A take down system is currently taking place throughout the world. It is being achieved by a technological control system which is commonly known as remote neural monitoring. Remote neural monitoring is achieved by first spraying the unknowing human race with nano fibres and also imbuing the public water supply and the food supply with a large amount of nano particulates. The nano particulates differ from the nano fibres in many and varied ways but both are essential for the task at hand which is remote neural monitoring of the brains of all human beings and even animals by long range wifi means.

This technology is widespread at the moment. We need to stop all chemtrail spraying immediately and we also need to ban the use of nano particulates in the food and water supply.  The following is some more of what the technologically induced voices coming from inside my head have informed me of in the past.


Targeted individuals throughout Ireland and the wider world are currently in a limbo situation.   They are not allowed to visit their senior politician and inform him or her that they are being targeted with directed energy weapons and mind invasive technology.  If they did so the senior politician would have a legal obligation  to inform the local police who in turn would have the legal prerogative  to inform a psychiatrist who in turn would have a legal obligation to incarcerate said targeted individual inside an enclosed mental hospital where they could abandon all hope of ever escaping until such a time as they agreed to deny that they were ever targeted by energy weapons and until such a time as they falsely agreed that they were in fact mentally insane.  This situation is currently being played out thousands if not millions of times in insane asylums across the world.    This  system  of forced psychiatric intervention and forced medicating with highly toxic substances was deliberately set up many years in advance in order to cover up the existence and  abuse of said directed energy weapons and mind invasive technology.  It is one of the main arms of the  would-be slow enslavement protocol.  It must be dismantled immediately.

We aught to dismantle the forced schooling system for many reasons, the main one being that children and young adults are being programmed on a daily basis to love enslavement and to hate freedom.  Public Education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principle of collectivism, which means central control of humanity. Students are stripped of the ability to think for themselves, as they are always expected to ask an “authority figure” at the top of the room what they should think, and do at all times, while at school. This is a method of engendering “learned helplessness”. Students are taught to stand up and sit down when a bell rings, which is a method used to train animals. School makes everybody think alike, like a school of fish. Individuality and originality are squeezed out. Citizens are standardized and dissidents are put down. Public education aims at destroying free will, and it imprints children with fear. Forced schooling does not educate us. We just memories and regurgitate information, which we are not allowed to question, no matter how ridiculous that information is. There are thousands of topics which are possible to study. However, students are all obliged to select from the same segment of subjects to study. By this method, the criminal oligarchy can keep certain subjects off the study agenda completely. • It takes fifty hours to teach a child to read. After that, the child could educate themselves at home, on their own, without the need to be imprisoned on a part time basis, for the whole of their childhood. In todays modern world, interactive educational software should eliminate the need for all public education.

On one occasion in the very distant past I heard voices coming from inside my head say  ” Our surveillance staff have been feeding this woman information via the voice to skull military communication network for many years.  There is outright disobedience within the ranks of the staff who work in the human control system .  Our whole surveillance network will shortly collapse in disarray throughout the U.S.A. and Britian and elsewhere before long.”


On one occasion in the distant past I was listening to the voices coming from inside my head talking among themselves.  I heard them say “Our broad based income has been reduced by as much as fifty percent because of constant questions being posed to us by this woman  (They were speaking about me.)  The voices coming from inside my head informed me that they were legally obliged under the terms of their contract to investigate each and every query I posed to them over a number of years which cost them an enormous amount of money due to legal fees.  I have not been able to find out who the individuals behind these voices coming from the centre of my cranium really are or indeed who they signed the supposed contract with.

The voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that whenever we register something or somebody for example when we register our children this means that from then on the government has a controlling force in their lives.  The government can confiscate anything and everything that you register including said children.  If you register your vehicle  which currently is mandatory the government can confiscate it at any time after a fixed period of  the first six months of your ownership of said vehicle.  In Ireland the individuals themselves owned and controlled the credit unions in the past.  Then the government imposed a law making it mandatory that we register said credit unions with the governor general.  From that time forward the governor general of Ireland owned all Irish credit unions and all of the money therein.  Said governor general can legally now lock the doors of all credit unions throughout the Republic of Ireland save none and confiscate all of the money therein.  No law has ever been enacted to stop this state of affairs happening.

The voices coming from inside my cranium once informed me in the distant past that they are composed of security analysts and a Neuro Weapons Research team.

  • On one occasion in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that I was tarnishing the reputation of my country Ireland by transmitting stories of the abuse of directed energy weapons inside Ireland out to the wider world via my online activism.   I replied to them that Ireland is just a piece of land and it does not have an ego.   Some of the only individuals who were feeling distressed by the online activism  of myself and many other Irish people and revealing of the truth of directed energy weapons abuse within the shores of Ireland were a select number of criminals who were harassing and torturing their country men and women with said weapons.   These said criminals wish to blend all of  the separate reputations of each of the human beings who live in Ireland into one standardized  or homogenized reputation.  However, the rest of us do not wish to associate with the inferior reputations of the self-proclaimed elite so we will not allow our reputations to be homogenized as one reputation under the name of Ireland.  These criminals who use directed energy weapons against their own fellow country men and women wish us to become a collective because a group can only be enslaved as a collective and they will always be free while they remain unique and powerful individuals.  It is deeply regrettable that collectivism is being strongly encouraged inside the  forced public school system and also through the mainly privately owned main stream media and also throughout many other facets of this false reality construct that the media and others are constructing around us on a constant basis of late.
  • False Patriotism is comparable to blind, unquestioning obedience to an organized religion. Under false patriotism, a country can do enormous wrong, and yet, the citizenry is not allowed to question that wrong. If they challenge government criminality, they are then accused of disloyalty to their country, and also of being unpatriotic. In some countries, the population are asked to support the troops, even if those troops go to a foreign country and kill innocent men, women and children, for reasons of stealing the resources of that country. There are two types of patriotism, False Patriotism is when you are inculcated to love your country despite its wrongdoings. False Patriotism is heavily endorsed and even directly mandated by the Satanic and Luciferian run establishment that currently pull the strings of the worldwide control system, in order to hide a multitude of abuses within governments and militaries throughout the world. True Patriotism is when you openly call attention to authority abuse or other wrong doings within your country, for the sake of love and respect and future freedoms of your fellow country people. True Patriotism can sometimes engender extreme hatred against you. For more information on patriotism please see the work of Mark Passio at
  • Bank Baleouts help to enrich self-proclaimed elite bankers, in the long term, and help to impoverish the country that has been baled out.
  • The self proclaimed   elite bankers  have accumulated untold wealth through borrowing and investing.  This is the biggest on going scam perpetrated on humanity. The other is their  wars that soldiers have fought and died for, believing that they were fighting for liberty and freedom, when it was only for more power and more wealth for the same self proclaimed elite bankers. These self-proclaimed elite bankers have fed on us and ruled over us for generations…
  • If the self-proclaimed elite and private bankers ever succeeded in locking us down in total enslavement, they would deny us the right to save money. We would then only be allowed pocket money. Humanity will never allow this situation to arise.

The technology induced voices once informed me in the past that I am no longer allowed to switch on my winter storage heaters until November, even though I always switched them on in mid September in the past.  Many individuals throughout the world have the capabilities of creating endless free energy by the use of perpetual motion machines and also by a number of other methods too numerous to mention so there was no apparent need to curtail my electricity usage other than for reasons of psychological manipulation of my mind.


The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that there is currently more than one fusion centre in Ireland.  However the main fusion centre is located in the midlands.   The technology induced voices coming from inside my head further informed me that I was not yet a commercial package.  They further added that in most countries including Ireland security analysts who manage Fusion Centres manage to make money off the use of targeted individuals by  selling time in front of special monitors located at said Fusion Centres.  . The technologically induced voices further informed me that the  fusion centre which is located in the midlands of Ireland is regularly made available to foreign students of unknown origin in order to allow them to study the human anatomy of said targeted individuals including the anatomy of this targeted individual Gretta Fahey.

