The dark occultists  wish their fellow human beings to believe that they have more technological expertise than they currently have.  This a basic military takeover tactic.

To that end they have falsely informed the human race through the grapevine that self-replicating nano technology when combined with a fungus type material will grow and self replicate inside targeted individuals , thereby allowing a selection of targeted individuals to be slowly and incrementally be consumed by an internal brain and body computer network.  This internal computer network would then be used to wirelessly remote control us to either self-sabotage or to commit acts of extreme evil.  However, sources close to myself have informed me that paid neuro staff are currently  being  used to laboriously link each sub group of human muscles of a large selection of targeted individuals  to a network of computers by a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy until such a time as the selected targeted individual has no further control over their own muscles unless they agree to be a neuro slave, and then go on to enslave others in a similar process.  In that way, the number of neuro slaves throughout the world increases exponentially.   The worldwide human community  must immediately provide devices to the general public which can then be used to propel strong forces of magnetic energy at targeted individuals of neuro research in order to damage the nano technology inside their brains and bodies so that they can then be free from the cruel potential bio-robotization fate that  now awaits them.