The would-be controllers of the world who are Satanists and Dark Luciferians have indirectly created a unique way to abuse our human rights.  They have created a strategy where anybody who thinks and acts independently in a way that challenges their false authority is deemed to be unworthy of acting under their own free will.   Agents of the state are then manipulated to organise many of the relatives and friends of the aforementioned independent thinker to surround said independent thinker and independent challenger of false authority inside their own home and brow beat them to conform to a hidden agenda of the world controllers.  If the independent thinker  refuses to do so the relatives will sometimes, believing to be acting of their own free will but heavily manipulated, will then organise for psychiatric intervention for no good reason other than the fact that the independent thinker and independent challenger of false authority does not believe what they believe and does not act like they wish him or her to act.   This form of interventionism is a human rights abuse if it is suggested by an agent of the state and not by a relative and it has no place in this world where free will is a birth right under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law on earth.   All man made laws are now known to be illegal because they are not fixed and neither are they immutable.  We must guard the human rights of all because if one individual loses their human rights we all lose our human rights because we are all equal under civil  law.

If an agent of the state ever suggests to a relative that they aught to organise an intervention against a family member or a friend it will be assumed that said agent of the state is in breach of the law.