Gretta Fahey, Newbrook,  Claremorris, Ireland.


by Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co.Mayo,  F12 Y560,  Ireland.


I believe all of my experiences have been brought upon me by people unknown to the people of Ireland.  I wish to state that I hold nobody in Ireland responsible for my negative experiences.

The following information is based on my personal experiences and internet research, and I can not prove it.

There is a secret war being waged across the world that we are not being told about.  It is a war of attrition, which is the gradual wearing down of humanity by slowly and incrementally eroding their human rights, by any and every means possible, over a long period of time.  This war of attrition is being waged by an unelected cabal of the super-rich, with advanced weapons and warfare tactics that are difficult to perceive or understand. Many of these secret warfare methods involve infiltrating and corrupting all worldwide institutions of power, in order to bring in a planetary wide control system, where the authoritarians would rule the world and where all of the rest of humanity would be electronically controlled slaves. The weapons they are using to enslave humanity are weapons that give you the illusion you are being manipulated from inside the human body. However, it may be a very simple matter to disempower this internal technology, and to take back our power.

Many people are being persecuted by a new types of technology, based on radio waves, while in the privacy of their own homes. These people are calling themselves targeted individuals. Our governments can not openly admit to the existence and misuse of these weapons because the fabric of society would collapse over night, as soon as people realised that senior politicians and the judiciary could be covertly manipulated by remote means.    Whatever might happen, governments have a moral duty to tell their fellow country men and women everything.  Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy.

Targeted Individuals are people who are selected for persecution and non-consensual experimentation, because they have atypical personalities or unusual experiences, or non-conformist attitudes.  These people have proven to be resistant to manipulation, by social control and by electronic mind control.  I have experienced being targeted by these directed energy weapons and also by weaponised bio-medical telemetry and weaponised medicine and extreme psychological torture, amounting to forced suicide methodology, and I am telling my story here. It is important that you know about this technology, and who the people are who control it, because if you or your children are ever targeted with these new directed energy weapons, you will know what to expect, and how best to protect yourself. There is a criminal conspiracy of silence in high places with regard to the existence and misuse of Directed Energy Weapons and of weaponised bio-medical telemetry.

Barton L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called “Issues in Criminology”, Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called ” The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control”. The article states the following:- “The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour”.

More than forty years later, this electronic control and surveillance system has expanded to such an extent that it is being used to persecute and experiment on hundreds of thousands of people and children throughout the world, who have committed no crime.  In some cases, a network of biomedical sensors are secretly being implanted into peoples brains and bodies, by syringe, without their knowledge and consent. This non-consensual medical telemetry has been weaponised in order to control and enslave people. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions.   In the distant past, voice to skull military communication technology transmitted voices have told me that plans are currently being made to implant all children at babyhood with a network of body sensors, which could be used to transmit pain signals to anybody who might not be co-operating with the evil satanic control system.  The body sensor network could be used in the future to enslave all of humankind.  We must be forever vigilant.    Even without these biomedical implants, with the aid of advanced technology voices or images or pain signals can be transmitted to you, wirelessly, or you can be enslaved or tortured or murdered by remote control.   Remote Personal HealthTracking generated revenues of more than four billion Euros in 2013. See www.berginsight.com/ReportPDF/ProductSheet/bi-mhealth6-ps.pdf.

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread misuse of these electronic telemetering systems. This method of total enslavement was once intended for most people in the future, but now it will possibly not happen, because humanity will dismantle all mobile phone towers. It is possible that some infants and children are being seeded with telemetering sensors through their vaccination programs. This silent human surveillance and control system is slowly spreading from person to person, and will soon include almost everyone, if we don’t urgently find a way of jamming these illegal transmissions and of bringing the unelected cabal of globalists under control.

CHAPTER ONE. The Current Situation Throughout the World.

Everything you have been told about the world is a lie. An unelected cabal of globalists rule the whole world through three city states, which belong to no nation and pay no taxes. These city states are the (inner) City of London, which controls the world economically, Washington D.C., which controls the world militarily, and Vatican city, which is the mind control arm of world control. The whole world is controlled through the crown colonies.. Everyone on the planet who is not one of the dictatorship is considered a slave to these organizations, who dictate the state of affairs across the world. The Vatican , which is the biggest business on the planet, control the drug trade, wars, assassinations, people trafficing and genocide. For further information, please see. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEydmE57Vew

All armies, secret societies, organized crime syndicates and main-stream news outlets are ruled by this unelected cabal. As well as owning and controlling the Vatican these self-proclaimed elite comprise of European Royal families, private banking families, high freemasons, high Jesuits and the United Nations. For the purposes of this internet and book research paper, I will collectively call them the unelected cabal, even though they are also known as the Criminal Oligarchy, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Khazars, the Authoritarians, the private bankers, the Human Livestock Farmers and the Bilderbergers. Some of these people are Luciferians. Their people hold prominent positions in every country in the world, and they appear to adopt the belief system of wherever they happen to live.

The electromagnetic weapons currently being used to persecute ordinary people in their own homes are known by many names. They are called psychotronic weapons, directed energy weapons, laser weapons, microwave weapons and ELF weapons. The main- stream media is heavily controlled, and all information concerning the existence and misuse of these directed energy weapons is suppressed from the public. Governments from all countries throughout the world go along with this charade, for fear of repercussions by the powerful.

The unelected cabal have access to classified knowledge, which they have been using to deceive and disempower us for many centuries. They have been hoarding knowledge, secret technology, money and power for hundreds of years.

In order to gradually create a two tier society of a ruling class and a slave class, with no middle class, the unelected cabal, who operate totally above the law, have been secretly pulling strings behind the scenes. On March 9th, 1933, in the U.S.A., an emergency banking act – “House Joint Resolution No 192 – 10, was voted into law, which made the United States and its citizens the property of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. This made all American citizens into unwitting slaves of the self-proclaimed elite.

These controlling forces behind global banks and corporations are currently setting up a global dictatorship. This has been going on for many centuries, but most of humanity appear to be totally unaware of this. Our rights and freedoms are slowly and gradually being taken away. The unelected cabal have been gradually taking more and more control over all of our fundamental systems. They wish to gain total control over all money, food, water, energy, information, healthcare, technology, land, animals, homes, property and weapons. They wish to create a planetary wide authority, with themselves in charge. They are using U.N. Agenda 21 as a blueprint and action plan to control all people and property in the world. They falsely justify the recommendations in UN Agenda 21 under the misleading excuse of sustainable development.

The American government spend one hundred and ninety Billion dollars, annually, on weapons research. Directed Energy Weapons currently being deployed, include a microwave weapon, manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders, and used for a process known as voice synthesis, which is remote transmitting of voices directly into the brain of any selected target. http:psychophysical-torture.de.tl/..      By 1974, “voice to skull” military communication technology (carried by microwaves) was available as an electronic harassment or communication method for United States Special Forces. This technology is based on modulating a microwave carrier signal with electronically superimposed, subliminal words, and is now being used to force voices and other sounds into the heads of selected targets, totally against the will of that targeted individual, day and night, for years at a time.

A basic version of a weapon, capable of transmitting voices directly into people’s brains can be bought online, by any member of the public at www.audiospotlight.com. Remote neural monitoring (using microwave technology to intercept the extra low radio frequencies, emanating from a person’s head, to listen to their thoughts and see what they see,) is also being used against selected targeted individuals.

The science of cybernetics first became public in 1948, when the American professor, Norbert Wiener published a book called “Cybernetics”. At that time, it was already possible to intercept thoughts, memories, and sensory functions such as sight or hearing. One can only imagine what is achievable now, sixty-seven years later. See the work of Robert Naeslund at www.icaact.org

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread misuse of various types of directed energy weapons.

Some members of the public, throughout all NATO countries, are randomly selected to be put on non-consensual, experimental programs of psychological harassment and no-touch torture, conducted on them from a distance, through the walls of their own homes, by the use of directed energy weapons.  On the instructions of corrupt politicians who owe favours to criminals, government run  intelligence agencies conduct invasive surveillance on random people, who are not guilty of any crime.   They pick people indiscriminately, and conduct research and experimentation on them, and they are building a behavioral and psychological database, from which they hope to exercise mass control all the way from the individual level to the population level. The members of the public who have been picked for these soft torture programs are known as targeted individuals.

The minds of targeted individuals are being read through signals intelligence EMF brain mapping programs. The Criminal oligarchy figured that if they could find a way to utilize the EMF fields around the body, as a way of keeping tabs on us, that they could use the same system to enslave us. The NSA was charged with finding a way to do so. Their solution was to create a means of scanning the electromagnetic spectrum to search for the unique EMF fields produced by the body. The NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network is being used to remotely track us, experiment upon, torture, and even murder us. https://chemtrailsaremindcontrol.shutterfly.com/

When a member of the public is first selected for one of these psychological torture programs, they will be gang stalked for many months, in order to get that person committed to a mental institution and classified as mentally ill. This is an essential part of a non-consensual, electronic harassment program. This enables the perpetrators to carry on torturing the target at will, without any interference from human rights activist’s groups or the police.

Because of the misuse of this technology, humanity is now in an extreme crisis situation. However, most people are in a haze of indifference because of being subliminally mind-controlled through their television sets, and through lilly waves which are being emitted from their electric cables, and through electronic frequencies  and  subliminal influencing which come from all smart technology, which is being directed through mobile phone towers. The public are also being lied to on an unimaginable scale by the corporate owned and controlled main-stream media.

The ultimate purpose and goal of gang stalking is to create a self-policing society of easily controllable citizens, where all rights have essentially been taken away from the individual, and special privileges are earned through acts of loyalty to the fascist government that currently lurks in the shadows of our society. In a long essay entitled “Nation of Stalkers” Robert Guffey argues that gang-stalking is on its way to becoming the primary means of dealing with non-conformists and especially pesky dissidents. Due process has been suspended. Justice has been contracted out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWTjenxeyw0


My Personal Experiences of being Psychologically Tormented by Brain Weapons, over many years.

I was selected as an unwilling target for non-consensual experimentation and psychological persecution, by remote controlled directed energy weapons, back in the Spring of 2003.  No consent was given by me for this medical experimentation and human behaviour investigation and micro-surveillance.   I was later told that the non-consensual research being carried out on me was interdisciplinary research.  I believe this means that all aspects of my mind and body and behaviour were being researched by a method of advanced in-home surveillance.   I was told the program I was put on was called program four.    The subject is interrogated in order to see if that subject has any insecurities, so they can be amplified.    I first noticed I was being harassed by people on foot, and many helicopters were circling my home at chimney level, on a daily basis. The helicopters and small airplanes were flying so low that I could read the wording on the bottom of some of them. One helicopter had writing on the bottom of it which read “Satellite and Transponder Testing”. One aircraft circled my home at chimney level every week for at least a year, after I began to be targeted. I live in remote farming countryside, where helicoptors are not a frequent sight, and most of the other targeted individuals are reporting similar aerial harassment experiences.

All of a sudden, voices began to be transmitted into my head, using voice to skull military communication technology, which is a two way communication system that is transmitted via signals intelligence. For further information see www.brainwavescience.com. The voices, which were being transmitted in my head all had American accents and used American terminology.  I am an Irish woman, and I have never been to the United States in my life. These voices were voices of both men and women. Some of the voices were extremely aggressive and threatening. They told me that I had been put on a non-consensual experimentation program and I was being monitored and supervised constantly.   At that time, I believed that micro-sized bio-medical sensors and micro transponders may have been implanted inside my brain and body, which were able to take measurements of all my bodily functions, by remote means. It is now being  claimed that implants are no longer necessary for these criminals to carry out their electronic persecution and non-consensual experimentation.   These voices told me, with the use of voice to skull military communication technology, that the program I was being put under was sanctioned under “Program for Government”.

These voices, with the use of voice to skull communication technology, told me they were planning to paralyze me at some time in the future, but would leave me with the ability to feel pain. They would then torture me endlessly, but I would be unable to communicate the situation to anybody.     These voices told me they at some time in the future they would cut the synapses in my body with their energy weapons, and I would never, ever be able to move a muscle ever again.  I did not know what synapses were but their threat sounded plausible.  Because I was so overwhelmed with fear I did not bother to research what synapses are.   I now know they are not something that can be cut.  Because of this psychological torture, I have lived for many years in a living hell of terror. 

I was incoherent with fear. I had no idea how to tell my story in a way that sounded reasonable. When I told a psychiatrist of my experiences, I was given anti-psychotic medication, and later I was told I was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Scientists are increasingly doubtful whether schizophrenia exists at all, but rather it is just an umbrella term for a variety of problems, some of which could be caused by a lack of proper nutrition, or minor poisoning. The umbrella term of schizophrenia is so all encompassing that everybody on the planet could legally be labelled as having paranoid schizophrenia. Some reason can easily be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses to label them thus. The voices in my head talked to me on and off, with the use of voice to skull military communication technology, for several years. They told me I had been put on a program, where my whole life would be analysed, and I would be experimented on remotely. During this time, they asked me hundreds of questions. The following are just a small sample of the questions they asked me:-

⦁ Have you ever stolen any money, even a small amount?

⦁ Have you ever dated a married man?

⦁ Do you always wear your car seat belt?

⦁ Have you ever had a row with anyone on an internet forum?

⦁ What is the emotional atmosphere of your home like? Is it tense or pleasant?

⦁ What percentage of your income do you contribute to charity?

⦁ Do you do any voluntary work in your community?

⦁ Do you belong to an organised religion?

⦁ How much money do you spend on heating oil, annually?

If I did not answer respectfully, they would accuse me of showing hostility towards their staff.

On one occasion, when the voice to skull voices began making personal remarks about me, I heard one voice saying to some other voices “Stay within the subject matter. The police and military are monitoring this”.

On another occasion I heard a voice to skull military communication generated voice say  “The thread is spoilt because nobody went in and asked her anything”.

These voice to skull voices once told me that they had located a man who was willing to accuse me of breaking some law, provided they pay him a large sum of money. I asked what he would accuse me of, as I hadn’t done anything wrong. They replied “He is going to accuse you of anything we ask him to accuse you of”. On a number of occasions, they begged me to commit suicide, because they claimed to feel sorry for me, because of the torture that would be inflicted on me at some future date if I did not commit suicide immediately.

Often times the voice to skull voices would wake me up in the middle of the night to ask me questions, and to offer suggestions about how I might improve my life. Some of these people made disparaging remarks about me, and threatened me constantly. They described how they might cut my head off, or drown me in the cattle slurry tank in the farm where I live. At other times, they described how they might hang me, or bury me alive.  They also claimed they would burn down my house.   Initially, I would become deeply upset. Eventually, I became so used to their threatening tactics, their threats would roll off me like water off a ducks back. These voices once told me exactly what percentage of my time I had spent in bed over a five-year period.

The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices also told me that they could stage a psychiatric intervention on me at any time, if they met me, when I was out alone in public. They claimed that they could pretend to start up a conversation with me, and no matter how I might answer, they could repeatedly say – “, you are not making any sense, you are not making any sense.” They told me that this is the method that is used to get people committed to a psychiatric prison, against their will, even if that person is totally sane.