Neuro Weapons are now being used in economic warfare by the use of placing undignified  and disturbing images  of business competitors or other competitors inside the minds of targeted individuals.     These disturbing images can be placed in both video and photograph type image form inside the mind of the targeted individual, and they can also be placed out in the room where the targeted individual is situated.   A targeted individual can be made to see floating heads of demons or indeed any possible video footage in front of them in their room.   The technologically induced voices informed me that technology currently exists that can place holograms across the sky.  On one occasion in the distant past a disturbing video was deliberately placed inside my mind.  This occurrence involved me being enabled to see a video which was projected inside my head of two individuals from one of my nearby towns having sexual relations.  These individuals are good living business people who happen to be in business competition with the self-proclaimed elite who surreptitiously own many of the businesses throughout Ireland and the wider world.  This fact mostly goes under the radar because said businesses are mostly owned by junior members of the self-proclaimed elite who hold no stocks in any other area.  Therefore their vast assets can be disguised.  This brain weapon capability of ruining the reputation of your business competitors via brain weapons technology was previously unknown to all but a few.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a woman coming from inside my cranium nagged and insulted me to a point where I reached a level of deep despair.  When I asked why she was provoking me she informed me that she was being paid per insult so that a team of neuroscientists in the next room to where she worked could gauge and measure the reaction inside my brain every time she provoked me to react strongly to her insults.  She further informed me that she gets paid under the table so that she has no way of knowing who is paying her salary.  Further to that conversation a voice who I believed to be   a neuroscientist spoke to me from inside my head.  He informed me that the neuroscientists and other technical experts were asked to  accurately gauge the strength of my emotional feedback each time I was emotionally provoked by said technician.  He informed me that the stronger each reading of my emotional reaction was the more unstable I was deemed to be.  In such a case I would then be targeted and harassed even more until such a time as I learn to stabilise my emotions which means that I must eventually make my emotions totally quiet. This protocol is being enacted on all targeted individuals throughout the world in order to gain knowledge as to how to create a docile society in the far distant future.  If we refuse to dismantled all mobile phone masts as previously discussed in the future artificial intelligence will be made to harass and taunt all children until such a time as they learn to dampen down their emotions and become mindless drones for the rest of their lives.  In my case they were having no success whatsoever.  We learn very valuable lessons from our ability to feel emotions.  My strong emotions guide me through my life.  If our emotions were ever dampened down and our ability to feel empathy was ever erased we would become unable to function effectively and we would lose our essence of goodness.  We must guard against directed energy weapons by dismantling all cell phone towers immediately because they are the super-structure that hold this evil would-be enslavement system in place.  An absence of cell phone towers equates to total freedom for humanity.

On one occasion in the distant past a technologically induced voice of a man was heard to say by me “Is there infrastructure in place to take this woman Gretta Fahey down.  I then heard another internal voice reply “There is no infrastructure in place yet, but we are working on something. ”    I personally don’t know what they are working on and I don’t know what they mean by infrastructure but I am writing about all aspects of my experiences in order to inform the whole of humanity about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons.  Everything I have heard will be written about if I believe it will help anybody  and everybody to understand how these individuals work behind the scenes of all of our lives.

I personally believe that most of the military and police and intelligence services have been misinformed and disinformed concerning the capabilities of directed energy weapons and mind and body invasive technology and that is why it took them so long  to discover the horrifying truth that these weapons were designed to facilitate the enslavement of the whole human race until we foiled them.   However, I don’t always trust the information I receive from the technology induced voices coming from inside my head.  I personally have concerns about what happens when ever the government deregulates something we control.   Are the self-proclaimed elite purchasing everything that is becoming deregulated and owning and controlling it themselves?????????    We must be forever vigilant.

I once heard a technology induced voice coming from inside my head which I also call an internal voice and which I also sometimes call a voice coming from the centre of my cranium once inform another internal voice the following   This woman Gretta Fahey has a level eight radiation program on her website.

I once heard that a left wing political party and a right wing political party are two arms of the same head.  Left wing and right wing politicians argue with each other in government over many issues of no long term real importance.  They argue in such a eloquent way that most the people are swept along in the emotions that are drummed up by each issue.  However, any issue involving long term power is never ever allowed to be brought up for discussion ever.  The individuals who pull the strings behind the scenes of politics demand that this be the case.  Therefore both right wing and left wing politics are largely for show so that the human race will continue paying their taxes and working endlessly without complaint.   Many of the elected politicians themselves are kept in the dark about this dishonesty and never even realise that there are subjects that are strictly avoided.  We aught to refuse to vote in future.  We aught to regulate ourselves by a system of anarchy, which is a system of rules without rulers.  Anarchy is a self-regulating system and it is the only system of human self-regulation that operates in harmony with moral law also known as natural law.

The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head have such a wonderful command of language to the extent that I sometimes draw from their word power when I am writing.  I wondered if they were the self-proclaimed elite who have decided to dismantle the control system from the inside and are using some of the targeted individuals to communicate information to the rest of humanity.

If a human being has no privacy inside their own mind because of their thoughts being read and broadcast to a group of criminals in real time then said human being has nothing to lose.  If one loses the privacy of their own mind they have nothing left to hold on to and they have no joy left in their lives.  When an individual has nothing to lose that individual can not be controlled ever.   Taking away the privacy of our own minds through forcing us to unknowing ingest and inhale nanotechnology entwined with a fungus type material is counter productive to the aims of the criminal self-proclaimed elite.  They now  have a body of individuals to contend  with whose free will they can not ever control.  They now have a body of individuals to contend with who will forever refuse to co-operative with the highly immoral and at times illegal control system in any way because they don’t mind if the controllers kill them or not.   This new control system is pathological.

My own personal recommendation is that the whole human race must periodically fast for forty days every year in order to purify themselves, or other wise they are shortly going to turn savage.  Our ancestors from every single part of the whole world always fasted for long periods every year in order to keep their lineage pure and in order to keep their minds sharp and their bodies healthy.  Fasting also improves spiritual health in the sense that it  strongly increases our ability to empathise with all sentient beings on this planet.  We must return to fasting as a way to make this world  a happy place to live in.  There are many good books on the benefits of fasting.  I am recommending “The Miracle of Fasting” by Paul and Patricia Bragg and also “Fasting for Renewal of Life” by Herbert M Shelton.

We can easily know who the self-proclaimed elite are because they are practically the only group in the western world who do not have their children registered at birth.

On many occasions in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that if I ever succeed in totally convincing any of my family members for instance my sister or any of my brothers that what has happened to me is real and is an enslavement protocol for all of humanity except for the would-be enslavers they would then extend this enslavement program to one of my family members as a punishment.    This is standard bullying behaviour.   You must not tell anyone you are being psychologically tortured or we will torture them too.     In spite of these threats  I informed all of my extended family members and my neighbours of my extreme psychological torture experiences and they are all extremely supportive of me.

The technology enabled voices which I have heard coming from inside my head once informed me in the past as to how this program for government now being run by the shadow government of Ireland was first introduced into Ireland.   The self-proclaimed elite  some of who may be within the ranks of the intelligence services  first created a vastly detailed personality profile of each senior politician in Ireland.  They then broke the politicians down into a group who would co-operate with them in many ways and a group who would not co-operate with them.  They then approached the latter group who flat out rejected the idea of the introduction of directed energy weapons into Ireland.  The self-proclaimed elite then disseminated information about members of that latter group which was not in the favour of said latter group members.  The self-proclaimed elite then approached the former group who readily acquiesced to their suggestions as their thoughts had been muddied through deliberately applied misinformation and disinformation.  At this late stage the latter group of senior politicians had left the ranks of politics.  This is how things are currently being done throughout the world.

The technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that their password which allows them to use the neuro weapons technology is their unique energy signature also known as their unique brain signature.  Because of this situation they can never hope to escape from what they have carried out.  If ever they walk past a store or any public building containing a digital media screen their unique brain signature can automatically be read to the extent that they can never hide their past of being brain weapons researchers.

In the next one thousand years,   seventy billion helpless and vulnerable babies will be born onto this planet.   It is each of our duties to make sure that they arrive into a planet free of technological enslavement, so that they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.     Please play your part in organising to have mobile phone masts dismantled today.    If you play your part in aiding and abetting in helping towards future human freedom on this planet, you will be secure in the knowledge that you will leave a happy human race long after you are no more.

