My name is COLM GRANAHAN (Anti Corruption Taskforce ) from Ballina, Co Mayo.

It is with the deepest regret to say that I have to seek refuge and protection from the country I grew up in. I was informed by a source that the N.B.C.I. (National Bureau of Criminal Investigation ) had a plan in place to have me killed (taken out) by enforcers and that I needed to leave the country, that Joe Doocey was lucky to be locked up or he would have been done already. I cannot leave as I believe it would be easier for them to operate outside the country and there would be no questions asked if I was knocked down, stabbed or killed in any other way
The Irish government is completely corrupt, the Judges are all picked by this establishment to rule on their agendas. Gas, Natural Resources (fishing ), Tusla’s, Repossessions, Evictions, Garda Lying (Jobstown ), Credit Unions, Breath Tests, Drug Supplies, McBreaty case, Maurice McCabe, Eve Doherty, the setting up of Joe Doocey, 2 Garda Commissioners, 2 Minister of Justice, Health Services (Smear Test), Bank Fraud, Suicides and Harassment.
The silence from the Catholic Church about Evictions, Homelessness, Suicides, Tusla, break up of families, no cameras in court to hold these criminals to account. Perjury by the establishment.
Denis O’Brien media cover up of crimes by the establishment. Also the covering up of Tuam Babies, Pedophiles ( Judges McCurtin Cork) Garda Head Quarters, High ranking people in the Civil Service, Abuse of Elders in Care homes. The covering up of all the wrong doing within the Catholic Church on innocent victims and failure to make restitution to the victims.
People of Ireland PLEASE STAND TOGETHER and say we have all had enough of the corruption within our country. If you don’t stand together NOW, it is nearly to late.
It’s with the saddest regret that I have to leave loved ones, family and friends behind as I cannot endanger their lives anymore because of my beliefs in exposing corruption.
Thanks for everything good people and to the rest HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME.

Kindest regards,
Colm Granahan