The technology generated voices once told me that they would abduct me from my home, then they would cut off my hands and my heels, so that I could never be able to escape them. These messages can be perceived as extreme psychological torture if they are transmitted to anybody who is totally unaware of the existence and abuse  of directed energy weapons and voice to skull technology.

If a targeted individual ever wishes to pray, they will be answered by the voice to skull communication system. These self-proclaimed elite criminals wish to totally destroy the inner landscape of the human being, so that we become completely outer directed.   The voice to skull military communication transmitted voices also told me that I had been chosen as the Irish candidate for electrostatic submersion.   They also mentioned the name Eamon Clohessey constantly.  I don’t know anybody called Eamon Clohessey.

I believe that I had been linked to remote neural monitoring technology, which is a method of having my brain linked, to advanced technology, which is controlled by a neuroscientist or other perpetrator.   These neuroscientists would frequently communicate messages to me. What other targeted individuals forget to mention is the fact that this technology doesn’t just communicate messages. It communicates the emotions of the person communicating the messages. Sometimes, messages would be relayed to me in a non-emotional way. Other times, the level of hatred that the perpetrator felt towards me would hit me with full force, leaving me shaking by the intensity of it.  A rumour has been put forward online that the voices which are being transmitted to targeted individuals are voices which are being generated by a super computer, and that artificial intelligence has got out of control.  I strongly disagree with this.  The transmitted voices are real people, because I have felt their strong emotions when they speak to me.

The criminal cabal are always trying to find ways of redirecting the anger of the public away from themselves, and on to some non-existent, imaginary enemy.  First they tried to make us believe we were being invaded by extra-terresterials, and that the extra-terresterials were the ones that we should focus our anger on.  When we failed to believe that lie, the criminal cabal are now trying to convince us that our enemy is artificial intelligence that has got out of control.  Most people believe this is also a lie.  There may be a scientific method of assessing the morality of a human being by reading their energy field.  If that ever happens, there will be nowhere for the criminal cabal to hide.

These neuroscientists can image your brain in order to see how your brain responds to certain stimuli, for example they can decipher if you prefer chocolate cake or a glass of beer? They achieve this by monitoring evoked potentials which are brain signals, on a computer screen. I experienced powerful pulsations of energy vibrating through my whole body, and I sometimes received electric shocks and burning sensations, from time to time.

A person can be made to feel pressure on their body, by the use of focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound can also be used to make you feel a slight phantom sensation on your body. By the further application of haptic technology, focused ultrasound can be used to make you feel as if a phantom hand shaped sensation was holding your hand or arm. I know this to be true because I have experienced it, and it took me a long time to research exactly how the perpetrators were doing it to me.

I also endured mock executions and sleep deprivations.  Virtual torture is almost as wide ranging in its abilities as real torture.

I once hung new plastic blackout blinds on my bedroom windows in order to stop any gang-stalkers from looking in. The very next day, there were tiny holes in the black-out blinds, which I cannot explain. Having read shielding tips, for directed energy weapons, on the internet, I went on to hang a variety of different screens on my bedroom windows, on varying occasions. There were also tiny holes in these screens, when I would check them the following day.

During my research I have found that there are many ways to transmit voices into peoples heads by remote control, just by beaming a sound signal in the vicinity of a persons head, provided you are aware of that persons unique brain signature.  Another way might be to implant microchips  in both ears and forehead of a targeted individual.  By sending sound signals to all three microchips and triangulating them, voices could then be heard in the inner ears.

Another nugget of information offered to me by these electronic transmissions was that information had been fed into the DNA of my legs to make them surrender their abilities, which could, in the future, render me immobile. They assured me that if a geneticist looked at my DNA through an electron microscope, they would confirm that this is the case. However, I have never had any problem with either of my legs, even though I was first heavily targeted with directed energy weapons as far back as 2003.  Total body paralysis is the main theme being used to psychologically torture targeted individuals.

The electronic terrorists, with the use of their voice transmission technology, once told me that they would put cocaine in my home, while I was out, in order to get me in trouble with the police.  I have never taken drugs in my life.  I live in a remote rural area where nobody in my area has ever been accused of taking drugs.

The voice to skull voices sometimes used phrases such as cyber technology, and cyber crime platform analysis.

Using a pulse modulated microwave beam, carrying an ELF signal which is identical to the one in the motor neuron centre of the brain, motor neuron preparatory sets for various voluntary movements can be encoded on microwave beams and directed at the targeted individual. In this way, various sets of muscles can be induced to move and jerk against the will of the target. You can achieve this very same effect yourself by holding a “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator” to the motor cortex of your own brain, while getting an assistant to deliver a magnetic pulse to the motor cortex. This will make various muscles in your body move and jump against your will. I had no knowledge of this phenomenon, so when it was done to me, by remote controlled technology, it frightened me into believing that I was slowly being robotized.  Firstly, one of my fingers would jerk against my will. Then my wrist began to jerk against my will, followed by my elbow, followed by my feet and legs.  Various muscles in the trunk of my body later began to jerk against my will.  After several years of this jerking, both my arms began to jerk in unison with each other.  Both my wrists would jerk in unison with each other.   Both my knees would jerk in unison with each other.   I felt that these neuroscientist black project perpetrators were making progress throughout my body.  I was really really frightened.   To make matters infinitely worse, I found information on the internet which seemed to confirm that brain scientists probably had the ability to robotize both animals and people, and possibly had the ability to remote control another human being from a distance.

When I began to believe that I was slowly being robotised, I felt that if this robotisation process continued, I might at some later stage, become a danger to others, by being remotely influenced or controlled to hurt some random person, totally against my will and moral judgement. At that time, I felt that I had a moral obligation to commit suicide rather than allow myself to be used against my will to hurt a random member of the public. I had no idea what this technology was capable of making me do, and out of extreme fear, my imagination had run wild

When a person is full of intense fear they cannot think rationally. I was so horrified and unable to convince anyone of the validity of my experiences that I attempted suicide on two occasions, and was minutes away from death on both occasions. However, now, many years later, I have regained my equilibrium and I am mentally stronger than ever. The perps (the people who use the advanced voice to skull technology to place their voices inside my brain from a distance) told me through the voice to skull technology that they would have been charged with manslaughter if I had died because of the suicide attempts. I heard these voices say that they would have been charged by the European Intelligence Services, of manslaughter.  I later heard through the voice transmissions “We can not remote control anyone.  The sensations are simulated by electrical sensations inside the body.”



The favourite word of the people who target me is the word leverage. Leverage is defined in www.dictionary.com as power or ability to influence people and events.

When I was being targeted in the past, it became apparent to me that a constant stream of personnel within the military intelligence services were monitoring me on a rotational basis. They spoke frequently among themselves, but because they seemed to be wearing communication technology permanently, while they were in their workplace, I could overhear some of their conversations. When new personnel were assigned to monitor me they would constantly ask ” Have we generated any leverage on Gretta Fahey?” The answer would always be ” No, we have not generated leverage on Gretta Fahey, because she was initially very badly profiled. She came to us because of a recommendation which came from within the inner circle of the Irish government, without Gretta having broken any law “.  The recommendation to include me as a non-consensual directed energy weapons testing and medical experimentee did not come from within our current government.  The voice to skull military communications transmitted to me that the recommendation came from within the ranks of the rainbow coalition, which was a government composed of people from many different political parties, which was in power back in the nineteen nineties. However, that may not be the case. The illegal weapons tester operatives may be entirely independent of government and may be following an agenda to damage the already fragile relationship between the Irish people and their government.

When the military intelligence personnel interrogate the client over many years they delve deeply into the background of the client, since early childhood. They extensively interrogate the client in order to discover if there are any misdemeanours relating to criminal behaviour or drug addiction or any deviant behaviour of any sort, or if the client has compromised themselves in any way at all during the course of their entire lives. The military intelligence personnel micro surveill the client on a minute by minute basis, over many years, in order to establish if the client is addicted to any illegal substance or has connections with any criminals.  Leverage is the name they use to describe any compromising information that they can use to control the client. If they find any leverage, they then attempt to force the client to come and work with them, in order to help spread the satanic and luciferian control and electronic enslavement system throughout the whole world. If the client agreed to their pressure, I assume the client would then be given access to the secret network headquarters location, and to the surveillance and control technology. If the client does not agree to their pressure, they normally end up in jail, in order to pay the price for their crime.  I have been told by the voice to skull military communication transmission technology that the satanic and luciferian secret network headquarters location for the whole island of Ireland is located in downtown Dublin.  I can not prove any of the above.

A voice to skull military communication transmission informed me that every time the Irish government try to do their job of trying to protect the Irish people from directed energy weapons they receive directives from the European Parliament that stop them in their tracks.


The Voice to Skull voices also told me that the type of brain-machine interface which they used to hack into my brain is called a quantum loop interface.

When a targeted individual focuses their awareness inwards, inside their bodies, they are aware that there is a foreign energy surging inside their bodies. This energy surges over different organs or muscle structures at different times of the day. Sometimes, when I would focus my awareness at my energy field, strong surges of energy would circulate around my stomach area, with extreme force.   I have been informed by the voice to skull voices that a direct current of electricity (radio waves) is coming out of my body at all times, which would register on a meter reader. However, I have never been able to have this checked out.

On one occasion, I went on a distilled water fast, for health reasons. While I was on the fast, the voices were heard to say, “The subject is fasting today, on distilled water. We are taking samples of the fluids in her spleen”.
I also heard the following “Gastric juices have been subdued due to fasting. We are able to take measurements that we are not normally able to take”.

One reason why I was being micro surveilled on a minute by minute basis, is because the people behind the would-be criminal control system are attempting to set up a points system for each member of society, based on your minute by minute behaviour each day.  Their future plan would be to attempt to fully automate this points system, and to include every member of the human race in this micro surveillance and analysis system, and to allow this surveillance and control grid to run by itself, by artificial intelligence.  WE CAN STEP DOWN THIS SYSTEM TO A LOCAL LEVEL ALMOST INSTANTLY BY THE SIMPLE ACT OF DISMANTLING THE MOBILE CELL PHONE TOWERS.  WE CAN ACHIEVE THIS USING DYNAMITE, WHICH IS FREELY AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ONLINE.  HOWEVER, IT IS ILLEGAL TO PURCHASE DYNAMITE ONLINE.

I bought a large and powerful rare earth neodymium magnet, online, and I placed it on my body to see if it would help to block the Directed Energy Weapons assaults. Could it be possible that neodymium blocks and redirects the electric and magnetic currents going through the human body, thereby making it impossible for the neuro operatives to achieve their goals. Or could it be possible that neodymium enhances the ability of the neuro operatives to reach the inner core of the body, and thereby attacking the neurons more directly. The V2K voices once told me that their job was to tie down all of the neurons in the motor cortex of the human brain, rendering the person immobile. They would then enslave the person, and if that person did not do the bidding of the neuro operatives, they could rigidly immobilise that person at a moments notice, thereby making that person into a totally obedient slave for the rest of their lives. However, the motor cortex contains one hundred billion neurons, so I am of the belief that they were just trying to frighten me. I later came across some proof that the U.S. army had technology that could make a human being lose voluntary control of their body. For further information see – the US army’s NGIC-1147-101-98 Addendum to the Nonlethal Technologies, available to the general public. Can we stop the use of all Directed Energy Weapons, by changing the world wide system of transmitting information electrically, from using digital signals back to the old standard use of using analogue signals?

If you wish to know how citizen spy networks and gang-stalking groups are being set up on a worldwide scale, please read a book called “The Hidden Evil” by Mark M. Rich. He has a website called www.newworldwar.org.

The basis on which schizophrenia is diagnosed should be re-evaluated in light of the existence of directed energy  weapons. The overwhelming power of ridicule is used at every turn against us, targeted individuals, in order to suppress the existence of these remote neural monitoring, and electronic brain link weapons. The public are programmed, through the main stream media, to be frightened of ,people who hear voices in their heads. The people who hear voices in their heads are good conscientious people, who have dared to challenge the growing totalitarianism, and they have been put on covert electronic harassment and voice beaming torture programs by the self-proclaimed elite.

In my opinion, people commit suicide from FEAR rather than depression. This is never mentioned in suicide websites. Why is this?   I was once in such an intense state of fear that my teeth chattered constantly for a full twenty four hours.  On a few occasions, I woke up in the middle of the night and instantly sat bolt upright in bed in a rigid position, in a state of intense fear.  This is classified as the behaviour of a human being who has been either physically or psychologically tortured.  In my case, I experienced psychological torture.

I was told through the remote communication system that I was rejected by one particular group of neuroscientists for further investigation due to a lack of infrastructure in my home.  I do not have a television set or wireless technology in my home.  Most important of all, I sleep in a bedroom with no electric cables near my head or body, that can be used to access me.  There are also no electric appliances in my bedroom other than an electric heater at the far end of my bedroom.  Any electric appliances in the bedroom can be used against a target of electronic harassment and non-consensual experimentation, even if those appliances are unplugged.  I have been lead to believe that even a battery operated flash lamp or an analogue radio  containing a battery can be used against a targeted individual if these items were left close to the head or body of the targeted individual.   It is ok to have a wind up clockwork radio beside your bed.  It is not effective enough just to switch off your electricity supply at the mains every night.  You must remove all electrical appliances from your bedroom, as far as possible.  All electrical appliances can be activated by remote electrical signals, and can be used to further the aims of the criminal cabal, against humanity, by way of non-consensual human experimentation and enslavement programs.  I received further communication later on that same day from voice to skull voice communications outlining the fact that these investigators and experimentators do not have the legal right to install any technology into my abode other than that which I have installed there myself.    However, the voices have claimed that extra unnecessary technology has been installed among the telephone installations on a pole adjacent to my home.  I have never been able to have this checked out.   I was also told by voice to skull communication that, in some instances, it might be possible for operatives to place open source technology in a vehicle near the home of the targeted individual, in order to beam energy into the home of a targeted individual who does not have electrical sources near their heads and bodies.  They said that this was not possible in my case, as I live in a rural area, and the operatives, conducting the research close to my home could be apprehended by the police.   If that solution proves unworkable, a second solution the criminal neuroscientists sometimes employ is to move the targeted individual to a secure location such as a prison or a mental hospital, by falsely accusing the target of committing a crime, or falsely accusing the target of being mentally ill.  They have tormented me with this threat on numerous occasions.

For further information in advances in brain microchip technology see http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/ageing/research/areas/biomedicalsensors

On one occasion I was exercising suitable distain for the Voice to Skull military personnel.  A transmitted voice expressed astonishment that I was not more pliable at that late stage of the non-consensual brain and body experimentation and manipulation.  The Voice to Skull transmitted voice then ordered a colleague  to insert a loop in Gretta’s thinking so that she will be more acquiescent.

