What is being set up under UN Agenda 21 is not a one world government as such because some men and women are outside the system of so-called one world government. In order to be able to achieve this feat of tricking us into believing that we were all going to be under the same or similar constraints under a so-called one world government, dark occultists created the spinning ball earth hoax hundreds of years ago. They perpetrated the spinning ball earth hoax by constantly having it repeated through the main stream media and by the school systems throughout the world on an everyday basis. Secondly, they perpetrated the spinning ball earth hoax by presenting faked images of a spinning ball earth in books and through the digital media on a daily basis. Thirdly, they inserted the word Global into the names of many of their businesses. Repitition is one of the corner stones of mind control and because of that and because of the widespread use of electronic mind control in many classrooms and boardrooms they succeeded in persuading others to believe in the false assumption that we live on a spinning ball earth.
However, the earth is fixed and flat and there are at least two hundred methods in existence to prove that this is the case.
We know that nobody could escape being placed under surveillance from thousands of stationary and moving drones in the skies over our heads if the earth was indeed a spinning ball. The earth is fixed and flat and there are two hundred proofs of that fact readily available to anyone who wishes to prove it to themselves. Therefore areas of the earth and the men and women who live in those areas can escape continued surveillance if they wish. Therefore they would not be part of what is being presented to the rest of us as a one world government where everyone is under full spectrum dominance all of the time so therefore my questions to the control system is as follows:-
Is the earth fixed and flat?
Are there areas of the earth which are not under continued surveillance by the world military police and others?
Is it correct to assume that all men, women and children throughout the whole world are being included in what we have been led to believe is a one world government?
If that is not the case should the name ‘one world government’ be changed and be called something which reflects it more accurately?

For further information on the fixed and flat earth please read a book called ‘Two Hundred Proofs the Earth is Not A Spinning Ball’  by Eric Dubay and if you are unwilling to read this book please believe that you are under almost insurmountable electronic mind control.