Civilian leaders cannot usually hope to challenge their militaries by means of force, and thus must guard against any potential usurpation of powers through a combination of policies, laws, and the inculcation of the values of civilian control in their armed services. The presence of a distinct civilian police force, militia, or other paramilitary group may mitigate to an extent the disproportionate strength that a country’s military possesses; civilian gun ownership has also been justified on the grounds that it prevents potential abuses of power by authorities (military or otherwise). Opponents of gun control have cited the need for a balance of power in order to enforce the civilian control of the military.

There are two and a half million military slaves in the United States. They are the United States Military. They are obliged to be unquestioningly and submissively obedient to their commander-in-chief. We now understand that they are under microwave mind control and also body control via manipulation techniques not previously understood but now both understood and validated by the United States Supreme Command to be injurous to both the military soldiers themselves as well as to the American people.
The individuals who give orders to the United States military to go forth and to commit acts of extreme evil against other non aggressive members of the human race do not go forth themselves. They remain in contact with each and every military member via wireless control technology. This puts the military team under extreme duress and many go on to commit suicide rather than complete the acts of extreme evil that they are asked to do on a daily basis by this means. If they refuse to be unquestioningly obedient to the wireless voice commands which they receive on an almost daily basis they are then subjected to extreme duress themselves in many and varied ways.