I am Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.    My landline home telepthone number is 0949360901.   I  appear to have a receiving and transmitting device inside my head which allows strangers to carry out conversations, which I hear coming from inside my head,  both with each other and with me.  This happens totally against my will and without my permission and this as well as many other deeply upsetting occurrences have  been happening  constantly to me  for more than fifteen years.    In that vein,  I once heard a female voice coming from inside my head claiming that she would employ someone to throw acid in my face in order to hide my identity, so as to then  give me a false identity.   The reason being that I am now  a free will human being which renders her powerless over me and my affairs.  I then heard the voice of another female coming from inside my head informing the first female speaker  that she was to have her  arrested on the grounds that the first female  speaker  planned to commit what the second female speaker  believed to be a heinous crime.  The second female speaker  replied that she could not be arrested because she controlled the yardarm in question.   I have now been led to believe that the acid throwing incident may still be on the cards.  Nothing has been finalised with regards to that possibility.   I have been informed by these inner voices that the reason I believe that individuals who are unknown to me and always have been unknown to me are interested in my life is because I am in receipt of disability allowance from the Irish government for currently  uninvestigateable disabilities which are irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.  I have been informed by the Irish government that I  receive half of my disability allowance from the Irish tax-payers and the other half from the tax payers of Europe.  I have been informed by the voices which I hear coming from inside my head that my current state is unsustainable.  Furthermore these voices have informed me that they themselves are members of a shadow world government who wish to some day take over and both control and enslave the people of Ireland and the wider world.  They wish to have all anomalies ironed out by that time which is soon to be upon us.  I personally believe that we can disempower these  human beings who number in the thousands  by disabling, disassembling, banning and outlawing all wireless enabling capabilities and microwave warfare capabilities throughout the world as a matter of urgency.