The Banking and Corporate World Dictators are both morally and intellectually inferior to the rest of society for the following reasons:-
They inherit their wealth. They dont generate it themselves from nothing. Their vast wealth allows them to manipulate governments to create tax havens and to bail their privately owned and run central banks out whenever they make bad banking decisions.
They belong to secret societies. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Full disclosure allows good to flourish. Those who belong to secret societies sometimes practice insider trading and some cause wars to happen. Secret societies are immoral under moral law which is fixed and immutable.
In order to appear intellectually superior they do all of the following:-
They classify many new inventions which they have not invented themselves. They then exploit the knowledge gained from the scientific patent of the newly invented item themselves and they use it against their fellow human beings in secret.
They hoard information and deny the rest of the men and women of the world access to that hoarded information such as many of the books in the Vatican library which they public can not request access to because they have been denied all knowledge of their existence.
They force fluoride and other substances into the public water supply for the purposes of dumbing the rest of us down so that they would appear intelliectually superior to us.
They surround themselves with fawning and applauding mind controlled individuals whenever they make a public speech. They also pay others to fawn and applaud them either directly or indirectly through lucrative contracts or through offering gifts whenever they speak publicly.
They control the main stream media and most of academia where they create elaborate and false profiles of their own scientific and technological capabilities.
They give themselves titles and sometimes have their workforce arrange that the public bow to them or kiss their rings.

They inculcate children into false belief systems by means of inculcating them into organised religions before those children are able to critically analyse the organised religion in question.   They maintain the inculcation through constant repetition and through trauma based mind control so that those children grow up to be obedient followers of said organised religion and are unable to challenge the false authority of religious leaders.
They organise society into control hierarchies where they all grovel to those above them in whatever control hierarchy they belong to and they metaphorically stamp on the heads of those under them in that same control hierarchy.
Throughout the centuries, in order to organise a belief mind set where women were believed to be inferior to men, they manipulated womens dress to be severely handicapping to women to the extent that women were expected to wear crippling foot wear for all formal events and women were expected to wear uncomfortable head wear to social events. In the recent past, women were expected to wear dresses and skirts and trousers were disallowed which resulted in women having cold legs in winter time and women being more vulnerable to sexual assault than they would be if they had been allowed to wear trousers in those days.