro weapons technicians who work along with them perform their share of the assignment. The neuro weapons technicians take a record of whatever pattern of evoked potentials is generated on their screen by my brain waves at the time I felt the most distress. They encode that particular pattern of evoked potentials into the neural encoding network in order to re-ignite this particular state of distress in me at a date when I am within hearing of my own general practitioner. They would re-ignite this state of distress in me in the hope that said general practitioner would then have me committed to a mental institution under the mistaken belief that I was mentally insane.

On one occasion in the distant past after I had been a pure vegetarian more or less for an extended period of time the neuro weapons technicians appeared to be making extreme headway into encroachment into my ability to control my own body.  As I have written about in an earlier blog these neuro weapons technicians had informed me via voice to skull military communication technology directly into the centre of my head that they were encoding the neurons of my motor cortex so that they could gain control of various parts of my body slowly and incrementlally  on a piecemeal basis..  The previous day they had momentarily denied me access to information going from my left arm to my motor cortex thereby rendering my left arm partially paralysed for a brief moment.   I felt at the time as if a band had been tied around my upper left arm.  I then felt as if elements within my arm had a power all of their own which was nothing to do with me.  I then experienced a very brief moment where I could not feel anything at all  from my left arm below the band.   I have often experienced sensations like that before in various parts of my body including my face.  As you can imagine I was extremely worried.   Because I had been informed by these technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head that the type of food which I ate had an extreme bearing on their studies of me I decided to retaliate by deliberately eating non-vegetarian food in order to screw up their studies of me.  They came across to me as being extremely angry because of this situation.  I then heard a technologically induced voice coming from inside my head which said ” Unearth anything you can on her because I wish to take her in for questioning.”  This was followed by another voice which said “We have nothing on her.”    Further to this experience at a later date other technologically induced voices informed me that a new fictitious mental illness will shortly be created to provide a cover for the work of the neuro technicians  who are working in the criminal activity of decoding and encoding the motor cortex of human beings who are being micro-surveilled inside their own homes.  The name of the new fictitious mental illness is to be called Neuronal Psychosis or something along those lines and it will be duly entered into the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses which is more commonly known as the D.S.M.

On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head informed me that in order to successfully enslave humanity the would be enslavers would first need to build a false reality for humanity.  This effectively means that all targeted individuals are strongly discouraged from ever discussing information about the past one hundred years or more that they would have directly experienced themselves or heard about from their own parents and grandparents  and extended families.   Pertaining to that fact I was once discussing my own family history with somebody when I happened to mention that my own grandparents and their whole families and neighbours  were so healthy that they were born, lived out their whole lives, and  subsequently died without ever seeing a medical doctor.  Medical doctors who are now more commonly known as general practitioners or GPs  were not plentiful at that time and they were considered an unnecessary evil by most individuals of those generations.  The technologically induced voice coming from inside my head informed me that she had been strongly informed by her direct superior that human beings would die if they did not see their doctor on a bi-annual basis.   She further informed me that it is a legal offence if she and her colleagues failed to show up for their medical appointments in a timely manner at least one time per year.  She further informed me that my information concerning the fact that my ancestors never used medical doctors would be classified by her superios  as  false imaginings.

On a number of occasions in the distant past the technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head would tell me that they believed that they were my superiors and they would judge my supposed failings.   As I have repeated on numerous occasions throughout  this website I know that all human beings are equal and that we are all made from the same genetic material.   All facets of being a human that one might use to classify somebody are transitory.   Wealth, social position, health,  appearance,  etc are all transitory.   Whenever these technologically induced voices judged me inferior to them for any reason I replied that they had a hierarchical mind set.  Anybody who is prepared to look down on another human being is equally prepared to look up to somebody else and grovel to them like a sycophantic toady.   The basis of all that is real and true on this planet is the fact that we are all equal and can never be rendered otherwise no matter what occurs during our lives.

When I was targeted with both directed energy weapons and voice harassment weapons as well as neuroweapons the perpetrators also ran an interference campaign against me.  Small items which I owned  were sometimes either stolen from me or broken.  Chinese food was ordered from my seldom used mobile phone.  The capability to send texts was also deleted from that same mobile phone.   My home was broken into on several occasions when I was not there.  An uncapped bottle of bleach was left inside and against a cupboard door so that when I opened the door the bleach fell out on top of my clothing ruining my clothing.  This and many other things were part of the interference campaign.  This was not done by any of the neighbours in my village.  All of my neighbours throughout the whole village are the nicest people one could find anywhere and I get on very well with them all.    The perpetrators of this advanced technology and these interference programs are people unknown to me who are paid by neuro weapons developers to assess how to bring down a human being all the while monitoring their brain waves to see which is the most effective way to break them.   I feel sorry for the criminals who did this to me.  They are deeply damaged individuals.  People who love themselves also love the rest of humanity and always try to be positive.

