My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. I am being subject to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I have been so for more than sixteen years. I am connected to a computerized system by a two way energy link from my brain and body. I hear the voices of the operatives who control the computerized system coming from inside my head on and off throughout each day. The operatives are always in the background of my mind where they monitor my thoughts and activities throughout the course of each day and night via the afore mentioned two way energy link. I have written about my experiences in extreme detail over many years and posted them online in several social media sites as well as in my own website which is called Today I am going to discuss some of my experiences of thought control.

I was cycling my bicycle on a beautiful sunny day. I was coming home from my local village of Hollymount where I had purchased some groceries. I was cycling through a back road because it has very little traffic and beautiful scenery. I was passing by Gregory and Eva Grogan’s house in Cashel. I don’t know Eva very well . She went to Newbrook National school with me but she was older. I was harmlessly looking in at their garden and wondering to myself about their lives and if their children were old enough to have left school and be working now. Suddenly a voice of one of the remote neural monitoring operatives which I heard coming from inside my head reprimanded me from thinking about the Grogans. She told me that I was to look at the road when I was cycling and I was not to engage in thinking about my neighbours. I was deeply and suicidely upset over this. I am also deeply upset that this same fate of being Remote Neural Monitored is about to befall on the majority of humanity and many of them still refuse to believe that it is even a capability. Since that incident I have been reprimanded occasionally for my thoughts. On another occasion I was passing the home of my own first cousin Marie Gilmore and her husband Henry when I was reprimanded for absent mindedly thinking about them and their lives as I passed by. I am also reprimanded for checking out the homes for sale on a website called and making personal comments about them. The most time that thought control is used against me is when other individuals or their homes are involved.

I am currently reading a book called “Solitude” by Anthony Storr. He says that thinking can be regarded as a preliminary to action, a scanning of possibilities, a linking of concepts, and a reviewing of possible strategies. Therefore the ability to think freely is essential for the human race. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is hell on earth.