I am wirelessly non-consensually linked to a human control and enslavement system which is being called the internet of things where I am being judged as part of a social credit score system in the Republic of Ireland. I visited Tesco in Ballinrobe, County Mayo today and I purchased one item and I checked it out at the customer operated checkout myself. I was in the store less than five minutes. I did not interact with anyone while I was there. I have now been informed by wireless direct communication that I am no longer allowed to shop in any Tesco store whatsoever. Why is this?

Because I have been wirelessly linked to the internet of things control and enslavement system for many years from what I believe are wireless implants, information has been sent to my brain and spinal column in order to enable external control to be taken of my muscles and in order to render me immobile in the future if I disobey the voice commands which I receive on a regular basis. Therefore if I should enter any branch of Tesco Ireland in the future I could possibly be rendered immobile while I am there or otherwise I could be sent direct pain signals or electric shocks to my system. I have often been sent pain and electric shocks by this human control and enslavement system in the past.

It is my belief that wireless control and enslavement system is meant for future generations of the human race other than the people of Madagascar. It is my belief but I can not prove it as yet that chemtrail spraying from jets does not take place in Madagascar and I also believe that Madagascar is a stronghold of the Zionist Jews. I hope to do more research into the ownership of Madagascar in the future if I am enabled to do so.

I was non-consensually selected as a subject of experimentation and control by the internet of things human control system earlier than most people because I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and I have been informed by the direct wireless communication voice command system that they wish to create new policies in order to gain control over individuals who are claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome because otherwise they can not reliably know if someone is telling the truth about whether they suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and to what degree they are handicapped by it and if they should be claiming disability allowance for it and if it is diet related.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net