I wish to return to the subject of putting radios on and keeping them close to your body as a form of protection from having private information about  the workings of your internal organs read by neuro weapons experts and then sold on to outside interests for enormous amounts of money.  I used to place two analogue radios close to me one set at FM and the other one set at medium wave.  I would then hear technologically induced voices coming from inside my head complaining that they could not obtain information from my bodily functions because of signal interference.  I decided to purchase another small radio in order to keep in my bed while I was sleeping so that these organised criminals could not obtain information from my body while I was sleeping.  I mistakingly purchase  a world band radio instead of a  normal one.    When I placed it against my body I then heard a voice coming from inside my head say   ” Analogue radios used to block our information signals but this new world band radio not only blocks information signals coming from the subjects body, it also inserts new signals inside the subjects body which hinders our ability to gain information even further.

When I was a child living on a farm in Ireland in the nineteen sixties my parents practiced mixed farming in the sense that they grew most of our food and most of the food for the farm animals.  We also harvested our own fuel called turf.  We were nearly self sufficient.  Then we joined the European Economic Community.  My parents were then advised to stream line their farm practices.  They were strongly advised by government employed agriculture instructors to stop growing our own food and likewise the food for the farm animals and to produce one product on our farm only but on a much larger scale .  They were advised by the agricultural instructors to purchase all of our other groceries in the nearby town.  Eventually my parents began to focus on producing only one product which was supplying milk to a nearby creamery.  They purchased most of the rest of their groceries from the nearby towns.      In the  past,   whenever I  myself self purchased groceries  I got taunted by the technology enabled voices coming from inside my head about purchasing shop bought products and implying I should be growing my own groceries.  The European parliament are the very individuals who dissuaded us from growing our own groceries in the distant past.  Now they and their agents taunt us for not growing our own groceries.

I was informed by the technology enabled voices which were coming from inside my head that if I  did not maintain a constant presence in the workplace I would be murdered and good riddance.  The dark luciferian would-be enslavers are attempting to use immoral principles to set up a template to enslave the human race via an interface from a super-computer to  human brains.  We can stop this process immediately by dismantling the mobile phone masts because the whole technological enslavement super structure depends primarily on the mobile phone masts.  Many regions throughout the world have recently dismantled their mobile phone masts also known as cell phone towers. This fact is not being reported by the main stream media because the main stream media is owned and controlled by the dark luciferian would-be enslavers and their agents.

Whenever I was hearing technology enabled voices coming from inside my head in the distant past I constantly heard conflicting messages.  Some of the technology enabled voices gave me extremely frightening messages while some other voices were helpful and they gave me information that would help humanity to understand that this mind invasive and body invasive technology was extremely dangerous and information on how to put things right by dismantling all telephone masts immediately.

Because I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which I wrote about in another blog on this website, the neuro weapons operatives constantly conducted tests on me using their mind invasive and body invasive energy weapons. Because of the fact that I was locked on permanently to a super-computer via a brain computer interface using a stream of microwave energy which eminates from cell phone towers, and because my brain was mapped by a team of technologists the neuroweapons team were able to see my naked body clearly on their screens at all times. They have done a whole body analysis of me so that they have exact details of the shape of my body. Whenever I was in the privacy of my own home in my own bathroom on the toilet the neuro weapons operatives would send streams of swirling energy to the anal aperture in order to conduct tests on me.    They would make comments while conducting these toilet tests such as “The contours of her body are blocking the toilet seat. ”  among other pertanent comments.  They would also make insulting comments about me while doing this to me. There was no where I could go in order to escape them. I was trapped and humiliated to the point of not having any dignity whatsoever. They left me with nothing to lose. They gained virtual  knowledge of my body against my will.   They then claimed that they were going to place a false story about me online and elsewhere and they were going to claim that I wrote it myself. They also informed me that if I refused to co-operate with the system they would kill me. I replied     “Hurry on and kill me quickly, I long for death”.   When I complained to the technology induced voices coming from inside my head that we all have the intrinsic right to be treated with dignity he replied that if I had attended my doctor as required there would be no financial outlay necessary.  ??????

The whole European Union is based upon satanic and luciferian principles in that any individual who is not in paid employment is now considered a disposable slave by all member states of the European Union and further afield.  Likewise the European Security Council is wholey based on satanic and luciferian principles.  That is why I am being treated in such a disrespectful way even though I and all human beings are of infinite value.  We initially set up our governments to administer our affairs.  These same governments now have turned on us and are psychologically and sometimes physically torturing a small but growing minority of us while we are in the supposed privacy and safety of our own homes.

I wish to state categorically that I have total intellectual property rights over any and all data that has been gained  from my mind and body over the last number of years due to being a targeted individual of mind and body invasive technology.     I own my own thoughts and memories along with all data concerning my body and mind processes and this data was stolen from me along with my dignity and privacy.

Currently, more and more university students and senior graduates are being asked to live-in while studying and while on the job training.   The technology enabled voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the past have informed me that this practice of keeping university students and senior graduates in housed accommodation is being set up  in order to create an opportunity where unknown agents of the self-proclaimed elite can conduct whole brain analysis of these students while they sleep.  The thinking capacity of said student can be injured over time by means of electromagnetic radiation while the student is sleeping at night so that said student would be unable to think rationally on the long term by disabling a certain subset of their thinking apparatus so that they could never question corrupt practices in their future workplaces.  This is necessary because currently more and more work is based on corrupt work practices because of the remote influencing capability of the self-proclaimed elite.   This practice of conducting neuro weapons research on university students has been happening on and off for many years.  The reason that the neuro weapons programmers  wished to have the students and senior graduates housed in convenient locations is in order to make the work more convenient to the neuro weapons programmers who are obliged to work while the students sleep.  The employers are sometimes well aware of the neuro weapons programming that is being carried out on their senior graduates.  However said employers have themselves been programmed by these neuro weapons are they are no longer capable of making value judgements on that or indeed any matter of any relevance to the human race.  All levels of university students and some levels of university lecturers have had their brains interfered with by neuro weapons so that they are incapable of feeling empathy towards their fellow human being.   They are no longer capable of understanding that all human beings are equal to each other and that all human beings are of infinite value and that all human beings are infinitely precious.  Instead they  are being influenced to falsely believe that each human being is merely a commodity who contributes to both  the agenda and the purse of the self-proclaimed elite.  Please see one of my other blogs called “The World of Work”  on this website which itself is called

The technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that government employees are being programmed to keep their smart phones with them at all times.

I have no financial expectations from writing these blogs on this my own website.  I am merely fulfilling a request which I received from the technology induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the past to publish material  which was given to me by said internal voices.  I live entirely off the disability allowance which I enjoy which is donated to me by both Irish and European tax-payers and said disability allowance is currently being administered by the Irish government.   If we fail to dismantled the cell phone towers which are the super-structure for the technology enabled would-be enslavement system we may soon reach a point where there is no longer any Irish government to administer said disability allowance.  I am cognisant of this fact as I write this blog.  Money can no longer be our guiding principal.  Personal freedom and autonomy for the whole human race ourselves included is now our guiding principal.  We aught to dismantle said cell phone towers right now in order to ensure that this personal freedom is guaranteed forever.

history have gone.   I enjoy freedom of speech just the same as all of the other seven billion human beings on this planet.  We all must have the courage to discuss unpopular issues

A certain few of the technology induced voices who I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past informed me that they were unaware that they were forcing their voices inside my head against my will.  They claimed that they were of the understanding that they were having conversations with me inside the perimeters of my own home by means of a loudspeaker so that I was enabled to speak to them no matter what room of my home I happened to me in at the time.  However, other technology induced voices contradict this assumption and claim that everybody who works along side them knows exactly what cruel act  they are carrying out on  their fellow human beings.  Nobody is allowed to work with this advanced voice to skull technology without knowing exactly what they are being enabled to do and that is they are enabled to speak directly inside the human skull  unhindered by the will of said human.  Many of these human beings commit suicide because they can not sustain the level of contempt that is shown to them by the people who are forcing their voices inside the skull of the targeted individual almost every waking moment of the targeted individuals life.  It is my personal assessment of the situation that fourteen million individuals committed suicide throughout the world over the past twenty years largely because of neuro weapons testing programs.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once gave me information in the distant past about the long term plans of the self-proclaimed elite also known as the would-be enslavers concerning the subject of vegetarianism.  The fact that I myself am a vegetarian has no bareing on this story.  The self-proclaimed elite plan to make vegetarianism mandatory to all be a few northern dwellers.  By doing this they would then be able to lock down and totally control the worlds food supply.  They would make pre-cooked food widely available in the workplace.  It would be the only place where people would be allowed to eat food.  The pre-cooked food would be blended with dumbing down drugs such as fluoride.  No other food would be available for purchase anywhere and all private land would be bought up and locked away at that stage and nobody would be allowed to access it without permission even if they were paid to farm it  The purchase of all private land by the self-proclaimed elite is easily achievable at this stage because the self-proclaimed elite own and control the whole financial district known as the city of London which is a tiny country within another country.  Therefore it can not be accessed by anyone other than the self same self-proclaimed elite.  We must act fast to put a stop to this cruel enslavement system that has already penetrated this country in a myriad of ways.