I heard and read online about a phenomenon whereby some people were claiming that when they walked around the city of Dublin, Ireland or indeed any major location they would sometimes see people change the shape of their eyes all of a sudden into a totally unnatural shape.  This phenomenon which came to be  commonly known as shapeshifting  can easily be explained scientifically.   I even experienced it once myself.  If you are a targeted individual you will be eventually put on a neuro weapons program whereby the neurons of your motor cortex will be decoded.   This process would be enabled by remotely attaching the  unwilling targeted individual to a supercomputer via a brain computer interface which would be enabled by long range wifi.   This  process of neural decoding is then followed by these same motor cortex neurons being then encoded by the neuro weapons technicians   so that the neuro weapons technicians would eventually gain total control over said neurons, so that these neuro weapons technicians would   then be able to force the muscles of the targeted individual to act in ways which are totally unintended for a human being to ever experience.   When a targeted individual is out publicly the muscles around their eyes can be made to change shape in a most unnatural way.   A false cover story was created by the employers of the neuro weapons technicians who are more commonly known as the self-proclaimed elite  that these targeted individuals were demons or extra-terresterials.   Both archaeologists and historians of ancient history are informing us that there is abundance evidence to suggest that human beings have lived on this planet for at least five hundred million years.   Our minds have been totally private and we have been free will human beings for at least five hundred million years but now scientists have given some criminals advanced technology and these criminals are playing God with this advanced technology and it has made them feel so self-important that they have lost all touch with reality.  They really believe they are superior to the rest of us just because somebody gave them this advanced technology.

On one occasion in the distant past the neuro weapons technicians who had been mapping my brain for a number of years at that time and also had been decoding the neurons in my motor cortex and then later encoding them with their own private codes forced me to shake my head back and forth against my will quite strongly for a number of times.  These neuro weapons technicians are individuals who are totally unknown to me and have been mapping my brain from a remote location which could even be many thousands of miles from me.  A Computer Multiplexer routes the signal (hidden carrier frequency) to a Tower, or Mobile Platform and the Tower, or Mobile Platform then relays the signal to the digital receiver, similar to how cell phone technology works. The digital receiver is then tracked and pinpointed in real time, just like a cell phone. However, with these Mind Control technologies, the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain. The brain of the victim has been digitalized by the nanotechnology inside of it.    I am here below providing a link  to a youtube video of an entrepreneur called Chris Burton from Denver, Colerado who is being interviewed by journalist Ramola D where he tells a story of how he was made to move his body totally against his will for fifteen minutes continually by authority figures in his area who were wielding neuro weapons.   This neuro weapon technology is so advanced and many individuals are mind controlled by silent sound capabilities to the extent that some individuals have a problem in believing our stories.  However, our extreme experiences at the hands of directed energy and neuro weapons testers are all true.

We have been conditioned through movies to believe that zombies will come to the fore at some time in the future.  The creation of zombies can be easily explained by the total technological motor control of a human being by remotely decoding and then followed by partially re-encoding the motor cortex of all targeted individuals.  At a much later date after many targeted individuals have been mentasized ( rendered to have  total dementia) by remote means they could then be remote controlled by long range wifi to walk around cities in large groups as a psychological operation to make the people of that city frightened to the point where they are willing to sign away all of their freedom in return for protection from the self-proclaimed elite and their armies.

On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices of the neuro weapons technicians were heard to say by me  “Gretta Fahey will not be induced into the program of technological enslavement because there are individuals on the inside who wont ever allow it to come to that.   She will eventually die in her own bed of mostly natural causes.”

The best shielding tip I am aware of but can not prove that one can try out in order to protect against remote bio-robotization is to have one or two radios both switched to medium wave but each to be tuned to a different part of the radio dial.  This is worth a try.   A major whistleblower named Bryan Kofron recommends we use copper panels to shield ourselves.  Here is his link

In order for Irish  individuals to be targeted with directed energy weapons and neuro weapons by long range means  while they are in the privacy of their own homes phased arrays would have to have been installed at intervals through out the Island of Ireland.  Where have these phased arrays been installed?  Have they been installed on top of telephone masts or other masts?  Is there any way they can be concealed or hiding in plain sight?