P.S. I HEARD THROUGH THE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM SOMEBODY CALLED MIKE DELANEY ASK THE POLICE COMMISSIONER IF HE COULD MOVE ME TO A DIFFERENT CATEGORY, 10.30 PM ONE TUESDAY.  On a different occasion, a mans voice made lewd suggestions to me via the military communication system.  I repeated his suggestions back to him, which enabled the rest of his colleagues to hear them.  I heard many voices being irate and accusing the man of bringing the military surveillance program into disrepute.  I then heard security being called.  Security were asked to evict a man called Brendan Thompson from the building.   On this occasion I strongly believe that the surveillance officers of the law were indulging in elaborate roll playing in order to try to manipulate me to discredit somebody unknown to me by the name of Brendan Thompson.

The voice transmissions once told me that the would-be controllers hope to take down all governments eventually, and that they hoped that everyone would be individually controlled through their unique brain signature, and they hoped there would be one central command which is hidden at the moment.   People  are being subliminally influenced by their smart technology and digital devices into a state of indifference.  However, everybody is finally waking up now and they are no longer using smart technology or digital televisions.

One of the ways humanity can help themselves is by having safeguards put in place so that targeted individuals of electronic weapons and voice to skull technology can come forward and tell of their experiences without being accused of being mentally ill.  In this way, we will find valuable ways of saving ourselves from this attempt at setting up a surveillance and control grid.

The voice to skull military communications once gave me the following information by transmitting voices into my mind.  I can not verify it.




Up to twenty thousand young men and women are recruited off the streets of New York city and are brought to Ireland. They are then given three weeks training, which entitles them to call themselves Surveillance Officers of the Law. Groups of these surveillance officers of the law are sent to work in various towns throughout Ireland.  They are supervised by members of a crime syndicate who come from all over the world.

They are then given hand held electronic weapons. With these electronic weapons they covertly record the unique brain signatures of potential targeted individuals, who have been selected for psychological harassment programs by agents unknown to us.  ,

The Surveillance officers of the law are also employed to gang-stalk these selected targeted individuals. Furthermore, the Surveillance officers of the law are given equipment which facilitates them to force their voices into the minds of targeted individuals, by the use of beams of energy which circulate around the medulla oblongata.   . This technology is sometimes known as Voice to Skull military communication technology. Each group of Surveillance Officers of the Law go on to electronically harass and torment one single targeted individual, until that targeted individual is incarcerated in a prison or mental hospital for the rest of their lives. The Surveillance Officers of the Law are told that the targeted individual they are instructed to gang-stalk and harass is a hardened criminal.  The Surveillance Officers of the Law are given training manuals which instruct them to evoke hostility in the targeted individual by constant viscious taunting and manually entering the home of the targeted individual and breaking small items within the home of the targeted individual.

The Surveillance Officers of the Law sign an unbreakable contract to complete the job of utter destruction of the life of the targeted individual, up to but not including death.  They are paid on contract by a criminal group of Irish defence contractors attached to the Irish government who pose as good living Irish people, when they succeed in defaming the target.  They are given operating expenses per day.  They are paid by the Department of Finance via indirect routes via other government departments.   For further information see Government Service Contracts.  The Voice to Skull military communications transmitted to me that the Irish Government ensnared and entrapped themselves, by getting involved in these “Program for Government” programs, way back in the mists of time, without really knowing what they were getting involved in.  Now they are in too deep.  They are keeping in line with European dictates, in order to receive European funding.  However, they now see the error of their ways, and they are prepared to come clean.

The work being done by Surveillance Officers of the Law is being carried out in order to destabilize society so that a working system is being put in place in order that several people who wish to remain anonymous for the moment will have a space on this planet to call their own when the button is pushed.  What this means is the members of the crime syndicate hope to kill large numbers of people at a later date by sending powerful beams of electromagnetic radiation throughout Ireland and Europe, which could  be emitted from telephone masts, which would instantly annihilate a large random part of the population of Ireland and Europe.  This mass murder would coincide with a high suicide rate, which would be caused by voice transmitting technology, carried out at the same time.  The one and only way to save ourselves is by taking down the telephone masts now.

I wish to reiterate that I can not verify this information as I heard it through transmission of voices technology, directly into my mind.


I also heard through the voice generating transmissions that my local Community Policing Initiative, also known as Citizen Spy Network was given a hefty budget, directly from the Irish Department of Finance for the purposes of Remote Neural Monitoring.  They were told to keep the matter a secret for the present time.  They were not told what Remote Neural Monitoring was, so they have not used the budget yet.  I personally do not know anything about my local Community Policing Initiative scheme, but the voice to skull generated transmissions informed me through V2K that the Community Policing Initiative Spy Centre was located North West of my village.  I get a lot of my information through transmission of voices directly into my mind, by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, via Signals Intelligence.

All of the electrical circuitry in the human body can be drained of electricity, leaving the human without the ability to move a muscle. This event once happened to me for a split second. I could not feel my body at all. The remote non-consensual medical experimentation personnel who have communicated with me in the past via Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, claimed that they did not deliberately induce this separation of the electrical fields from my body. They claimed that was an accident of their experiments. When it happens to a man or woman, that man or woman ceases to be a human being. They become a point of awareness, nothing else, because they cant feel their physicality at all. Cannibis Resin can block the effects of electrical manipulation. That is why it is banned in Ireland, and elsewhere

I am aware that there are hidden meanings in some of the information that was dictated to me by voices behind the Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, which is why some of this information appears to make little sense to the untrained eye.  The Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices are constantly pressurising me to publicise any crime they claim I may have been responsible for in the past, when in fact, I know without a shadow of doubt that I have never knowingly committed a crime in my whole life.  The Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices have transmitted to me in the distant past that vices and crimes would all be put in the same category in the future.  The nature of being human is being imperfect.  No human being who has ever lived has attained perfection.  I am no exception.  My life is an open book.  I have nothing to hide.  I have a few minor flaws. 

The following information was transmitted to me in the distant past via signals intelligence operatives, by the use of voice to skull military communication transmitted voices.  Neodymium magnet use is a technique we use to divert the flow of blood containing micro surveillance devices, which release chemicals which can be used to submit the subject to rigorous cortical analysis through the lens of sub judice analytic tolerance to cortical analysis.



I was told via Voice to Skull military communication transmissions that the writing is on the wall for our country if I and others continue to create awareness of the existence and abuse of covert electronic torture weapons and voice to skull military communication technology.   I strongly disagree with this statement.  Our country, Ireland is not suddenly going to develop a leak and sink beneath the waves of the Atlantic ocean.  We had total self-sufficiency and endless freedom before we joined the European Union.  All we need to do to take back total individual freedom is to leave the European Union, take down our mobile cell phone towers, dissolve top down government and run our country through self government, also known as Anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.

Below is some other random information that has been given to me by signals intelligence operatives, via voice to skull military communication transmitted voices, or that I have gleaned myself by my personal experiences of being targeted by electronic surveillance methodologies.

There are microfibers throughout my body that are conductive to electricity.  I inhaled them from breathing in chemtrail laden air.  They can be seen with the benefit of an electron microscope.  Everybody has them in their bodies at this late stage.  They are essential for probing the human body with the aid of electromagnetic weapons.  We must put a stop to chemtrail spraying of our skies from airplanes which are deliberately laden with toxic material in the fuselage.  This is currently being carried out via military black projects.

Surveillance Officers of the Law are given scripts to read to the targeted individual at the same time as they are sending sensations to the targeted individual, which can be felt on the surface of the targets body, or deep inside the targets body. These scripts are designed to frighten the targeted individual to an extreme degree. I am publishing the following script in case there is a hidden message in it for the Department of Justice, Ireland. However, I am not inclined to believe much of it, if any, myself.

“Targeted individuals are living in a different  electro stasis than the electro stasis the rest of humanity lives in.  They brought this situation on themselves by refusing to cooperate with the self proclaimed elite.  We are obliged to point out that the  targeted individuals who continue to refuse to co-operate with the self proclaimed elite will be locked in electro stasis, by a process of coagulating the electricity in the environment of the targeted individual”.

I woke up one morning in the distant past with the feeling that the energy field of my body was moving all over the place.  It was a very very strange sensation.  The voice to skull military communication transmissions that had been used to communicate  information to me, told me to go and stand outside near the old farm buildings, close to my home.  They told me that there was a particle accelerator in the vicinity.   At the time, I, being too incredulous, decided not to go. They claimed I made a grave mistake.  These people conducting their experiments then claimed they could take me over whenever they liked, by the use of individual electronic submersion in an electric field of homeostasis electricity, which would enable binding of all muscular structures forever, by a force hitherto unknown to mankind.  They claimed that a time will come in the future that all of humanity will need particle accelerators or magnatrons near their homes to keep their own energy fields in check.

The voice to skull military communication transmissions told me that my own energy field will have less particles than a normal energy field if checked under an electron microscope.  They claimed that my energy field is easier to manipulate.  They claimed it can be pulled hither and thither.

These types of electromagnetic weapons testing experiments are being conducted on live human beings right throughout the whole of this country and, at this stage, every other country in the world. We must urgently develop counter-measures which enable homeostasis anti-coagulation capability to counteract human robotization which is the ultimate goal. This process is nowhere near being achieved. Sadly, they are slowly gaining ground

The Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices went on to claim that the smoke from carbon based fuels transmutes the information overload databases of the human energy field, which in turn makes it impossible for the signals intelligence operatives to work on the human energy field of that human or animal subject for the next several days.

The Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices went on to say that there is a nugget of true information in this posting, but not all of it is true.  They added that one of the reasons they are obliged to give messages to this human test subject is in order to bring her to the attention of the worlds press, so that they might some day evoke hostility towards her on a worldwide scale, thereby partially fulfilling their contract to the person who wishes to have her immobilised forever.

My own opinion is that there is a problem with advances in modern science in the fact that we can be told any untruths at all, and we will have no way of knowing if we are being lied to.  All of humanity can be enslaved by our willingness to believe without question everything that significantly controlled Government scientists tell us.  These controlled government scientists are controlled through their standing in the community.  Anybody who deviates from current thinking has to be willing to take a beating by the media and other means.

The voice to skull military communication transmissions may have succeeded in fooling me once or twice, but I believe that most of the information put forward in this website will be helpful in the future, in deciphering the truth.

I also believe that military intelligence sometimes employ a policy of creating deliberately induced psychosis, by constantly transmitting strange messages directly into the minds of chosen non-consensual experimental subjects, in order to decipher if  the health authorities of their area will or will not choose to have them arrested and committed to a high security mental asylum, or if said health authorities will come forward and admit to the public of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull  and a variety of other military communication technologies.  Governments have been profoundly negligent, by not immediately announcing this information to the public, when they first found out about this electronic warfare technology, back in the mists of time.  Secrecy is synonymous with evil.  Secrecy allows evil to flourish.



I received a message which was downloaded directly into my mind by voice to skull military communication transmissions, delivered via signals intelligence. These voices transmitted to me that there are four energy fields surrounding the human body, which can be manipulated in such a way that they are bound together, rendering the human being immobile. After this is completed, strictures can then be put in place so that the bound toghther energy fields can never again be unbound. The human being becomes immobile. They become frozen people. The energy can be untangled and the human can be freed at any point befor the strictures are put in place. However, there is no going back after the strictures are installed.

The voices generated by the military communications system told me that some frozen people are located somewhere in the structure of the Department of Justice Buildings at Pinebrook House, 71-74 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. I have no way of knowing if this is true because I live one hundred and fifty kilometers away, in Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Over many years by the use of a process known as documented submersion, a human being can be slowly and incrementally reduced to a robot, by the use of a little known technique of keeping the human body constantly in a state of micro surveillance and occupational conductive adherence to a radium condition which eventually kills all bodily function ability. Substances similar to barium, strontium and aluminium in chemtrail aerosol spraying are essential to the whole process.

The subject must be constantly in the presence of electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwave radiation. When the human subject leaves their home or office, they will be followed by directed energy weapons, which are controlled by hand held devices concealed inside vehicles and inside peoples houses. When the subject is in the presence of an microwave radiation, the subject absorbs the microwave radiation into their body, thereby enhancing the ability of the operatives to conduct experiments and to bring the human to a closer state of submersion. When the human subject is fully submerged, by a process called subduction, they no longer need any food or water. The human body is kept alive by a system of propulsion of energy through their veins and muscles which generates processes that keep the person alive for a period of four years from the day they are first fully submerged. The current stock of people have been there for at least two years that I am aware of.

If the Gardai should check Pinebrook House, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, they will find people there who appear to be dead. These people will have no pulse. It is not known how much awareness they have going on inside their minds. They are in no pain.  I make no claims to know who these frozen people are.

I am having a difficult time believing any of this, but I am writing it down in case it contains some information that resonates with the Irish police.


I often felt strong sensations of energy throughout the surface of my body, and also internally.  Directed energy weapons can just as easily gain vantage of the inner workings of a human body as they can gain vantage of the surface area of the body.  On one occasion I asked the voice to skull military communications operative what he was doing to me, as I could feel strong sensations in the area of my jaws, lips and tongue.  He told me that I had ingested programmable micro-sensors in my food.  These programmable micro-sensors were now in my bloodstream.  The operative said that he was embedding the micro-sensors in my jaws, lips and tongue.  He said that one of his colleagues would program the self-same micro-sensors at a later date.  When enough micro-sensors were in situ and fully programmable, other neuro-weapons scientists would then have the ability to move my jaws, tongue, lips and cheeks in unison with whatever the neuro-weapons scientists wished me to say in a court of law.   In the distant past, when I experienced interactions and conversations with signals intelligence operatives, these operatives tried to manipulate me to say certain words and whole sentences, so that they could program me to repeat these words and sentences at a much later date, in order to compromise me in some way.  One word which they constantly repeated over and over, and they asked me to repeat it back to them so they could record my facial muscles while I was saying it was KOSHER.  Nobody ever uses the word  KOSHER in the West of Ireland where I live.  Forced speech is a very real and dangerous phenomenon, and it is discussed at length by the ever growing community of targeted individuals of electromagnetic brain weapons, which have extreme capabilities. 

Thousands of fellow targeted individuals are currently complaining of experiencing a phenomenon which they call forced speech.  They complain they say things out of the blue that they did not plan to say.  This phenomenon can now be explained scientifically.  This is horrifying but it is very real.

Below is some random information which I heard through Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices ….

Are their dungeons off Parnell Street, Dublin, under old bank vaults.? Do elected members of government staff control them.? Are they used for storage? Are there illegal substances there? Who is the key holder? Have the police ever searched these dungeons?

I also received the advice through Voice to Skull transmissions to spread the word about the ill advisability of allowing children to watch a television transmission called Sonic The Hedgehog.  This transmission has built in methodology to induce children into a trance like situation, where they can no longer comprehend right from wrong, and are liable to turn on their parents, using dangerous tactics.

Another Voice to Skull military communication which I received in the distant past told me that senior politicians all over the world were obliged to wear miniature communication devices under their shirt collars, during the working day.  These miniature communication devices have the capability of remotely influencing the decision making capabilities of each politician to the extent that senior politicians in Ireland and elsewhere are no longer capable of making independent decisions.

The CIA torture report reveals information about modern methods of psychological torture.

The signals intelligence operatives once told me via voice to skull military transmissions that there is a branch of science known as military science. It is funded by deep black budgets. It is only available to the top brass of military intelligence.

