The U.S.A. was making excellent financial and technological progress back in the 1960. America was a place of abundance, truth, peace of mind and well informed citizenry. The dark Luciferians and Satanists wished to establish world rule under their own command and they were frightened that the financial and technological progress the people of the United States of America were making would eventually lead to a republican hegemoney if it were not slowed down. To that end, dark occultists who own and run British Military Intelligence and the C.I.A. organised a counter culture for the purposes of slowing down American technological and financial progress. They went on to organise a music festival called Woodstock which was attended by half a million young Americans who went on to be drugged and brainwashed on a farm for three days.
“The victims were isolated, immersed in filth, pumped with psychedelic drugs and kept awake continuously for three straight days and all with the full complicity of the FBI and government officials.” From a Book called ‘Tavistock Institute’ by Daniel Estulin
Food, water and sanitary facilities were in short supply and worst of all there was no way for anybody who wanted to, to leave. After the weekend was over many went on to become fully fledged drug addicts who embraced a counter culture of hedonism. Whenever aspects of hedonism such as sexual promiscuity is tolerated in a society that society collapses after four generations because the family unit is then weakened which allows for excessive and often abusive government intervention into such families. Strong family connections are the back bone of any stable society.  Individual men and women need nurturing, loyalty, fidelity and  emotional support as well as a strong since of family identity in order to thrive and be happy and healthy during their lives.  That all becomes lost to each member of a country if the mains stream media encourage promiscuity through newspapers, magazines and television programming and this leaves the population of that particular country vulnerable to external control.  Further to that, people who are exposed to sexual promiscuity more often than  not eventually become mentally unstable which also leaves them more vulnerable to external control.

We should not allow church and state to get involved in the formation of families through either church rites  or government marriage laws because it is now widely known that both church and state are externally controlled themselves by dark occultists.    Couples who wish to live together and start a family should simply make a widespread public announcement of their intentions combined with having a legal document completed and such a  legal document must be drawn up in a way that it is entirely  independent of compromising state law.     It is  widely known that both the police forces and the military forces of the world are being used by said dark occultists to  enforce the enslavement of their fellow men, women and children by their unquestioning loyalty to the crown forces who are behind our incremental enslavement.