I and many others of my fellow country men and women have been non-consensually and unwillingly implanted with bio-chips which wirelessly tether us to a computerized human control and enslavement system. The low frequency electromagnetic energy link which wirelessly tethers us to this enslavement system is bi-directional which allows neuro technicians and others to download all of the electrical signals which are generated by our brains and bodies to their computerized storage equipment on a continual basis. This downloaded data is then translated into all of our thoughts, words and actions on a continual basis, both day and night for the whole of our lives. The electrical patterns which are generated in the human brain whenever a wirelessly tethered individual moves one of their limbs are recorded and can then be sent back into their brain at a future time in order to move their limb against their own will. This is the basis of how human bio-robotization is now being achieved.

The aforementioned neuro technicians also upload sounds, words, images, sensations, pain and forced muscle movement to the brain of the wirelessly tethered individual. The wirelessly tethered individual is psychologically tortured throughout their lives. They can be physically tortured if they fail to obey the voice commands being sent to them from the neuro technicians.

Governments have been deliberately set up against their own people due to interference from outside interests. We, the individuals who have already been wirelessly tethered to the aforementioned computerized human control and enslavement system have absolutely no recourse to the law. Whenever we report that we are being wirelessly harassed with voice commands and unwanted images the police refuse to accept a statement from us and instead they send us for unnecessary psychiatric evaluation where we can be wrongly deemed to be mentally ill.

The neuro technicians who transmit voice commands into my head on a continual basis have informed me that at some future date when everybody other than the would-be enslavers of the human race have been successfully implanted with bio-chips and wirelessly tethered to the aforementioned computerized control and enslavement system which is sometimes being called the internet of things or the cerebral internet of things or the smart grid there would then no longer be any money in use. We would be given whatever food, clothing and shelter was deemed necessary by the slave masters and we would have no further need for money. Further to that, the bio-chip which is being non-consensually implanted into people is programmable to the extent that if a slave were to attempt to pass pre-set town or city boundaries they would then receive unbearable pain to every part of their body.

I have been part of this human control and enslavement system for more than sixteen years and I constantly receive voice commands and sometimes pain. Please give this matter your undivided attention. Please watch the linked youtube video which I made yesterday outlining my concerns.