The technological induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past were once heard to say by me the following  ” Now that this woman, Gretta Fahey has been turned into a slave through long term human engineering I can think of no use for her.  She has raised her online profile to such an extent that we can not install her in to any government office to act as our eyes and ears in such an office.  Another internal voice was heard to say that he might use me as some type of messenger.  However still another internal voice was heard to say by me that the only possible course of action for them at this stage was to solidify me.  This course of action only occurs if no alternative position can be found for a human engineered slave.  Solidifying which is also known as stiffening of a remote engineered human being amounts to programming all of the muscles of said human being to stiffen over a four day period during which time said human being will slowly die in agony.   It is the understanding of a small number of individuals that at this point in time all of this human engineering can only happen if first of all said human has been implanted with micro transmitters throughout their internals, a process which mostly takes place while they are in the privacy of their own home.  First of all criminal neuro weapons experts break into the home of the human being to be engineered  in said manner.  They illegally implant said micro transmitters throughout the body of the human being to be engineered by injection.  The remainder of the human engineering work is to be carried out by remote means and from a distance.   However, not everybody agrees that this home invasion and implanting with micro transmitters needs to take place at all.  Some individuals are claiming that all human engineering can take place by remote means and from a distance.     I wish to declare that I have never knowingly done anything at all to help these technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my  head in the distant past.   I know for sure that I  could never  have met any of them because I live a very quiet life and I don’t socialise with individuals who are unknown to me.  I don’t know who they are and I have no allegiance with them.  I hold them in contempt.

One of the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that criminals were coming around my home every night, usually towards morning around five or six am.    The internal voice further informed me that these criminals were pointing a device through my bedroom window and they were doing something with that device.  The criminal would spend about five minutes outside my window pointing said device through my bedroom window.   On a few occasions in the distant past I taped shielding material to the inside of my bedroom window.  Each morning there would be tiny holes in the shielding material.  I later was advised by another internal voice to purchase a type of mylar sheeting that had a diamond shape pattern which would have stronger blocking potential that the original shielding material.  I duly purchased this special mylar sheeting which I then pinned on a piece of board and I lay the board against my window every night before I go to bed.  I also pinned this mylar sheeting to my bedroom door.   For the  first number of years when I became a targeted individual I did not bolt the outer doors of my home at night.  I just locked them.  I normally slept in a bedroom at the back of my home.  On one occasion after many years of being a targeted individual I move to a bedroom near the front of my home.  That first morning at six am I woke up to hear somebody unlocking the front door of my home and letting themselves in.  I knew it was an intruder.  However, I was made to go to sleep immediately and I remember nothing else of that incident.    After that incident I then put bolts on both the front and back doors of my home and I have been using them ever since to secure my home properly at night.  Also, on one particular occasion when I had gone to my local town I noticed an incident of somebody haven broken into my home when I arrived back from  town.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they publish my thoughts and words whenever I am speaking to them about family matters and my own concerns.  However, if I ever mention any of my neighbours in a private capacity they abandon the interrogation (they call it an interrogation) because they are no longer entitled to get payment when such matters are mentioned.  They further claimed that they had lost a considerable amount of money over many years because I persist in discussing my neighbours private concerns.  (I always and only speak about my neighbours in a positive way and I discuss matters such as who owns which piece of land in the village and how many cattle some farmers own and other farming matters.)   Who is paying my unknown interrogators for information concerning what I think about and what I talk to them about.??  I was informed by the internal voices that that was no business of mine.  I disagree because I own and control the intellectual property rights to whatever I think and say in the privacy of my own home.

