Wireless brainlink tethering of non-consensual human beings to a neural decoder which is being monitered twenty four hours a day by a surveillance network is currently happening throughout the western world.

A brainlink neural decoder is extremely advanced technology that can be made to read the mind of a human being thousands of miles from where that human mind is being read.

People who have been selected to be micro surveilled and to have their minds read  are being non-consensually implanted without their knowledge with bio-medical microchips in their brains, which are two-way radio communication devices and also brain mapping devices. Wireless brainlink tethering projects have been set up throughout the western world under the guise of doing research on non conformists and political dissidents , but in reality they are about enabling total lock down enslavement for all of humanity except the would-be enslavers who are dark luciferians. This wireless brainlink tethering is being enabled via each human beings unique brain signature which it is being claimed can now be accessed online by people in the know.

Neural decoding is a process whereby neural spikes are translated into symbolism so that the neuroscientists can translate the symbolism into words.  The neuroscientist studies the neuronal spikes which are being emitted from the brain weapons test subject.  These neuronal spikes tell the neuroscientist what the weapons test subject is doing every second of every day.  This is then translated into symbolism which can easily be translated into words at a later date.  Brain monitoring staff work in conjunction with the neuroscientist whose job it is to tell the subject what they expect the subject to do with their day and how much money they are allowed to spend on a day to day basis etc.   This effectively ensures that said subject no longer has any privacy or any dignity whatsoever. This is a unique form of remote control enslavement and it is meant for every man, woman and child on this planet if you dont wake up and dismantle all unnecessary surveillance technology.   Over many years brain weapons test subjects have ended up in psychiatric institutions or worse still have committed suicide because of the twenty four hour a day monitoring of their thoughts words and actions on a second by second basis.

If you are one of the many people who are covertly tethered wirelessly to a brainlink  neural decoder the  biomedical implant in your brain can be seen with the aid of an electron microscope.


When a human being is non-consensually wirelessly tethered to a neural  decoder, which is a brain and body reading interface, that human beings brain and body can be analysed in real time by a decoding workforce of organised criminal gangs. . These  neural decoders have the capability to read real time data such as the wirelessly tethered human beings thoughts, body temperature, emotions and about twenty other items from the brain and body of the non-consensual wirelessly tethered human being.

When said non-consensual human being has their brain and body fully mapped their brain can then also be encoded to repeat some action in a public arena which they once said or did at an earlier time in the privacy of their own home. This action would be performed totally against the will of the wirelessly tethered human being. This essentially means that many people have been virtually enslaved by being wirelessly tethered to a neural decoder. This wireless tethering is meant for everybody on the planet except for the would-be enslavers unless we take down the surveillance network now in place throughout the known world.

Neural decoders are being plentifully handed out to university students throughout the western world in order to assist them in studying brain and body mapping of people whom they dont know and have never met. Even though these neuronal harvesting students are being informed that the people whose brain waves they are analysing are non-consensual, the students are nevertheless happy to accept the neural decoders which allows them to gain significant access to the private thoughts of these these private individuals who have never committed any crime, and should be entitled to privacy. Many more criminal pirates are also involved. As well as the neural decoding these criminal scientists use voice harassment technology to drive the subject to deep despair and sometimes even suicide.

I was  wirelessly tethered via brainlink to a neural decoder for more than fourteen years where the neural decoding network staff spoke to me constantly every waking moment of every day without a break via a two way radio communication implant.  The direct voices inside my head once informed me in the distant past that there are many microchips implanted in my brain and body.   I don’t know where the antenna is located.   They further informed me that the information from my internal body microchips is  periodically downloaded on to my personal computer, whenever I use it.   If I don’t use my personal computer for a number of days, the data is then downloaded onto my mobile phone which I rarely use.  If I don’t use my personal computer or my mobile phone for a number of days, the data is then downloaded and taken up by the landline telephone cable which is connected to a pole outside my home.   The microchips inside my body have a long range of operation and the data from them can easily reach the telephone cable outside my home.

The direct voices coming from inside my head  would would talk to me at every waking moment throughout each day for more than fourteen years.  They would interrupt me  even when I was speaking on the telephone in order to ridicule what I was saying.  They drove me to make two determined suicide attempts where I was unconscious in hospital for four days after each suicide attempt.  The information about my two suicide attempts can be found in the registery of Castlebar Regional Hospital, Co. Mayo. Ireland.   I would advise implanted people to use strong pulses of magnetic energy  in order to disable your microchip brain implant.   However, I can not provide proof that this act will work.

There are punitive measures in place for anyone who dares to tell their doctor or local police that they are being harassed by many forms of directed energy weapons or voice to skull voice harassment technology.    That voice hearer is immediately forceably incarcerated in a mental asylum where they are force fed with highly toxic formulas.  They are forceably detained in the mental asylum until they sign a document which concurs with their psychiatrist that they are indeed mentally ill, which of course they are very definitely not.  This is a crime. Beware of criminal activity.  It always catches up with you.

Here is a link to my youtube video which is called Claremorris