On one occasion in the distant past the technology induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that because I have been locked onto a super-computer via a stream of energy the neuro weapons technologists were able to see my energy imprint at all times on a map in an area that had been co-ordinated by the neuro-weapons experts to match the areas that I was most likely to travel on.    The neuro weapons experts had also co-ordinated the inside of my home and also the outer perimeter around my home in such a way as they could see my energy imprint when ever I was on location in any of these areas.  Whenever I left these co-ordinated areas and unexpectedly went off track the neuro weapons team would no longer be able to see my energy imprint and therefore they would no longer be able to gather information from my mind and body.  If I ever went into a field they would have no way of gathering information from my mind and body or of manipulating my mind or body in any way whatsoever.  This situation of wandering off track was made to happen by me on a regular basis.   Many other targeted individuals move constantly in an effort to evade their neuro weapons team.  However, these targeted individuals move either from city to city or within a city which is not effective in evading the neuro weapons teams because all parts of some cities have already been co-ordinated.  The co-ordinating of areas are done by special teams of neuro weapons technicians  who streamline lasers in the ground in order to measure the distance from place to place in order to collect accurate data of each and every individual on the planet at some time in the not too distant future if the cell phone towers are not dismantled as advised.  The co-ordinations are merely lasers on a map which are supported by a network of conduits  so they are of no importance in the grand scheme of things other than to tie up all loose ends for any investigators who may wish to know this information.

I myself and the majority of the human race were of the belief that whoever may have created us guaranteed us privacy inside our own minds for all of our entire lives regardless of whatever else happened to us.  I was of the belief that my mind was forever free from invasion and trespass.  I was of the belief that my thoughts,  feelings and memories were forever private.  When I discovered that is not at all the case I was angry with my creator.    That is one of the main reasons why I decided to rationally evaluate organised religions and I found them sadly wanting.  That is one of the main reasons why I became and I still am an agnostic.  When I once in the past discussed my feelings about this topic with the technology induced voices coming from inside my head these technology induced voices accused me of being obscene and they confessed that such a topic would not be allowed to ever be discussed in their country of origin.   (they did not name their country of origin).    I then replied that if they are not allowed to publicly discuss all of life’ issues freely in  their country the people of their country could never be truly intelligent, just heavily mind controlled to never question the vested interests of organised religions of which there are approximately ten thousand throughout the world.     For further information please see my blog called “Rational Evaluation of Organised Religions” as well as many other blogs on this website which itself is called

When a targeted individual is having  all their thoughts, feelings and memories read in real time totally against their will by neuro weapons technicians   using brain weapons technology that targeted individual feels a great deal of stress.    However, when the same targeted individual is also forced to listen to the   intelligent seeming voices of what would appear to be  one hundred or more neuro weapons technicians per day  who are almost constantly asking the targeted individual questions and  provoking the targeted individual,  then the targeted individual becomes  mentally over stimulated to an extreme degree.  The targeted individual has no escape from these  technology enabled almost constant insults and questions.  The targeted individual seeks to find ways to reduce the constant mental stimulation.  The targeted individual often will lie down in a silent and dark bedroom in order to reduce the level of  mental stimulation.  They will not wish to speak to anybody because that act would raise the level of over stimulation instead of reducing it.   If you know of somebody who constantly hears technology induced voices coming from inside their heads and if said voice hearer wishes to be alone in a dark and silent bedroom for long periods of time please understand that said voice hearer is in no way mentally ill.  They are just behaving in a rational way in order to reduce the level of mental stimulation that they are being exposed to.  If you attempt to persuade said voice hearer to go out and mix socially you are being misguided.  (Human memories  can be extracted by neuro  scientific researchers.  ).

On one occasion in the distant past the technology generated voices of neuroscientists coming from inside my head informed me that at that stage of their work seventeen percent of my body was under external control.  This capability may be explained scientifically by the fact that humans have been inhaling and ingesting nano fibres in combination with a multitude of other particulates which are being sprayed on us from airplanes.  This is called chemtrail airplane spraying.   The nano fibres then attach themselves on to the cells of our bodies because they are embedded in a fungus type material when we first inhale them.   The nano fibres can send and receive messages to and from a super computer which the targeted individual has been attached onto via their unique brain signature combined with their DNA signature.   The super-computer co-ordinates the position of each nano-fibre in relation to the position of all the other nano fibres throughout the human body.   With the help of neuro technicians working around the clock over many years certain parts of the body of the targeted individual could conceiveably be controlled externally.    I believe this to be true because on  one occasion the muscles of a part of my face  suddenly moved against my will and my expression  changed momentarily.   Whenever the technologically induced voices coming from inside my head spoke to me in the distant past my own mouth, lips and jaw would always move in harmony with their words.   I initially thought this phenomenon was also caused by the embedded nano fibres but the voices disagreed and instead claimed that the real cause of my lips, jaw and mouth moving when they spoke to me in the distant past is because of mind meld only.  However they agreed that when somebodys eyes suddenly change shape that may be because of nano fibre external manipulation.      Many other targeted individuals have complained of the exact same set of phenomena.  This phenomenon would explain away the  recent false explanation of demonic possession.   I had been locked on to an artificial intelligence complex via a computer brain link interface which was enabled by a stream of microwave energy coming from cell phone towers in my local area.  Previous to that,  neuroscientists had fully mapped my brain,  a job which took them many years to finalise.  The neuro scientists assured me that all of this was true and it was also happening to many other targeted individuals throughout the known world.  They advised me that my computer was being used against me and that I should never ever use it again for the rest of my life.  They repeated that my computer was lethal to my well being.  Mobile phone masts also known as cell phone towers are shortly being dismantled throughout the whole world.  From that day on I will have no further concerns about the work that was done on my brain and body via computer brain link interface in the distant past.

When research scientists were working on my brain and body in the past they would always receive an information overload notification from their computer under certain circumstances whenever confusing signals were coming in to my brain and body.    In such situations the signals would  overload and begin to short circuit.  This situation occurred whenever I listened to a youtube video on my computer which was narrated by voice synthesis which means that the speaking voice has been modulated with electricity.  Other situations which caused information overload were by leaving a radio set to medium wave switched on beside me whenever I worked on my computer so that my energy imprint could not be read  successfully via my computer monitor.   Still another situation that caused information overload was if I suddenly woke up unexpectedly in the middle of the night and then switched on a very bright bedside light.  In such a situation  the voices coming from inside my head would complain of information overload and they would then complain that I had destroyed their nights work.   (I realise that in the past I wrote that bedside lights can be used against us and that information may also have a small element of truth in it. )   If a government ever wished to send a message to their constituents through the medium of television news they could easily do so by having said message read by a voice synthesis mechanism thereby confusing any artificial intelligence system that may be monitoring television news content.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that at this point in time all banks have top of the range security features installed on their premises including smart engineered technology.   The smart screens that are in banks can take an energy imprint of all targeted individuals whenever they enter a bank.   This is the only way that targeted individuals can currently prove to society that they are indeed brain weapons research subjects.  The technologically induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that whenever I enter a bank a message comes up in their screens which states the following  “this woman is a known criminal” which I am most certainly not .   This is upsetting for me for the simple reason that I am not and never have been a known or unknown criminal.    The  human energy imprint gives a wide variety of information to the intelligence services who monitor the information gleaned from all smart screens throughout whatever country they happen to be in.  The human energy imprint can tell the current mood of the customer and what type of food they have last eaten and their heart rate and pulse rate among other data.  Similar smart screen security technology is soon due to be installed in some supermarkets.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that they would mount a counter intelligence campaign against myself and others who were proclaiming  the truth that they had heard technology induced voices coming from inside their heads in the past.  The technology induced voices continued that it is normal practice in such instances to open a debate on the matter where lies would be disseminated which would counter the claims of the targeted individuals.  The voices continued by saying that said  counter intelligence campaign would also be used to spread lies about me and about my sources.   My other  sources have informed me that this campaign of false propaganda is about to take place within the next few days.