When the central control structure are caught out doing something immoral, they fight back by critically analysing the messenger rather than the message.

Another nugget of information I received from the signals intelligence operatives, via the voice to skull military communication system, is that a certain sub-section of the people who target me, known as the neuro operatives, are slaves by proxy.  They are American Government employees, who have taken out extensive student bank loans in order to gain their academic credentials.  If they don’t pay these extensive bank loans back within a certain number of years, they would be incarcerated.  The would-be control structure have a policy of never allowing anyone to redeem their loans without first giving assistance to the would-be control structure for a number of years after they leave college.  That is the methodology they have used to manage to force their student level employees to do this type of unnecessary surveillance on innocent members of the Irish public and the general public of many other European countries.

On one occasion in the distant past, I heard a Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voice which said  “The bitch screamed into my earpiece”.   I assumed he was talking about me as I happened to be shouting at the time.   From then on, I kept a whistle beside me which I blew into, loudly,  at random times of the day, when I was being bothered by the voices of these self-proclaimed signals intelligence operatives.    These military communication transmitted voices asked me to stop swearing at them, as they needed me to be on my best behaviour so they could show-case me as a completed project, some time in the future.   Very occasionally, in the distant past, I have heard voice to skull military communicated voices having minor disputes in the background, while speaking to me.  One conversation I overheard was ” I am not dealing with this woman anymore.  She is your assignment, you deal with her “.

I have sometimes been referred to by the military communications personnel as a commodity.  They have referred to me as human livestock.  They have told me that their investors refuse to invest in human livestock if they hear that human livestock swearing.

The military communications personnel, who are unknown to me, have told me that there are many and varied Irish born slaves in all positions in Irish society, and that these slaves are working against their will towards enslaving everybody on the planet, given enough time.  If these Irish slaves refuse to carry out their unpaid duties, they die instantly by remote control.

The military communication transmitted voices have told me that NASA is a front for Directed Energy Weapons and that no satellites have ever been launched in the whole history of humanity.  What we see as the international space station might be a drone.

It is not advisable to shelter children from information concerning the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmission technology.   Some targeted individuals in the United States have declared that their children are also being targeted by directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmission technology.  Some parents who are unaware of the existence of the technology assign their child’s insistence of hearing voices to the child having an imaginary friend.  If the child is sent to see a psychiatrist they will instantly be stigmatised as having childhood paranoid schizophrenia, which has recently been introduced into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses as a childhood mental illness.   Some parents are killing their own children before they commit suicide.  They have no way of protecting their children of being tortured by remote control.  That is why we must dismantle the telephone towers.  This would immediately step down targeting with electronic weapons to a local basis.  From there it could be easily controlled by the police.   There is no time to lose.



I have been told by downloads of voices directly to my mind, by the use of voice to skull military communication transmissions, via signals intelligence operatives,that there are thousands of  slaves in Ireland.  These  Irish people have been targeted with directed energy weapons at some period throughout their lives.  These directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication transmissions have been frightening Irish people for a full fifty years, without anyone being able to get the word out to the public.  Targeted Individuals have been consistently disbelieved by police and psychiatrists throughout the world.  Many targeted individuals have lived in such intense fear of the energy weapons capabilities that they have gone to the dark side and agreed to work as slaves for an unknown criminal syndicate while under the guise of living normal lives.   Their own families don’t know they are slaves.  The only way to re-empower these  slaves is for  Governments to come forward and publicly announce the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication technology.  Governments have a public duty to convince slaves  that it is safe to abandon their enslavement, and come forward with their stories.  They will now be believed for the first time in history, because of the multitude of evidence available for download, all over the internet. 

It is widely believed by credible scientists that  the existence of satellites and nuclear warheads are elaborate hoaxes, perpetuated by the criminal cabal for reasons of planetary wide takeover.  No harm can come to us if our Government publishes information regarding the dangers we are in now because there is no infrastructure in place to harm us except for mobile cell phone towers, which we must dismantle immediately.



It is being claimed that microwave radiation from mobile cell phone towers is an essential carrier to transmit voices and other signals to human brains.  If that is not the case, and if some type of scalar waves are being used to transmit signals to human brains, mobile phone towers also known as cell phone towers are still needed by the criminal cabal for use for their directional capabilities.  This means that dismantling of mobile phone towers is the way forward in order to put an end to in-home electronic harassment and torture.


“How does one man assert his power over another, Winston? By making him suffer. Obedience is not enough. Unless he is suffering, how can you be sure that he is obeying your will and not his own? Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation… Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain.” — George Orwell



CHAPTER THREE. Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnosis, is being deliberately used to cover the widespread existence and misuse of Directed Energy Weapons.

I went into the care of the psychiatric services of my own free will, due to a belief that I was being electronically harassed. I sought out the safety of the psychiatric hospital as a place of sanctuary, and for that I will always be grateful. All of the psychiatric staff who I interacted with were helpful and courteous and extremely kind to me at all times. However, that is not a good enough reason to turn a blind eye to huge problems within the psychiatric services, as by doing so, it could lead to the total destruction of human freedoms, in the not too distant future.

When I first was admitted to St Teresa’s unit in Castlebar, Ireland, for mental health care, back in 2003, I was prescribed a drug called Haldol, also known as Haloperidal. According to Jon Rappaport of www.nomorefakenews.com, this is a drug that was manufactured in Russia to be given to political dissidents. This drug causes some patients such strong Tardive Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia that it is akin to being tortured from the inside out, leaving psychiatric staff with plausible deniability. If you need convincing of this fact, please take this drug yourself for one month and see how bad it makes you feel.

Under medical law, psychiatric patients are legally obliged to take whatever anti-psychotic medication their psychiatrist prescribes, and they are usually obliged to take it for the rest of their lives. If they refuse to comply with the taking of their medication, their psychiatrist must incarcerate them in a mental hospital  until they decide to be compliant. Otherwise, they are forcefully given a long acting injection of their medication every two weeks. It is my opinion that the real reason psychiatric patients commit suicide is because they cannot stand the side effects of their anti-psychotic medication, but have no legal way of coming off it.

The American military openly admits that medications which have been found to have extremely distressing side-effects could possibly be useful as weapons. This practice of weaponised medicine has already been implemented, because people who are a threat to the would-be dictatorship often find themselves catagorised as mentally ill, and forced medicated with substances that cause extreme internal discomfort, for example, an inability to stay still, violent tremors, and confusion. If you complain about the severity of the side effects and ask to be taken off the forced medication, your psychiatrist will normally refuse to do so. They will just give you an anticholinergic agent in addition to your current medication, in order to suppress the worst of your symptoms. The anticholinergic agent also has severe side effects. The psychopaths who designed this torture program, under the guise of forced treatment, are evil to the core. Have psychiatrists taken the medicine they prescribe for even one week, themselves, in order to experience the severity of the side effects first hand? If not, why not?

When I was released from the care of psychiatry, I was obliged to attend  psychiatric review meetings every three months. At my psychiatric review meetings, I did not discuss by concerns about directed energy weapons with my psychiatrists any longer, as the balance of power between the patient and psychiatrist is so overwhelmingly in favour of the psychiatrist, that I was scared to admit that I still believed in the existence and misuse of electromagnetic weapons, in case it would lead to having a psychiatrist believe me to be mentally ill and re-admit me into a mental health facility immediately. At any review meeting I have ever had with a psychiatrist, I have only ever told them what I thought they wanted to hear, out of fear of being immediately re-admitted if I told them the truth.  The truth is that these directed energy weapons are very real, and are being used to secretly torture many innocent members of the public, here in Ireland, and worldwide.   The truth is that the world is slowly being turned into an electronic dictatorship.  We can easily stop this electronic dictatorship at any time, by demanding that our government take down all mobile phone masts, thereby disabling the signals to our brains and bodies.  We can go back to conducting our business and social affairs by using landline telephones.


It is my belief that mental health patients have less rights than a hardened criminal. I can be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital on a whim, and not given a release date, which is something criminals enjoy.

Another reason I could not speak to them openly and frankly about my experiences of being assaulted by directed energy weapons is because if a patient dare to question their diagnosis, they are then accused of having a lack of insight into their illness, and re-admitted and detained in a mental hospital until they are willing to admit they are mentally ill. Other patients have told me that this is standard procedure.

According to www.naturalnews.com, the industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every human emotion experienced by a human being, sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement – is now being classified as a ‘mental disorder’, demanding chemical treatment.

According to investigative medical journalist, Jon Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com , psychiatry is a pseudo, pseudo-science. The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the three hundred so-called mental disorders, no blood test, no urine test, no antibody test, no brain scan, no genetic assay. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters of menus of human behaviour. We have a potentially dangerous and completely unfounded model of the way psychiatric drugs work. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence, suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.

For more information about the extreme dangers of antipsychotic drugs see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-peter-breggin/antipsychotic-drugs-their_b_341108.html

Psychiatry is now being used as a weapon of war. Soldiers are being vaccinated and medicated with antipsychotic medication, totally against their wishes, for bogus reasons. When this is done on a large scale, it renders an army unable to fight effectively, which means they are unable to defend their country against domination by the global dictatorship. Perhaps the aspiring dictators wish to destroy the potential enemy before a war even begins. The use of nerve drugs in the military has led to record numbers of suicides.

Psychiatrists had to invent their own book of diseases because pathologists would have nothing to do with them. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (published by the American Psychiatric Association) is a work of fiction. Every disorder is invented, not discovered. A collective of quacks invents a fabricated disease, based on nothing but a consensus of opinion. Then they vote into existence whatever symptoms they wish to associate with this disease. Then they enter it into the D.S.M., which then enables them to sell more drugs. There is not one defining laboratory test for any of these three hundred disorders. In this way, most of us can be legally, and forcibly drugged, which renders us dumbed down and stupid. Psychiatrists have become pimps for the drug industry. – Dr Thomas Szasz – Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, prefer, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses while giving disproportionately less attention to information that contradicts. Psychiatrists often accuse their patients of confirmation bias, when, in fact, psychiatrists are equally guilty of this when trying to find reasons to prove their patients are mentally ill. Psychiatrists have the power to take away some of your birth rights and your freedoms, based on their subjective opinions. How did this situation come about in a democratic society.

It is being claimed that there is a simple and easy way to cure mental illness, through distilled water fasting. Fasting on distilled water for weeks at a time has been found to cure many illnesses. Somebody who is mentally ill needs to fast from all outside stimulation, including television, computer, reading and food. They must face their demons. In a Chinese mental prison, five thousand mentally ill patients were water fasted for several weeks, and all were sent home completely cured, except for a handful. However, there is no money to be made from water, so this cure is heavily suppressed.

I have a friend who has been through the psychiatric hospital system, due to confessing to psychiatrists that he is being attacked and persecuted by directed energy weapons, and voice transmitting technology. The psychiatrists totally dismissed the evidence he presented for the existence and misuse of directed energy weapons. He provided them with patent numbers, and scientific books and websites. He also provides them with the names of medical doctors, dissident psychiatrists and electromagnetic chemists who are supportive of his claims. Regardless of what evidence he provides, his psychiatrists were totally dismissive of his claims, and just kept repeating the mantra – “You must give your medicine a chance to work”. It is a criminal offence to diagnose somebody as having paranoid schizophrenia, and force medicating them when they tell you they are hearing voices, without investigating the easily obtainable technology, which is capable of transmitting voices into people’s heads, by remote control, and from a distance. See www.audiospotlight.com.

If a person comes before a psychiatrist and claims to be a target of electromagnetic directed energy weapons, then the psychiatrist should have an obligation to check if there are any radio frequencies coming from the body of that person, before deciding on a diagnosis. It has been proven that it is natural for some types of electromagnetic frequencies to be detected coming from the bodies of all human beings. However, a type of frequency called radio frequencies are only detected coming from the bodies of people who claim they are being targeted by directed energy weapons. See Lars Drudgaard of www.icaact.org for further information. Psychiatry may be operating under legal paradigms but they are definitely not operating under moral paradigms.

Psychiatry is being used to cover up the gradual spreading of directed energy beam weapons, and psychiatrists in the know are afraid to speak up in case they are targeted. I believe most psychiatrists are fully aware of the existence of this voice beaming technology, because this voice to skull, voice beaming technology has been around for at least forty years. If this situation is allowed to continue unchallenged, we will all be locked down in rigid enslavement, in an electronic concentration camp, soon. We only have a small window of opportunity in which to take back our power, from the self-appointed, aspiring, global dictators.

Lack of political oversight is allowing the intelligence services, with the help of corrupt psychiatrists, to falsely incarcerate anybody in a mental health prison. When was the last time a psychiatrist was found guilty of falsely accusing somebody of being mentally ill? I have never heard of this happening, yet it should happen constantly, as diagnosing mental illness is totally subjective. According to John Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com, psychiatry is not a legitimate arm of medicine. There is no proof that schizophrenia exists whatsoever. In my opinion, psychiatry needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is one of the main tools the self proclaimed elite are using to enslave us. If anybody questions the authority of the self proclaimed elite, or accuses them of dishonesty, that person is usually gang-stalked by professional gang-stalkers for a number of months, until they are no longer able to take the sustained harassment. When they complain officially, they are discredited by being labelled as being mentally ill, forced medicated with poisonous anti-psychotic medication, imprisoned in a mental health hospital, and have some of their human rights taken away from them. What an ingenuous way, the self proclaimed elite have found of dealing with anybody who stands in their way of worldwide control and ownership.

There is a net in psychiatry that former patients find it difficult to escape from.  When a man or woman leaves a psychiatric hospital forever, they are forced to attend psychiatric review meetings on a continual basis for several years.  This is profoundly unnecessary, and  is an enormous burden on the tax payers of Europe.  Psychiatry is a pseudo science, and the major way psychiatrists can get patients is by force.  Patients who pay up front for psychiatric services are few in number.  When a human being takes most anti-psychotic medicine on a continual basis, over a number of years, it is known to damage their brains, and they become what is known as psychotic induced.  What once was a vibrant and capable human being is now caught in the net of psychiatry for life.

I was never forceably detained in a psychiatrist hospital. I signed a form, which indicated my willingness to stay there of my own free will. However, if I had refused to take the antipsychotic medication which had been prescribed for me, it is possible that structures would have been put in place to stop me from leaving the psychiatric hospital. I no longer am obliged to take anti-psychotic medication, which legally allows me to drive a vehicle again.

For information about human rights activism involving the institution of psychiatry, see www.mindfreedom.org.

If you are ever forced to take medication or vaccinations against your will, there is a wonderful way you can help yourself and avoid being forcibly poisoned against your will. About twenty minutes before you are due to receive your forced medication or forced vaccination, just take several capsules of activated charcoal. Activate charcoal will absorb all of the harmful ingredients, and carry them safely out of your body. If you ever take a drug overdose, and you are rushed to hospital for medical treatment, you will be given a large quantity of activated charcoal internally, which will clear your system of all harm.

Activated charcoal is easily obtainable at any pharmacy/drug store, and is not expensive.

