The unknown neuro research staff who are being enabled to place their voices inside my head by the use of cruel and dangerous directed energy weapon technology have informed me today of the following very important and enlightening information. The United States military and police are unable to inform the American public of the capabilities they have been enabled to use over the past few years. However, if any member of the American public were to ask any of them about the current directed energy weapon capabilities they are then allowed to freely relate the whole story providing that they are asked specific questions relating to each area of interest. Please inform the American independent media of this situation.

Technology now exists and is in widespread use that can place voices inside the head of any unwilling human being at any location throughout most of the world. The human being concerned can be forced to listen to insulting material and even death threats or threats of torture. This fact is an open secret among the American military and police most of whom are hostile to being asked to use this cruel technology against their fellow human beings, the majority of who have done no wrong but who refuse to fit in with the plans of secret society members who are setting up a new world order enslavement system.