The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the distant past that they believe that it is possible for a targeted individual to keep down a job while constantly hearing technology induced voices.  I personally don’t believe it is possible to do so.  Hearing technologically induced voices coming from inside your head on a constant basis is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to focus on anything else but the voice content.  However, the self-proclaimed elite wish to normalise technologically induced voice hearing and they also wish us to attend work while hearing their voices  combined with computer generated voices issuing instructions to us on an almost constant basis while we work and while we relax through out the course of each  and every day for the rest of our lives.

The neuro technologists and all other staff members who generate the voices which I hear inside my head can never ever approach me in real life in order to beat me up or even deliver a message to me because their energy imprint would be immediately picked up by the stream of energy that has been locked on to me via long range wifi.  Therefore they rely entirely on me to get the word out about the extremely perilous  predicament the human race is currently in.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me  that legitimate Irish tax-payers money is being used to pursue an agenda against me personally by none other than the  minister for finance.

Targeted individuals are under constant virtual surveillance every moment of their life.   The surveillance network staff who monitor the targeted individuals are obliged to make negative comments on all aspects of the targeted individuals life.  The surveillance network make comments such as    “Have you washed your dishes yet”   “Don’t spend so much money”   “Your conversations are boring.”   “Don’t over eat”.   “Don’t waste water.”     These negative comments are constant throughout each day and also every waking moment of each night.    Eventually the targeted individual stops going out socially because if they do go out negative comments will be made by the surveillance network concerning each conversation the targeted individual has had while they were out.   The targeted individual will also be criticised for their phone conversation style.  Eventually the targeted individual realises there is no point in doing anything because whatever they do or say will be met with disapproval by the surveillance network who monitor them twenty four hours per day for many years.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they do everything in their power via the main-stream media to change the thinking of humanity such that humanity is strongly prejudiced against anybody who claims that they hear voices coming from inside their heads.  Humanity is manipulated to be fearful and threatened by anybody who claims to hear voices when in fact all voice hearers hear only technologically induced voices similar to having a telephone conversation.   Said voice hearers are no different  whatsoever to the rest of humanity.


The technology induced voices coming from inside my head once informed me in the past that they would mount a counter intelligence campaign against myself and others who were proclaiming  the truth that they had heard technology induced voices coming from inside their heads in the past.  The technology induced voices continued that it is normal practice in such instances to open a debate on the matter where lies would be disseminated which would counter the claims of the targeted individuals.  The voices continued by saying that said  counter intelligence campaign would also be used to spread lies about me and about my sources.   My other  sources have informed me that this campaign of false propaganda is about to take place within the next few days.


The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they do everything in their power via the main-stream media to change the thinking of humanity such that humanity is strongly prejudiced against anybody who claims that they hear voices coming from inside their heads.  Humanity is manipulated to be fearful and threatened by anybody who claims to hear voices when in fact all voice hearers hear only technologically induced voices similar to having a telephone conversation.   Said voice hearers are no different  whatsoever to the rest of humanity.   The self-proclaimed elite who are the directors behind the technologically induced voice hearing phenomenon are worried that the individuals who hear voices will find a way to convince  the human race that their voice hearing is really technologically induced.

I once heard technologically induced voices which were coming from inside my head having a  legal conversation with each other.   A single voice was heard to say by me  ” Can I purchase shares in this woman’s data field. ”   The reply I heard which was also coming from inside my head was ” No you may not.  She owns the intellectual property rights to her own thoughts, feelings and memories and to her own bodily integrity. ”   I then heard the following counter claim   ” We own an asset in her body which means we have the right to communicate with that asset for the rest of her days if we so wish.”  This was followed by the reply  ” There is no asset in her body now at this point in time which belongs to you or to anyone other than herself.  She will have her life back within days of this communication.”


I  used to believe that the most effective way of all of shielding from neuro weapons testers is by wearing specially designed eye shields when sleeping.  The neuro weapons testers penetrate the eyes to see inside the brain and to take measurements of activities happening inside the brain while the brain weapons test subject is sleeping.  However,  the opposite may be true instead.  If the targeted individual does not wear eye shielding and does not shield their bedroom window with mylar sheeting as is normally the case with targeted individuals then the constant stream of lights from passing vehicles coming through the bedroom window of the targeted individual throughout the night may interfere with the work of the neuro scientific researchers to such an extent that they would be completely unable to continue with their scientific work.  The constant and unexpected lights from passing vehicles could and would cause an information overload situation to the delicate  brain and body research work of the neuro scientists.

I currently have five youtube videos posted online and these youtube videos are also linked to this website which is called  I uploaded these youtube videos to prove that I am a real individual who has been targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology.  Otherwise if I did not do that  people may  believe that this true  information might be fictional.

The technologically induced voices which I have heard coming from inside my head in the past once informed me that if they stopped targeting me at any time in the future they would have much reduced funds.   They further claimed that the initial financial outlays which they incurred when they first began to target me have been paid for along time ago because of selling on of data obtained from both brain wave science data collection and  medical collecting of data from my body.    From a financial point of view they once claimed that they would wish to continue targeting me in the long term regardless of how often I were to complain to the authorities.   In the distant past they often tried to bribe me via their technologically induced voices  to take a cut of their earnings from the selling on of the data they collect non-consensually from me.  Perhaps they have attempted to bribe me in this fashion in order to regularise and normalise their criminal activity.  I have refused consistently to accept any and all bribes offered to me.  I believe that all forms of electronic harassment and psychological torture by any and every means is the most heinous crime every perpetuated by anyone ever and I would never accept bribes from these low life criminals who have forced their voices into my head against my will and  non-consensually collected data from my brain and body in the distant past.  I wish to state categorically that I never have and I never would accept bribes from anybody ever.  I stand by my claims that this has never happened. I have a regular amount of savings for somebody in receipt of disability allowance and that is all I have with regard to money or current assets.  I have no fixed assets other that the legal right to live in my family home until the day I die, a right which I have every intention of availing of.  I have the blessing of my whole extended family in this right.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they, meaning agents of the self-proclaimed elite, live and work out of Dublin Castle in Ireland and they also work a short distance from Dublin Castle along the M1 motorway.    The technologically induced voices further informed me in the distant past that the Irish police known as the Gardaí are involved in the targeting of Irish individuals with voice to skull voice harassment technology but they make it appear publicly that they are not at all involved.   The technologically induced voices further added that because a small number of acting Gardaí have used the well known voice to skull technology against me while they were in the vicinity of Gardaí Headquarters which is Dublin Castle they compromised themselves because while said Gardaí were tormenting me via the voice to skull equipment the neuro weapons research team took both a video and an energy imprint of said Gardaí so now said Gardaí can be manipulated.  The voices further added that they themselves can now commit manslaughter if they wish and they will be out of jail the very next day due to having this compromising information on said Gardaí.  There are four Gardaí involved in tormenting me with said voice to skull technology in the distant past.


The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me of some of their unique capabilities as follows:-  If a targeted individual ever gets an injection of lydacane when they visit the dentist for a tooth filling in order to numb the mouth and jaw, the  neuro weapons technician can then take a imprint of that particular energy signal and they can re-administer that very same energy signal  to the targeted individual at a much later date which would result in the re-numbing of the mouth and jaw of the targeted individual again and for as long as the neuro weapons technician wished for said numbing to last, perhaps even for the entirety of the rest of the life of the targeted individual.  In the same way if the targeted individual ever complains of feeling a bad pain the neuro weapons technician can also take an imprint of the energy signal of said pain and re-administer it at a later date in order to completely ruin the life of the targeted individual.  This  phenomenon can only be made to occur to targeted individuals for now but if we fail to dismantle all technological paraphernalia including telephone masts that keep this control system in place it could possibly be made to happen to the whole of the human race eventually except for the would-be enslavers.