All  single individuals who have ever been put on a targeting list have been plagued by their perpetrators via voice to skull communication to get married.  Single individuals are generally self-contained and it is difficult to destroy their lives completely as is normally the hidden agenda of the perpetrators.  If a targeted individual is gullible enough to get into a relationship with someone that someone is normally sent by the  perpetrators in order to invagle their way into the life of the target so that they can ultimatley destroy their life from within.  The technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head informed me that one day they would gain totaly control over my life and they would then have me married off  to an insider perpetrator so that they could more easily destroy me completely.   I am now fifty seven years old and I hereby declare that I will never knowingly get married of my own free will.  I enjoy being single as I am an introvert.

There appears to have arisen  a subtle campaign campaign to discourage the wearing of hoodies (hooded garments) recently in Ireland and elsewhere.   The technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head in the distant past informed me that  targeted individuals  aught to concentrate on protecting the back of their neck and the soles of their feet.  They aught to wear socks and hoods which contain tiny pieces of metal embedded into them combined with wearing their hair long to further protect the base of their brain.  They especially aught to wear these protective socks in bed.  Such special protective socks are available for purchase in specialised stores that sell emf protection clothing and other emf protection products.  Some of the neuro weapons technicians are no longer in agreement with the worldwide enslavement agenda that is being pushed by the self-proclaimed elite and they are actively helping the targeted individuals to overthrow the self-proclaimed elite and their agents.

Targeted individuals could prove without a doubt that they are being targeted with neuro weapons by  the use of electromagnetic spectrum analyzers or by having their blood professionally analysed  to identify known biomarkers.

Targeted individuals are having their minds eye read by neuro weapons experts.  This is achieved by the neuro weapons expert speaking to the targeted individual by means of voice to skull technology which the targeted individual hears coming from inside their head.   The neuro weapons expert  first asks the targeted individual a question about a particular past event in the life of said targeted individual.   Even if said targeted individual refuses to answer that particular question an image pertaining to said past event will come up in the minds eye of the targeted individual.  This image is then transmitted via brain to computer interface  by long range wifi so that it  can be interpreted by the neuro weapons experts from the evoked potentials which show up in theur screens.  The neuro weapons experts can also achieve the same success if they use a direct brain to brain interface.

If you register your children when their are born this entitles your government to take your children off you under the pretext that you are a bad parent if you ever dare to question their authority or their severe control methods.   Childrens courts always take place in secret under the pretext of protecting the identity of the child.  However secrecy allows evil to flourish.  Profoundly evil individuals have been taking children off good parents because these parents dared to challenge the corruption within their country.   This practice does not happen in Ireland but I have read about it happening in many countries throughout the western world.  Whenever you register something even if it is a car or a motorbike or a child as soon as it is registered it is then owned by the government and can be confiscated at the wishes of government authorities no matter who you are.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice which I heard coming from inside my head was heard to say by me “If you don’t get this woman Gretta Fahey into a psychiatric hospital now I will ruin this country financially and in every possible way imaginable.”

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice coming from inside my head said something extremely vulgar to me.  Another voice then proceeded to dismiss him from his job.  He replied  “Castigate me if you wish but please don’t dismiss me.”   However, he was summarily dismissed.  The reason I am mentioning this is to state that the majority of the voices which I hear coming from inside my head use a completely different vocabulary than I or any of my family or neighbours do.  The majority of the voices appear to have a very wide vocabulary and a beautiful way of speaking but they are very cruel in their pronouncements.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice which I heard coming from inside my head was heard to say by me  “Have you formed an alliance with this woman Gretta Fahey.”    I then heard another voice from the same source answer ” No we have not formed an alliance with her because she very seldom socialises with anybody other than her own extended family.”  At a different time I heard one of the internal voices explain the following “We normally form alliances with the weapons research subject under the pretext of friendship in order to gain  close access into their lives so that we can further manipulate them and eventually destroy  them.  If you ever see her out and about you must strike up a close friendship with her.”   I wish to declare that I would never allow such a situation to arise because I am not easy to manipulate.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice which I heard coming from inside my head was heard to say by me  ” You must disclose that this woman Gretta Fahey has shares in our company.”   I wish to declare that I have no such shares.