CHAPTER FOUR. – AN GARDA SIOCHANA (The Police Force of Ireland)

I visited an Garda Siochana in Claremorris, Ireland, in February 2014, in order to report my experiences of being targeted with directed energy weapons. They told me that, in light of the fact that I was diagnosed as mentally ill, they would not deal with my suspicions, and sent me to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared me mentally well, as I had not been hearing voices at that time, and he sent me home. Wikipedia states that the Irish Garda National Surveillance Unit is increasingly using technical and electronic espionage, rather than physical and human intelligence. I wish to know if this electronic espionage technology, that is being used against the Irish public, is regulated? When people ask the police how they might protect themselves if they are ever attacked by weapons which are based on radio waves, the police just say that they have received no instructions from governments, with regards to this issue.

Some governments are instructing their police forces to wear communication devices which pulsate at a frequency of 17.5 gigahertz, which generates aggressiveness and impaired judgement in some police officers. I hope this system will not be implemented in Ireland. We must be forever vigilant.

A few million self-proclaimed elite have organized themselves into a vast network of secret societies, based in all countries throughout the planet. Through murder, blackmail and other criminal means, they have worked their way to the top echelons of society. They hoard secret knowledge and secret technology, which is far in advance of anything the rest of humanity know about. They sit at the very top of all the institutions of power on this planet. They are prepared to be cruel and ruthless, and they despise our naivety and complacency and passivity.

In many overseas countries, these self-proclaimed elite have taken control over the methods being used to initiate the police and military into service. Classic techniques used to create cults are being used in these police and military training centres. All of the systems of indoctrination and brain washing which have been used to create cults, from the ancient world, all the way through to the modern day, are being used, to the letter, in police and military training centres. These methods are also being used in other control based institutions, for example, prison officer training centers.

The police and military experience trauma based abuses in their training camp and initiation regiments. They experience a breakdown and compartmentalization of the mind. www.whatonearthishappening.com

The police and military become left-brain chronically imbalanced. They become lacking in emotions, and they become cold blooded. The police and military are led to believe that there is a social hierarchy, and that their first loyalty is to protect and serve the private banking and corporate controllers. These methodologies of police and military initiation may not have reached Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant. The self-proclaimed elite know that the Irish Guards would not be willing to bully their own people. The way the self-proclaimed elite might get around this problem is by sending some Irish guards overseas, and employing foreign police officers to police the Irish people.

We really need the sympathy and help of the military and police, in order to combat the growing power of the self-proclaimed elite. We can only hope to succeed in taking back our power, if the military and police choose to take our side against the self-proclaimed elite. I hope the police prove stronger that the inculcation methods being used against them. According to the following link by Tim Rifat, British Scientist, the Digital Tetra Police Radio System causes disruption of higher brain function and increased suggestibility in any police, who are exposed to this system http://whale.to/b/rifat7.html and also www.rvscience.com.

There are no safeguards in place to protect targeted individuals from deliberate psychiatric misdiagnoses, if they wish to tell their stories to the police. The targeted individuals are obliged to invoke the right to remain silent if they are asked by the police about their experiences of electronic harassment.
For further information about police and military inculcation techniques – see www.whatonearthishappening.com.

CHAPTER FIVE – Shielding Tips


I have experienced being a targeted individual, and these suggestions are based on my research and experiences. The perps try to make us believe there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. This is a normal strategy of criminals, and it is totally untrue. There is alot you can do, very cheaply and easily, to put a total stop to your targeting, even if you are on a very low income. Get the first suggestion done immediately.  It doesnt cost much money. The longer you remain unprotected, the more power they criminals will have gained over you.

Put bolts on the doors of your residence. Put a bolt on your bedroom door. The perpetrators have master keys to most locks. Burgular alarms can be disabled by remote control. Perps will try to enter your home each night in order to break or steal your belongings, as a form of intimidation.    They have the ability to render you and your family unconscious while they do this, by the use of advanced technology.

Leave CDs or DVDs beside your bed or on your bed, when you are sleeping.  When you are sleeping in the time most experimentation takes place.  If you place the CDs with the shiny side facing various walls of your home, this act may deflect the incoming directed energy beams.  I am including this shielding tip here but I don’t know if it is true.

Try to sleep in a bedroom with zero electromagnetic radiation levels.   Purchase a Trifield meter to help you find out where there are high levels of electromagnetic radiation in your home.   Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances in your bedroom.  If fact, you must leave all electrical appliances in another room.  Weapons research technicians can utilise inert electrical appliances against you.   Ask an electrician to remove any cables or sockets that are near your bed.   Even if there is no electricity running through these cables a weapons research technician can use them against you.   Consider switching off your electricity at the mains each night.


We all have a human energy field around our body, popularly called an aura. The human aura and meridians can be photographed by using a biofield camera. Meridians, are invisible channels of energy that run through our body in an organized and predictable way.

For a while, I was convinced that my human energy field was being manipulated, and I believed it was being pulled away from my body.    This method generated intense fear in me over many years.

Non-Ionising radiation builds up in a bedroom from any electronic equipment that is being used there, for example a television screen or computer screen. When you are sleeping, this non-ionising radiation is directed by the, non-consensual, brain wave experimenters, to your energy field, causing your brain to become positively charged. When they have completed this work, the experimentors then go on to direct extra low frequencies to our brains. This requires special technologies that are unavailable to the public. At this point, the scientific experimentors are enabled to see inside our brains. This is the only method by which the scientific experimenters are able to conduct experiments on the human subject, during the night.

Scientific findings tell us that any type of flowing water, for example, a waterfall generates negative ions.   I got some advice from the voice to skull voices that I should keep flowing water in my bedroom, by means of a simple homemade fountain, made from a mini aquarium water pump in a basin of water, causing the water to flow downhill.  The flowing water will generate negative ions that will cause interference with the equipment of the scientific experimentors. The negative ions also cause the ionizing radiation to evaporate.
Some of the V2K perps led me to believe they were on my side and they told me the neuroscientists will no longer be able to conduct either surveillance or experiments on me because running water would interfere with their equipment.   If a targeted individual is in the vicinity of a water fountain or a waterfall or walking by the sea, scientific findings indicate that they should feel a general improvement to their wellbeing.   However, now I believe these signals intelligence operatives deliberately lied to me, in order to enhance their abilities to conduct experiments on me. When I slept with a small home made water fountain in my bedroom, I felt I had done something to enhance the abilities of the signals intelligence operatives to conduct experiments on me, because the non-ionizing was allowing my brain to become positively charged, so that the operatives could direct extra low frequencies to my brain.   I don’t always trust the information that comes through the Voice to Skull communication network.  Not all of these signals intelligence operatives are trustworthy, but some signals intelligence operatives inside the control network are working to try to get some information out to the public about what is really happening behind the scenes in the criminal intelligence network.  I don’t understand the science but I have written down much of what I have heard through the voice to skull communication network, in case any science graduate or neuroscientist reading this website will be able to glean some information from it.

A wonderful method of clearing all non-ionising radiation from your brain and body is by earthing yourself on a weekly basis. Dig a hole in your garden and stick your legs into the loose soil for one hour. This practice of earthing will infuse your body with negatively charged ions. This will offer you protection for a full week. Any excess positive charge in your brain discharges into the earth as soon as you earth yourself. We should earth our bodies on a daily basis. It is important that people do not electrically insulate themselves from the ground, by wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes. When we walk barefoot on bare earth, or on the beach daily, we receive health-giving free electrons into our bodies. These free electrons are some of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man. This is called earthing, and it naturally protects the body’s delicate bio-electric circuitry against static electrical charges and interference, while dangerous free radicals are neutralized. www.earthinginstitute.net. EARTHING ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin. Earthing mats can be purchased for underneath your computer. Earthing sheets can be purchased to put on your bed. These are enormously beneficial for your health.

Most animals will not sleep in an area where the earths energy field is disharmonious. The only animals who will sleep in disharmonious energy fields, full of  radiation are cats. I wish to reiterate that I can not verify if this information is correct. New energy vision cameras, invented by the British scientist, Harry Oldfield, which photograph energy fields of all living matter, which might help me to prove or disprove my theories, are not within my financial means.

Human energy field studies are highly discouraged at university level. The self-proclaimed elite wish to hide this field of wisdom from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

Delete your online google, facebook, twitter and youtube accounts.   Otherwise they will be used against you in the future. I believe that the aforementioned online  accounts are being used to suck up information from all your social media sites and store them in such a way that this online information, which the perps call meta data, will  at some future time be used to build a profile of you, which will then be used to decide your fate, whether you live or die.   Meta data is information concerning what websites you choose to visit and how long you remain active in each site.   As soon as you delete your google, facebook, youtube and twitter accounts, no further online records will be held about you. All of your past activities will be deleted. If you have no profile, nothing will happen to you.   .  Taking down the  mobile cell phone towers is the key to saving humanity from enslavement and remote controlled death.  People can only be targeted by electronic weapons on a local scale if the perpetrators don’t have the use of mobile cell phone towers to both carry and direct the electronic signals.

The best way to cope with constant Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices is by studying and using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.  The program the Voice to Skull criminals use is based on illusion and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Check out the work on youtube of Tom Monahan from San Diego, and many other Neuro Linguistic Programming experts.  These techniques will help you to counter the negativity of the perpetrators and to heal the perpetrators.

Never give permission to have your brain scanned by E.E.G. The perpetrators will hack into your medical files, and use the information from the EEG to help them map your brain.

Take your mattress off your bed, and remove it from your bedroom. The coils on your mattress are claimed to be MRI energy coil arrays. Energy coil arrays may be used to make energy weapons and coil guns. These metal springs on your mattress are radio conductive. It is claimed that they might be used to create a magnetic field, which might be used to effect your energy field negatively. I found this information on the following youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoQITEatw8I.  People recommend foam mattresses as an alternative to coil mattresses.

Sleep with potted plants in your bedroom. Plants dampen down ionizing radiation.

We must remove Wifi from our homes. Scientific EMF studies suggest prolonged exposure to Wifi cause tumours as well as memory loss and other forms of brain damage. Experiments find that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers. Use a hard-wired internet connection.

Free radicals in the body of a targeted individual act like tiny magnets, which are used by the perpetrators for induction purposes. Be careful with your diet and eat food containing anti-oxidants, which destroy free radicals.


When writing of your experiences and offering advice, write everything in the past tense. Psychiatric legal eagles can not touch you then.  Psychiatry is not your friend.  It has been subverted by the satanic control system.  Anti-psychotic medication is brain damaging.

Switch on one or more analogue radios at medium wave.  Medium wave is similar to the energy the perpetrators use to target people.  This causes too much amplification of energy in the surroundings of the targeted individual, which interferes with the work of the perpetrators.

Throw out your television. We must not leave unplugged televisions or universal remote controls in our homes. They both must be physically remote from our homes. It might be safe to watch television through your computer, provided your computer is not a high definition computer. Televisions emit ionizing radiation. While watching television, your brain can be entrained into the alpha wave state, by the flicker rate and the picture change rate. Your subconscious mind will then be opened up and prepared for programming. Symbolism can then be used to affect you on a subconscious level.

All smart technologies have built in components which are being used to mind control you. If you continue to use smart technology, you will shortly be incapable of independent thought.

If activists were to mail letters through the mail boxes of people in a certain city, giving valuable information to the people of that city with regard to the workings of internal body control weapons, in this situation the intelligence services will direct calming frequencies from telephone towers throughout the city, to every home in the city in order to temporary dull the thinking of the population of that city, and to lull them into a state of relaxation. You must also refuse the new government mail boxes that are currently being sold. It is being claimed that, in the future, nothing but sanctioned mail will be allowed to be put through these boxes eventually. It is also being claimed that the government will have the authority to open these mail boxes, and remove any unsolicited mail, and dispose of it.

Jamming the incoming transmissions is a more effective method than shielding from them. Dr Barrie Trower, retired British physicist, states on one of his youtube videos that it is quite easy to discover what direction the directed energy transmissions are coming from, by the use of a directional meter. He states that it is an easy matter to redirect the beams back to where they came from. However, he states that if you do this, shortly thereafter, the authorities will knock on your door and order you to stop interfering with government wavebands.

If Voice to Skull military communication technology is being used to transmit messages, which you hear inside the centre of your head, you have been put on a trauma based mind control program.   You will be threatened with extreme torture at some unknown time in the future. This never happens. You will also be threatened with death, by many different means. Eventually, you will become so used to the constant threats, you will get bored by them. My first experiences of Voice to Skull military communications occurred in 2003, and it is now thirteen years later, and I have not experienced any of their threats of violence.

Stay far away from psychiatry. They will deliberately misdiagnose you as having paranoid schizophrenia. Then you will be incarcerated in a mental hospital, which I prefer to call a prison,  you will be forced medicated, stigamatised and have some of your birthrights taken away from you, including your rights to drive a vehicle.

Do not make any new friends after you become a targeted individual. Keep within your circle of extended family, neighbours and old aquaintances. Your new friends will more than likely be perpetrators, who will have alterior motives.

Targeted individuals have a moral obligation to warn the rest of society about the electromagnetic weapons and their ability to slowly erode human freedom.  It is very easy to set up a website.  I learned how to set up my website by watching youtube videos, which I found helpful.  I set up my website in a matter of days.  Please outline all of your experiences of being a targeted individual in precise detail on your website.  In this way, our elected officials will be able to decipher common threads among all of our experiences, and in that way, they will come up with a way of jamming this Orwellian technology.

Targeted individuals are being advised to surrounding ourselves with orgone pyramids, when we are sleeping. I plan to put small neodymium magnets, monoatomic gold and a quarts crystal into my orgone pyramids.  (I have not done this yet.)

All of the digital technologies in our homes emit pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. When we allow a build up of these pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in our homes to reach a certain amplitude, (called electro smog), these frequencies can then be further amplified by remote control, and these energies can then be used to electronically harass and torture the occupants of the home. In my home, there is a digital computer, digital hob, and a digital phone. I don’t own a digital television or microwave oven. I plan to replace my digital appliances with analogue ones. I will continue to use my computer, because my computer is not a high definition one.

Make a faraday cage out of screen door mesh. Place it over your mattress and sleep under it.

At this point in time, extensive files exist on each person in western society. Each person is profiled, based on numerous facets of how they live their lives, for example, exam results, amount of tax paid to date, any ailments they suffer from, addictions, credentials, online history, type and amount of television programs they choose to watch, shopping choices which are taken from loyalty cards and credit cards, what electrical appliances you use and how often you use them based on smart meter readouts, social networking activities, charity donations, DNA readout, blood group, employment history and employer references, travel history and many others. A targeted individuals file can be automatically accessed by the shadow government agents, the secret profile of a targeted individual can be read by security personnel, when a target enters a business which is being surveilled by the perpetrators.

Tile the walls of your bedroom with ceramic tiles, and place mylar sheets over your windows, at night.

Shielding paints, shielding clothes, head-wear and shielding socks can be purchased from many online stores. Earthing shoes and earthing bed-sheets can also be purchased online.

