It has become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that the Vatican controllers are the real and only power throughout the world.   All roads lead to the Vatican.  It is being estimated that the Vatican controllers now own up to forty percent of all transnational corporations and they are entitled to receive sixty percent of all profits from worldwide commerce.   Further to that, many countries have signed secret contracts to donate up to four percent of the annual  public purse to the Vatican controllers who are known to be dark occultists,   Said dark occultists wish to implant each and every one of us with a variety of microchips and then wirelessly link our brains and central nervous systems to their computer control system and they wish to use the technological capability which is outlined in the internet of things patent number US6965816 to achieve their aims.   I have already become secretly and non-consensually  wirelessly linked  to an unknown computerized control system by both my brain and central nervous system to the extent that I know without any doubt that this capability exists and is being widely used to electronically harass and torture a selection of targeted individuals from most if not all countries throughout the world already.

It has also become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that all agents of the Vatican are simply wealthy slaves who are being controlled through fear.    All of the European monarchies, the Knights of Malta, the British monarchy, the British Privy Council,  the American Senior Executive Service, some movie stars as well as the Pilgrim Society are simply  wealthy slaves with no free will whatsoever.   They all have take oaths of allegiance either directly or indirectly to the Vatican which require them to be unquestioningly obedient to all of the dictates of the Vatican who themselves appear to be controlled either directly or indirectly by the Ninth Circle of Satanists who regularly conduct human blood sacrifices inside crypts of churches after dark throughout most of the world.

It is being claimed widely that Prince Frieso of the Netherlands attempted to leave the Ninth Circle and he was then ritually sacrificed by the Ninth Circle in a very painful manner, while the privately owned main stream media falsely published a report that he had died in a skiing accident.   Many of the wealthy slaves are being given the job of precuring sacrificial victims and they possibly carry out this act because of extreme fear of what will become of them if they refuse.

According to the high profile Vatican watcher and well known author Kevin Annett all church congregations aught to place a statement in the church collection box in lieu of money stating that they will no longer contribute financially to the support of their church until it breaks off all ties with the Satanically controlled Vatican.  Please urgently set this program in motion in your area because many have become wirelessly controlled already and you aught to act urgently in order to save your own children from being wirelessly controlled by said Ninth Circle Satanists who would select children at random for ritual and extremely painful human sacrifice.   Please find link to youtube video of Dr Katherine Horton and Kevin Annett discussing this and other topics.