We have been instructed to wear masks when ever we are surrounded by our fellow men, women and children.   Most individuals go along with the wearing of masks without analysing why we have been ordered to do so by the Luciferian unelected world dictatorship.  If we refuse to wear those masks we will receive heavy fines and also   many  are under heavy technological mind control to be obedient to church and state  by the use of silent sound spread spectrum and even transcranial magnetic stimulation or other types of mind control and brain entrainment which is being administered by technology in their environments.

There are other reasons why we have been ordered to wear masks.   The wearing of masks is not related to a virus.   It has been scientifically proven that viruses are not contagious.   However, we are now being brow beaten by the Luciferian owned and controlled main stream media into accepting that viruses are contagious even though we know that they are not contagious.   The wearing of masks and the accepting of the lies of the Luciferian world dictatorship is about slowly and gradually manipulating us to accept that the Luciferian world dictatorship is a legitimate leadership of the men, women and children of the world, which it is not.

The men, women and children of the world are now being programmed to worship the state via technological mind control.  The main stream media no longer question the agenda of the state.  They promote it at all times.   They never challenge any of the dictates of the state and the state leadership never challenge any of the dictates of the Luciferian world dictatorship.

The controlling interests in central banking systems throughout the world are owned by private families, most of whom may be Luciferian world dictatorship private families.   They have consolidated nations, corporations, banks and even organised religions under their management.   They are neuro connecting unaware men, women and children to a central internet of bodies via implants and neural dust where they steal data from our brains and bodies and they also transmit data to our brains and bodies in order to gain more and more physical and mental control over us.

Meanwhile, those of us who don’t use smart phones, don’t own or watch televisions and don’t live or work under microwave transmitters or GWEN towers can think clearly and can see the big picture of world events clearly.    We know that the men, women and children of the world will slide under the enslavement of the Luciferian world dictatorship if the military and police don’t  soon go out and have all infrastructure which enables the mind control and the central nervous system control of the men, women and children of the world both disassembled and banned.

We have been brow-beaten since early childhood to believe in the spinning ball earth hoax even though our own senses tell us that the earth is fixed and flat.    The Luciferian world dictatorship control the school system, the organised religion system, the entertainment system, the main stream media system and the university education systems throughout most of the world.   They create a false reality for us and they force us to believe it because we hear it repeated continually from almost  every information outlet throughout the course of our lives. If any high profile individual  claims to disbelieve in any aspect of this false reality construct they are then ridiculed on the main stream media or they are even incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals by mind controlled psychiatrists. NASA has faked space exploration because NASA employees are mostly high level  freemasons who have taken a vow of secrecy under pain of torture and death.

The spinning ball earth hoax is the hoax which the Luciferian world dictatorship push most strongly on the men, women and children of the world.   The highest level Luciferians live in a part of the fixed and flat earth which is never under surveillance from drones or other sky based technology.  The highest level Luciferians live in a part of the fixed and flat earth which is not being geo-engineered by chemtrail spraying of their food, water and air.   They live apart from the control and enslavement system which they control through their agents, some of whom are evil doers while others are under mind control influences and who don’t understand the big picture.  For the moment, we are unable to differentiate between the evil doers and the mind controlled agents but it is possible to ascertain which is which by reading their bio-fields using advanced technology.

Church and state use terror theatre to control the masses of humanity. They have been doing so for thousands of years. A fearful, superstitious and uninformed mass of people are very easy to control and manipulate. For that reason secret societies have been creating hoaxes down through the centuries. Some of those hoaxes have been listed  in online resources as follows:- global warming, the second coming of Christ, Alien Invasion, Astroids from space, bird flu, swine flu, school shootings. I agree that all of those are hoaxes.  Global warming which has now come to be known as climate change is simply weather engineering by the use of HAARP phased arrays.  You can read about it in a book called ‘Under an Ionized Sky’ by Elana Freeland. 

I herewith enclose a few more hoaxes which I am aware of such as demonic possession, channeling of information, the moon landing and space travel.   The hoax of demonic possession is created when one becomes connected to ‘the internet of bodies’ which Rand.org have recently published a book about. The book is called ‘the internet of bodies’ and it is very misleading. When a man or woman becomes connected to ‘the internet of bodies’ system they are more often that not connected to it without their awareness or permission. Instead they are imbedded permanently with technology inside their bodies and brains which they are unable ever to take out of their bodies. They are then permanently wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies system where data is stolen from their brain and body and transmitted to an unknown central location. Furthermore, data is also transmitted back to their brain and body to disable them and to physically control them via their central nervous system. The system operatives can and do transmit data to the central nervous system of human beings in order to make them appear to be demonically possessed. I am under the control of the internet of bodies system and I have had voices and swearing forced out of my mouth.  I have been made to move against my will.     There now appears to be a solution to the vast world wide problem of enslavement via the internet of bodies to be found at this linked website www.antitinnitusv2k.com.   

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