It has been suggested that protective energy fields which surround us, are strengthened if we keep orgone ornaments and quartz crystals near us, in our bedrooms.

The perpetrators of this technological harassment have the ability to introduce an icy cold feeling around your feet, when you are lying in bed at night. They can even override the power of an electric blanket. However, they can not introduce cold air to the region of heat surrounding a hot water bottle. Always use hot water bottles when the electronic technique of extreme cold torture is used against you.  The perpetrators can not cancel out the heat that comes from a hot water bottle.

Neodymium magnets redirect the magnetic current in the human body. Some people recommend them as an aid to protect against directed energy weapons. However, I dont know enough about them to be able to figure out if they are helpful or harmful.   Over many years, the voice to skull communication network have advised me to place a neodymium magnet at my brain stem, at the back of my neck, and to keep it there for a considerable amount of time, for example a full day.  Even though I own a very strong neodymium magnet, I have not taken their advice in case it enhances their ability to see deep into the interior of my brain stem.

Cellular phone use can wreak havoc with the human bio-field. When using a cell/mobile phone, always use a hands-free wired air-tube head-set, which keeps the cell phones antenna at a distance of six to seven inches from the body, thus eliminating near field exposure.

Have lots of movement around you while you sleep, in the form of a fan blowing air against your free hanging protective devices, e.g. mylar strips or neodymium magnets or orgone ornaments, in order to keep them moving. Because of the constant movement of these protective devices, the criminal perpetrators have a much more difficult time trying to direct their beams of energy to the source, which may make them cease their targeting of you.

Be careful of dental work. Some people are claiming that dentists are unknowingly inserting crowns or filling material that contain micro computer chips.

We could try sleeping under hollow domes filled with electrified water, using alternating currents, in order to diffuse the directed energy beams, before they hit our bodies.

We should stop ingesting fluoride in water and toothpaste and all other forms. It is an ingredient of rat poison, and it is a sedative. It dumbs you down.

Electronic chemists are the key people to look for information from with regard to bio-weapons. Most of them work for the government or the military, so it might be difficult to find an electronic chemist who might be willing to offer professional help.


We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale, by criminals who are aiming for planetary control. Their war propaganda machine constantly create new lies, and exaggerate their almost non-existent powers, in order to try and make us lose hope. Stay optimistic.

Become an activist. Spread information about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons. Spread information with regard to helpful shielding tips and with regard to your own experiences of being targeted by these weapons. The enemy needs secrecy to empower themselves. Do not allow them any secrecy. Disclose everything you know now.  Secrecy allows evil to flourish.  Ask your councillor to organise to have a law enacted which would ban the use of secrecy clauses in all work places.

The person to be targeted needs to live within three kilometers of a telephone towers. That is the only framework that needs to be in place in order to conduct basic weapons assault. We must canvas government officials in order to have all telephone towers dismantled, and we must go back to using land line cables to conduct our business and social affairs. This act alone will ensure freedom for future generations of the human race.

The Voice to Skull transmissions informed me through their technology that if I was successful in shielding their technology from my brain and body, while living in my own home, they would organise a sojourn in prison for me, by falsely attributing me with committing a crime. People in prisons have no way of shielding themselves from non-consensual experimentation with directed energy weapons.

If you are new to being targeted with directed energy weapons, do not write to the media or to senior politicians or to any organised religion, or do not appeal to psychiatry or any type of main-stream medicine. They follow the orders which come from a European central command, which come directly from the self-proclaimed elite. Your letters will be ignored and you may even be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The best way to legally create awareness that I have found is to appeal to the general public.

THE POWER IS ENTIRELY WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC.   THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN THE LAND.                                            You aught to write a letter to the people of your local city. You must put your name and address on it, otherwise it is illegal. You should tell them of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons in a general way, but not pertaining to yourself and your own experiences. If you write about your own experiences in particular, the people who receive your letter might report you to psychiatry, and you might get locked up. Warn the public in a general way, and post the letters through their doors yourself. This is perfectly legal, for now. However, when the new post boxes, which are owned by the post office are fully operational, this method of creating awareness might no longer be an option. DO IT NOW.

CHAPTER SIX – Mind Control.

The United States Department of Defence are spending billions of dollars to  link  targeted individuals to the Information Integration Centre.  I am reading conflicting information about how it is being done.  The targets brain is connected wirelessly to the network, and it becomes a transmitter and receiver of information. The targeted person can then receive voices, visions, false memories, heat, cold and pain signals. The targets mind can be read and their life can be destroyed. This may not be happening yet on a large scale. We have a window of opportunity in which to take back our power, and stop this from ever happening on a world wide scale. Some people argue that you don’t need any brain implant or biomedical sensors implanted in the body in order to become a target of electromagnetic weapons,   I dont know if this is true. The scientist Jose Delgado was able to control aspects of people and animals behavior with a brain interface device which he called the stemoceiver, back in the 1960s. Keep your doors bolted at night, as ordinary locks can be hacked into with a master key. Burglar alarm systems can be disabled. Do not accept any type of vaccinations or injections, for the moment, in case micro sensors are being imbedded in disposable syringes.

Television is a form of basic mind control, which modifies attitudes and behaviours. In the near future, people who watch television, go to the cinema or use a smart phone will no longer be capable of independent thought.  A decade ago, the American government subsidized high definition television sets for their citizens, for approximately seventy percent of the cost.   I believe these high definition televisions  have a dual purpose.

Pre-recorded brain waves can be artificially injected into the brain, by the use of High Definition Television and other means. This method can be used to artificially input new ideas into the brains of politicians or the judiciary, or indeed, anybody. There is no conscious defence possible against this silent sound hypnosis. This was achievable in 1974. For further information on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP-IweOk4k8.

High Definition technologies are just the mediums being used to carry the subliminal hypnosis signals to our brains. The real culprit that is actually transmitting the signals to the digital devices in our homes, are telephone masts, which are also known as cell towers in the U.S. Telephone masts have many purposes, so it may not be feasible to demolish them. However, we must find a way of disabling the subliminal hypnosis signals which are being transmitted from them. Many people appear to have no idea how powerful modern mind control technology and subliminal hypnosis really is.

A smart meter is a surveillance device which receives information separately, from all electrical devices in your home. It knows what electrical devices you use, and when you use them. It sends data to your personal file on you whether you used the electric shower or laundry washing machine each morning before you come to work. It can tell the police what time you go to bed at, based on your bedside light use. In some countries the police are using smart meter data to punish people for doing things in the privacy of their own homes. Some people have resisted having a smart meter installed on their property and they were tasered and arrested. All basic inkjet and lazer printers automatically read and store all your private data, which they send to a data bank, where it is sent to a personal file, which is being kept on you. Smart meters have not been rolled out in Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant.

If a person voices an opinion in front of their computer microphone, or their smart technology, or their high definition television, a recording of these people, voicing that opinion, can be filed by a technician, and replayed at a later date, to whosoever they wish.
At the moment, there is no methodology in place to file these voice recordings automatically. This is all done manually, by brain research technicians. These criminals hope that some day, by the use of voice recognition technology, this information can be filed automatically, by technological means, to the file of the person who the comment is pertaining to..

I will now outline an aspect of what this ability is being used for, at this point in time. If a person gets a letter printed in a small local newspaper, signals intelligence operatives will monitor how local people are reacting, in real time, to that letter, by gaining vantage inside the homes of the local people, using signals intelligence, and by monitoring their responses when they read their newspaper.. Unbeknownst to the people reading and responding to the letter,  these unseen signals intelligence operatives will record their response to the letter. Not the actual response itself but a roll played version of the responses will be played at a later date into the ears of the targeted individual.

Targeted individual can be made to hear voices each day, all day long, without a break, and are sometimes kept awake during the night with these voices. There  are hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and young children being targeted in this way, throughout the planet, at this point in time. We need to create a method of stopping this nightmare technology, before it spreads to everyone on the planet. In the United States alone, two billion dollars is being spent on an annual basis, on this brain weapons research.

Some people are unwilling to believe this information because their brains are entrained by Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, (U.S. Patent # 5,159,702).

CHAPTER SEVEN. – The deliberate creation of an extraterrestrial hoax.
I obtained some of the information in this chapter from a youtube interview of Philip and Paul Collins, called “JaysAnalysis w Collins Bros – The UFO-Alien Scam Dismantled”.

The secret oligarchy of the super-rich, also known as the self-proclaimed elite who operate from behind the scenes of our lives, decided to create a space alien hoax. This alien hoax is part of a much larger manufactured reality.

They decided that in order to rule the planet more easily they would need to create a planetary wide social unit. In order to achieve worldwide unity, the masses had to become universe conscious. They needed to change human thinking so that it not only transcended national boundaries, but the very planet itself. They decided that an extra-terrestrial threat would provide the pretext for the social engineering project that they had in mind.

1.An extra-terrestrial threat helps to redirect the anger of humanity away from the super-rich would-be enslavers on to a completely imaginary non-existent alien enemy.

2.A confused and ill-informed populace, who believes all kinds of nonsense, is easy to enslave.

4.The Nazi’s had U.F.O. aircraft, which may have looked like flying saucers, as early as World War 2. However, they wished to suppress the level of advancement of their technology, so they used the hoax of an alien presence as a cover story for the existence of what are man-made air craft. The controlled media is deliberately handled in such a way as to intentionally and falsely interpret these aircraft as to be of extra-terrestrial origin. It is also being rumoured that when there are UFO sightings, jets are being scrambled by governments, as a way of legitimizing a possible extra-terrestrial threat.

5.When we install smart meters in our homes, these meters will send and receive beams of energy to and from all the other smart meters in the neighbourhood, and also, to and from all the electrical appliances in the home. These beams of energy will create a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions. These holograms, combined with mind control technology has led many people to mistakenly believe that they are in the presence of aliens. Electronic weapons can also be used to beam voices into the heads of people, with voice to skull technology, which has been patented with many different patent numbers as follows:-

(a) Microwave Hearing – The Brunkan Patent, # 4877027

(b) Ultrasound – Silent Sound – The Lowrey Patent # 6052336, #5159703

(c) Synthetic Telepathy – Patent # 6587729 and # 3951134.

A 1998 Department of the American Army report “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons”, declassified in 2006, states, “Application of microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission

7.The secret Oligarchy employ actors, who wear chicken skin which has been dyed grey and then wrapped tightly across their faces, to act as space aliens. They may also use robots. Extra-terrestrial abductions mostly happen in the U.S.A., which has a huge military budget and Hollywood expertise. However, I have never heard of any alien abductions happening in Ireland.

8.A vampire cult was deliberately created in South America, in order to generate superstition among the natives. The creation of fear and paranoia makes people more controllable.

9.The hoax extra-terrestrials, who are really Illuminati actors, claim that they must put heavy restrictions on humanity in order to stop us destroying our planet. Their long-term plan, under U.N. Agenda 21, is to make most of us move into cities. They are gradually over-regulating us to the point that living on this planet will be like living in an open prison. And yet, Agenda 21 appears to have gone mostly under the radar.

10.In past times, when people were enslaved, they were always told they were genetically inferior, and that the enslaver had a divine right to enslave, due to superior DNA and intelligence. At the moment, the internet abounds with claims that the Illuminati have reptilian DNA and that they belong to a superior bloodline. Some of the more farfetched rumours even claim that they have the ability to shape-shift.

11.In order to render the human race passive and powerless, a false belief is created that extraterrestrials are about to come and save us. A belief is created that we don’t need to do anything to help ourselves in times of a great crisis. This child-like mindset takes away our initiative and self-reliance and makes us much easier to disempower and enslave.

12.According to the late great Bill Cooper, the author of “Behold a Pale Horse”, technology exists that is being used to promote the concept of an alien threat. Abductions are the result of a tremendously successful mind-control operation, all of which has been in development since before World War 2. They have now perfected this. There is a patent for a machine that can read your brainwaves. It can then recombine them in a computer and send them back to you, and make you think things happened that never happened. According to Bill Cooper, you cannot get a patent for something like this unless it really works. You have to prove to the patent office that it works.

13.Up until now, anybody who could see the big picture was labelled legally insane, and institutionalized. Psychiatry is being used to suppress the existence of electromagnetic remote control beam weapons.

14.When speaking of UFOs, Mr. Nick Pope of the UK government, Ministry of Defense said – “Our air defenses do seem to be penetrated regularly by structured craft”. This way of speaking is alarming and dangerous, because it gives authority and approval to the false belief in extra-terrestrials. For further information, see a You tube video called “Nick Pope, New UFOs”, and another Youtube video called “Nick Pope Exposed”.

15.British Councilor, Mr. Simon Parkes, who openly claims to being a hybrid alien, one third Draco reptilian alien, one third mantid, and one third human has given numerous interviews concerning the information he is receiving from extra-terrestrials, and has been elected by the British people to a position of power and authority, as a local councilor. Even though there are other websites debunking the claims of Mr. Simon Parkes, this situation sets an alarming and frightening precedent. Mr. Simon Parkes has a moral duty to allow any member of the British public, who so wishes to have Mr. Parkes DNA independently analyzed.

16.By splicing human and animal DNA, and joining them together, human animal hybrids may have been created in underground laboratories. These entities may be being passed off as extra terresterials.

17.On a wonderful website called www.ancientaliensdebunked.com it is being claimed that our own human ancestors had the technology to move and lift enormous stones of up to one thousand tons or more in weight. The author successfully debunked the need for ancient aliens to have been involved. Also, the Inca’s of Peru falsely claimed that their headquarters at Pumapunku were created by The Gods, in order to endow themselves with the divine right to rule.

18.Honest people have come forward to tell us that they have been to Mars, and that they have travelled forwards and backwards in time. I believe these people have been tricked into believing they were in these places, because they must have been taken to a film set location, complete with scenery, props and actors. I believe the self-proclaimed elite are capable of engineering such an experience in order to fool humanity into believing they are far more powerful and scientifically advanced than they actually are.

19.According to Alan Watt, philosopher, the purpose of psychological warfare is to destroy the potential enemy before anything happens, by bringing us to a mental standstill. If you are deliberately manipulated to believe your ancestors were a bunch of walking crocodiles ( the annunaki extra-terrestrials), and you were created to be a slave, then the self-proclaimed elite will have succeeded in their psychological warfare program.


CHAPTER NINE. – Psychological Operations and Other Modern Warfare Tactics.

Some of the tactics being used by the self-proclaimed elite against humanity are as follows :-
•Hegelian Dialectic is a technique of bringing about change using a three step process. Create a problem. Generate a reaction. Offer a solution. The self-proclaimed elite constantly use this technique to disempower sovereign states. They deliberately bomb a city center, while blaming some random group. This generates hysteria among the occupants of that city, who demand that new laws be enacted to make the city safer. The government then takes away some of the rights and freedoms of those people under the guise of keeping the city safe.

Pharmaceutical medications and vaccines deliberately contain harmful ingredients. Vaccinations contain formaldehyde, MSG, antifreeze, aluminum, lead, acetone, among other ingredients. Vaccinated children are found to be far more chronically ill that unvaccinated children. The goal of the pharmaceutical cartel is depopulation, mind-control and the debilitation of humanity. More people die from the flu vaccine than from the flu.

