My name is Gretta Fahey.  My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Ireland.  My landline home phone number for which I receive a bill on a monthly basis in my own name is 0949360901.  My website, which I alone own and control and which gives true details of some of my unique experiences among other topics  is called   I receive frequent death threats from internal voices which are being placed inside my head by means of voice to skull direct communication.  I experience frequent forced muscle movement of the muscles of my face and neck and I believe this unique experience is being enabled by digital signals which are coming into my home and into my body from either telephone or electrical installations which have been placed either close to my home or inside my home or both.  I have attempted to inform the Gardaí at Claremorris, Ireland of this in the past.   They refused to believe that a crime was being committed and they brought me to see a psychiatrist, Dr John O Toole, at Knock Health Centre, Co. Mayo, Ireland, who I believed would also refuse to believe that a crime was being committed and who I believed would instead have me committed to a mental institution and deprived of my freedom if I repeated the story of my unique experiences to him so I changed the format of the above story when I was speaking to him.

In order for forced muscle movement to take place in my body my brain would have had to have been analysed and a unique sample of my DNA would have had to have been obtained illegally from me.  I do not known when this brain analysis took place or when this DNA sample was illegally obtained.

That visit to both the Claremorris Gardaí and to Dr John O Toole can be proven to have taken place because said Gardaí would have had to have charged my visit to Dr John O Toole to my medical card which has a gms number which is 8521111A.