Random human beings and animals are being picked off, one by one, throughout every country in the world, for directed energy weapons testing. This weapons testing is being conducted by criminal gangs, who are experts in the area of signals intelligence and the operation of all types of directed energy weapons, including but not limited to remote neural monitoring and voice to skull direct communication. The criminal gangs are financed by and are given access to these directed energy weapons by a cabal of billionaires and trillionaires who are commonly known as the self proclaimed elite. The criminal gangs are allowed to select who they wish for the purpose of around the clock micro surveillance and voice to skull direct communication harassment, and both mental and physical experimentation. However, all data gained from an assortment of experiments conducted by these so-called signals intelligence operatives is handed over to the self proclaimed elite, who are also the manufacturers of these directed energy weapons.

The self proclaimed elite find this information useful as a tool to further control and enslave humanity. The self proclaimed elite are currently planning to wirelessly connect each human being throughout the world to a computer aided human guidance system, via brain link technology, where each human being would be microsurveilled throughout every second of their lives, totally against their wills. They would also be constantly communicated to by voice to skull direct communication several times each day. This computer enhanced human guidance system has been operated by human beings up to this point. However, evil neuro scientists and computer programmers are currently working towards creating a purely artificial intelligence operated, computer enhanced, human guidance system in order to control every human being on the planet, without the need for a behind the scenes work force.

The signals intelligence operatives can adjust their signals in order to gain vantage inside the human skull, and in order to dip sight into the internals of the human body. The signals intelligence operatives can force their voices onto the hearing centre of the human subject, until such a time that subject has a nervous breakdown, after which time the human subject loses all credibility. Neuroscientists and medical scientists and other high level operatives are granted the capability to dip sight into the internals of the interior of the body of the human test subject, while the human test subject is in the so-called privacy of their own home.

Even though many people have come forward throughout the world telling of their experiences of being weapons test subjects and electronic harassment and voice to skull victims, they are unofficially being gagged by the unrealistic laws of psychiatry. They are being officially disbelieved, followed by incarceration in psychiatric hospitals, followed by forced medication with poisonous, psychotic inducing concoctions, posing as anti-psychotic medication.

The victims of weapons testing are further disbelieved by senior politicians and the main stream media, because both politicians and members of the main stream media are having their brains entrained to a state of sublime indifference by brain entrainment frequencies eminating from both mobile phone towers and from any smart technology which they keep within four feet of their bodies.

Chemtrail aerosol spraying being conducted across our skies on a continual basis for the past several years is being used among other things to create what is commonly known as horizontal drift plasma antennas. (Patent No US6118407.) Horizontal drift plasma antennas are being used to direct and redirect signals, and without this process the signals intelligence operatives would be totally disabled from doing any type of signals intelligence work, including both voice to skull direct communications and electronic harassment. Chemtrails also contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in both humans and animals. Up until twenty years ago, the only trail that was being generated by large aircraft were contrails, which were residues of steam, among other things, which took all of thirty seconds to dissipate from across the sky. Chemtrails, on the other hand, remain in the sky for up to two hours and expand during that time. We must cease all chemtrailing now.

Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. Satellites are an invention of the planetary wide, take down propaganda machine. Satellites are purported to be stationary in the thermosphere, which is purported to have a temperature of approximately two thousand degrees centegrade. If this were the case, the satellites would burn up on impact.

A central command and control centre has been created within each continent, where all orders are issued from, to all senior politicians, the police, the intelligence services, the military, main-stream medicine, psychiatry, social workers, senior civil servants, and anybody else who receives government funding. They are now working towards a worldwide human electronic totalitarian control system, through the policies of Agenda 21, under the dubious claims of sustainable development, and I believe they have joined forces with all major organised religions, who appear to be working towards the same agenda. Public education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism, which means central control of humanity, where everybody is an obedient slave to the same world-wide system of rigid control.

“The existence of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body makes possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it is possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the human test subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour. Throughout Ireland and the world, these sensors and other micro paraphernalia are being implanted into the bodies and brains of selected individuals without their knowledge and consent. Signals intelligence agents gain illegal entry into the homes of these targeted individuals, and with the use of hand held devices, which render the targeted individual and the whole family unconscious, the signals intelligence agents then illegally and immorally implant the selected future weapons test subject with a variety of sensors. The weapons test subject is then brain linked to a super computer, where they will be made available for in-home surveillance and voice to skull interrogation, for many years. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions

The cover stories which have been used to cover the existence of these non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs over the past few decades are, among others, the extra terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the near-death experience haox, and a wide variety of other hoaxes.

An extremely detailed personality profile of all Irish citizens, both at home and abroad is now archived by the Irish signals intelligence operatives. Personality profiles of Irish people, both at home and abroad are regularly sent overseas, whenever requested by members of organised criminals, who now reside in positions of power throughout the whole world.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities. We must return to the use of analogue televisions both in the home and workplace.

Targeted individuals can easily be identified by the use of an industrial strength microwave radiation meter, which would detect the unique levels of microwave radiation coming out of their bodies.

Targeted Individuals ought to have their biofields photographed in order to identify unique and anomalous patterns in their biofields, in order to compare their biofields to the biofields of non targeted individuals.

The commodity number which corresponds to the number on the original birth certificate of each targeted individual should be checked for any anomalies relating to the stock exchange activities of that commodity number. The wireless voice to skull direct communications have informed me that a birth certificate which was associated with my birth has serious anomalies.

Some targeted individuals have been advised not to publicise their unique stories about their targeting experiences less they destableize the economy. If the self-proclaimed elite succeed in enslaving us, we will have no further use for money.

We aught to divide the land and other resources of the world by the amount of individual humans on this planet under average circumstances.  If there happen to be five billion humans in the world under average circumstances each human being will be given ownership of approximately one five billionth of  the land and all other resources of this planet for their lifetime when they reach a certain age,  a right which will be dissolved after they die.   While each human is alive their one five billionth of the land surface will be their own sanctuary where they can build a home and grow all of their own plant based food under a multi shelf green house system.  They will be able to access their own primary water supply from under the earth.  Primary water is free from all contaminants and chemicals.  They will be given a free energy generator which will generate energy to power  their home and vehicle.  They will be totally autonomous inside their own one five billionth of earth land and they will not be obliged to work outside their own territory unless they volunteer to do so which all healthy humans most probably will.  No human being will be allowed to work more than one day per week outside their own territory because most work will be fully automated and there will be no need to work any longer than that.    No body of individuals will be allowed to inculcate any human with false belief systems.  All children will be taught to think logically.    No human will be obliged to sign legal documents whatsoever because this eventually leads to worldwide enslavement which is currently becoming the case with regard to registering of children at birth.  Humans will be able to access their rightful territory at the age of sixteen by secure means via their word because all children will have been taught that the universe is governed by unseen laws commonly known as Natural Law.    All DNA sampling and unique energy imprint sampling will be banned as this route leads to neurological enslavement.    All inheritance rights will be disallowed.   The contents of the Vatican library will be made public and placed on microfilm for all of humanity to access.   Human kind will regulated themselves by a linear based self regulating system most commonly known as Anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers.   When this new system is in place human kind will take a quantum leap into a place of intellectual and spiritual evolvement because they will no longer need to spend half their lives worrying about obtaining the basics of food and shelter.   This plan is currently capable of being put into place because we already have free energy generators which have been banned from being marketed for the moment but will very soon be for general release.



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