•Because of the compartmentalization of work, factory workers surrender moral responsibility for their actions in the workplace to the corporate controllers. Workers tend to embody the values of the workplace. If the corporate controllers are dishonest, the workers are willing to morally disengage from the type of work they do, in order to earn money. In a landmine factory, the assembly line staff are not generally told that they are manufacturing landmines. If they were told what they were really manufacturing, surely nobody would work there. In the same way, people employed in the business of wireless torture are being fed a tissue of lies about the people they are being paid to wirelessly torture. When they are working through a computer screen, agency staff might be told they are working in a simulated reality rather than with real people. If people are not being told the true purpose of their work, this unknowingly leads them into acts of extreme evil.

•Creating the Santa Clause lie. This evil custom was implemented hundreds of years ago by the criminal Oligarchy, in order to break you, so you are easier to program. When you are a child the people you trust the most are encouraged to lie to you over something that is really important to you at that age. Your brain is then imprinted with the fact that you can’t trust your own parents to tell you the truth. How can we teach our children not to lie, if we, ourselves, deliberately lie to them? Encouraging children to literally believe the Santa Clause lie is a way of preventing children from being able to think critically, and reason effectively. Childrens story books and videos constantly promote the theme of kings and queens, princes and princesses. This thinking indoctrinates small children into believing in a hierarchical control structure, which is a structure that empowers enslavement, rather than a linear control structure, where people would be empowered to run their own lives.

Bank Baleouts help to enrich self-proclaimed elite bankers, in the long term, and help to impoverish the country that has been baled out. I read on some website, it might have been www.stopthecrime.net, that if the self-proclaimed elite and private bankers ever succeeded in locking us down in total enslavement, they would deny us the right to save money. We would then only be allowed pocket money. Humanity will never allow this situation to arise.

Public Education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principle of collectivism, which means central control of humanity. Students are stripped of the ability to think for themselves, as they are always expected to ask an “authority figure” at the top of the room what they should think, and do at all times, while at school. This is a method of engendering “learned helplessness”. Students are taught to stand up and sit down when a bell rings, which is a method used to train animals. School makes everybody think alike, like a school of fish. Individuality and originality are squeezed out. Citizens are standardized and dissidents are put down. Public education aims at destroying free will, and it imprints children with fear. Forced schooling does not educate us. We just memories and regurgitate information, which we are not allowed to question, no matter how ridiculous that information is. There are thousands of topics which are possible to study. However, students are all obliged to select from the same segment of subjects to study. By this method, the criminal oligarchy can keep certain subjects off the study agenda completely.
• It takes fifty hours to teach a child to read. After that, the child could educate themselves at home, on their own, without the need to be imprisoned on a part time basis, for the whole of their childhood. In todays modern world, interactive educational software should eliminate the need for all public education.

•The criminal oligarchy encourage group think and collectivism. They discouraging individualism. A unique individual has unlimited power. A number of people in a group are easy to manipulate. They have their beliefs decided for them, by use of the Delphi method, which is a tool for achieving consensus. The Delphi method ensures that all meetings are controlled through having a predetermined outcome, with the illusion of public participation.

Patriotism is comparable to blind, unquestioning obedience to an organized religion. Under patriotism, a country can do enormous wrong, and yet, the citizenry is not allowed to question that wrong. If they challenge government criminality, they are then accused of disloyalty to their country, and also of being unpatriotic. In some countries, the population are asked to support the troops, even if those troops go to a foreign country and kill innocent men, women and children, for reasons of stealing the resources of that country.

•Some governments deliberately cause problems within their countries as a means of expanding the power base of that government. If constant problems arise, then that government has an excuse to enact more laws and to employ more police and military and social workers. The aim of the self-proclaimed elite is worldwide totalitarianism, with themselves in charge.

Polarization of various groups against each other, for example, polarizing men and women against each other by the use of, deliberately enforced, unfair divorce laws, in favour of women.

Deliberate high corporate taxation rates in order to put privately owned businesses out of business. The criminal oligarchy own the majority of central banks. They create Fiat money out of nothing in order to pay the taxes on their own businesses, as well as buying up the privately owned businesses that go into liquidation because the impoverished owners cannot afford to pay such unfair taxes.

•People can not think clearly because of fluoride in the public water supply. Fluoride is a sedative, and a fluoridated population finds it difficult to organise themselves, because of a diminished ability to think clearly. I have recently started to distil all the water I use for drinking and cooking.

•Criminal Law courts have become defunct, as all judges can be manipulated by remote control, by directed energy weapons, from a distance. The same applies to politicians. They can be remotely manipulated into acting against the good of their own respective constituents.

•Including harmful ingredients in the public water and food supply.

Dirty Community Policing Initiatives also known as Citizen Spy Networks encouraging people to spy on their neighbours, so eventually everybody in a community begins to distrust each other, and community cohesiveness breaks down. We need to maintain strong community bonds in order to protect each other from our common enemy, the self-proclaimed elite. I believe the new community policing initiatives may be being used to set up a system of vigilanteism. The policy of the self proclaimed elite is always to divide and conquer. The criminal oligarchy break cohesiveness within communities by encouraging Stazi type spying and reporting and precrime initiatives. They wish that the first loyalty of each person will be to church and state. They would like us to put the state before family and community. Do community policing initiatives, also known as citizen spy networks in Ireland employ directed energy weapons and voice to skull technology.?

•It has been suggested that vegetarianism is being encouraged because if we only ever ate plants, and if animal farming was eventually banned, we would lose our self-sufficiency with regard to generating our own food. At that point, the would-be dictators would find it easier to gain total control over the food supply. I have been a vegetarian from time to time, for ethical reasons, but I realise that vegetarianism is only possible in countries that are warm enough to grow vegetables and fruit and other plants. I can not imagine that anybody in Northern Canada or Northern Russia could ever be vegetarian. Vegetarianism is only suitable for people who live in warm countries. Vegans never discuss this issue on their Youtube videos.

•The self-proclaimed elite created a false science of water scarcity in order to privatize water for profits and control. They suppressed the existence of primary water. Primary water originates from geological processes, and can be tapped for use at or near the surface of the earth. Primary water sources are independent of rainfall and appear to be virtually unlimited. Primary water is free of bacteria, fluoride and other chemicals. For further information see http://www.primarywaterinstitute.org/

•The use of moderators in internet forums to block helpful information and to block helpful comments. Governments are now using filters in order to block certain dissenting websites.
•Chemtrails are chemical warfare.

• It is being alleged that all pharmaceutical medications are deliberately blended with harmful substances to make us chronically ill. It would be impossible to enslave a vibrantly healthy and well informed population. http://www.naturalnews.com/053088_modern_medicine_ignorant_doctors_nutritional_illiteracy.html# I am eternally grateful to my own G.P. who saved my life on two occasions. I like and admire him enormously. My complaint is with the pharmaceutical industry, who control the teaching agenda of the medical schools.

Mercury amalgam dental fillings might be being used to conduct electricity to the brain for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation.

It appears that we are not allowed to know “The News” anymore. What passes for news at present is nothing but trivial nonsense and outright lies. The American media are legally allowed to lie to the American people. For details see http://projectcensored.org/11-the-media-can-legally-lie/

Over Regulation.-The more rules and regulations our government enacts, the more we are all locked down into a state of submission, and the less leeway we have to fight the would-be controllers.  More and more  trivial rules and regulations are being enacted gradually and incrementally, so that we don’t notice the extreme danger we are in.  We must instruct our government to suspend all law making until we the people  give them further instructions.  After all, governments are servants of the people.  We, the general public, did not mandate our government to break moral law.  We, the general public, did not mandate our government to psychologically torture any men, women or children of Ireland, at any time.  We, the general public, did not authorise our government to use in-home surveillance technologies, or through-the-wall torture technologies, or voice-to-skull voice harassment technologies at any time.  We, the general public, did not mandate our government to punish individuals who had not been tried for any crime.  I believe these policies were sanctioned by the European Union.  We must break all ties with the European Union urgently.  The European Union have taken away all our rights.  The European Union must be disbanded as a matter of urgency.    It is being suggested that a shadow government is being created behind the scenes of each legitimate government, at the moment.  If the legitimate governments are ever dissolved by the public, then we must do all in our power to stop the shadow government from trying to take power.  We must reclaim our power by governing ourselves through a system of Anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.


Fear Propaganda – We are being told Fukushima radiation has destroyed the Pacific ocean. The Zionists wish us to believe the planet is about to die, in order to get us into a mind set of deep despair so that we will give up on our birthrights without putting up a fight. However, a scientist named Galen Winsor has come forward who claims he swam in a nuclear cooling pool every evening after work, and he remained totally healthy. We are repeatedly lied to about everything we can not physically check ourselves. For further information please see a youtube video called “Man Who Swam in Nuclear Pooling Says Radiation is Not Dangerous”.
•Creating a slander campaign against any dissidents or targeted individuals.

•Back in 1892, at a scientific convention in Geneva, geologists were persuaded to fraudulently call oil a fossil fuel, in order to make the public believe it is scarce. A fossil is residue of formerly living matter. There has never been a real fossil found below 16,000 feet. Yet, we drill for oil at 33,000 feet every day. The self-proclaimed elite wish to create a standard world wide price for oil. The Peak Oil Theory is based on errors. Oil is the second most prevalent liquid on earth.

•Politicians have began to give non-answers, when questioned about anything. They avoid the question by answering a different question, not asked.


If this remote controlled psychological torture technology is deployed by your government, and you are a government employee, you must never agree to a secrecy clause. Secrecy is synonymous with evil. You must never join a secret society or the secret service. Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy.
•Why do our governments suddenly think they have the right to keep more and more secrets from the people? The people created their government for their own use. The politicians are employed by the people to do the bidding of the people. The government is a servant of the people. Governments have given themselves a licence to murder people, at will. They then stamp the murder case “Classified” or “Top Secret”. This allows them to get away with murder. All governments should release all classified documents. If they refuse to do this, we should dissolve governments. The population of any democratic country have the authority to dissolve their governments if they wish. When governments start to turn a blind eye to the torture of their own people, by the use of Directed Energy Weapons, it is time they were dissolved. We would then have a period of short term hardship, but in the longer term we would have freedom and abundance. Why are children’s courts being held in secrecy? In some countries, any parent who questions government corruption can secretly be accused of being an unfit parent, and have their children taken away from them, all without any oversight by elected politicians..
•People with academic credentials are technically gagged by their credentials. If they write about what they believe with regards to Directed Energy Weapons, they may lose their hard won credentials,, as they are only allowed to write about what can be proven in a court of law. The method of implementation of the non-consensual human experimentation program is almost invisible and traceless.

•“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings…” J.F.Kennedy.

CHAPTER ELEVEN. – Natural Law versus Organised Religions.

Natural Law is the most hidden knowledge on earth. It is hidden from the masses by the evil oligarchy, who wish to enslave us. They hide it from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

I learned most of what I know about Natural Law from a website called www.whatonearthishappening.com.

Methods have been set up by which the criminal shadow government social engineers, who are operating from behind the scenes in a vast network of secret societies throughout the world, lock us down into a child-like mindset. They create in us a child-like mindset that somebody is going to come and save us. They indoctrinate us to believe that we must never solve our own problems, but always look to a so called ” authority” figure to solve them for us. The indoctrination methods they use are achieved through the use of government and religion. Belief in government is the binding of the left brain hemisphere. Belief in any type of organized religion is the binding of the right brain hemisphere. Government and religion were created by the multigenerational self-proclaimed elite families to convince humanity to stand down from their responsibility to take real world action to create positive change on this planet. These false belief systems were deliberately created to keep most of humanity in a state of inaction, and to put a ceiling on our true spiritual and intellectual evolvement.

In the past, when invaders wished to take over a country, it was easier to achieve domination by indoctrinating the local inhabitants of that country into belonging to a fake organised religion, rather than invading the country with a large army and getting the locals to surrender. When the local citizens were sufficiently inculcated into this false religion, they would willingly and unquestioningly submit to the invaders. The invading group could easily obtain power, status, money and control of the minds of the locals, without ever shedding a drop of blood.

The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected. The reason most of the ancient religions have the same general mythological structure, is because they, as well as Christianity, are all based on astrotheology. The virgin Mary is based on the star constellation Virgo. The Jesus crucification sequence is based on the sun moving south in the sky for six months. By December 22nd, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, in the vicinity of the Southern Cross star constellation. This is where we get the symbology of the crucifiction . Three days later, on December 25th, the sun moves one degree north, giving us the resurrection. For more information see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88GTUXvp-50 And for further information see a book called “THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS”by Kersey Graves. We are told that the Vatican library has millions of books and archived documents, therefore, it is safe to assume that the Vatican clergy already know of the numerous duplications between the story of Jesus and numerous other ancient saviours. Yet they never mention this fact to their followers. Why is this??? They have lied to us by omission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI3hskYdJPc

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power and property owner in existence. The pope is one of the richest men on earth, while one fifth of the worlds poor is starving to death.

I have abdicated from the Roman Catholic Church, because my beliefs about the Vatican have radically changed, and I am now an agnostic. An agnostic is somebody who believes nobody knows what happens after we die, and I believe organised religions are all about control, money, status and power. I still believe humans are spirits first, and physical second, and we will eventually be held accountable for our actions. I believe everything in the world, including human behaviour runs on strict laws based on mathematics. This is called Natural Law. Whatever behaviour we give out comes back to us in the fullness of time. Perhaps there is a way of tapping into a different reality through deep meditation, or by astral travel, or by the use of mind expanding drugs. However, I have not tried any of these methods.

I believe faith is not a virtue. Reason is the way to truth. There are ten thousand different religions in use today and all of them conflict with each other. The bible supports slavery, bigotry, sexism, and other human rights abuses. I believe the bible is not the word of God. However, it is a very valuable and important source of information. Organized religions don’t own morals. Humanity had a moral system for one hundred thousand years before Christianity was put in place. I live by a set of moral principles, based on Natural Law.

“All churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolise power and profit.” Thomas Paine.

Christians must question why they are encouraged to celebrate the re-enactment of a brutal human sacrifice on a weekly basis. The only reason to celebrate an act of extreme torture repeatedly is to imprint the human psyche with fear. Repetition and fear are both powerful mind control methods. The Vatican inculcates us when we are very young children, so that we will be too young to critically analyse what we are being taught.

Around five thousand years ago, the Khazars, who are a branch of the self-proclaimed elite, decided they would set up a book religion and inculcate the surrounding countries into believing in that religion. Five thousand years later, they covertly control all of the organized religions throughout the world. They regularly generate wars in order to further solidify their power. They supply arms to both sides of the war, and they decide the outcome.