At the time when I was hearing technologically induced voices coming from inside my head in the distant past, said voices constantly attempted to engender a since of Stockholm syndrome in me.  These internal voices attempted to get me to be on their side by trying to make me feel sorry for them and trying to make me see them as victims.   These internal voices informed me that they were enslaved by the use of drug addiction and that they could not leave their work because their employers had addicted them to some type of drug which they needed to obtain every day so therefore they had no choice but to continue bio-robotizing me.      Manipulating the targeted individual to feel sorry for them and to become friends with them  and to agree to do their bidding is one of their favourite manipulation tactics.    In order to get me to be on their side these  technologically induced voices often declared that I could hurt them if I wished by what I was telling others about with regard to both my internal voice harassment experiences and my neuro weapons harassment experiences.    They presented to me the polar opposite of what was actually occurring in the fact that in reality they were the ones who were hurting me.      After many years of insulting and harassing the targeted individuals these criminal neuro weapons operatives change their tactics after many years into the targeting process in order to manipulate said targeted individual to come around to their side.   These criminal neuro weapons operatives generally try to engender feelings of empathy in a targeted individual perhaps in order to manipulate a gullable targeted individual to agree to do their bidding at a later date, perhaps to agree to carry out a crime.   I hold these neuro weapons operatives in the highest contempt.  No amount of manipulation will get me to ever think of them otherwise.

Over many years during which time I was hearing technologically induced voices coming from inside my head in the distant past, said voices roll played many and varied possible scenarios with me.  They roll played scenarios where I was speaking to them as if they were police officers, the general public, politicians and others.   They would first mislead me to understand that I was speaking to for instance a senior politician  and they would keep a record of my answers to this supposed politician.    Initially I had no idea why the voices were roll playing such a wide variety of rolls of different so-called authority figures and what they might need my voice recorded answers for.  However,  after these neuro weapons experts/internal voices had almost completely brain mapped me they were almost  able to force sounds and words and sentences through my mouth and they were almost able to force speech me to repeat back at a later date what I had said to them many years earlier  when I was alone in the privacy of my own home.   The internal voices have informed me that if they were ever able to completely brain map me then I would no longer be able to override the forced speech or indeed any other forced action they wished me to do.  This information I am revealing here about my past experiences of partial bio-robotization corresponds with similar stories of forced speech and forced actions which I have heard and read about from other targeted individuals throughout the world.  I am herewith supplying a link to the website of a knowledgeable journalist on the subject of partial bio-robotization.

On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past were having a conversation among themselves.  One group of internal voices where heard by me to say  “We are leaving here.”   Another voice was then heard by me to ask  ” Are you leaving this program or are you planning to jump ship entirely”.   This was followed by another internal voice which replied   “We are leaving this technology behind entirely and we plan to seek employment elsewhere.”   I then heard an internal voice reply ” I will cut off your balls before you will be allowed to leave this workplace.”

On one occasion in the distant past I was kicking around some animal fodder on my brothers farmyard.  The technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my head at that time  informed me that I should cease kicking things because by doing so I was destabilising the programming work they had previously done on the nano technology in the muscles of my legs which they had carried out in order to be able to remote control me at some future date.

On one occasion in the distant past, the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head informed me that the birth innoculation that babies have been receiving for up on one hundred years is meant to do a modicum of damage to  babies brain.  This was planned to be the case so that there would be a differential in brain capability in future years between the self-proclaimed elite and the rest of humanity, so that the self-proclaimed elite would appear as vastly more clever and intelligent than the rest of humanity.  However, this turned out not to be the case.

On one occasion in the distant past, the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head informed me that they require me to be non-responsive to their taunts and queries.  They would make a positive remark to me every time I did not respond when they insulted or taunted me.  They wish human being slaves (meaning most of the human race) to remain non-responsive if ever they are insulted by one of the self-proclaimed elite in the future.   If I reached a stage when I became largely non-responsive because of being too passive or resigned to respond  they then would take an energy imprint of my bio-field and they would supplant that energy imprint on to all other individuals who were in the same personality bracket as myself so that they too would be non-responsive when insulted by one of the self-proclaimed elite would-be slave owners.  My advice to all targeted individuals is to always respond in an insulting way whenever the technologically induced voices provoke you.

On one occasion in the distant past, the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head informed me that after many years of targeting a selected member of the public known as a targeted individual the neuro weapons experts would eventually break through to gaining control over the eyes of said targeted individual.  From that time on the neuro weapons experts would easily gain control over the whole targeted individual.  They would then go on to conduct many varieties of illegal and horrific experiments on that individual all done wirelessly and remotely but not necessarily anonymously because four or five senior members of the british government are among the individuals who are in the know about this form of total body control of individual human beings.  This evil system of remote control torture will be revealed to the general public in the future but not through this source.