The Irish Gardaí are enforcing outdated psychiatric laws because they wrongly assess many voice hearers as well as complainers of electronic harassment and remote no-touch torture to be mentally ill.   Extreme advances in  neuro science as well as neuro technology now allow the worldwide military as well as the worldwide intelligence services as well as some independent contractors to wirelessly access the brains and central nervous systems of many and varied non-consensual and unwilling human beings throughout most parts of the world.   We are told that they are enabled to do this because nano particulates in our food and water have entered our brains and spinal cords and have adhered to the neuro transmitters in our brains where they then speak to and decode those neuro transmitters by a process called TRANSCRANIAL BRAIN STIMULATION or directed energy flashing (photons).   Because of this, agents of governments can now upload voices, images, pain, sensations, forced muscle movement and a variety of other unwanted experiences to a selection of targeted individuals.   In fact many targeted individuals are currently being subjected to no-touch torture while attempting to go about their everyday lives.   Their unique brain and body signature allows evil doers to lock on to them on a permanent basis for the duration of their whole lives and to torture them by wireless remote means until they die.  For validation of the fact that what I have described herein is a current capability please watch any and all youtube videos where the neuro science and neuro technology professor, Dr James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center, United States states categorically that this is now a capability.

It is solely the responsibility of the senior politicians of the Republic of Ireland to have all psychiatric laws adjusted in order to bring them into alignment with this current capability.   I can provide you and all other Irish politicians with the names and contact details of at least a dozen  Irish men and women who have been placed on wirelessly enabled  no-touch torture programs which are being conducted against them by unknown neuro science and neuro technology operatives.   I known of one young Irish lady who has committed suicide because of this situation.    All are wrongly being diagnosed with mental illness and are being wrongly incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals.   If you fail to believe the words of Professor Giordano and many others who are in the know,  you and your families will shortly become either enslaved or extinct.  It is your choice.  You do not have the right to turn a blind eye to the extreme suffering of your fellow Irish men and women any longer.   However, in your defence you are possibly under a state of electronic mind control because electronic mind control signals are said to be coming from microwave transmitters and entering your brains where your brains are being entrained into a state of trust in the worldwide centralized control system which in my opinion is being run by individuals who do not have our best interests at heart.

As well as enacting new laws which work against the unjust laws and the unjust powers of psychiatry please ban all wirelessly enabled remotely conducted in-home psychiatric assessments which are currently and secretly  in use behind the scenes of our lives and they are being conducted  without the knowledge or  expressed permission of 99% of the human race.  Please provide all of the Gardaí of Ireland with up to date information on the current capabilities of neuro science as well as neuro technology as far as is possible.  Please provide all targeted individuals and indeed the whole population with technology which can jam unwanted signals from coming into their homes.