Instead of asking for written permission to settle down with a spouse, by getting a state marriage licence, or marrying in a church, an alternative suggestion might be that a person make a public declaration of fidelity to the person they chose to settle down with, without involving church and state. We don’t need to ask permission, as if we are still children who need parental approval. We are sovereign and we have birthrights. We are Sou Genesis men and women. If you legally marry in the United States, you are not just marrying your spouse, you are also legally marrying the state, which gives the state the legal right to own your children. By obtaining a marriage licence, you lose parental authority if you later have children. We should not need permission from the state to take a spouse. It is entirely our own private business.    According to well known online activist, Sanchos Bonacci, the marriage certificate is the first trap of enslavement.  The birth certificate is the second trap of enslavement.  Do not fall into these traps.

The real purpose of public education is to inculcate young children into the cult of organized religion and government. They are both cults. Inculcation is the opposite to critical and logical thinking. It has been found that people who live within totalitarian regimes are obliged to ask permission of Father government and Mother religion before they are allowed to take action within their own lives. This forces these people to adopt a child-like mindset. In order to function in a happy and well balanced way, an adult human must have a certain level of autonomy. Even when people live with an abundance of money, it has been found that there is a high suicide level among adults who are not allowed a large say in how their lives are governed.

Obedience is doing what you are told, no matter what is right. Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told.

According to Natural Law, we are morally obliged to govern ourselves. When we live our lives according to the dictates of government and organized religions, we are blindly following orders without questioning them. We are abdicating our moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before behaving in a certain way. If we refuse to own our own personal responsibilities, it leads to a totalitarian culture. We are tossing away the greatest gift and greatest duty to always use our own free will. If we refuse to use our own free will, then Natural Law will cause us to lose it. We will become enslaved.

Blind obedience to authority, and blindly following orders without questioning them is the true pathway to evil. When we are weak minded, we take pride in our blind obedience to authority, no matter what the order giver asks us to do. Blindly following orders should never be seen as a virtue. One has a moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before carrying out an order. An obedient child or adult is a person who has been psychologically broken. We should always strive to encourage children to be co-operative rather than obedient.

We should never show groveling respect to people with titles, money, status or uniforms. Subordinate male chimps will show their bottoms to the alpha male, which is the same as humans bowing before kings and popes. The only people who demand titles are egomaniacs. Any group who would wish to be called ” the elite” must have lower ego problems. It seems to me that they wish to demean and downgrade us by expecting us to call them that. If we call them the elite, we are implying that we ourselves are common, inferior or lower-class. We should always call them the self-proclaimed-elite instead. After all, we are all equals in this planet of equals.   We are all made from the same genetic material. We are conscious awareness, having a human experience. How could these self-proclaimed elite have deluded themselves into believing they are better than everybody else?. They are group thinkers, who look to humanity for their validation and glorification. They are not yet mature enough to get their personal validation internally.

The key to planetary enslavement is through the creation of a pyramid shaped control structure, with only a handful of people at the very top of the hierarchy, with the power to control everything. These hierarchical control structures only exist through government and organized religions. We were never meant to allow ourselves to be subservient to any type of hierarchical control pyramid. Under Natural Law, we are obliged to organize ourselves by a linear control structure. Dismantling the hierarchical structures and decentralizing on a planetary wide scale is our route to freedom.

CHAPTER TWELVE – Cestui Que Trusts and Legal Name Fraud

Over many years, the Vatican and its popes have set up a system of ownership of all property, all humans, and souls that exist on this earth through the Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie Trusts. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII created a trust called Unum Sanctum, which declared that the Vatican owned the earth and all the souls in it. No one has ever legally challenged Unum Sanctum. The Vatican later went on to create other trusts which I have listed herebelow. These trusts make people the slaves of the Vatican, even if they are not Roman Catholic, and they are used to claim that the Vatican owns our souls.

1455 Testimentary Trust.

1481 Regis Crown Trust.

1531 Convocation Trust.

The Romanus Pontifex Trust was used to create the crown corporation.

The Crown Corporation, which is another name for church and state, has enticed humans into slavery, via deception.

When anyone uses the legal name on their birth certificate as identification, they are committing an illegal act, and they are considered a criminal. All legal names are owned and copyrighted by the crown corporation. The birth certificate name is considered to be a slave name. A fictional person is created by the government, in the form of the birth certificate. That fictional person is not alive and has no rights. It is a corporate entity, that must function according to corporate parameters and corporate rules.

In the legal world, we are all considered slaves of the crown corporation, and our bodies are presumed property of the crown corporation, which is another name for church and state.   Fraud is committed whenever you register a birth.  You are signing your child over as a legal slave to church and state, provided they go on to use the registered name.  

Church and state are aiding and abetting us into fraud. This makes church and state criminals. Church and state have committed a crime against humanity, because they use trickery to ensnare us, with intent to enslave us. Church and state profit from criminal activity, in as much as all commerce is based on legal name fraud.

Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT! Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!

I have been called Gretta since the day I was born, and it is the name I use on all documents.  The name Gretta has been validated by the fact that it is the name on my drivers licence and bank account.   However, by a lucky accident, it is not the name on the birth certificate.   If a man or woman calls themselves a name other than the name on their birth certificate, and if it has been validated by some other means other than the birth certificate, then government policy is to accuse you of having an identity crisis, and accusing you of being mentally ill, and incarcerate you in a mental asylum until you agree to use the legal name fraud name, which is on the birth certificate.  Governments have no legal rights over you if you don’t use the legal name fraud name.

There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc. All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims. There is NO legitimate authority anywhere. The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID! https://legalnamefraud.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/namegate-the-universal-political-scandal/

Without legal name fraud at the front line lever, the whole system of control is destroyed. I found some of this information at the following web sites http://www.infowars.co.nz/ https://legalnamefraud.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/namegate-the-universal-political-scandal/

Coupled with the fact that I don’t use the legal name fraud name on the birth certificate,  another reason I get to enjoy the free will that is my birth right is the fact that I was born at the address where I live now. The Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices informed me that if an individual is born in their own home, and not in a hospital, as is normally the case, this is a very relevant fact that needs to be taken into account when it comes to jurisdiction. The people who would normally have jurisdiction over me dont exist, owing to the fact that I was born in my own home.    I believe all individuals are given approximately eighty years of free will by their creator, on the day they are born.  Evil forces on this planet try to take our legitimate free will away from us, gradually and incrementally, by making false laws which they have no authority to make under the eyes of our creator.  These false laws are not in harmony with moral law, therefore they are immoral laws  and also horrible human rights violations.

In March 2011, in Washington D.C., U.S.A., victims of organised stalking and electronic harassment addressed the Obama Presidential Bioethics commission on how these crimes are affecting their lives. Please see attached link https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N9WNGwceeok.

. I recently came across the following website which outlines methods of field research data collection on humans.
1.Ethical guidelines prevent many experiments. Informed consent of the human subjects required by scientific societies, universities and funding agencies alerts the subjects and puts them on their guard.
2.Humans are very self-conscious when they know they are being observed and may intentionally or unintentially alter their behaviour.

Here is the link to further information http://paws.kettering.edu/~ellis/mycourse/ssci201/r-d-g-t-good-bad.htm.


I love all people, but I hate all institutions. At this present time, all the great institutions of this planet are being run by a system of organised dishonesty.

I wish to include a quote by Michael Ellner here – “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Love and Compassion are the true religions to me. But to develop this, we do not need to believe in any religion.” ― Dalai Lama XIV
•A basic military strategy is for the aggressor to falsly magnify their strengths. The Zionist Jews have enormously exaggerated their militaristic ability. It is far weaker than we are lead to believe. •Satellites do not exist. They are clearly a hoax. http://www.timetounite.com/fake-satellites-and-nasa-cgi-planets/
•Nuclear warheads do not exist. http://www.big-lies.org/NUKE-LIES/www.nukelies.com/forum/index.html

•The criminal oligarchy are few in number. There are seven billion of us.

•It is being claimed that the laws that Barack Obama have passed are invalid. It is being claimed that he did not produce a legitimate American birth certificate, which makes his presidency invalid. http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/07/21971-10-facts-that-suggest-obamas-birth-certificate-is-fake/8/

• If you are constantly hearing voices,  you are linked up to the Information Integration Centre, which is an information highway for humans.

All of the electronic warfare technological infrastructure is on the ground. It can easily be dismantled. 
•There are two easy methods to instantly dismantle the whole evil human wireless control structure. Either method would work. If cell towers were dismantled, or chemtrail aerosol spraying ceased, vital links needed to carry wireless messages to and from human brains and bodies would no longer be possible. The whole lynch pin of the Zionist takeover plan depends on convincing humanity that satellites exist, and are the main link in controlling humanity. Satellites are war takeover propaganda, and millions of people already know that they don’t and have never existed. We must dismantle cell phone towers, and go back to using land line telephone cables for our industry. You must throw out your high definition television set and your smart phone and all of your smart technology. This technology is being used right now to control your moods.    The voice to skull military communication technology transmitted the following information to me, which I believe is important.  Mobile phone masts, also known as cell towers are an important part of the infrastructure when targeting someone for the purposes of remote non-consensual experimentation and psychological torture, but in most cases, extra technology is installed on the electricity poles close to the home of the victim.   However, in the future, the criminal cabal hope to have this extra non-essential technology installed on all electricity poles throughout the world.  WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

Satellite Hoax and Various other Hoaxes.Thousands of serious scientists, who disagree with the so called establishment, have no way, other than the internet, of getting their views out to the public, as most of the main-stream media is owned and controlled by this private club of the super-rich.
Large numbers of credible scientists are coming forward on the internet, to inform us that human beings cannot travel to the moon, global warming is a hoax, and atomic bombs do not exist. It is being claimed that the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were carpet bombed with napalm, and not wiped out by atomic bombs, as we were previously led to believe. (Nuclear reactors exist, but I believe nuclear bombs don’t exist) These hoaxes were deliberately perpetuated to frighten us into handing over our power to the corrupt bankers, without question For more information see – http://heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm

•The self-proclaimed elite, have attempted to fake the concept of space travel to make them appear to have militaristic dominance of space. They decided to fake the space program outright and use rockets which only needed to fly into the air until they disappeared from sight.Another of their aims was to “appear” to put satellites in space. I understand that satellites do not exist, and that satellite navigation information is gained by mobile phone tower triangulation, and “satellite” television programs are gained through cables. If satellites really existed, all the satellite dishes on the roofs of our houses would point straight up. Google Earth images are taken from aircraft and the global earth image we are continually being shown is a computer composite, not a photograph.
Ground based radar is used to take measurements of the weather. We are told satellites are in the thermosphere, which ranges from 600 to 2000 degrees Celsius. If this were the case, the satellites would burn out. The actors who pretend to be aboard the non-existent International Space Station, act out their roles so badly, it appears that they are desperately trying to subliminally let us know that they are obliged to lie to us, under duress. We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale about issues which we cannot tangibly investigate ourselves. The self-proclaimed elite back up their lies with their own privately owned mainstream media

•.“We will know our disinformation plan is complete when everything the American people believe is false” Former CIA director, William Casey.

The alternative to the child-like mind set of blind obedience to government and organized religion is called Anarchy. Anarchy means – rule by the people, for the people. The word Anarchy is ridiculed and demonized at every possible opportunity, by the oligarchy, because it is the greatest route to tapping in to the true power and freedom of the whole human race. On television, the word Anarchy is always accompanied by images of violence and mayhem so that people will falsly associate Anarchy with evil.
In a system of Anarchy, nobody on the planet looks up to anybody else. Nobody on the planet looks down on anybody else. We are all equal, with equal rights. Anarchy is a system of individualism, whereas fascism, naziism, socialism and communism are all systems of vertical collectivism. Vertical collectivism is a system of big government, with centralization of all power in the hands of a few men. Vertical collectivism is the graveyard of freedom.
When we vote we are given a few choices of political party. These political parties are all arms of the same head, which is the criminal control system. No matter which party you vote for you still elect the same criminal oligarchy control system. Therefore, we are not being offered a choice, just the illusion of choice.
Anarchy as an alternative way of governing ourselves. Anything is better than technological enslavement.  Globalization made us all dependent on forces outside of ourselves and it made us vulnerable to enslavement. We must reclaim our power by decentralization of all areas. Each community must become totally self-sufficient. Each country must set up our own not for profit central bank, which is owned by the people, and not by a private family bloodline, which is currently the case. All of human kind must reclaim their power from the evil cabal, by making a few small changes to our lives. We must become self-sufficient. We should access underground “Primary Water”, or else we should install rain-water harvesting systems in all of our homes. People with a back garden can easily grow all of their own food, using modern food production methods which involve growing up to twenty shelves of plants simultaneously, in a greenhouse. A water-powered system of generating free energy which is currently in existence is being suppressed from humanity.

Using advanced psychological manipulation methods, the intelligence services have perfected the art of inducing deep and overwhelming terror in a human being. The intelligence services can only achieve this outcome, if the subject is not allowed to examine, understand and share what is happening to them. In order to continue their dark arts, the intelligence services need to keep humanity in the dark. Isnt it time to disempower the intelligence services forever, by exposing their terror induction methods to the world., Because once we understand exactly how they manage to reduce us to a state of intense and overwhelming fear, only then will we learn how to stop them in their tracks. We must openly list everything the voice to skull military communication system say to us, no matter how frightening, so that others will be fully prepared if it ever happens to them.
Some people who read this story will not realize the true implications of this technology, if it is not blocked immediately, Children of the future could be electric shocked by remote control if they don’t get up at a set time in the morning. People are not waking up to the crisis we are in because our water supply is being drugged by a sedative called fluoride, and because of mind-control technology. We should  take back our power from the high Jesuits, the Vatican, the Zionists, the private bankers, senior Nasa officials, and the rest of the self-proclaimed elite.

“Freedom and morality are directly proportional to each other. As morality increases in any given society, the freedom of that society will increase. The solution is to understand the Natural Laws and live in harmony with them.” Mark Passio www.whatonearthishappening.com

The contents of this web page are based on my internet and book research and they are also my personal experiences and honest opinions. I have no academic credentials. I took some of my information, word for word, from the websites of other people and I have provided links to where I got most of it. I did this in order to put an overview of all self-proclaimed elite tactics all together on one blog, so I could see the big picture more clearly. I know of many other targeted individuals in Ireland, other than myself. They have woken up to the fact that the have been lied to on an unimaginable scale, by the criminal establishment, all of their lives. For the first time in history, we now know who our enemies are. What is more, a large online opposition of millions of people are forming against these enemies. Now is a good time to take back our power.
I am very optimistic that this wireless torture is just a short term phenomenon, for the following reason. Natural Law is not a faith based belief system. Natural Law has been proven to exist by many facets of science. Natural Law is governed by mathematics. Many high profile intellectuals of past times lived their lives by the dictates of Natural Law. Pythagoras, Cicero, Socrates and Gurdjieff were all followers of Natural Law.  Natural Law is also called moral law by some sections of society.   Natural law states that if you give out kindness and truth you will receive back the same in the fullness of time. If you give out fear, hatred and cruelty you will receive back the same. Nobody is exempt from Natural Law, not even the self-proclaimed elite.

The more I understand psychological torture techniques, the less I fear them.  However, I have spent many years in a state of intense and overwhelming fear, because of these methods being used against me.  By continuing to share our experiences, we get a clearer picture of how these psychological torture black projects work.

Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Ireland.


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