Physical Remote Control of Humans is now possible and happening under United States Patent Number US6965816. Targeted individuals throughout the world are complaining that they are being wirelessly controlled through their central nervous systems. This wireless remote control system is also being used to control the peripheral nervous system of humans to make them feel pain. It is also being used in some cases to control some of the bodily functions of targeted individuals. It is such a fear inducing experience to feel ones own muscles move against ones will that it often induces the targeted individual to a state of teeth chattering fear, accompanied by suicide attempts.

If you are one of the many who are attempting to raise awareness of this wireless system of remote controlling and thereby enslaving human beings it is advisable to now circumvent the official government control system because governments, unknown to themselves, have been set up to censor all knowledge of the aforementioned physical remote control of humans capability by forcing anyone who complains of experiencing this phenomenon to attend for psychiatric evaluation where they are more often than not then forceably incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital.

Wireless directed energy weapons are non-operational in water in all circumstances so therefore in order to protect yourself you might try sleeping under a hollow dome filled with water and you might try using a hollow mattress filled with water. However, stopping the upcoming wireless system of control, enslavement, torture and genocide altogether is a simple matter of disassembling and banning all infrastructure which enables it. However, many individuals are currently under microwave mind control and they are proving difficult to get through to. They foolishly believe that because they personally are not under wireless attack, torture and enslavement nobody is. You have an urgent duty to raise awareness of the existence and widespread abuse of wireless directed energy weapons before you and your family are targeted by it.

If food scarcity is being deliberately engineered to occur in the future, cattle might be wirelessly killed in the fields due to the fact that they may already be under a type of wireless control via the new cattle ear tags which are now in use. We must cease to ear tag our cattle and other farm animals until such a time as the aforementioned wireless infrastructure has been disassembled and banned forever.