Some people have questioned whether my website which is called was written by me as I dont have a very large vocabulary but yet the website in question is very well written with the use of a large vocabulary. This website is all my own work.       The reason the vocabulary is completely different from my normal way of speaking is as follows :- (1) I sometimes borrowed words and phrases from the neuro weapons technicians who projected their voices into my head in the distant past. (2) I used the thesaurus frequently when writing which helped me to increase my vocabulary to a large extent. (3) I can elucidate my ideas and experiences much better when writing than when speaking because I have much more time to arrange my sentences so that the meaning can be understood better. I believe the topic of neuro weapons testing on non-consensual individuals inside the privacy of their own homes in order to technologically enslave the human race is the most important topic in the world and how to solve this problem should be on top of every political agenda everywhere right now.

On one occasion in the distant past when I had been a brain weapons test subject for more than twelve years at the time I was alone inside my own home in a sombre mood.  I was not hearing any voices coming from inside my head at this particular instant.    It was late at night and my bedroom was dark.  My brain was suddenly stimulated to make me laugh loudly and strongly for no reason at all.  I did not feel like laughing at the time and there was no reason to laugh.   Other than that one instance of me being made to laugh out loud and with a strong force for no reason by remote brain stimulation I experienced other similar situations pertaining to forced laughing at other times.   Quite often my normal laugh was often enhanced to make me laugh much longer at times when I had first begun to laugh myself of my own accord.  Pertaining to this forced laughing experience, a group of the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head at that time informed me that they had no part to play in the forced laughing or in the slow takeover of the muscle movements of my body by re-incoding subsets of the motor cortex of my brain.  These particular  technologically induced voices began to claim then that they now believed that there were at least two groups of black budget neuro weapons experts working on my brain and body and that they themselves had no part to play in the forced laughing or the forced muscle movements that I had been experiencing against my will.  They further claimed that the second group of black budget neuro weapons experts who were covertly experimenting on my brain by remote control were unknown to them.  They further claimed that once a human being becomes a brain weapons test subject such as I have been in the distant past,  any criminal neuro weapons scientist can hack on to the brain interface which links that human brain to a super computer and do whatever they like to that human being, up to and including giving that brain weapons test subject spinal deformities.   I am who I say I am and I am telling the truth of all my experiences.  My name and address are on my landline telephone bill, my electricity bill, my drivers licence,  my medical card and my bank account and many other personal documents.  What has happened to me should not have happened.  I am a real human being with real feelings.  We are all equal and we are all of infinite value to whoever created us.

When I had been a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and brain to brain interface technology for a number of years the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head informed me at that time in the distant past that each time I was in front of my computer screen my energy imprint was being read by the interaction of my human energy field with the energy  which was given off by my computer screen.  The internal voices further informed me that because they had mapped a large proportion of the hypothalamus of my brain at that stage via long range wifi they now were capable of seeing a clearly defined outline of my naked body on their computer screens even though I was always fully clothed each time I was in front of said computer screen.  This capability of visualising the targeted individual naked is accomplished by the neuro scientists mapping  my  body outline each and every time I felt a sensation on the surface of my body over many years, for instance each time I was having a shower.  Whenever I felt a sensation on the surface of any part of my body this would send an evoked potential to the computer screen of the neuro research scientists by remote means. The neuro weapons experts would over time translate these evoked potentials into a clearly defined outline of my body.

The technology induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that if a targeted individual does not ever use a television or  does not ever play video games the neuro weapons experts have no way of ever making said targeted individual act against their own volition through programming.  I myself do not own a television set and therefore I never watch television either.  I no longer play computer games.

The technological induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past were once heard to say by me the following  ” Now that this woman, Gretta Fahey has been turned into a slave through long term human engineering I can think of no use for her.  She has raised her online profile to such an extent that we can not install her in to any government office to act as our eyes and ears in such an office.  Another internal voice was heard to say that he might use me as some type of messenger.  However still another internal voice was heard to say by me that the only possible course of action for them at this stage was to solidify me.  This course of action only occurs if no alternative position can be found for a human engineered slave.  Solidifying which is also known as stiffening of a remote engineered human being amounts to programming all of the muscles of said human being to stiffen over a four day period during which time said human being will slowly die in agony.   It is my understanding that at this point in time all of this human engineering can only happen if first of all said human has been implanted with micro transmitters throughout their internals, a process which mostly takes place while they are in the privacy of their own home.  First of all criminal neuro weapons experts break into the home of the human being to be engineered  in said manner.  They illegally implant said micro transmitters throughout the body of the human being to be engineered by injection.  The remainder of the human engineering work is to be carried out by remote means and from a distance.   I wish to declare that I have never knowingly done anything at all to help these technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my  head in the distant past.