If you eat meat on a daily basis it is being claimed either rightly or wrongly that you can not be bio-robotized.    Some human beings who have been non-consensual neuro weapons research subjects for many years are currently being bio-robotized by means of sending wireless signals to programmable nano technology inside their human bodies.  These nano particulates can be programmed to modify the appearance of the human body or they can be programmed to move the muscles of parts of, or the whole  human body in a way that  a real live human being can be remote controlled .

This evil capability can also be used for the purposes of torturing or enslaving a human being by remote control.     The false cover story of demonic possession is currently being used to cover this capability of wirelessly manipulating a human body by remote means.

This  human bio-robotization process is being achieved by criminal  neuro operatives who work from an unknown location while laboriously pushinging nano particulates inside the cells of a human being by means of directed energy weapons over many years where the nano particulates are then co-ordinated to work in tandem with each other.   Nano particulates coagulate in the presence of meat.  However, they do not coagulate in the presence of fish.   I have been given the information that nano particulates coagulate in the presence of meat by means of voice to skull wireless communication and it may not be accurate.  I am publishing it because all avenues need to be explored in order to solve the ongoing problem of human bio-robotization and technological enslavement which is currently happening throughout the world.    The fact of human bio-robotization is entirely true even though many people would prefer to believe in the false existence of the supernatural.

Wireless weapons are posing an extreme threat to human freedom.

In order to solve the problem of wireless weapons all we need to do is to simply disassemble and destroy all microwave transmitters and 5G millimeter wave transmitters. All of the wireless technology being used to electronically torture us by wireless means is ground based. When the microwave transmitters are destroyed the organised criminal gangs who use these weapons against innocent human beings inside their own homes will then be rendered powerless because the majority of their weapons can no longer work without the aid of microwave radiation.