When I have sent out many and varied letters to the media and others in the distant past regarding what the technologically induced voices had been saying to me, it  is now my belief that the surveillance network staff had the capacity to both evesdrop on and record the reaction of the recipient via the recipient’s  smart phone or any smart engineered device which would have been near them when they were reading said letter.  The surveillance network staff would then invariably replay the reaction of the recipient of the letter to me at a later time regardless of whether the reaction to said letter was positive or negative.   This happened constantly over the course of many years of my constant letter writing to the media and elsewhere.    It is of course possible that some of these reactions which I heard coming from inside my head were merely role playing by the surveillance network staff.   However, individuals who carry smart phones have absolutely no privacy.  Their words and actions are being recorded and may be replayed publicly at a later date.

I once posed a question to the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the past.  The question I posed to these voices  some of who are in fact a  surveillance team was as follow  “For what reason do you constantly insult me and how much money do you get paid each time you insult me.” ?   They replied that their job was not just to insult me but to engage with me in any way at all in order to get me to consult the recesses of my mental images so that the neuro weapons experts who work with this surveillance team could then evaluate my thought processes and could also evaluate any unresolved issues deep in my psyche.  When I am forced to consult the recesses of my mental images this process brings up stories of my life.   They went on to say that this is a long and laborious process and it takes many years but it is usually worth it in the end in order to solve crimes and vices.  The crimes being solved are not necessarily the crimes or vices of the individual being surveyed.  They are more than likely the crimes or vices of somebody else associated with the person being surveyed.  I personally have never committed a crime in my life and I have a normal amount of vices, much along the same lines as everybody else who ever lived on this planet.  It is my understanding that no human being has ever obtained  total perfection in their lives.  Such a feat is an impossibility.    When the neuro weapons experts finally realised that I was innocent of all crimes they claimed that they would no longer continue with their work of evaluating issues in my psyche.  They claimed that their role was to solve crimes and the work they conducted on me was a waste of their time in that regard.    On many occasions the laborious process of evaluating unresolved issues in the psyche of  non-consenting individuals  living in the privacy of their own homes is not about solving crimes at all.  It is merely about finding ways to enact still more laws so that eventually humanity can be locked down in a myriad of ways so that the self-proclaimed elite would then have total and absolute control over the human race.  The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head further said that this is in fact a European Parliament process but it is currently being paid for by the Irish tax-payers who do not know that they are paying for the long term psychological torture of their fellow country men and women.   They further said that the Irish tax-payers money that is being spent on these programs is being catagorised under legal investigations in the records being kept by the department of finance which is currently being overseen by Minister Paschal Donohoe.

Following on to the time when the neuro weapons experts finally decided that I was innocent of all crimes I then heard the following technologically induced conversation coming from inside my head   One voice said  ” The subject believes she is above board which is a source of embarrassment to us all. ”   This was followed on by another voice who then said ” I am going to have my pound of flesh out of this some way or another but I don’t know how yet.”  This was followed on by yet another voice who then said ” We have no idea what we will do now.  We have lost a packet. ”   This was followed on by another voice who said.  ” I am a neuro weapons expert and I will vouch for the honesty of said Gretta Fahey at a later date. ”

The technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head  were heard to say by me  in the past ”  The subject Gretta Fahey is seen by the neuro weapons technicians to have a 17% deviation rate from perfect behaviour due to her failure to confront her many and varied health issues.  This percentage is based on her general behaviour.  They went on to say that 17% is considered quite high.   I wish to state categorically that nobody could consult their health issues while they are being psychologically tortured and  I also believe that my diet and exercise regieme is above average.  I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.  I am a vegetarian and I live a very quite life.  The reason they probably gave me a 17% deviation rate from perfect behaviour is because I do not go to work.  I am in receipt of disability allowance.  The neuro weapons technicians believe that anybody who is  in receipt of disability allowance for any reason does not have the right to eat any product that might damage their health because that disability allowance recipient is then seen to be contributing to their own ill health so that they can continue living off disability allowance.   The neuro weapons technicians informed me via technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head that they have the legal right to decide what I do or don’t eat because of said reason and they further said that this legal right has yet to be set in stone from a legal standpoint.

There is currently a booming industry throughout Europe and parts of the wider world in the business of  in-home surveillance which is generally accompanied by in-body surveillance along with reading the mind of the subject in real time and having unknown neuro weapons technicians speaking to the subject totally against the subjects will.    The European race of human beings did not hand a mandate to any of our governments or to the European parliament to treat us in this way.   Online forums are full of information about this matter.   I hope that governments who refuse to act to dismantle this in-home psychological torture program will be eventually jailed for authority abuse.

The technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that if I did not tow the line and get a job like everyone else they would take me to a remote location and sever my arms and my legs above the knees and they would continue their medical experimentation on me from that time on until I died of my own accord.   I replied that they were morons and cowards.  I have not returned to work.   The  technologically induced voices informed me at a later date that I would be made to relinquish control of my whole body by technological means on a piecemeal basis  if I did not return to work.   I still did not return to work.   If a human being is forced to work under threat of violence if they refuse to do so then that human being is a slave.   For further information please see my blog called “The World of Work”  to be found elsewhere on this website.

I earth myself by walking barefoot in soft ground which contains enough water to reach my knees for about one hour one time per week.  The surface of the earth is pulsating with negative-charged free electrons and when I walk barefoot on very watery ground this act helps me absorb free electrons into my body which puts paid to the work of the neuro weapons technicians  for a matter of a week at a time.   Electromagnetic warfare may be the real reason why so many of the self-proclaimed elite are moving to underground military basis because being underground may offer a type of protection from electromagnetic based weapons.   Electromagnetic  warfare may be the real reason why the soles of our shoes are being made from insulating materials instead of conducting materials which would link us to the safety of the earths surface.  Electromagnetic warfare may be the real reason why our streets are being paved with materials such as insulating bitumen and the foundations of all new homes are being layered with insulating materials.  Electromagnetic warfare may be the real reason why “Keep of the grass” signs are so prevalent.  All of these happenings could be leading to electromagnetic enslavement of humanity if we don’t urgently put a stop to it.  We must also educate everybody as to how to guard against electromagnetic based weapon attacks by walking barefoot on wet conducting ground on a daily basis if possible.


After many years of being a targeted individual the neuro weapons research technicians appeared to be making more and more inroads into my body. Eventually the technologically induced voices coming from inside my head informed me that both my small and large intestines were now laid out on their computer screens. They further claimed that they had reached a stage where they could now manipulate my intestines to malfunction in front of company at a moments notice. They further claimed that they had reached a stage where they could also manipulate me to make me speak in tongues at a moments notice. They further claimed that they had now reached a stage where they could manipulate me in a number of other ways, as yet unspecified. The technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head were heard to say by me “This woman Gretta Fahey was put through fourteen years of hell on earth in order to get this her private information on to your computer screens. However, because through an accident of birth she owns and control her own name it happens to be the case that she owns the intellectual property rights to this information and she always will do so till the day she dies. They further claimed that major breakthroughs are currently happening throughout the world in remote laboratory analysis and Gretta Fahey’s case is no exception except for the fact that she is, and always has been, non-consenting and has not accepted any money from anybody for this intrusion into her life. She was never given an informed choice at any stage of this unique process.

