The whole world is to be turned into a wireless hotspot if the new world order cabal get their way.  We would all then be wirelessly connected to a central human computerized control system by our central nervous systems where we would be issued voice commands by wireless means.  If we failed to obey the voice commands we would then be sent pain or electric shock by wireless means or we would even be eliminated by wireless means without ever knowing who our real enemies are.  I know this to be true because I and more than a million other targeted individuals have been connected to this system for many years.  We are not being believed because most of the men and women who hold smart phones close to their brains have been heavily programmed by wireless means and their brains have been entrained into a state of trust in the system.   There are many easy solutions coming to the fore.   Place rolls of repelling magnets on your person, especially at night while you are sleeping.  The repelling magnets will create a strong force field around your body while will protect you from wireless torture and genocide.  Disassemble and ban HAARP phased arrays and all other paraphernalia which is essential to the enslavement, torture and genocide system.  We should attempt to refuse to register births, marriages and deaths.  Stop all chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.  The aforementioned chemtrails contain chemicals, biologicals, heavy metals and dust sized technology and when we inhale and ingest them a neural mesh is being created inside our brains and bodies which creates a smart grid inside of us which allows us to be wirelessly controlled from the inside out.   For further ways to protect yourself from being wirelessly enslaved please check out the following youtube video of Tony Pantalleresco of HerbsPlusBeadWorks which is called “Protecting yourself against frequencies and Nano”  I enclose the link here.