In spite of good intentions, psychiatrists are doing more harm than good.
They prescribe anti psychotic drugs in combination with benzodiazepine drugs which increases mortality rates by fifty percent.
They increase the dose of anti-psychotic drugs even though increasing the dose of an anti-psychotic drug does not increase the effect but it does increase the harm it does to the victim.
Each anti-psychotic drug has twenty or thirty severe side effects such as being unable to think clearly, suffering from tardive dyskinesia or tardive akathisia to such an extent that forced treatment under medical law is necessary to get anyone to take anti-psychotic drugs.
Psychiatric patients on a continuous regieme of anti-psychotic drugs die on average twenty five years before the general population and that situation was never the case in distant past.
Many if not all psychiatrists are technologically mind controlled to see themselves as omnipotent and moral who dictate to their unwilling and sane patients and regulate the lives of their patients with the approval of their own conscience. They violate the free will of their patients.
Some forward thinking psychiatrists such as New York Psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggan do not use any type of drugs on their patients and they do not use forced psychiatric intervention against their patients. Their patients are then willing to trust them whereas normally patients who have been caught in the net of psychiatry tell their psychiatrist what they believe their psychiatrist wants to hear in order to gain eventual freedom from the net of psychiatry which is simply a pseudo science.
For further information on psychiatry please read a book called Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial by Professor Peter C. Gotzsche.