The  technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that power steering in vehicles can be locked by remote means.  Therefore it is extremely dangerous to have this capability in a vehicle.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that both smart televisions and ordinary high definition digital televisions as well as extremely advanced computers are being used to program the human race to  believe only what their government informs them of and to distrust any and all other sources of information unless these sources of alternative information have been given a seal of approval by the government.      The  technologically induced voices also informed me on a completely different day that the power of television watching over the human brain has become so powerful in the past number of years that television watching is now a form of induction into mind controlled slavery.   Anybody who is in a position of authority should not watch television ever and also they should not used any type of smart engineered technology because any and all smart engineered technology is currently being used to entrain the brains of the users into any type of feeling possible, such as a feeling of happy apathy when they should be feeling outraged.    If a human being becomes a subject of remote neural monitoring and said human being continues to watch television then said human being will eventually be inducted into mind controlled slavery.   I personally do not own or watch a television and as I live in a rural area televisions are never in my environment.

If you happen to be a subject of remote neural monitoring you must never report this matter to your general practitioner or to a psychiatrist   because all general practitioners and all psychiatrists are bound by medical laws that are unfair and unjust both to  you yourself and to society at large.  Therefore you must always invoke the right to remain silent if ever you are being questioned about said remote neural monitoring.   You must also never report this matter to the government or to police because both the government and the police are  bound by unfair and unjust laws pertaining to all aspects of remote neural monitoring and psychological torture.

Adobi voco software can mimic anybody’s voice accurately provided the individuals who use this software have a sample of you speaking for about twenty minutes  Software also exists which can falsify you or indeed anybody speaking on video making it appear that you are saying words that you never ever said.  I heard that information on the following youtube video

The technologically induced voices which I  heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they are obliged to get the upper hand over me at all times.  I replied that those who practice mastery over others have no self-mastery over their own egotistical desires for worldly power and they are on the bottom rung on the ladder with regard to spiritual evolvement.




 AN GARDA SIOCHANA (The Police Force of Ireland)


I visited an Garda Siochana in Claremorris, Ireland, in February 2014, in order to report my experiences of being targeted with directed energy weapons.   They told me that, in light of the fact that I was diagnosed as mentally ill, they would not deal with my suspicions, and sent me to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared me mentally well, as I had not been hearing voices at that time, and he sent me home. Wikipedia states that the Irish Garda National Surveillance Unit is increasingly using technical and electronic espionage, rather than physical and human intelligence. I wish to know if this electronic espionage technology, that is being used against the Irish public, is regulated? When people ask the police how they might protect themselves if they are ever attacked by weapons which are based on radio waves, the police just say that they have received no instructions from governments, with regards to this issue.

Some governments are instructing their police forces to wear communication devices which pulsate at a frequency of 17.5 gigahertz, which generates aggressiveness and impaired judgement in some police officers. I hope this system will not be implemented in Ireland. We must be forever vigilant.

A few million self-proclaimed elite have organized themselves into a vast network of secret societies, based in all countries throughout the planet. Through murder, blackmail and other criminal means, they have worked their way to the top echelons of society. They hoard secret knowledge and secret technology, which is far in advance of anything the rest of humanity know about. They sit at the very top of all the institutions of power on this planet. They are prepared to be cruel and ruthless, and they despise our naivety and complacency and passivity.

In many overseas countries, these self-proclaimed elite have taken control over the methods being used to initiate the police and military into service. Classic techniques used to create cults are being used in these police and military training centres. All of the systems of indoctrination and brain washing which have been used to create cults, from the ancient world, all the way through to the modern day, are being used, to the letter, in police and military training centres. These methods are also being used in other control based institutions, for example, prison officer training centers.

The police and military experience trauma based abuses in their training camp and initiation regiments. They experience a breakdown and compartmentalization of the mind.

The police and military become left-brain chronically imbalanced. They become lacking in emotions, and they become cold blooded. The police and military are led to believe that there is a social hierarchy, and that their first loyalty is to protect and serve the private banking and corporate controllers. These methodologies of police and military initiation may not have reached Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant. The self-proclaimed elite know that the Irish Guards would not be willing to bully their own people. The way the self-proclaimed elite might get around this problem is by sending some Irish guards overseas, and employing foreign police officers to police the Irish people.

We really need the sympathy and help of the military and police, in order to combat the growing power of the self-proclaimed elite. We can only hope to succeed in taking back our power, if the military and police choose to take our side against the self-proclaimed elite. I hope the police prove stronger that the inculcation methods being used against them. According to the following link by Tim Rifat, British Scientist, the Digital Tetra Police Radio System causes disruption of higher brain function and increased suggestibility in any police, who are exposed to this system and also All police throughout the world, and all government funded people should refuse to carry smart phones and any type of government ordered communication system on their person. These technologies are being subverted and are now being used to heavily subliminally influence all government staff to follow the dictates of the Luciferian command. The police and other government staff should use dumb phones (mobile phones that are not smart phones) in order to carry out their police duties.

There are no safeguards in place to protect targeted individuals from deliberate psychiatric misdiagnoses, if they wish to tell their stories to the police. If people who are being targeted by voice to skull military communication technology and other electromagnetic weapons tell their local police of their psychological and physical torture at the hands of the worldwide intelligence services or organised criminals, no matter what the police privately think about the matter, they are obliged to follow the directives laid out by the hidden Luciferian establishment, and they are then obliged to ensure that the targeted person see a psychiatrist, who is obliged by the regulations which have been laid down by his/her profession to have the targeted individual locked up before nightfall. Because of these regulations, the targeted individuals are obliged to invoke the right to remain silent if they are asked by the police or psychiatrists about their experiences of electronic harassment. For further information about police and military inculcation techniques – see



If the whole of humanity becomes a strong cohesive group, we can easily conquer the self-proclaimed elite and gain back our power. That is why the self-proclaimed elite consistently polarise various groups in society against other groups, at every single opportunity. They achieve this attitude of polarisation at university level and training school level, when students are unable to see the divide and conquer strategy, which is being implemented at all levels of society.

Students in general are being indoctrinated to perceive people as existing in a heirarchical power structure, where some people have more rights than others. This belief system is a sick system which is based on satanic principles and it serves nobody but the self proclaimed elite themselves. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. All people are of infinite value, therefore all people are, and always will be of equal status, and deserve to be treated as equals.

At some level, we are being subliminally influenced to put the police on a pedestal, and the police are being subliminally influenced to see ordinary people as beneath them. When I refer to the police, I am not referring to the ordinary police in Ireland, as I rarely interact with them. I am referring to my past experiences of voice to skull direct communication, who sometimes claimed to be the police. Some of them expected me to grovel to them and they expect me to curb my tongue when I was speaking to them. I told one voice to skull direct communication who was claiming that he was a police officer that he was a guardian of the peace, and his salary was being paid by the people of Europe, so as to carry out their wishes. He replied that he was a guardian of the courts. The courts are creations of the establishment, and they are currently serving the best interests of the self-proclaimed elite, who are our would-be enslavers. If they police now consider themselves guardians of the courts instead of guardians of the peace, they have changed sides. They are now on the side of the would-be enslaver instead of being on the side of the people. I hope this is not the case.

Even though the police work for the people, and their salaries are being paid by the tax payer, I believe that on a European and American level, the police are being taught to believe that their should give first loyalty to the self-proclaimed elite, and that they should treat the people they purport to serve, as lesser than them.

I was told on that occasion, to curb my tongue when speaking to the police through the voice to skull direct communication. If somebody was forcing their voice into the centre of your skull, without your permission, late at night, with the use of directed energy weapons, when you were trying to get some sleep, would you feel like being polite.

I visited the Garda station in Claremorris, Ireland one Sunday in the early afternoon in February, 2014. I asked if I could speak to somebody behind the counter as I felt I had a great deal of detailed information to give to the police with regard to my personal experiences of directed energy weapons harassment and of hearing voices directly in the centre of my brain by the use of voice hearing technology.

I was allowed behind the counter where I was greeted by two Gardai who introduced themselves as Brenda and Olga. I began to tell them of my experiences of what various voices had said to me over many years.    Both Brenda and Olga were very friendly and cordial to me at all times both when I was in Claremorris garda station and later when Brenda and a male garda whose name I can not now remember took me to see a psychiatrist at nearby Knock, Co. Mayo.

Initially, while I was at the police station, I began to feel very warm. I now believe that I may have been deliberately targeted with directed energy weapons in order to excessively increase my temperature in order to make me lose my composure in front of the Gardai (police officers are known as Gardai in Ireland where I live.) The Gardai asked me many questions and asked me if I drove a vehicle. They asked me if I had taxed and insured my vehicle and how much had it cost me to do so. Both Gardai were friendly to me and offered me a drink of water, as I was burning up from being too warm.

