At approximately 47 minutes into the linked youtube video which is called ‘Discussing the Growing Pushback with John Waters , the aforementioned international journalist and author John Waters talks about the current Irish minister for Health Stephen Donnelly and his attitude to new regulations in Ireland which require us to maintain the number of people in our homes to no more than six at any one time. Stephen Donnelly wanted the Irish police force to be given new powers to enter our homes in order to count the number of people there and to prosecute us if they found more than six people in anyones home. Stephen Donnelly’s party leader and others had to disuade him from giving the Irish police force such new powers because under the constitution of Ireland it is illegal for the Irish police force to enter the home of anyone without an arrest warrant and further to that a crime must have been committed and all relevant legal documents must be in place before the police are ever allowed to enter the private domain of an individual.
What I believe is occurring with Stephen Donnelly and other government ministers is they are being subjected to electronic mind control. According to Dr Robert Duncan in his latest book which is called Project Soul Catcher many people’s brain signals are being stored and tracked in real time on supercomputers which are housed in the semi-secret command, control and communication underground basis in the United States. Phased Arrays are being used to beam messages and behaviour into the minds of a selection of individuals and in some cases entire populations. This occurs without the knowledge of the targeted population and there is no defence against it other than possibly by maintaining a good distance away from certain antennas or certain digital devices. Currently much research is being devoted to develop tools to filter thought pathways.
According to the speaker John Waters, in 2008, the aforementioned Irish Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly was a heroic idealist who wanted to take on the International Monitory Fund and to save Ireland from Troika which is the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. John Waters went on to say that now whenever someone gets appointed to a Ministerial Office they shortly become utterly changed from the person they were and they abandon every single principle that they ever articulated up to that point and they then articulate the opposite of what they used to articulate. If they were anti-globalization up to that point they would then become pro-globalization. Stephen Donnelly became a quasi-fascist within hours of becoming Minister for Health. In order to protect the minds of our politicians and our police and military from wirelessly enabled thought control technology we must urgently have the infrastructure which enables thought control disassembled and banned. However, how do we go about this while we can no longer rely on the autonomy of the minds of our elected politicians long enough for them to take this urgent matter on board and deal with it?