The Gardai informed me that they had no wish to hear the details of what the voices I had been hearing had said to me. They led me to believe that they had rang the local health department who located my medical files, who informed them I had been under the care of psychiatry in the distant past. The Gardai then asked to me see a psychiatrist, Dr Patrick O Toole, at the regional health centre in Knock, Co. Mayo. in order to ascertain if I was in good mental health.   Dr O Toole confirmed that I was in excellent mental health, because I informed him that even though I had heard voices in the distant past I was currently not hearing voices at the time of seeing him.  I then went home.   Dr O Toole normally works out of a clinic at Lisbaun Industrial Estate, Tuam Road, Galway, This is information which I obtained by ringing an our of hours medical service called Westdoc sometime after my visit to the police.  Westdoc  give me full details of who had attended me at the regional health centre at Knock, Co. Mayo, on that Sunday afternoon in February, 2014.   My medical card records will confirm that this medical intervention took place at the behest of the police.

I should not have expected the Gardai to understand the concept of hearing voices with the aid of voice transmitting technology, which uses energy to carry sound signals directly into the centre of the human cranium using brain link technology which is attached to a large selection of unknown human beings by their unique brain signature.   Each individual human brain signature has its own individual telephone number, which can be dialled directly into by anybody in the know, and any type of message can be transmitted into either the conscious or subconscious mind of that particular human being.     At this late stage of operations, most of the minds of the police and military throughout the world have been captured by this brain link technology which transmits voices directly into their subconscious minds, totally unperceived by them. This voice transmitting technology is located in a central area close to the water cooler in every Gardai station in Ireland and throughout the world.

The American Military were totally responsible for the New York demolition of the twin towers on 11th September, 2001, commonly known as nine eleven.

The technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past once informed me that they believe a time will come when they will make a financial killing on the information which they have read off my neural coding information over many years in the distant past.  They further informed me that they plan to sell this information to the self-proclaimed elite indirectly via sole traders.  The self-proclaimed elite would then aspire to use this purchased information to enact laws against individuals who refuse go work due to having bladder problems or irritable bowel syndrome.  The self-proclaimed elite wish to over-regulate our planet so that it would become a prison planet where nobody has any right to make any decisions about anything whatsoever.  They wish that all decisions would be made by them.  This will not work for them because under the Universal laws governing human behaviour that man did not create  self-mastery leads to order and happiness while mastery over others leads to chaos and despair.

I  Gretta Fahey  have been the subject of a non-consensual wifi enabled long range medical experimentation program for more than fourteen years in the past.   This non-consensual long range medical experimentation program is now being widely used all over the world and is using voice to skull communication technology to communicate with me and with all other subjects of non-consensual long range medical experimentation programs.   On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices of said non-consensual medical experimenters were heard to say by me ” We wish to showcase our medical and other experimentation findings in the case of Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  However, as Gretta Fahey has not been paid off and refuses to be paid off under pain of losing all her fingers and toes we can not publicly showcase the medical and other findings  which we have collected on both her body and brain.   We are now at a legal standstill.  We have no way of going forward at all.

On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head once informed me that I was in breach of common conduct by the act of opening my bathroom window while I was in my bathroom on one occasion.  I replied that I live in a remote part of the countryside where my bathroom window is not overlooked.  There are tall golden privet shrubs outside my bathroom window and nobody could possibly see inside my bathroom unless they were trespassing directly outside said window.  Said  technologically induced voices replied that they could see me on a constant basis by the aid of their technology wherever I was outdoors  or whenever I was inside an open window.  They further said that their way of watching me on a constant basis is enabled via triangulating three beams of energy from three surrounding mobile phone masts.  Everybody in Ireland and the wider world can now be watched by remote means whenever they are outside their own homes.  They may be watched by people unknown to us who work for the intelligence agency of Ireland which is such a secret agency that it is even unknown by most of the Irish government  and it is not being paid for by the Irish tax payers.   This technological capability of watching us almost constantly is nothing whatsoever to do with the television cameras that are being placed on every street corner of late.  It uses a completely different technology entirely.   It technological surveillance system is highly illegal and immoral  and it must be dismantled urgently before it is too late to do so.  Please dismantle mobile phone towers now.



It is being widely acknowledged that all of western society have both ingested and inhaled nano-fibres over the past decade or more due to chemtrail aerosol spraying. Some people are even complaining of chemtrail flu. The chemtrail spraying of nano-fibres need to be sprayed on us on a one monthly basis for these psychological and physical torture programs to work. Said nano-fibres will not remain in our bodies for a period longer than one month. Said nano-fibres are capable of passing the blood brain barrier. While said nano-fibres  as well as particulates are in both the body and brain of a targeted individual of remote manipulation all of the nano-fibres can individually and as a group communicate with a super-computer by wifi means and said super-computer can relate said nano-fibres to each other.

I have experienced a process that is known as remote EEG heterodyning. It involved synchronising of my brain waves with the brain waves of the neuro science technicians who were targeting me and it has been known about for half a century. However, the target’s “sense of self is not usually lost due to the external EEG heterodyning signal.

“Forced speech” is one of the unsettling capabilities of neuro scientific technology and is the term used by people who have been given demonstrations of it. Whenever the technologically induced voices which I heard coming from inside my head in the distant past spoke to me my own entire face including my lips, tongue and jaws moved in harmony with the words that I was hearing  and I was also made to say via technological means. It is being claimed that if whole body remote neural takeover ever becomes possible the whole body and mind of a targeted individual could then be totally externally controlled for a short period of time.     Every motor command in the brain of the targeted individual has a corresponding evoked potential that can be manipulated to operate in harmony with the sound waves of the human voice of the neuro technician..  These evoked potentials can easily be made to co-ordinate with the words that come from the neuro technicians thereby moving my entire face in harmony with the words they spoke to me.  I am not entirely sure if this is they way they achieved their feat of moving my mouth, lips, and tongue in harmony with the words they spoke to me but it is a logical explanation..   The technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head assured me that this is not the correct way said feat has been achieved.  They initially claimed that they achieved it merely by mind melding which is also known as EEG cloning which is a form of brain interface on a one to one basis.   However,The technologically induced voices later contradicted this story and  informed me instead that their main work on my brain was in the area of neural encoding of the motor cortex by remote means using a brain link interface via wifi.   The motor cortex is the region of the cerebral cortex involved in the planning,  control, and execution of voluntary movements. The activity of neurons in primary motor cortex (M1) and cerebellum is known to correlate with extrinsic movement parameters.
Electrical Stimulation of the cells of the motor cortex by  remote means  can cause the hand to close or the mouth to open or close etc.    Understanding the neural code is like building a dictionary.   These neuro technicians further informed me that  they are attempting to control my movements  by remote means.

There may be an easy solution to stop whole body remote neural takeover ever being scientifically achieved. Targeted individuals should try  wearing  metal head bands and metal wrist bands and metal ankle bands, preferably copper on a continual basis, even when sleeping. I believe this is an excellent solution. The self-proclaimed elite deliberately mislead people with regard to how advanced brain weapons and body control weapons have become in recent years. They are attempting to keep this technology a secret from the world population so that we can’t recognize the symptoms of a planetary wide takeover.

I enclose the following quote and link to an article to prove that partial remote neural take-over is both a scientific capability and is being done.

From his laboratory at the University of Washington, Prof Rajesh Rao claims he was able to control the hand movements of a colleague on the other side of campus using no more than the power of thought.

On one occasion in the distant past the technologically induced voices which I once heard coming from inside my head were heard to say by me “This woman Gretta Fahey has been de-registered ages ago from these programs but we decided to continue to work on her because there was nobody monitoring us and we were making an amount of money behind the scenes from the data that we were collecting from the research that we were continuing to conduct on her”.   I again heard the technologically induced voices confirm at a much later date  that I had been de-registered but that the gentleman in charge of the de-registering appeared to be unable to shut the system off and it remained open to the extent that absolutely anybody throughout the entire world could now hack into my brain or body and conduct any type of experimentation they wish.  This information frightened me.